David And Goliaths



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Scene Title David and Goliaths
Synopsis David runs into two oni and something that actually hurts him

Ellis Island

It's quiet out here at night. The place is closed, the ferries aren't running. The tourist trap shuts down, and there is only the quiet sense of gravity - this is the gate to the new world, where so many came seeking freedom and fortune, and so few found much of anything but a chance to give their children a chance to scrabble for better than they had, and their children as well, until eventually, there was something like success. David's family has a few immigrants - they're a Hong Kong family, pretty firmly split between more traditional and less. His father from a long line of very well off men known for their Wushu - his mother from a family who spent three generations in the States before she went to Hong Kong while it was still under Britain's rule. So it's a bit strange for him to be standing here, in the land that claims it's indivisible under one god - a nation that truly has -no- gods, a nation of every god. Almost like being in a home he doesn't recognize. This is as good a place to ponder the strangeness that is the United States, the oddness of New York - here, crouched on the edge of the Ellis Island museum, looking out toward the water.

While it may be closed to everyone else it doesnt mean that evil can't travel here. In fact, it's quite the opposite with two rather large Japanese looking men in trenchcoats arrive from a boat and looks around. "Ahhh, this is Lady Liberty herself..remember when we went back and attacked during Pearl harbor? Oh, their gods were not pleased…" one says with a soft chuckle under his breath.

Sniffsniff. He can almost smell the Titan from here. He drops down, onto his belly, just his eyes peeking out over the edge to use the building for cover to stay out of sight. He belly-crawls back, then begins to work his way to the side of the building.

They arent titans, but titanspawn. Japanese Titanspawn to be precise. They walk up towards the statue of liberty and just stare up her dress so to speak. One of them just chuckles and starts punching at the gravel. "Mmmm, this is fun. I wonder how those five giants did against the Japanese girl and the Indian. I'm sure they're dead by now though.."

Not Titans, no - but carrying their stink all the same. If it was a -Titan-, David would be running, screaming, for the nearest brothel - booze and women before the thing nuked New York. But Onis? He can take Onis. Especially if properly motivated…such as, well, if they talk about having taken down Maia and Rupert. He is still wearing that grey suit - he buttons the jacket to cover the white shirt and as he gets to the edge, leaps through the air, traveling as silently as a hunting owl, to land lightly in the branches of a tree, just behind the pair.

"Five giants, One frost, one fire and three regular giants. They should take out two Scions with ease. And Mordred paid them..heh. I would've done it for free myself.." one of the oni retorts, punching away at the base of lady liberty, completely oblivious to the stealthy son of Sun WuKong near by.

"I would've taken the girl myself. She's a daughter of Amaterasu and you know how they like to scream in pain.." the other says with a lecherous laugh.

Anger and rage seethe in his body as the two speak of his friends, slaughtered - but Maia and Rupert are smart. Capable. And, uh. Shitty fighters. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. No, they're fine. They're at least smart enough to run. Maia could blind them and they could head for the hills. He creeps to the edge of the branch, balancing carefully before he takes one more step and launches through the air, the mist within the Dragontear Cloudstone swirling furiously as wind bears him further and straighter than he could leap alone. The spear silently extends, its leaf-blade pointed directly between the shoulders of the nearest of the two Onis…

He sails through the air - and the simile of the owl seems almost ironically true as the mouse-sized Scion (relatively to the Onis, at least) lands on the back of the Oni spear-first, driving it between the shoulders and into bone. The force of the body hitting and the spear sinking in drive the oni forward, stumbling to one knee - but it's the next three vicious jabs that drive it down onto its face, burrowing a hole through its back and into its heart until it stops moving. Each slice is lightning-quick, like a huge jackhammer pounding into the creature, and before the other can so much as react, he's flicking the spear-blade up, drawing a line of blood across its face before spinning around on his heel in a pirouette to jam the spear-blade deep into its chest. His foot comes up to its stomach, bracing against its stomach as he grunts and pulls the weapon free. "I'd ask you to surrender," he says with a grin, "But I don't think you're smart enough.

"I will gladly give my life in service of Mikaboshi, the darkness.." the remaining oni says, as he coughs up a little bit of blood. He's smarter than regular oni and pulls out a feather. It looks like a raven's feather really and he brings it up into the sky. "Mikaboshi, take my life so that you may bring out your spawn to destroy this heathen Scion!" he cries out, his eyes widening as he's struck by lightning and soon engulfed in darkness. It looks like ravens are picking him apart one by one, eating his flesh and soon there's nothing left but a pile of feathers and blood.
"Well." David stands there, blood dripping off his spear, while he watches the Oni be destroyed. "I guess if -I- had to fight me, I'd rather be struck by lightning and devoured by darkness than face the Qiang of Ao Guang, too." Still. It doesn't leave much to fight - and Maia and Rupert are in trouble. Taking a few running steps, David prepares to leap away - he'll be gone in seconds.

Something appears from the blood and gore. There's another cawing of a raven and soon a birdlike creatures rises up form the mixture of feathers and blood as it caws and lets out a soft chuckle under it's breath. Soon, there's a tengu, one of the fiercest titanspawn appears quickly moving in front of David. "Your friends are dead." it says, unsheathing it's katana in front of him. "Face me, Scion. I will show you that the Qiang of Ao Guang does little when faced against sheer might.."

"Right, right. You're amazing. I've heard the Tengu are passable combatants - maybe you'll be more of a challenge than the giants, but, well. I sincerely" Without warning, David leaps into the air, tumbling end over end, slashing twice down at the Tengu with his weapon as he flies, only to land behind him, crouched, spear at the ready, "doubt it, though."

And the Tengu cries out in pain, suddenly surprised at the slash across it's chest as black ichor of Mikaboshi runs down towards the ground and causes it to sizzle. His blood is like acid it seems and soon he coats his sword with it before he grins wryly towards David. He starts to fly up in the air (as he has wings and all), until his form can be seen as a silhouette against the moon.

Suddenly and quickly, he takes advantage of gravity to send him moving down towards the Scion with inhuman speed ready to try to slash David across the stomach with his weapon..

The demigods and other, burlier heroes aren't the only ones with flesh of steel - the katana slashes through his suit but fails to pierce skin, finding skin that gives pliantly without breaking even as David flows backward, coming so close to dodging the epicly accurate attack that his flesh shows only an angry red mark where the acid coating the blade irritates it. And then the Scion is spinning around, his spear shrinking to a foot and a half or so, letting him place all his momentum into slamming it like an extension of his fist into the creature's back, where its kidney lurks beneath the surface, his other palm slamming into the butt of the shortened weapon to increase its momentum…before it grows, stending and adding force while he plants his feet to ensure that all that expansive energy drives it -into- the beast.

Squawk! The tengu cries out as the sharp end of the weapon drives through the creature completely. It's there on one end and went out the other having pierced a vital organ..or two. Who knows about tengu physiology anyway? It moves swifly and lets itself not be pierced. It cries out in rage as his wounds start to heal, though slowly. He spits out blood from his beaklike maw and stares with murderous intent towards David.

"No one in all my years has hurt me boy. You are the first..and you will be the last.." he says before charging to try to pierce his katan through David's skin.

The blade slices through skin, penetrating several inches and causing David's eyes to widen - this is the first time he's actually been hurt in a -long- time. With a grunt at the pain, he reaches down, seizes the blunt back edge of the weapon, and wrenches it out of him as he stumbles back. "I'm going to pluck you, quarter you, and roast you in a fucking pie. I'm going to break your sword over my knee, melt it down, and use the metal to have a nice little stand made where I'm going to keep your skull." With this, he lets out a roar of pure, unbridled rage and pain, and turns the Qiang of Ao Guang into a log-sized battering ram with a huge, wickedly sharp blade on the end as he charges toward the raven-shifter.

The log sized battering ram with a razor sharp tip impales the tengu and the power from the force sends it flying into lady liberty herself, cracking a bit of her dress. Mmm, the American Pantheon would not be too pleased right now. After a quick moment of recovery, the tengu squawks once more as grabs the blade with both hands, giving it what little legend the creature actually it has.

"I. WILL. END YOU.." he screeches as he starts flying with incredible speed hoping to slash him across the stomach to let some innards out. This bird is out for the kill.

As the bird charges, David waits until the very last moment. He stands utterly still, facing down the bird's charge. At the last instant, time seems to slow. The powers of legend flow through David, the divine ichor in his body and mind sending his synapses into overdrive until time slows down. The tengu's blade comes, and he moves to the side a fraction of an inch. The blade severs a small tuft of his beard, just below his ear. He drops back a half-step in time with the creature's advance, drops to one knee - and in a blink, the Qiang of Ao Guang is full size again, ten feet long, its butt braced against the ground, its tip meeting the charge of that oncoming rush of the bird.

The spear of Ao Guang penetrates - and David comes up of his knee, driving the spear up into the creature's stomach. He comes up until the body slams into his, until he's staring into its eyes. He leans in, takes a handful of its feathers, and drags its face so that his eyes star into its while it feels the haft of the spear sliding into its body. "Write me a letter. Tell me how Mikaboshi rewards failure in your afterlife." The spear explosively expands to tree-trunk size, rupturing the creature's torso so that its arms, legs, and various chunks of its body fly in all directions while David is covered in gore…and left holding its head.

A beautiful thing about tengu is that they do not leave nasty blood and goreupon their destruction. Instead, the feathers melt into darkness and where most of it's body would've dropped a mask with the creature's bird-like visage drops onto the ground. It looks like a Noh mask almost..or something worn for kabuki really..

Slam! It's late in the night, perhaps five or ten minutes after the fight with the Onis and the Tengu that David throws open the balcony door -
"Maia! Maia, are you here?! Are you all right?!" He's covered in blood, bits of flesh, feathers, here and there a shard of bone stuck with blood to his suit, a bundle containing the heads of his enemies and the mask in one hand (made makeshift out of his jacket), the bloodstained katana in his other. "Divine Father," he growls under his breath, "If the're dead, so help me, I will storm your Mountain, steal your staff, and take it into that fucking Spire."

Why is it that David always has to go through the balcony door? Can't he be a normal person and go through the regular door? Maia steps out of her bedroom in her usual attire for her apartment, a large oversized shirt, though this one has to be Haldor's as it has some hard core metal band on it. She looks fine and she just stares towards him as she looks at the bloodstained katana, the mask and the bundle that's happening to drip with blood onto her floor. "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!" she cries out, heading towards the kitchen to get some stain remover stat.

Okay. So she's alive. That's good. Also, she just saw David with a hole punched in his gut…and her reaction was to run in the other room for a cleaner. Well. She didn't kill him, at least. With the knowledge that everyone's still alive firmly planted in his mind, David drops his bundle. He turns, walks slowly, leadenly back outside and collapses into a chair there - hopefully she's got patio furniture or something. But otherwise, he'll just sink down with his back against the railing, close his eyes, and rest for a moment, one hand clamped over the wound in his stomach, the other gripping the sword.

Cleaner isnt the only thing the girl got. The first aid kit is always with the cleaner and she brings out some antiseptic. "You actually got hurt?!?!? what the fuck!?!?!?" she cries out as she heads out towards the balcony, starting to lift up his shirt whether he says yes or no. "I thought you're suppose to be uberbadass that can't get hurt.." she grumps.

He doesn't resist - the shirt is torn all to fuck, but easy to unbutton and pull aside, revealing the deep, ragged gouge irritated by the acid-blood which infects the wound. His eyes stay closed, his head leaning against the railing. "Tengu. Not a -normal- tengu. Some sort of…super tengu, with a magic sword. Hit me after I took down a pair of onis. Said you were dead. That Mikaboshi sent them to destroy us."

"We did face five giants earlier.." Maia admits ruefully starting to clean the wound as she pours water over it first, to get all the acid blood away first. That's the most important thing. "But I bet whoever told him what happened had no idea what the truth once.." she says with a wry grin.
A low, pained grunt comes at the water washing away the acid - yes, the cool is good, but -new- places get stung, and anything - even water - contacting the wound just -hurts-. "You and Rupert killed -five giants-? I would have been as terrified as I was even if I'd thought it was only one." His eyes do open, now, and turn on the woman tending his wounds.

"Gods no!" Maia says with a hearty laugh and a dismissive wave. "They would've turned us into fish food. But.." and she waggles her brows, snickering softly. "We hired them. Gene Horkos convinced them that Rupert would pay them more money than Em-Cee-Dee did. So they switched sides eagerly, though they cost ten kay euro a pop.."

Haldor wasn't there - was he? I can't imagine the Aesir approving of employing giants. Easier and cheaper if you had just escaped - not a lot of honor in killing them now. Not until they betray us first." A hand reaches out, fingers slide along her shoulder, give a firm squeeze. "I'm glad you're alive."

"He knows.." Maia says with a soft chuckle under her breath, grinning the entire time. "I told him to stay out of sight should we need them, but he knows.." For now she continues to focus on cleaning the wound, wrinkling her nose as she gets all the acid blood out. "Can you heal yourself?" she asks curiously as she starts to grab large bits of gauze from her first aid kit.

A moment or six of thought. He tilts his head. "If I could, would you still be leaning over me looking concerned, or would you be back to kicking me out, yelling at me, wishing me dead?"

"You're a huge jerk. That's why I'm not attracted to you, David..besides, Jolie called dibs and I respect her.." Maia says matter of factly as she pulls out the gauze and starts wrapping it around the wound.

"It's not about fucking you, Maia, it's about—" His forehead crinkles. "She what? Like, some psychic woman thing where you 'just know', or actually literally called dibs?"

"She called dibs." Maia says firmly and resolutely as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "Hey, I'm surprised she thinks you're attractive. Seems she's into assholes.." snickering softly the entire time as she's quite gentle when wrapping him up.

His eyes close, again, and he leans against the railing, relaxing utterlyas she wraps the wound - he's the perfect patient, moving exactly how one needs him without needing to be asked, reacting to every possible need the moment before one can think to ask it. "It really wasn't about fucking you. If you'd decided, after you turned around and saw it was me, that you wanted to be taken bent over the counter? I wouldn't have done it." He takes in a deep breath, as if testing his ability to do so with the wound, then lets it out slow. "Mmn - I might have kissed you. Just to see how you do when you're -not- shocked into utter stasis by the amazing oral ministrations of the most superior warrior and lover the world has ever known. But no more."

"No. No kissing. Haldor and I are going out.." Maia says firmly and resolutely, trying to make that crystal clear to the Monkey Prince as she finishes wrapping him up. Great, now her hands are covered in blood. Ewww. At least it's drying blood and she heads into her lavish apartment, motioning for him to follow as she heads towards the kitchen to wash her hands. "Take it easy..I don't know how fast that will heal.."

He does follow - but only as far as the kitchen door. "I'm sure," he says, the wound already sealed and turning into a nice little scar, "That it will be fine very soon." He leans against the doorframe, watching as she washes her hands, a thoughtful look on his face. "The Tengu left behind a mask when it died. I was hoping you could talk to it - and maybe to his sword. Get some information."

Out this damned spot! Maia does her best Lady MacBeth impression before she looks towards the mask, her brows raised a bit as she looks towards the sword and wrinkles her nose. "Yeah, I can do it..bring it over towards the coffee table..lemme finish washing my hands.."

The mask and the sword are retrieved - the heads roll now, spreading out a bit to stare up at the ceiling, the two massive oni heads and the raven-headed tengu's - and brought before Maia, settled onto the counter.

Once her hands are washed, she heads over towards the living room and grumbles at the heads. "Really, did you have to do that?!?!?" she grumps while picking up the mask. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, taking the mask in her hands. A soft breeze passes by, blowing her hair to the side as she whispers softly. "Kami of the Mask, reveal to me your secrets.." she whispers..

"You can afford cleaners," he mutters. He leans in from behind, watching over her shoulder as she speaks to the mask. "And be careful. I doubt it's friendly.

There are faint whispers in the air. Even David can hear them, but understand them? Only the young onmyoudo can. She closes her eyes and keeps concentrating as she wrinkles her nose and soon a small spirit appears on top of the mask. It's dressed much like a tengu, though in samurai garb. "Daughter of Amaterasu, how may I help you?" it asks.

"Please..tell us what you can do?" she asks softly, beaming brightly the entire time.

There's a soft impish chuckle under his breath. "I am a mask. Why don't you put me on and take a weapon. You'll see yourself.." he says with a smirk.

"Or not," David says with a smirk. "I've never seen a female tengu. Maybe this is how they reproduce - maybe if I smash it, I'll reduce the population of titanspawn for the rest of eternity."

"I won't become a tengu if I put you on, do I?" she asks curiously, her brows raised as she looks down at the little spirit of the mask.

The samurai shakes his head and laughs, most definitely amused though he looks towards her with a bit of mischief. "What's wrong with becoming a tengu? They are warriors par excellance! But no, you won't become one, you will channel the spirit of one though.."

"The spirit of a titanspawn," the Monkey Prince murmurs. "Ask him what that means, precisely. If it causes any psychological, spiritual changes."

"Your friend is an idiot. You channel the grace and innate knowledge the tengu.." the spirit grumps a bit as he sticks his tongue out towards tengu. "Put me on, you'll see the difference!" he says brightly.

Maia is clearly hesitating, wrinkling her nose as she looks towards David. "I'll put it on, only cause I know you can take me out if I become evil."

"Don't make me hit you," he mutters. "I wouldn't enjoy it." But still, he steps back, arms crossed over his chest, and waits.

And Maia puts on the mask over her face. There's a long birdlike nose and soon she picks up the katana. She takes a deep breath and her eyes widen as she jumps up and gets into a defensive stance with the katana, holding it in an expert fashion.

"Um…I've never fought with weapons before..and yet I know how to use this thing. Perhaps that's what he meant?" she offers.

"All right. Do you -feel- different? Think differently? Can you take it off?" Holding his spear suddenly in one hand, he gives a jab - just to see if she can block an easy thrust.

And the easy thrust is blocked. Not expertly, but considering she's not familiar with melee combat, it's impressive nonetheless. She shakes her head and takes a deep breath. "Nope. Don't think differently, unless you mean that I know how to take you down in six hits now..or at least, I think I know how.." she admits ruefully.

"The tengu who wore it died in a few seconds - and only managed one mark." He steps forward, and reaches out to gingerly take the mask from Maia's face, fingers sliding along her cheek as he draws it away. "I think we should be cautious. But…a potent trophy, anyway. I'll wear it only when necessary." He watches her for a moment, then turns, walking back to the heads on the floor to gather them up. "I'm glad you did not try to kill me."

"Yes, but the fact he managed to make one mark on you shows some bit of skill, yes?" Maia says with a bright smile as she takes a deep breath and wrinkles her nose a bit as she hops back down from the couch to the ground as she stretches her arms into the air.

"Some. I -suppose-. Although I killed him far before he actually became a threat. And if he hadn't come at me after I'd already engaged the onis, he'd have been dead before he could react." Surely. He moves toward the sliding glass door by the balcony, bending to take the bundle in one hand. "I should go. Leave you to your Haldor, check on Rupert, maybe, make sure he's all right."

XP Awarded to David.

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