Durandal Haymer
Durandal Haymer
Portrayed By: Dominic Purcell
Status: Alive
Age: 26
Calling: Wandering Hero
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Thor
Significant Other(s): {$so}


Durandal was born in Las Vegas, NV. His mother was a school teacher who raised him the best way she knew how, despite his repeated attempts to fight against the sheltered life she forced upon him. He never knew his father, and mom didn't like to talk about him, which was just as well for Durandal.

He grew up comfortable, never wanting for food or shelter. He went to a nice school, though he never did as well in the classroom as he did out on the running track. A natural athelete, he excelled in running. His mother, dismayed at his grades, thought he needed something that would help him learn to focus, hoping it would improve his grades. So she enrolled him in martial arts classes.

It helped a little, he managed to pull out passing grades, good enough to graduate highschool, and got a full scholarship to UC Denver for track and field. He spent the better part of 3 years there, but with no definite goal in mind, he just took whatever classes were required to keep his scholarship and skated along.

Then one night he finally met his father. He had been at a party with his girlfriend who had convinced him depsite his unease to stay long after nightfall. The treacherous winter roads were bad enough during the day, but at night by only headlights, they were impassable. Durandal's car carreened off the road and into a ditch with a frozen lake. Durandal was able to stagger out of the car, but his girlfriend had been knocked unconscious by the force. He could already hear ice cracking, and he knew there wasn't much time. He ran to the other side of the car, trying to yank to the door open to pull her free. He pulled and pulled, but the door was jammed shut. Thats when the man in blue jeans and a denim jacket appeared out of nowhere. He was dressed far too lightly for the weather, but there were more pressing matters at the moment. "Help!" is all he had time for. all he could think of while he pulled fruitlessly on the handle, pulling so hard that the latch broke clean off. Panicked, he started to run back around to his side so he could pull her out. The man had walked up to the back bumper, calmly and cooly.

Durandal hopped in just as the hood begin to sink. The ice under the tires broke away and the front end fell. He was unbuckling her seatbelt when he felt the car being hauled backwards, away from the water's edge to come to a rest on solid ground. He turned to look out the back window, but saw no one there…

The police and ambulance came promptly, his girlfirend wasn't hurt too badly. Durandal reported that a man had helped them, but there was no evidence of this. After a field sobriety test the police concluded he had just imagined it becuase of his adrenaline rush after the crash. He followed his girlfriend to the hospital, and stayed there until she woke up. He wanted to tell her what happened, but her parents were furious with him and refused to let him speak to her. He went back to his dorm room to try to make sense of the event.

The man in the denim jacket met him at the door.

Whatever happened that night, Durandal never talked about. He shut himself in his dorm room for 3 straight days, and for the rest of the semester did poorly in academics, though he was faster and stronger then he had ever been before on the track, taking top prize in several track events at the state championships. By the end of the semester though, his grades had faltered and he lost his scholarship. He packed up his belongings (including a leather belt and a pair of brass knuckles that the man in the denim jacket had left with him) and he caught a plane to New York City…


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Name Notes
Amanda Amanda my love… when the world falls down, I'll be there to hold it up for you.


Ted, my loyal Pidgeon companion, you will be a god among pidgeons one day!

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Appearance: 3 Charisma: 2 Dexterity: 4
Epic Appearance: 0 Epic Charisma: 0 Epic Dexterity: 3
Intelligence: 2 Manipulation: 2 Perception: 3
Epic Intelligence: 0 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Perception: 0
Stamina: 3 Strength: 4 Wits: 4
Epic Stamina: 1 Epic Strength: 3 Epic Wits: 2
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