Custom Boons


Wilderness Eyes (Animal ••••• •)
Dice Pool: Perception + Animal Ken
Cost: 5 Legend
For the rest of the scene, you can perceive through the senses of all specimens of your totem animal within a wide range. You can only focus on one particular animal’s perceptions at a time (unless you have Parallel Attention), but you can direct your attention towards a certain goal (ie, “Are any ravens in the area near a group of lost campers?”) If you are looking for something in particular, animals in the area will be compelled to roam about in search of your target. The area of the power is one mile per success on the activation roll, but is limited by the number of animals that are actually in the area.

The Beast Within (Animal ••••• ••••)
Similar to Animal Aspect, you can concentrate a portion of your divinity on a specific metaphysical trait of your totem animal and permanently take on a part of that animal’s essence. You gain permanent bonus dice to one Attribute equal to your dots of that Attribute. However, once an Attribute is selected it can no longer be enhanced with Animal Aspect. This boon may only be purchased once.


Chaos Theory (Chaos ••••)
Cost: 1 Legend
Forces of entropy work against your target, causing unaccounted-for variables in the environment to have a disruptive butterfly effect on their actions. The target suffers a cumulative -1 dice penalty on each of their actions. The effect ends when their die penalty equals your Legend.

Friendly Fire (Chaos ••••• •)
Dice Pool: Wits + Marksmanship
Cost: 3 Legend
By timing this power with an enemy’s ranged attack, you can cause the attack to strike a random friendly (to them) target or themselves. The target may attempt to negate the effect with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. The attacker must still beat their new target’s DV, though the effect of the power takes place after the attacker spends Willpower and Legend, channels Virtues, and figures bonus dice (the attacker may still spend Legend for a re-roll hoping for a worse result). This power may only be used once per target per scene.

Out of the Frying Pan (Chaos ••••• ••)
Cost: 5 Legend + 2 Legend per additional person
You and any willing targets touching you leap through a hole in the ground, a doorway, out of a tree, or any other similar motion. You teleport away from your current location – but have no control over your point of destination. Roll one die and consult the following:
10: Home (wherever that is)
8-9: a friendly (you to) Terra Incognita, an Axis Mundi of your pantheon, or the Underworld of your pantheon
7: a safe, friendly, heavily-populated area in the World
6: a safe, friendly, rural area in the World
5: a safe, but inconvenient, wilderness area in the World
3-4: a dangerous and isolated wilderness area in the World
2: a hostile Terra Incognita or Touchstone, but not in immediate danger
1: …into the fire. Wherever you end up, it will somehow be a worse situation than the one that you just left. It won’t necessarily be immediately fatal, but it will definitely be more perilous.

System Failure (Chaos ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Applicable Skill)
Cost: 15 Legend + 1 Willpower
Much like Sabot, you can cause a complete breakdown of an entire function or system simply by interacting with it. Unlike Sabot, your destructive power is no longer limited to individual machines and now includes machine processes and social/administrative constructs (factories, the Internet, governments, military order, social systems, etc). The system for repairing the damage that you cause and restoring a semblance of normalcy is the same as with Sabot (extended successes on an appropriate Attribute + Skill roll).
***(I’m surprised the RAW didn’t include something like this. A God of Chaos should be able to cause massive uprisings by making a simple trip to the DMV, right?)


Blackout (Darkness •••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 2 Legend
You clap your hands and extinguish all mundane light sources within your area (the power affects a twenty-yard radius per success on your activation roll). The boon blows out any electric lights and extinguishes fires smaller than a campfire, allowing natural lighting conditions to prevail. Blackout only affects things whose primary function is to create light – so while your flashlight may stop working, you can still see by the light of your cell phone – and does not affect supernatural abilities that generate light.

Shadow Boxer (Darkness ••••• •)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Brawl
Cost: 3 Legend per action
You can force a target to attack themselves by manipulating their shadow. The target can resist with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. You can force your target to perform a single, sudden Brawl or Melee action against himself, using his own Strength to calculate damage. If you use a target’s own Strength for him to Clinch himself, your Manipulation + Brawl opposes his roll to escape the grapple. Shadow Boxer does not work on targets of higher Legend.

Heart of Darkness (Darkness ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 5 Legend
You cast an eclipse over a person’s heart, causing their Virtues to invert themselves. The target’s highest Virtue is inverted first, an additional Virtue is inverted for every extra five successes. Targets without Virtues gain a dot in a Dark Virtue of your choice for every five successes. The effect is permanent when used on targets of Legend 4 or less, lasts for days equal to net successes on characters with Legend 8 or less, and lasts for hours equal to net successes on characters with Legend 9 or greater. Targets may resist with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. Powers that ease mental suffering such as Mirror of Lunacy or Tranquility can undo this effect.

For the purposes of this Boon, Ambition opposes Duty, Loyalty, or Piety; Malice opposes Valor, Vengeance, or Conviction; Rapacity opposes Harmony, Order, or Endurance; Zealotry opposes Intellect, Expression, or Courage.
***(This was inspired by the old DC Eclipso villain…)

Night Terror (Darkness ••••• ••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 5 Legend + 1 Willpower
Your power over darkness creeps into the subconscious of all who oppose you, evoking in your image their most primal fears. For the rest of the scene, anyone attempting to attack you or use any type of supernatural ability against you must roll (Willpower + Integrity + Legend). If they fail to achieve more successes than your activation roll, your net successes become an added difficulty for all of their attacks and supernatural powers initiated against you.


Don’t Fear the Reaper (Death ••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Empathy
Cost: 1 Legend
This boon can have two different effects. You can grant an ally (one per success) serenity in the face of death’s inevitability, granting them two dots of Courage for the remainder of the scene and restoring a point of Willpower. Alternately, you can completely remove a single target of equal or lower Legend’s fear of death, inflicting the Berserker Fury Virtue Extremity on him. Targets in this case may roll (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) to maintain their self-control.


Keen Blade (Earth •••):
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft
Cost: 1+ Legend

The Scion can use this boon to sharpen a bladed weapon. (This includes arrows, javelins, spears, tridents, and lances as long as the tip is made of metal or stone.) With the expenditure of 1 Legend and a successfully [Dexterity + Craft] roll, the Scion can give his weapon the Piercing quality. If the weapon is of mundane quality, the Keen Edge lasts as many actions as successes rolled. If the weapon is a relic, the effect lasts for as many days as successes rolled.

The Scion can also add temporary extra damage to a bladed weapon. The Scion spends 1 Legend per damage bonus he wishes to add. His player rolls [Dexterity + Craft]. For each success, the player may add +1 dice of damage to an attack to a maximum of +5 dice. The player may spread the damage out over a number of attacks or use it all at once. Once used, it is expended.

If the roll is botched, however, the weapon has a penalty of -1 Accuracy plus -1 Damage per Legend spent as the weapon is blunted. If the weapon is mundane, this effect lasts until the Scion can sharpen the blade. If the weapon is a relic, the effect lasts for a number of actions equal to the amount of Legend spent.

Earth Destruction (Earth ••••• •••):
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per cubic yard

The God can destroy earth, stone, clay, metal, and sand. He must spend 1 Legend per cubic yard of earth to be destroyed.

This Boon also allows for the destruction of mundane metal armor, metal weapons, and the metal components in some clothing. If the God attempts to use this boon on items worn by mortals or the items are unattended, the attempt automatically succeeds. If the items are worn by a creature with a Legend rating, the God must roll a [Dexterity + Craft] while the victim rolls a [Wits + Occult] to hopefully avoid the effect. If the roll succeeds, the item is destroyed.

Tectonic Strength (Earth ••••)
Cost: 1 Willpower

By touching the earth and attuning yourself to the metaphysical strength of its tectonic forces with a Speed 3 action, you may add your Willpower to your Strength for your next Feat of Strength or activation roll of an Earth Boon.

Earthquake (Earth ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science
Cost: 20 Legend
You create an earthquake, centered on your location. Every five successes on your activation roll provides a point on the Richter Scale to determine the strength of the quake.
*1.0: Barely noticeable quake.

*4.0: Noticeable shaking, significant structural damage unlikely, automatic Knockdown to all within 100 yards whose DV is less than your successes.

*5.0: 10-mile radius, serious damage to weak construction, negligible damage to strong construction. All within 100 yards whose DV is less than your successes suffer Bashing levels equal to the difference.

*6.0: 100-mile radius, weak construction destroyed, serious damage to strong construction.

*8.0: All construction destroyed within 10 miles, serious damage to strong construction within 1000 miles.
*10.0+: All structures destroyed within 1000 miles, massive widespread devastation.


Paper Panopoly (Fertility •••) - Maia Custom Boon
Dice Pool: Varies
Cost: 1 Legend per creation, lasts only for the scene
The Scion can now manipulate paper (as it was once plants) into various objects for use. This should balance with Frozen Panopoly (Frost 4) and Changing States (Water 3) which can both create weapons. As this ability is only to be used when lots of paper is present, then this should hopefully be a 3-dot power. See pages. 202–203 of Scion: Hero for the weapon templates.

• Origami Armor (Dexterity + Athletics): Paper hardens, folds and spreads across the Scion’s body and forms into plates of armor equal to riot gear (see Scion: Hero, p. 204). The armor holds together by magic, but Athletics is needed to fashion the armor so its joints match those of its wearer. Origami armor does not stack with other armor.
• Origami Like Woah (Dexterity + Craft): A catchall for shaping moderately complex structures out of paper—anything from a functional ladder to a fanciful statue.
• House of Cards (Dexterity + Survival): The Scion shapes paper into a small shelter. Doing so costs one Legend point per person who can fit inside the shelter.
• Yomiko's Bow (Dexterity + Marksmanship): The Scion creates a massive bow of paper with 20 sharp pieces as arrows. The bow is equal to a daikyu.
• Yomiko's Shield (Dexterity + Melee): The Scion creates a massive shield of paper. Provide +(Legend) DV if taking no other actions. If not, then just +1 DV, as per shield rules..

The Helpful Spirit may still enhance the stats of these weapons by pleading to the kami inside. Success applied from the Helpful Spirit is divided by two as the spirit does not understand how to truly change the property of the paper that is being manipulated.

Create Paper (Fertility ••••) - Maia Custom Boon
Dice Pool: Varies
Cost: 1 Legend per creation, lasts only for the scene
The Scion can create paper with which he/she can manipulate using the previous tricks in the panopoly. Balanced with Create Water (Water 4). Every success creates 100 sheets of paper.

Heroes' Feast (Fertility ••••• •••):
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft
Cost: 1 Willpower + 10+ Legend

The God can create a vast banquet of fresh, delicious food and drink. By spending 1 Willpower and 10 Legend and her player succeeding on an [Intelligence + Craft] roll, a God can create a feast for a dozen individuals. The feast includes fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, desserts, cereals, water, wine, ale, juice and any other refreshment made from natural products. The food is cooked if necessary and has flavor. Cold products are chilled. If the God wishes to feed more than a dozen individuals, she must spend 5 Legend per dozen beyond the first.

The feast will remain fresh for a number of days equal to the God’s Legend.

Deep Roots (Fertility •)
As long as your feet are on the ground, add your (Fortitude + Legend) when resisting Knockback.

Pheromones (Fertility •••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Survival
Cost: 1 Legend
You exude subtle pheromones that favorably influence the attitudes of those that you interact with. For the rest of the scene, your successes on the activation roll become a pool of bonus dice that you can apply to any rolls based on Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance that you make. You can apply up to your Legend in bonus dice to any one roll.

Harvest (Fertility ••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Survival
Cost: 2 Legend
Your touch causes a single fruit- or vegetable-bearing plant to blossom, bloom, and bear nutritious fruit enough to satisfy one person for an entire day per success on your activation roll. This power only works on a given plant once per day.

Circle of Life (Fertility ••••• •••••)
Cost: 10 Legend
Many ancient religions include life-death-rebirth deities connected to agriculture, such as Xipe Totec, Persephone, or Osiris. In keeping with this tradition, you may take a piece of yourself and plant it somewhere like a seed. The Legend cost to activate the power cannot be regained until the power is used. At the time of planting, you determine one of two circumstances that will activate the seed’s power: either the first touch of spring, or the first light of dawn. If you are killed, the seed will sprout and bloom, reincarnating you. If you were dormant only until the first light of dawn, you sacrifice a permanent dot of Legend. If you were dormant throughout the winter and delay your return until spring, you return at your full power.


Hearth’s Glow (Fire •••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Survival
Cost: 1 Legend per Willpower
You burn with the rejuvenating warmth of a hearth. You must remain stationary while this power is active. All within your presence are immune to the ill effects of ice, frost, chilling wind, and freezing water for the rest of the scene. The power affects a radius-area of one yard per success on the activation roll. Each point of Legend that you spend will restore a point of Willpower to all who bask in your warmth for at least an hour.

Hellfire (Fire ••••• •••••)
Cost: 5 Legend per scene
For the rest of the scene, all damage-dealing applications of your other Fire Boons deal Aggravated damage.

Incinerate (Fire ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Craft vs. Sta + Fort
Cost: 5 Legend
As it turns out, spontaneous human combustion is not so spontaneous. You can destroy a single person or object from the inside out with fire. The target suffers your threshold successes as dice of unsoakable Lethal damage.


Cooling Tempers (Frost ••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Empathy
Cost: 3 Legend
You cool the passions and tempers of all within your presence. Anyone initiating a violent action must spend a point of Willpower to do so. Affected individuals may resist with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. Each time they spend a point of Willpower to resist this effect, they add their Legend to their total – when this number exceeds your activation successes, they are free of the effect.

Frozen Fortress (Frost ••••• ••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Craft
Cost: 4 Legend
You can create walls made of pure, solid ice. Each success generates 5 cubic yards of ice. At least one point of the wall must originate at your location, but the walls can take any reasonable shape after that. For every five successes, you can sculpt an additional feature, such as a stair, gate, or battlement. Created ice lasts as long as prevailing environmental conditions allow. Your activation successes are halved in particularly dry and/or hot environments.

Frozen Soul (Frost ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Integrity
Cost: 4 Legend
You harden your own heart and soul and cool your own passions. For the rest of the scene, your successes on the activation roll become an added difficulty to all supernatural powers that affect your mind or emotional state. You are unable to channel your own Virtues or spend Willpower while Frozen Soul is in effect, but your successes also become an added difficulty when rolling to act against one of your Virtues.


The Night Watch (Guardian ••••)
Cost: 1 Willpower
For one night, you stand guard over a camp or other such location. The Willpower cost replaces your need to sleep, eat, or drink for that night. While standing watch you gain your Legend in bonus successes to all Alertness and Fortitude rolls and cannot be surprised unless by someone with a higher Legend.

None Shall Pass (Guardian ••••• •)
Cost: 5 Legend
You may counterattack as a reflexive action a single foe that attacks you, attacks those under your charge, or attempts to bypass by you.

The Way Is Shut (Guardian ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Stamina + Awareness
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
You may selectively block all attempts to teleport, Psychopomp Boons, and Boons that allow others to transport themselves by characters with lesser or equal Legend. Characters with greater Legend may bypass your ward by beating your successes on the activation roll (using Wits + Awareness if their power does not use an activation roll). Those who fail do not disappear from their origin location. The designated area lasts for a scene and occupies an area up to a radius of four yards per dot of Legend.

Vigilant Protector (Guardian ••••• •••)
Your very presence casts a vigil over an area beyond your ordinary means of perception. For each dot of your Legend a one-mile radius around you is affected as if by a Vigil Brand, alerting you to dangers to all others within that area. You can suppress this awareness for a day by spending a Willpower point. By spending a point of Legend, you can increase the area to the square of your Legend in miles for the rest of the day.

Safe Haven (Guardian ••••• •••••)
Many Gods have cities or Worldly locations sacred to them such as Huitzilopochtli’s Tenochtitlan or Athena’s Athens. Upon learning this Boons, you can declare a single location no larger than a city to be thereafter under your protection. The protection may be changed or revoked by spending a permanent point of Willpower, and you may only have one Safe Haven at a time. The entire location and all of its legitimate occupants are considered to be under the effect of a Vigil Brand (invaders or trespassers are not protected). You can use any of your other Guardian Boons on the entire location or individuals within it from anywhere else without actually being present. You may transport yourself there simply by spending a point of Legend. While within the borders of your Safe Haven, the Legend and Willpower costs of your other Guardian Boons are reduced by 1.


Hippocratic Oath (Health •):
Cost: Always on just like most other one dot boons.
A healer does no good when Sick themselves. This boon eliminates that worry for the Scion. All natural disease fails to hold in the scion. They could be injected with a vial full of AIDs, the Plague, and Avian Flu at once, and none of it would hold. Supernatural Diseases, such as those of this purview, only affect the character if created by someone with higher Legend.

Heroic Rush (Health ••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend
Grant yourself or another a rush of adrenaline. The target’s next action this scene that uses Strength as a dice pool gains bonus successes equal to your successes, up to your Legend. An individual can only receive the benefits of a Heroic Rush once per scene.

Blessing of Fortitude (Health ••)
Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend
You bless a group (one target per success) with renewed vigor, reducing their fatigue penalties by one per success for days equal to half your successes.

Blessing of Vigor (Health •••••)
Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 2 Legend
You grant yourself or an ally a blessing of swift recoveries. The target heals from injuries twice as fast as normal. The power lasts for one day per success when used on a creature of Legend, one year per success when used on a mortal. This accelerated healing stacks with any other effects that speed natural healing rates.

Ichor Disruption (Health ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine
Cost: 20 Legend + 1 Willpower
Your control over health and biological processes is so complete that you can even affect the ichor that composes another God’s body. You can dissolve the bond between a God and his avatar, forcing him into his incorporeal state. In addition, you can use your Human Clay and Human Hybrid Boons on divine flesh as well as mortal. Gods may resist this power with a Stamina + Fortitude roll. Since they are not composed of divine ichor, this power has no effect on a Titan.


Pants on Fire (Illusion •••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 1 Legend
Your illusion adds “tells” to another character’s speech, even if they are telling the truth. Their eyes will appear to shift, they will swallow nervously, stutter, and even add skips on a polygraph, giving the appearance that they are lying to all mundane means of detection. The illusion trumps any Knacks that affect truth and falsehood (it will trigger Takes One To Know One even if the victim is telling the truth, and will negate attempted uses of God’s Honest or Benefit of the Doubt).

The Bigger They Are (Illusion •••••)
Cost: 1 Legend
One of the roles of the Trickster throughout myth is to humble those who have allowed their strength to turn to hubris. Choose a single target and a single Attribute. For the rest of the scene, you gain the difference between your Attribute and the target’s Attribute (up to your Legend + Larceny) as bonus dice to apply to all of your Chaos Boons, Illusion Boons, and Epic Social Knacks used against that target. This Boon only functions if the targeted Attribute is higher than yours.

Simulacrum (Illusion ••••• ••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 5 Legend + 1 Willpower
You create a single illusionary duplicate of yourself. The simulacrum lasts for one day for each five successes on your roll. The simulacrum effectively is a complete copy of you that can move away from you, with some limitations. It can still incur Fatebindings on your behalf. It uses your Willpower and Legend pool to use your powers (though it is limited to your Epic Social attributes and Illusion Boons), but it can only do so if it is not in your presence. It cannot directly affect the physical world in any way – it is just an illusion. Any observed action that would reveal it to be an illusion dispels the effect (for instance, trying to high-five someone and finding that their hand passes through the simulacrum would reveal it to be an illusion, ending the effect). If a simulacrum is created in the presence of others, it is readily apparent to all which is the simulacrum and which is the original. The simulacrum knows that it is an illusion and will try to maintain that cover, but behaves in all other ways as you would. If the simulacrum moves away from you, you do not automatically gain knowledge of its activities without using other powers (such as Clairvoyance).

Prince of Lies (Illusion ••••• ••••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 5 Legend
For the rest of the scene, your ability to lie, trick, and deceive trumps any other powers that may reveal the truth (including Knacks such as Fool Me Once and Takes One To Know One). Canny listeners can still attempt to discern the truth behind your words (using old-fashioned tools such as logic and intuition), but they receive no supernatural benefits when doing so. You may add your successes to your resistance to any other effects that bind you into any kind of agreements or pacts (such as Sanctify Oath and Lay Geasa).


Distributive Justice (Justice •••)
Ideas of justice are not always about crime and retribution, some systems of justice are more concerned with equity among men and fair use of resources. You join hands with a number (up to your Legend) of willing participants that are equal to your Legend. Each participant spends a Willpower point. The total Legend Pool of all participants is divided between them evenly (rounded down). Distributive Justice may only be invoked once per story.

Banish (Justice •••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
You banish your target from a physical location. The size of the location and timeframe that you can banish them from depends on your successes and must be defined by an established boundary. This boon can only be used on beings of lower legend. Equal or higher legend are automatically immune.
1: a room up to 10 square yards per Legend
5: a building up to 100 square yards per Legend
10: a city
15: a state or province
25: a nation
35: a continent
40: a specific Overworld or Underworld realm
50: an entire plane of existence
1: one hour
2: one day
3: one week
5: one month
8: one year
10: one decade
15: one century
20: forever

Law and Order (Justice ••••• ••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: 3 Legend + costs
Your divine command calms chaos that infects others. You can remove or reduce the effect of all Chaos Boons that are afflicting a single individual. Your successes reduce the successes or levels of effect of the original powers. In addition to the Legend cost, you must also match whatever costs were paid to invoke the powers being countered.

Deputize (Justice ••••• ••••)
Cost: 1 Legend per level of Justice Boon
You can grant the execution of your moral authority to another. You may activate another of your Justice Boons, making all appropriate rolls and expenditures, and “give” that effect to another person to be used at a later time. If you wish, you may dictate the exact terms and targets of the Boon for your follower to stick it to, or you may simply give them carte blanche to dispense justice as they see fit under your authority.


Lunar Strength (Moon •••)
Cost: 2 Legend
You spend a Speed 3 action realigning your personal gravity to that of the Moon (that is to say, 1/6 of Earth normal). The next distance that you jump, distance that you throw an object, or amount of weight that you can lift is multiplied by 6. Applications of this Boon do not increase any damage dealt.

Phase Mind (Moon ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Stealth
Cost: 1 Legend
Just as the moon is shrouded in mystery you can cover your mind in layers of enigma. Decide which “phase” you wish to cycle your thoughts into and roll the activation. The bonus successes apply to any (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) rolls that you make to resist supernatural effects. You may attempt to use this Boon once per scene.
*Gibbous Moon, Dif 2, +2 Successes

*Half Moon, Dif 3, +4 Successes

*Crescent Moon, Dif 4, +6 Successes

*New Moon, Dif 6, +8 Successes

*Full Moon, Botch, +4 Difficulty


Safe Passage (Psychopomp ••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Survival
Cost: 1 Legend per day
Your guidance brings your charges safely to their destination. Everyone within yards equal to your successes times your Legend gains bonus dice equal to your Legend to notice and avoid natural pitfalls or resist environmental hazards. This power only functions in the World.

Sidestep (Psychopomp •••••)
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
In combat you cause yourself to be not quite where your attacker thought you were. You may reflexively and retroactively avoid a single physical attack that would have otherwise hit you. Sidestep can be invoked only once per scene, and does not apply against surprise attacks, when you have 0 DV, against attackers of greater Legend, or to attacks that affect an area.

Bridge the Gap (Psychopomp •••••)
Cost: 3 Legend per scene
For the rest of the scene, all of your Move and Dash actions can be made without actually crossing the intervening space. You are still limited to your normal speeds, but you can cross gaps and intervening barriers as long as you have line of sight to your end destination. You can automatically escape from a grapple you are resisting by spending a point of Legend on your action.

Celerity (Psychopomp ••••• ••••)
Dice Pool: mundane Wits + Awareness
Cost: 10 Legend
You empower yourself with an intense burst of speed. Reduce by 1 the Speed of your next Speed 4, 5, or 6 action. One action per success is affected.


Sky Chariot (Sky ••••• ••):
Dice Pool: Strength + Control (to drive)
Cost: 1 Legend per 200 lbs
The character says a quick prayer under the open sky, praising the sky God or Goddess who granted him access to this Purview. In response, a cloud chariot descends, pulled by two cloud horses with manes and hooves of lightning and eyes of the color of a clear blue sky.

The chariot can carry and store comfortably up to 200 pounds of people or equipment per point of Legend the character spends (up to a maximum number equal to the Scion’s Legend rating). It moves at a maximum 500 miles per hour. It can fly as high or low as the character commands, and it will wait patiently at any height for as long as the character commands it to. The chariot lasts as long as there are clouds in the sky or after 12 hours have passed, whichever is shorter, after which it lands and immediately becomes intangible, returning to the Overworld whence it came.

Taking control of the chariot is not easy. Doing so requires a successful (Strength + Control) roll at difficulty 8. Failing this roll causes the horses to run wild at full speed, going wherever they please (up to the Storyteller) until the Scion can regain control. If the Scion’s player should botch this roll, the chariot not only goes out of control but crashes somewhere far away before returning to the Overworld. If the Scion who summoned the chariot fears such an occurrence, he can have one of the other stronger passengers take the reins and try to drive. Successfully taking control of the chariot once in a night is enough to make the horses respond to standard-difficulty (Strength + Control) rolls for the rest of the time. This Cloud Chariot can be summoned only when there are clouds in the sky, and only once per 24 hour period by the same Scion.

Sky’s Mercy (Sky •••••)
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
As a reflexive action, you can apply any of the effects of Sky’s Grace to another target in your presence.

Suffocate (Sky •••••)
Dice Pool: Strength + Fortitude
Cost: 4 Legend
You exert your mastery of the air to force the air out of an enemy’s lungs. The Scion must touch a creature’s bare skin to start the asphyxiation process through a clinch. Every three ticks thereafter, the subject suffers one level of unsoakable bashing damage unless its player bests the Scion’s activation roll with a (Stamina + Fortitude + Legend) roll. This power concludes once the target beats the Scion’s activation roll or dies. For ease of reference, you may wish to place a special token or slip of paper on your battlewheel, if you use one, so that you can update it every third tick.

Zephyr (Sky ••••• ••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: 5+ Legend
You transform willing mortal worshippers into ephemeral servants of air. You can transform one person per success on the activation roll, and add a like number for every additional point that you spend. You effectively grant a mortal the Cloud Body Boon – they exhale their transformed spirits, and they rise as barely-visible humanoid breaths of wind. They gain an effective Legend rating equal to half your own and your Virtues. Zephyrs can fly at their normal Move and Dash speeds, gain +8 to all Stealth dice, and are invisible to mundane senses. They can survive in this state for 24 hours per success.

Celestial Body (Sky ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Strength + Occult
Cost: 15 Legend
When you gain control of a clinch against a foe, you may break the clinch by hanging the target’s essence in a celestial prison where they will be visible from the World as stars or constellations. Other Gods with this Boon can release a trapped character at any time. Due to their fundamental connections to the World, Titans and Titan Avatars are immune to this ability. You must be able to see the sky in order to use this Boon. You may also view the reflection of the World in your captive, perceiving one hemisphere at a time in a way that mimics the Smoking Mirror Boon.
***(Oubliette kind of does this already, but there are all kinds of stories (Huitzilopochtli and his 400 slain siblings, Zeus and half of anybody who pissed him off) about Gods hanging people in the sky and turning them into stars or constellations. I figured the Sky Purview was the best fit for it).


Solar Shield (Sun ••••)
Cost: 2 Legend per scene
You imbue your shield with the brilliance of the solar disc. Anyone facing you in close combat will be dazzled, increasing your shield’s DV bonus by half your Legend. You automatically fail Stealth rolls while the Solar Shield is active.

Divine Brilliance (Sun •••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma
Cost: 3 Legend + 1 Willpower
You glow with the perfect radiance of the sun. A radius-area in yards equal to your successes x5 is illuminated with pure sunlight for the remainder of the scene. Visibility decreases as normal outside of the lit area.
***(As written, the best that the Sun Purview can muster in the way of persistent light is the 100-watt bulb equivalent of Divine Radiance. All of the other powers are flares or bursts of light. I built this as a reverse Shadow Shroud).

Daybreak (Sun ••••• •••)
Cost: 5 Legend
The rising sun is associated with warmth, hope, renewal, and repulsion of evil. You can create a literal and spiritual daybreak, regardless of the actual position of the sun. All within your line of sight are affected as you radiate pure golden light, illuminating the area around you as per Divine Brilliance. Beings without Dark Virtues regain a Willpower point and beings with Dark Virtues lose a Willpower point. For the rest of the scene, all activations of Frost or Darkness Boons and actions that channel a Dark Virtue suffer a difficulty penalty equal to half your Legend. In addition, if you activate this power under an open sky the sun will burn away cloud cover or prematurely peek over the horizon, having its full effect on any creatures that are affected by sunlight.


Blessing of Insight (War ••)
You lead a tactical briefing with those prepared to go into battle. Your allies gain your Legend as bonus dice to their next Join Battle roll.

Give ‘Em Hell (War ••••)
Cost: 3 Legend
You prepare your Birthright Followers before leading them into glorious battle. For the duration of the next combat, your Followers gain your Legend as bonus dice to all of their attacks and damage rolls, and half your Legend as a bonus to their DV, Soak, and (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) rolls. The bonuses only apply if you are personally in combat with and within sight of your Followers.

Marching Orders (War ••••• •••)
Cost: 1 Legend per level of War sent
You may pass on the effect of your War Boons to a follower under your command. This power does not affect “personal” powers that affect you, only “strategic” powers like Blessing of Bravery or Battle Map. You make all of the necessary rolls and expenditures and leave the effect for your follower to execute.

Blessing of Fury (War ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Fortitude
Cost: 10 Legend + 1 Willpower
In preparation for battle, you inspire the bloodlust of the legendary berserkers in the troops under your command. For the duration of the battle, all affected forces ignore fatigue penalties and receive your Legend as bonus dice to rolls for attacks, damage, intimidation, and (Willpower + Integrity + Legend). They can tell friend from foe, but will not ask or give any quarter in battle or obey any order to retreat, fighting heedless of danger until all enemies are dead.


Turning Tides (Water •••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
Cost: 1 Legend per bonus/penalty dice
Concentrating on the metaphysical ebb and flow of the sea, you turn the tides for yourself or another. You choose whether your target gains a die bonus then a penalty or a die penalty then a bonus equal to max your success on their next two actions.

School (Water •••••)
Cost: 1 Legend per target
You extend the benefits of Water Breathing to others in your presence for the rest of the scene. Targets must remain within 50 yards of you to maintain the effect.

Waterfall (Water ••••• ••)
Dice Pool: Stamina + Craft
Cost: 2 Legend per 5 cubic yards
An upgrade of create water, the scion can create streams and creaks of water from her hands. Each success generates 5 cubic yards of water. Particularly dry or hot conditions will halve the amount created.

Sea Monster (Water ••••• •••••)
Cost: 15 Legend + 1 Willpower
You transform into a rampaging monster of the deep, a hundred feet long and covered with scales, teeth, and tentacles. The details of the form are up to you, but you gain several new traits for the scene. You gain +15 dots to your Strength and Stamina, +10 Armor for Bashing and Lethal Soak, and 10 bonus Health Levels. All of your Unarmed attacks deal either Lethal damage or Piercing Bashing damage. You cannot be Clinched unless by something of comparable size. Your Move and Dash speeds are doubled in water. This power can only be activated in large bodies of water and fades if you end up on land.

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