Dee Floros
Portrayed By: Linda Cardellini
Status: Alive, and so far uncaught
Age: 26
Calling: Daredevil and Catburglar
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Hermes


He was the dashing god of thieves. She was one of the most infamous jewel thieves in Greece. It was fate. It also helped that he happened to be in the area to save her from an unexpected and thoroughly embarrassing capture. Hermes and Mia Floros' months together were marked by valuables vanishing from all over the country, as they plied their trade across Greece. When they finally went their separate ways because Hermes was needed in the fight against the Titans, they already knew Mia was pregnant.

Mia did settle down for more than a decade, to raise her daughter. She had more than enough money saved up to live comfortably, though she knew Greece wasn't the safest place to do it in case her past came back to haunt her. Instead, she moved them to New York so they could enjoy some of the finer things in life. It was dull, but comfortable. Of Dee's father, Mia only said that he was something special.

It became apparent early, however, that comfortable wasn't quite enough for Dee. The temptation to take things that weren't hers was too strong to resist, and she didn't try all that hard. Being caught only taught her to try to get better at it, and it likely didn't help that her mother had trouble justifying punishing her heavily for something she herself used to do for a living. When it became apparent that disuading Dee was not possible, Mia instead returned to her own larcenous roots and took the girl in hand.

Mia was very, very good. Dee was better. She was a natural, which didn't surprise her mother in the least. In the years that followed, around her necessary schooling, Dee picked up all the skills of the trade plus a few more that were new to her mother. Her less formal education was punctuated with a very special trip to Greece on her eighteenth birthday. They'd visited before, but this time it was to introduce Dee to her father, Hermes. It was quite the birthday, complete with gifts from him and his blessing for the direction she'd chosen. It was a night of feasting and drinking, and in the morning he was gone.

A week later, Mia and Dee were back in the States and Dee was back at 'work'. With high school finished, and the new awareness of who she was, Dee devoted much more of her time to learning the best ways to take things that weren't hers. Increasingly difficult thefts were planned out and executed with flair and style, the object far less interesting to the young woman than the thrill of the risk and then success. Occasionally, she didn't even take anything once she got in. Instead, she just moved things around a little. Sure, she's been caught and almost caught at times, but catching her and keeping her are two different things. Needless to say, she's become very 'popular' with the authorities.


++ Personality

Dee's had enough years of being a Scion and honing her skills to be pretty comfortable with who and what she is and what she can do. She's more than a little thrown off by finding herself among so many others and especially by having someone put her face on television to 'out' her, but she's handling it by moving forward rather aggressively rather than shrinking back. Dee has no problem with confrontation, if someone is annoying her directly, but she also has a decent eye for when it's time to blend in with the crowd. Sometimes she chooses not to, but she accepts the consequences of that choice.

One of her less positive traits (depending on who you ask) is that when she feels wronged, she'll make a real effort towards retribution. It's a Greek thing. This includes other scions, if she feels they are working to strengthen the position of the Titans and Titanspawn. That includes actions she sees as damaging the position of the gods or scions. Her survival instinct somewhat fails her at those times, as she doesn't care if that person is far more powerful than herself. She's willing to take the lumps, to make her point. She can also sometimes leap before she looks, no matter how smart she is. When she has the impulse to attack, it sometimes over-rides reason. That's a problem, given she isn't exactly the warrior she should be for that particular trait.


++ Events Thus Far

Dee went from enjoying a relatively quiet (for her) existence to being thrown into the figurative deep end with all the other scions that have been descending on New York City. In other words, Fate has caught up with her. Out of concern that such an event might be begging for something bad to happen, she attended Amirah's 'outing' and was captured on film helping with the aftermath. In reaction to Gene filming her, she did a little hacking and messed with his credit rating. So far, he and his band have had far more important things to worry about so she's gotten away with it.

Since then, she's gotten to know many more of the other scions in the city and has fought alongside several of them. There were vorpal bunnies at a petting zoo. From that, she snagged a pelt to be used later. She's not sure when or how, so for the moment it's just dressed and stored carefully in her freezer. There was also the trip into the odd structure in Times Square with Pauline, Kailin and Wesley. That was terribly strange and unpleasant, and included a fight with her own doppleganger. She's also had the chance to exercise her mind, with some investigating such as the burning of a Queens school and related murder of a young scion there, seemingly by fundamentalist Christians.

A discussion with Kailin showed that they have some similar long-term views and thoughts about how to fight the Titanspawn, and resulted in her joining his Band despite the presence of Amirah. Since then they've been joined by several others and are working towards becoming a proper team. Her own position within the Band includes not only physical intrusion but also virtual, and towards that end she's been focusing a fair bit of her time on becoming a skilled hacker. To this end, she has been learning talents like connecting wirelessly with computers and enhancing her senses to better reach those computers.

While the Band never quite coalesced, Dee continued to learn hacking techniques. Eventually, her friendship with her cousin Marius led to her joining his Band instead. Called Torchwood, in homage to the television series, the group has bonded nicely. They've also come into posession of a very interesting sort of base, that almost literally fell into their hands when the (apparent) last of the former residents gave them the key before vanishing to become presumably dead. Dee is a kid in a candy store, occasionally stopping for food, sleep, or other necessities.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 6
Dexterity 6 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 6
Stamina 4 Appearance 3 Wits 4
Academics 1 Art - Appreciation 2 Athletics 5
Awareness 5 Control - Motorcycle 2 Empathy 1
Integrity 2 Investigation 4 Larceny 5
Medicine 2 Melee 2 Occult 5
Presence 1 Science - Chemistry 2 Science - Computer 5
Stealth 5 Survival 5 Thrown 5
Talaria - 1 Lockpicks - 3 Chelona Aspis 4
Arete Larceny 3 Arete Computers 1 Arete Stealth 3
Ariadne's Thread Come Along Magic 1
Sky's Grace Terra Incognita The Subtle Knife
The Unlidded Eye Unbarred Entry Unerring Orientation
Weather Witch Where Are You? Wind's Freedom
Blockade of Reason Broad-Spectrum Reception Cat's Grace
Cipher Deprogramming Don't Read the Manual
Fast Learner Jack-of-all-Trades Lightning Sprinter
Multitasking Omnidexterity Parallel Attention
Perfect Memory Rarefied Electronic Perception Scent the Divine
Social Chameleon Takes One To Know One Telescopic Senses
Untouchable Opponent Whirlwind Shield Wireless Interface
Psychopomp Sky Magic
Epic Attributes
Strength Charisma Perception 4
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 5
Stamina Appearance Wits 3
Intellect 5 Valor 3 Expression 2
Vengeance 2
Legend 6 Legend Points 36 Willpower 7
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