Dion Nevins
Portrayed By: Chris Colfer
Status: Uncloseted
Age: 18
Calling: Center of Attention
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Dionysus


Sylvie Nevins was raised to be a lady. Certainly, she was not ever a party girl. Sure, she loosened up occasionally, with friends in a nice, safe environment. Fitting then, that she became something equally dull - an accountant. Perhaps it was funny to her friends then, or maybe they honestly thought they were doing her a favor, to bring her to a soiree being held by a rather notorious hedonist of their round-about acquaintence.

The party was in full swing when the group arrived, and Sylvie was not amused. Sure, it was a gorgeous penthouse suite at one of the best hotels in the city, but it wasn't at all her scene. The music was loud, the people were all over each other, and there was ample evidence of recreational pharmaceuticals alongside the pricy liquor and food. Her friends weren't nearly that wild either, but they were happy to have as much of a good time as they were comfortable having. Sylvie, on the other hand, was quickly edging her way to the door to make her escape.

One thing their host could always tell though, was who wasn't having fun. To a god like Dionysus, that simply wasn't acceptable when he went to so much effort to show his guests a good time. Sylvie didn't quite get to the door before the handsome stranger appeared in front of her. Before she really knew what was going on she was drawn into the crowd, all inhibition lost and her friends stunned. She didn't stay with the crowd, though. She'd become their host's 'project' for the evening, and spent most of the night getting an education in a great deal of what she'd been missing. At the end of the evening, he told her she'd have a boy and to take very good care of him.

The morning's light was awfully harsh for Sylvie. She was pretty well horrified by the entire evening, at least as far as she'd ever admit to anyone else. She also had no intention at all of raising a child, if he turned out to be right. When he did turn out to be right, at least about her being pregnant, an appointment was made to 'fix' the problem.

Dionysus was… displeased. When Sylvie went to her appointment, both she and the doctor were rudely interrupted and struck with madness. In the ensuing chaos, lots of people died including the would-be mother. The baby, however, was taken from her and in a nod to his own birth carried by his father. When the infant was ready, Dionysus named his son after himself and took the boy to Sylvie's parents. They were instructed to care for him and they've done so as well as they've been able, raising the boy the same way they'd raised his mother.

This led to a very conflicted young man. His grandparents were not permissive, and he was expected to be well-mannered and 'normal'. He managed well enough… up to a point. He was always very effeminate, and it was hard for him to be the boy he was expected to be. It was increasingly difficult once he hit puberty and went kind of nuts as all teenagers do. He held it all in as much as possible, but he certainly did not fit in. He was teased regularly by the popular kids, including frequent tosses into one of the school dumpsters.

On the other hand, Dion was very talented. He could sing, dance and act well. He had a natural sense of fashion that was unfortunately lost on his fellow male classmates. At school dances, he did the best spinning and was inevitable tapped as DJ. There was also something about him. Something that made him attractive despite being oddly feminine. Some of the harassment and even beatings he received were by boys who weren't comfortable with the attraction they felt towards him. Others were because they didn't like that their girlfriends gravitated towards him. High school has been very hard on the teen.

There were times though, that he was kind of scary. For the most part, there wasn't a violent bone in Dion's body. He didn't fight back except for a handful of times, but those times were memorable. He'd take the teasing and even the beatings, so long as they didn't hit him in the face enough to cause a bruise or break the skin. It didn't take long for his classmates to be absolutely certain they did neither, because Dion would snap. He didn't just snap at them, or lash out with a punch or kick. No, Dion lost it. He wasn't strong, but when he lost control he did some serious damage to his attacker. It was the closest to proud that his grandfather ever felt for him.

One of those incidents caused the school administration to 'strongly suggest' a change of venue for Dion once the current school year ended. There were no charges filed, as there was no doubt who was really at fault, but that same something that drew people to him also scared them away from him. Not wanting all the attention that might come from arguing, and since it was already June anyway, his grandparents agreed. Over the summer break his enrollment was transferred from Queens to a public school in Brooklyn, and he's now driven to school and back.

It's never easy finding one's place in a new school, and Dion's had a particularly hard time of it. He was only as accepted as he was at his last school because of years of exposure. Now, despite being a senior, he's once again doing his time in dumpsters and lockers. At least no one's hit him in the face yet, though. It seems that someone knows someone who knows someone from his old school, and word's leaked that he might go completely psycho if pushed too hard. It's only a matter of time though, isn't it?

Dion can't wait to get the hell out of high school. He's still conflicted, and repressed due to his relatively strict upbringing. He knows he's not normal. He knows he's not straight. He's not sure he's gay, though. He doesn't know what the hell he is. Chances are, his eventual visitation will not really help him feel like he fits in any better. It'll certainly explain some things, though.


++ Personality

Dion spent most of his life feeling like he didn't fit in. Puberty only made it worse. He's effeminate for a boy, and very pretty. He dresses fashionably and is fastidious about his hair and skin care. No one assumed he was straight, though Dion himself wouldn't admit to anything for a long time.

When Dionysus revealed himself to his son, a lot made more sense to Dion. He realized that he could continue to be conflicted by how he felt and what was acceptable, or he could fully embrace who he really was. He tried the former for a little while, but finally realized that assumptions were being made about him regardless. Finally, he did accept the person he felt he should be.

Dion is certainly his father's son. He's happiest surrounded by people who are having a good time. He feeds off of it, really. He craves attention, and often 'holds court' in some club or other, or in a park, or in the center of a mall, or just wherever he happens to be. He draws people in naturally. If there's music possible, there can be dancing. If there's food nearby, all the better. He shares his ever-full cup generously, whether the place calls for whiskey, wine, or even soda or water.

One thing that Dion is not, is a slut. It may be that someday he'll become the person some others seem to assume he is, but that isn't what he is now. Partying, to him, does not equate to an orgy. He does not pick people off the street and seduce them. He does have a libido that's remarkable and sometimes alarmingly (to him) large, but he's mostly content with his followers for now. He's unashamedly bisexual, and flirts plenty. He's just not inclined to screw anything that catches his eye.

Recent Events

  • A work in progress.

Friends, Schoolmates and Lovers

  • Still working on it.

Band: Jocelyn, Aillen, Hopper, Neil (and Sunrise), Sophia
Followers: Terrance and Madelyne
Schoolmates: Gayle, Pei-Pei, Tavio, Freida, Zack, Matt
Lover: Kurt

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 5 Perception 1
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 4 Appearance 4 Wits 5
Academics 1 Animal Ken 4 Art - Acting 3
Art - Choreography 2 Art - Dancing 4 Art - Singing 4
Athletics 2 Brawl 2 Empathy 4
Fortitude 4 Integrity 4 Medicine 1
Melee 4 Occult 2 Presence 4
Science Botany 2 Survival 1 Thrown 1
Relic - Goblet of Chaos Relic - Thyrsus/Microphone
Followers - Thiasus/Ravers 1 Relic - Bass Clef Pin
Arete Animal Ken 1 Arete Art Acting 2 Arete Art Dancing 2
Arete Art Singing 2 Arete Empathy 2 Arete Fortitude 2
Arete Presence 3 Cleanse Eye of the Storm
Green Thumb Hornet's Nest Mystery 3
Paralyzing Confusion Toxic Thorn
Blurt It Out Cat's Grace Center of Attention
Charmer Crowd Control Divine Figurehead
Inspirational Figure Instant Translation Language Mastery
Lasting Impression Not In The Face Perfect Actor
Perfect Partner Pied Piper Raging Bull
Regeneration Rumor Mill Scent the Divine
Self-Healing Solipsistic Well-Being Untouchable Opponent
Epic Attributes
Strength Charisma 3 Perception
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 3 Wits
Intellect 3 Expression 4 Vengeance 1
Valor 1
Legend 4 Legend Points 16
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 7/7
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
  • Epic Appearance 3:
  • Center of Attention - Whether he’s Hugh Jackman on the set of The View or the Phantom of the Opera going unmasked at the masquerade ball, the Scion commands the attention of everyone in the room. This Knack is best used when making an important entrance, but it can also serve as a wonderful broad-spectrum distraction. The character walks into a room, the player spends a point of Legend, and all eyes in the room (as well as the eyes of people watching remotely via live security camera broadcast) turn the character’s way. For every Legend point spent, the character can hold everyone’s attention for a number of minutes equal to his Epic Appearance dots. The onlookers can carry on with what they’re doing and keep talking among themselves, but their attention remains fixed on the Scion. Titanspawn and Scions can resist this Knack. They may spend a point of Willpower to direct their attention elsewhere. Should the Scion with Epic Appearance spend another point of Legend to continue the effect over subsequent sets of minutes, the resisting party must spend matching amounts of Willpower to keep from being distracted.
  • Epic Charisma 3:
  • Charmer - With the sheer, raw charm this Knack represents, the Scion can smother an upwelling of panic, suspicion or utter hatred directed at her for one scene. The player need only spend a point of Legend. One scene is usually long enough to convince a person that it would be in his best interest to help the character, but it’s up to the Scion (and the player’s roleplaying) to actually say the right words. During the scene in which this Knack is in effect, the suppressed emotion doesn’t go away. It merely remains beneath the surface. If the Scion can’t set the person’s mind at ease by scene’s end, the suppressed emotion returns in full force the next time the Scion leaves the affected person’s presence.
  • Crowd Control - The demigod’s force of personality is such that he can quell the passion of a seething mob, whether he’s addressing a throng of rowdy political protesters, standing between an innocent kitsune and the lynch mob howling for her hide, or stalling the phalanx of SWAT cops long enough for his partner to finish sacrificing the hostages. By spending a point of Willpower and Legend, the Scion cools the crowd’s urge for instant action and buys himself enough time to try to talk some sense into everyone. Doing so is primarily a matter of role-playing, but if the player is not as good an extemporaneous speech-maker as his character is, he may roll (Charisma + Presence) to simulate his heartfelt call for calm. His words convince three members of the mob per success on the roll. This effect lasts for the scene, after which the mob either disperses or renews its shenanigans with its original vigor. If the character is attempting to halt the depredations of a mob that is being controlled or directed supernaturally, use of this Knack constitutes an opposed roll against the other power’s activation roll. If the power has no activation roll per se, the Scion’s player rolls his (Charisma + Presence) against that of the character who incited the mob supernaturally. If the Scion with this Knack gets an equal or greater number of successes, the Knack does what it’s supposed to.
  • Epic Dexterity 2:
  • Perfect Partner - The character with this Knack is extremely good at modifying her movements—be they gross or subtle— to coordinate perfectly with other people. This Knack comes in handy in the ballroom, the bedroom, even the thick of battle. The first two applications might not come up as often in play, but they shouldn’t be discounted out of hand. The dance performance of two characters with this Knack would put the best work of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers to shame. The sexual prowess of a character with this Knack would be legendary all on its own. The third application of this Knack makes coordinating assaults (see Scion: Hero, p. 190) that much easier. Using it, a character can attach herself to any coordinated assault she sees fit, without the player of the person coordinating the assault having to include the character in the dice roll to do so. If the character with this Knack wants to coordinate her attack with only one other person, neither of them even has to make a roll to do so. As long as they act at the same time and attack the same target, they are coordinated by default.
  • Epic Intelligence 2:
  • Language Mastery - The Scion can understand any language that is spoken to him. Once he’s heard a few sentences, he can then speak that language back as if he grew up among native speakers. Writing the language is a bit trickier, as he can only transliterate his written words in the alphabet of his native language until someone teaches him the alphabet and punctuation of the new language. For instance, say a Scion with this Knack whose native language is English has picked up French at Orly Airport in Paris and would like to leave a thank-you note for a bartender who gave him helpful information. That Scion might write, “Mare- see du mah-vay zayday,” to express his thanks, when what he really means is, “Merci de m’avez aidé.” Likewise, reading the new language can be difficult if that language uses characters that don’t appear in an alphabet with which he is already familiar.
  • Epic Manipulation 2:
  • Not The Face - The Scion makes a simple wince, throws up his hands, shrieks for mercy or somehow shows that he’s just not quite ready to take an incoming blow. As a result, the attacker hesitates for the briefest instant, perhaps long enough for the Scion to escape or for a friend of his to land a telling blow instead. As a response to an incoming attack, the Scion’s player spends one point of Legend and rolls (Manipulation + Empathy + Legend) against the opponent’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend). If the player wins, then the attacker hesitates for the barest instant, and his attack delays to the next tick. Naturally, the attacker must be able to see the Scion in order for this trick to work, and the Scion must know that the attack is coming, as well. The Scion can use this Knack only once per scene.
  • Epic Stamina 3:
  • Raging Bull - Like the eponymous boxer who just becomes more dangerous after taking a few punches, the Scion turns into a devastating fighting machine once she’s wounded. Her body releases adrenalin and more exotic substances, firing her up to greater heights of fury. With this Knack active, the Scion gains bonuses from her wounds instead of penalties. Thus, if she’s filled in the first four boxes of her health levels, the Scion gains a +2 bonus on all of her appropriate rolls instead of taking the normal -2 penalty. Even if her Epic Stamina would obviate the penalty in whole or in part, she still gains the full bonus. Scions whose Epic Stamina grants them additional health levels count those boxes as having a -4 penalty (and thus a +4 bonus for purposes of this Knack). Furthermore, every time a Scion using Raging Bull suffers an injury (be it a single level of bashing damage or ten levels of aggravated damage), the player may choose to spend one point of Legend to restore one expended point of Willpower. Activating this Knack costs three points of Legend. Its effects last for one scene.
  • Solipsistic Well-Being - The philosophy of solipsism holds that only the self exists. Accordingly, if a solipsist isn’t aware of something, that something doesn’t exist. With this Knack, a Scion applies this odd philosophy to damage that surprises her. For a single attack that the Scion doesn’t see, hear or otherwise perceive coming, the Scion can spend a point of Legend and a point of Willpower to completely ignore it as if it never happened (thereby suffering no damage from it). Of course the attack does actually happen—any ammunition used is spent, onlookers might be covered with the Scion’s blood, the would-be assassin might be standing right there holding a dripping knife—but such concerns are immaterial to the Scion victim. The Scion can use this Knack only once per scene
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