Corrupted Scions
Corrupted Scion Portrayed By Picture Corrupted Scion Portrayed By Picture
Mordred Aberdeen, Fiery Redhead Zack Ward mordred.jpg Helena Manolis, The White Witch Tahnya Tozzi helena.gif
Colm Wilkinson, Wimpy Necromancer Howie Dorough colm.jpg Mitsurigi Kamui, Dark Onmyoudo Ken Hirai kamui.jpg
Preethi Banerjee, Chaotic Firebug Genelia D'Souza preethi.jpg Henri Thibbedeaux, Masterful Bokor, and DEMIGOD Michael Clarke Duncan henri.png
Alexandros Abdel-Halim, Powerhouse Arnold Vosloo alexandros.jpg Maggie Wei, Aspiring Actress Tang Wei maggie.jpg
Dmitry Fortas, Tennis Star Andy Roddick dmitry.jpg Juan Rodriguez, Former Male Model Kuno Becker juan.jpg
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