Custom Knacks

Epic Charisma

Murderous Intent
Occasionally the thrill of a possible battle, the simple thought of punching someone in the face, and the excitement of a sword getting driven through one's own chest simply flows through a Scion's Ichor. With this knack, at the cost of one Legend point, anyone in the same area as the Scion can feel their murderous intent, as if someone were holding a knife to their throat or possibly sneaking up behind them to stab them in the back. If you're simply standing in a building, or in another room, your murderous aura can be felt, but it can't be pinpointed to you. But if you're in their line of sight, they instinctively know that you're the person who's likely going to to possibly try and kill them, or maybe even everyone in the room. They don't know why, they just feel it in their gut, their most primal instinct, or their magical senses if they're able to feel such a thing. This knack does not induce fear, instead it's up to the individual to decide how sensing this murderous intent affects them. It could be anything from an equal level of excitement, fear, or possibly even wanting to deal with them before they become a threat to anyone's safety.

Epic Dexterity

Legendary Parry: As his story and legend grows, a Scion with this Knack finds it easier to parry attacks than those of lesser renown. He may add his permanent Legend score to his Parry Defense Value in the same manner that it is naturally added to his Dodge Defense Value. Parry DV calculation thus becomes: ((Dexterity+(Brawl or Melee)+Legend+Weapon Defense Bonus)/2). Epic Dexterity bonuses are added to the final value as normal.
~All Scions automatically get this calculated on the sheet. No longer necessary

Perfect Parry: (Prerequisite: Legendary Parry)While some Scions prefer to avoid attacks entirely, twisting and dodging with unbelievable elusiveness to stymie the blows of their foes, others go a different route. With this Knack, a Scion doubles the Epic Dexterity bonus they receive to their Parry DV. Essentially, it's Untouchable Opponent for Parry instead of Dodge. (Note: This Knack is merely presented as an option for those characters who wish to take a different route than the usual dodging attacks, but can't afford to give up the immense utility of UO. It may not be needed, but UO doesn't really work for parry as it completely ignores a weapon's Defense bonus and further calculates from the DDV. A possible alternative to this Knack is:
~UO already updated to add to Parry DV. No longer necessary

Updated Untouchable Opponent: UO applies to Parry as well as Dodge. All requirements for UO to function also apply to parries. As such, it does not apply benefits while using a Defend Other action, or while unmoving for any other reason.

Epic Manipulation

Shared Hallucination/Neuralyzer™
Prerequisite Knack: Implant False Memory , Mass Hypnosis

Just as a scion with Implant False Memory can re-write the memories of an individual they have hypnotized, a scion with this knack is able to alter the memories of all who are under his hypnotic grasp. As its pre-requisite, the scion must talk the targets through the events as altered.

The cost, dice pool, restrictions and resistance mechanics of this Knack are the same as for Mass Hypnosis. If the victims are mortal (or another type of extra), she won’t ever accept that her new memories are false. She might think she was on drugs at the time or was hallucinating with fever, but she clings to the belief that the memory is genuine. Characters with a Legend rating will assume as mortals do unless they are confronted with evidence to suggest the memories are false. Even then, however, they still cannot get their original memories back.

Epic Perception

Microscopic Senses
Most scions concern themselves more with the very large, or far away but for many more modern scions, they realize that the smaller problems can be far more problematic. From microcircuitry to nanites and viruses, the world of the tiny is now within the capabilities of a scion with this knack. For each dot of Epic Perception that the scion has, the scion can magnify their vision by a factor of 10 (100x at Epic Per 2, 1000x at Epic Per 3). Just being able to see at this level does not necessarily provide understanding, or capability to effect such things. Other senses can be utilized at this degree, but are in general worthless (electrons don’t really have much of a scent after all). Additional knacks (Microscopic Precision for example), are necessary to do anything more than observe.

Mass Combat Related Knacks

Epic Wits

Prerequisite: Opening Gambit (p136 Scion: Hero)
It is all well and good to be the first into battle, but when you lead your troops your men must move with you as a single cohesive unit for it to do any good. A scion with this knack extends their impeccable mental speed to their men. When he joins a mass combat action, his player can either make a Join War roll like everyone else (Wits+Command-Magnitude), or he can spend three points of Legend for his character's unit to automatically go first in the reaction count, as long as the Unit's magnitude does not exceed his Permanent Legend rating. This Knack cannot automatically preempt an otherwise unexpected attack, though, as the character must actually be able to Join War for this Knack to function. If more than one character involved in a combat scene has this Knack, the character with the highest (Wits + Epic Wits) total goes first. If characters with this Knack have equal totals, default to a separate Join Battle roll to see which of them acts first. Outside of mass combat, a smaller Band that the scion leads may still gain this benefit, and a number of additional people equal to the scion's permanent legend can replace their initiative with the benefits of Opening Gambit. This costs the Scion activating the power the same three points of legend as above.
(Check the Scion Companion p257 for Magnitude chart)

Epic Charisma

Divine Drill Sergeant
Prerequisite: Instant Seminar (p54 Scion: Companion, p11 Manifestations of Ichor)
When leading a group into battle, you cannot merely rely on what you have taught them, but how they work together as a whole, needing each member to know that the one beside them will do what must be done. This knack upgrades its prerequisite, allowing the Scion to provide the training to a magnitude of units equal to their permanent legend, replacing the dice roll to determine how many individuals are trained. This extension only applies to combat specific abilities. On top of the extension of benefits, it also provides a unit with a Training rating equal to the level of ability granted. Like Instant Seminar, this benefit is limited to 3 at Hero, 4 at Demigod, and 5 at God level. (Check the Scion Companion p257 for Training chart)

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