Death Tailoring


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Scene Title Death & Tailoring
Synopsis Alice and Leandra meet up, eat chicken, discuss murders and clothing.

Brooklyn - New York City

Brooklyn is a huge borough, the largest one in New York City. It stretches out along Long Island, bounded by the sea and by Queens. It is filled with a huge variety of people. Even more varied than the Lower East Side, the ethnic neighborhoods include West Indian, Jews, Russians, Italians and Middle Eastern. Its suburbs are as varied, ranging from the upmarket Park Slope to large sprawls. Almost a city in itself, it has its own distinct feel and architecture, without the skyscrapers and the bustle of Manhattan Island. Brooklyn's Prospect Park is almost as large as Central Park and considered by many to be superior, and while its Botanic Gardens are smaller than the Bronx's, but are packed with beauty and detail.

The sun is rather hot in the sky today, beating down upon every living thing with unforgiving scrutiny. Alice can be found at a curry vendor on the street, motorcycle helmet tucked under her arm, clearly waiting for an order. She wears a simple tank top and a pair of cut off shorts, and WHOA lookout there, pasty skin. She peers out through the crowds on the sidewalk, kids playing and all of that junk. Her motorcycle is parked nearby, and the smell of exhaust can be whiffed nearby. It seems she just arrived. She actually doesn't have her gigantic gym bag of doom for once, either.

Leandra pulls up in a new, but still rather battered looking, range rover, jerking the car abruptly to a stop with the tires scaping the sidewalk before she swings the door open and steps out… Where she peers at Alice a moment after apparently immediately picking her out. Then a grin. "Hey, well I am not going to bet for the arrival of horrible monsters again after last time. That was unnecessarily expensive."

"Hrmmm?" Alice asks, before recognizing Leandra. She lets out a soft laugh, covering her mouth with her hand very briefly. "Hopefully not, though there's plenty of other ooky things going on. Should have been around last night… as a friend of mine would say, oi vey." Alice says, taking her chicken curry from the vendor and paying him. She moves towards Leandra, grabbing a sun hat from the back of her bike and plunking it onto her head. Ahhh, no more sun in the eyes. She says quietly, "We found a dead girl. It seems to have been a warning to the rest of us."

Leandra pulls a face to that, knocking the door of her car shut with a foot before she leans back against it. "Shit, do you know who it was? I mean stuff seems to -try- to kill us all of the time but I have not heard of it working since I arrived at least."

She shakes her head briefly. "Marius seemed to know… her name was Caelis apparently. He was going to send her to me for a dress fitting. Guess that's commission I can't count on," Alice says with a wry smirk. "She had traitor carved into her body in five different languages."

Leandra hmms and frowns now. "Really.. Now that -is- interesting. See Caelis was an Atlantian, yes, from Atlantis, thousands of years old. She turned up in some kind of freaky stasis pod that floated out of the sea and the gods went all out to get her killed, Marcus decided he knew better than the gods and would protect her, presumably because of her cup size."

Alice huhs quietly, gnawing on some of her chickens contemplatively. "Yeah, that's what he said last night too. Didn't take much stock in what he was saying at the time though…" Alice shakes her head and finishes her bite of chicken, offering the uneaten piece fo Leandra. "Well, I mean. Not about her cup size, but… ew."

Leandra smirks there and pushes off from her car to take the offered piece of chicken. "Hey, thanks, and he gives off that kind of vibe at least. I kind of suspect if she had been a guy he would have been a lot less patronising and moral superior about there being no question of killing her. It raises the question of who -did- though." She pauses begin operation wolf down the chicken, barely chewing before she swallows.

There's a slight nod as Alice considers this information, though she looks thoroughly perturbed by having to imagine Marius in that way. "I don't know. I wish I did, because let me tell you. That was freaky. Of course, there were about seven or eight of us around. All of the sudden everything went dark, and then this girl's dead body was just hanging upside down like a crucifix from a welcoming banner." Alice shudders, taking a bite of her own chicken — looking at it carefully first.

Leandra gestures slightly with the chicken she has started consuming as she notices that. "I can eat pretty much anything, which I am getting kind of blithe about." She pulls a face. "Still, whatever killed her was pretty damn powerful then, I wish I was around so that I could have tried to track them at least but I imagine that is easier said than done. Well I am not going to loose sleep over it, I was planning to kill her myself anyway."

Alice merely blinks at that last little gem of information, eyeing Leandra wearily for a moment. "You know, obviously there's something I'm missing here. I don't understand why people had it out so bad for the Atlantean spawn, if you want to know the truth. Guess it's some of the same that we're being dealt right now though." The talk of women getting carved up by big bads and her own fate has left Alice more than a bit unhungry. She pitches her curry in the trash, wiping her fingers on her shorts.

"The gods all told us to kill her, pretty much all of them, from multiple pantheons. They would not say why." Explains Leandra to that, follow by a shrug, then a pause while she finishes off and chucks the bones across to the same bin before efficiently licking off her fingers. She seems fairly unpeturbed. "Any… Dress fitting, are you a tailour or something?"

"Figures. Mom's never told me to kill anything in my life," Alice remarks wryly. She nods to Leandra, letting out a brief sigh as she puts her helmet on her bike. "Yep, I'm a tailor. I have a jewelry store, but I do fittings and alterations in the back, if someone needs something made."

"Huh." Leandra considers a moment as she watches Alice, then comes up with. "Ever done any work with Nemean hide? I shot this Nemean elephant in the eye and we skinned it afterwards. I found one person who was willing and able to work with it but they are trying to charge ten thousand dollars per item."

There's a very slight pause. Nemean hide? Alice looks at Leandra as if to say, 'That's unpossible!' but finally she shirks that. After all… "When it's for friends or family, I don't charge. Not that I've ever been asked to tailor something as /exotic/ as Nemean hide before…"

Leandra grins there. "Well it did not go down easily, no, and the stuff is.. Really tough. Not indestructable but nearly so, I rather want some armour made out of it, a cuirass maybe, possibly bracers and greaves. I may as well go for something traditional looking."

"Hmm. I'm not an armor crafter, but I can certainly try to at least make you something that'll protect you from the elements," Alice says, her gears already turning about this potential project. She even strokes her chin a bit. "Nemean hide. Weird. Oh, have you seen a little… weird gal around town? She wears old fashioned sun dresses and sun hats… and… she's like something out of one of those Japanese cartoons. She has a hairpin that turns into a scythe."

"Well it is bullet proof, literally." Points out Leandra to that. "And I was the one skinning the thing so I kept some of the thicker hide for myself." Then a shake of her head. "Hmm, nope? There is an Egyptian girl who keeps a pen behind her ear that turns into a knife but the only scythe I saw was when a death spirit took over this one Japanese girl and she tried to chop everyone up. I shot her."

There's a pause, Alice nodding a bit. "I've met the girl with the pen before… she seems nice. Hmm… the scythe girl worries me." Alice points to her sun hat. "This is hers, I made off with it." She looks a bit /too/ proud of this accomplishment. "She said her name was… damn, I don't remember again."

Leandra grins now. "Does she worry you in general, or worry you because you stole her hat and thinks she might come after it, scythe in hand? If the later I would suggest just giving the thing back unless it is a really nice hat indeed."

Alice pauses again, considering this. "A little bit of both, I think. She was just /unnerving/ as a whole, you know? I've never met someone quite so damned… emotionless. It was creepy. She's a scion of Hel though, so that might lend us some clues." Alice says, crossing her arms around her chest.

Leandra hmms and nods again to that. "I do not really know anything much about Norse mythology, sun hats and scythes seem kind of out of character though, more like something from one of those screwed up Japanese cartoons?" She shakes her head a little before then grinning to Alice. "How did the rest of your date with Danny go then?"

There's a slight snerk at the first part of Leandra's dialogue. "Hopefully there wouldn't be any tentacle monsters," she mutters. What? Alice gets on the Internet. She puts her hands on her hips, beginning to blush profusely at Leandra's latter words. "It wasn't a /date/… we left not too long after you did, I'm afraid to say. But he popped up against last night. He can fly or something."

"I would not want to bet against tentacle monsters." Notes Leandra with a chuckle, which turns into a widening grin at the blush. "So he did not come play with your plastic army men then? Awww. The flying bit is pretty neat though."

"No, he did not come play with my plastic army men," Alice says with a touch of aggravation. The one thing, it would seem she's easily rattled about, is her distinct lack of social graces — especially when it comes to men. Danny in particular. She lets out a quiet sigh, puffing out her cheeks like a blowfish. "Mmm. Indeed. There was another new girl around last night — didn't happen to catch her name though."

"He seemed pretty excited at the idea, and no need to worry, I do not keep a collection of plastic army men to lure him away with." Leandra then shrugs, and kicks back a foot to rest it against the side of her car as she relaxes a little. "Ohh, what was she like then?"

Alice shrugs her shoulders, quirking a brow. "Quiet, really. She didn't get there too long before I left. I stayed long enough to translate the carving on the poor dead woman before I skedaddled, kontos or not. Everything was covered, I think. After all, they had Mister America with the metal skin to back them up."
:blinks there and peers at Alice a moment again. "Who..? Marius kept going on about America this and America that, but I never spotted him with metallic skin or being effective backup."

Leandra blinks there and peers at Alice a moment again. "Who..? Marius kept going on about America this and America that, but I never spotted him with metallic skin or being effective backup."

She can't help but laugh at that. "This big guy, never caught his name. He's huge, built like a barrel. His skin turned into metal. It was pretty… whew." Alice says, considering it silence for a moment.
emit "Never met him." Answers Leandra after letting the silence continue for a moment, quirking her head a little to the left as she considers Alice. "… And pretty Whew?"

"Never met him." Answers Leandra after letting the silence continue for a moment, quirking her head a little to the left as she considers Alice. "… And pretty Whew?"

"It was pretty hardcore is what I mean. He's not that cute, I'm afraid. But a good guy to have on your side, probably. He seemed a bit… rough though. Marius started crying and all, the big metal guy told him to dry it up." Alice lets out a quiet sigh. "Not very tactful, but who am I to judge about that?"

Leandra pulls a face for a moment. "I am not a big fan of Marius, so I am afraid I wish I had not missed that, ahh well. Anyway, hmm, armour, when are you likely to be able to start on that? I mean I suspect you have other working going on but I do not really mind the whole paying ten thousand dollars thing if I get it done sooner." A grin there.

Alice merely shrugs her shoulders a little bit. "I'm not sure. How's next week sound? You'll have to come in so I can take your measurements. I'm a bit busy this time of the year, with all the holidays that go on during the summer… but usually mostly only with jewelry." Alice says, moving to sit down on her motorcycle, picking up the helmet first.

Leandra nods then raises a hand in a kind of vaugue wave/salute as Alice gets back on her bike. "Sounds good, I do not want some giant metal skinned guy being tougher than me when the option for magical armour of my own exists."

Alice laughs quietly, plopping her helmet on. She puts up the visor on it, winking at Leandra. "It'll be alright, I'll get you fixed up. We'll bump into each other before your fitting, I'm sure. Then I can give you directions to the shop." She starts up the motorcycle and flips her visor back down before steering off

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