Divergent Viewpoints


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Scene Title Divergent Viewpoints
Synopsis Three scions with rather different opinions on how to respond to the presence of the Atlantian

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Leandra is, appropriately, in the Greek art section, ambling along with her thumbs hooked in jacket pockets as she eyes various statues or frescos in a rather ambivalent manner.

Marius is at the Met doing his research on any info on ancient Atlantis, he has a clipboard and is making notes as he wanders from display piece to display piece.

There's plenty of ancient stuff! Rain goes straight for the old school, to anything Egyptian and African. Ooo. And souvenirs! What a dork. She has stars in her eyes though, as she wanders along. It doesn't seem to be related to the artwork. She passes a couple of tourists, gleefully buzzing the costumes. Hmm. She does spot Leandra in passing and - did Marius go by? Hesitantly, she offers a little: "Hello?"

Leandra catches sight of Marius there, frowning a second before she unhooks thumbs from pockets and starts to turn toward him, then she stops at the hello before giving a small nod to Rain and studying her a moment. "Ahh, pie on head girl from by the river?"

Marius turns, hearing the hello he sees Leandra and Rain and pauses a moment in his steps, debating a second he begins heading thier direction.

Huh. Both responded. Rain looks sheepish. She IS in a museum. Sssh, not so loud maybe. She looks left and right just to make sure she isn't incurring any ire. A blink at Leandra. Rain just smiles weakly and nods. "Yeah… that's me, hi. I remember you," She comments quietly. Marius gets another sideways glance.

Leandra waits until Marius closes before adding anything else, her weight shifting a little forward onto the balls of her feet before she quietly states to the man. "You are protecting the Atlantian."

Marius says, "I am researching the situation," He smiles softly, "How are you today by the way.""

At the mention of Atlantean, Rain immediately looks uneasy. Her face twists. It's the uncomfortable realization, the staircase wit that plunges a knife into your heart right as you catch on. She puts a hand to her mouth, "At least two groups want to get rid of her…" Rain frowns. She shakes her head, "I'm alright. Thank you. How are you?:

"She is staying in your house, I tracked her." Leandra answers Marius, quietly but with a measured hardness to her tone, then a nod to Rain. "She is wanted dead yes. Which raises the question of why she is being given shelter." She looks back to Marius, watching him.

Marius hmmmms softly, "So because someone wants her dead, I should allow it to happen? No questions why…or checking to see if that someone is in thier right mind? Is that how you treat most situations? This person wants that person dead so I am just going to walk the other way and not get involved?

A faint sigh, "No. It's not just one person. It's pantheons. Plural." Rain looks a little distressed. "The gods. Believe me, I heard at least one first hand." Rain shakes her head. "It's like when you have to get rid of something you love. It's really not fair and I'd like more answers, but …" She goes quiet.

"And second guessing gods is pretty stupid, if that many gods agree on one thing? They have a really good reason." Adds Leandra, somewhat smugly, then shrugs. "If she had not been lucky enough to show up at my place while my guns were in pieces she would already be dead."

Marius smiles to Rain, answering her, "It's actually been a rather good day?" He hmmms softly, "So if a god told you to shoot your pet kitten in the head, you would without quesiton? I am all for the faith of Abrham thing, but honestly, I think it's a little over rated. I beleive in the American ideals myself, you know innocent till proven guilty? She is lost and alone, her world is gone, and she so far has not shown a single sign of being some great evil."

Rain shrugs, "Her world is likely gone for a reason. It would take something colossal to get pantheons to work together on something. You should know that." A frown. "I mean, I'm not chomping at the bit to be rid of her - but something serious is cooking. If you protect her, you may well go against your own parent. And a lot of other things. I'm not sure where I sit on it, though I am curious."

"If my mother tells me that somebody is dangerous and should be killed then I am going to take her judgement very seriously, somebody could easily appear innocent and kind to me but fail to do the same to a goddess." Asserts Leandra. "Frankly you are being stupidly arrogant in thinking because you cannot see something it cannot be true."

Marius says, "You know, dad isn't exactly beating down my door to tell me something needs to be done. He always told me to use my best judgement, because it is all I have. I am not saying she isn't dangerous, but I am saying that I see no reason to put a bullet in her skull because people are scared of her."
Rain shrugs. "Maybe. But not everything dangerous is totally visible. Anyway, just - keep an eye out and be aware that others WILL hunt her," She points out. "Not just those of us you know, but likely others. I'll follow my group, and what dad tells me. Beyond that… I'm not sure. It all seems sort of steeped in shadow."

"I say anything that gets this many gods this spooked is excellent reason to put a bullet in her skull." Leandra apparently disagrees. "I mean I kind of liked her but I am not going to piss around with something that is scary enough to spook this many gods because it might hurt my feelings."

Marius nods, "I guess that is what seperates you and me, you are more of a soldier, and arrow fired from a bow, I am more interested in why we need to take action, and in calm reasoning first.
Rain winces. "Wow, talk about a loaded statement and an insult," The woman frowns. "Just sayin', if dad tells me to do that… I would. I just think it's naive and rude for you to say that. You don't know much about either of us, and you're basically saying multiple groups of divine entities are all wrong?" She shakes her head and holds up her hand. "I was trying to be fair. So - just - yeah."

Leandra now smirks a little as she watches Marius. "Pretty big value judgement there. So you are going to mess around taking your time and pretending to make your decision, while time ticks away on something urgent enough to get multiple pantheons of gods all out for blood. You are obviously not going to kill her like you should or you would have done it already, having her living with you is not going to change your mind unless you walk in and find her eating a bushel of babies on your favourite sofa."

Marius smiles a little, and sighs, "Your right, that was rude, and I apologize for it. And your right I might be wrong, it's always possible, but I would rather give someone the benifit of the doubt and be wrong, then kill an innocent person without hesitation or regret, it comes down to the type of person I want to be.

Another little shrug. "It's fine. Just don't think of everyone else as morally inferior just because they don't suscribe to your newsletter. It's rude to demean someone for believing in their parent. Y'know?" Rain taps her chin. "And know that most people who seem to be after her do not seem to be doing so in ignorance or in the pursuit of raw blood. There's easier things to hunt," She points out.

Leandra probably does not help entirely by flashing a grin there as she nods her head in agreement with Rain. "Where is the fun in hunting what is easy though? I mean I used to go after tigers on foot or stuff like that but I doubt that would be a challenge now."

Marius smiles, "do either of you have any idea why they want her dead? Any details on what happened?

"Kind of," Rain admits. "Apparently —" Pause. She looks around, "This is really probably not a good place. But long story short, it likely involves something being corrupted," She shakes her head and holds up her hands. "Okay, well - I mean, maybe easy - there's no point in exerting energy just to whack something because you can," She comments. "And least of all multiple groups working together. I mean, c'mon. It's hard getting /relatives/ to pull together sometime. But either way, I suppose I wish you both luck."

You paged Rain with 'Or maybe some kind of nifty outfit with wolf fur, wolf animal purview might be fun to pick up and fit the hunty theme.'

Leandra eyes Marius again now as she rests a hand on her hip. "Well I doubt we are going to persuade you, and I am not enjoying being patronised much." A slight nod to Rain. "And this is not the best place anway."

Marius says, "If i am coming off patronizingly, I apologize, I am not trying to. I really do want to know, look maybe I can buy both of you lunch?"

"Yeah, it - I doubt you mean to but. The world is full of cycles, people and outlooks. To dismiss them just because they might not fit your ideals is cruel, simple and impolite," She points out. "Some of us care about our duties to our parents, some do not so much. Neither is better than the other, you know?" Rain shrugs. "What will happen - will happen in the end. I, er, it's ok, really… I um." Flail. "I appreciate it."

"I do not particularly." Leandra answers cooly. "If you want to change my opinion of you then it would be better to do so through actions than gestures." A grin then. "If I want to eat lunch with somebody then I will be the one offering and paying."

Marius smiles at Leandra, "How very modern american women's rights of you." He chuckles softly and says to Rain, "Your right, just because someone has different opinions then me, doesn't make them wrong, but on the flip side, it doesn't make me wrong either. There is sometihng to be said for protecting the innocent. If she is truly guilty, Karma will catch up with her. Well then since neither of you wishes to join me for a nosh, I guess I will stop bothering you two lovely ladies, we must do this again sometime."

A deep blush of embarrassment. "Look, that's not what I said. We'll see what happens," Rain just sort of peers at Marius. "And I apologize. I had eaten before I came over here. It's one of the hazards of being a cook," A little grin. "But no one trusts a skinny cook either…" Ponder. "Either way, good luck Weatherman."

Leandra raises an eyebrow rather than actually replying, and remains silent, watching Marius unblinkingly as she stands in a state of casually poised relaxation.

Marius turns and sighs, shaking his head and walking toward the exit, whistling to himself a little.
A blink. She just waves politely. Rain is off to check out the Ancient Egyptian exhibit and some souveniers… off she goes!

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