Corgan Tilley-O'Connor
Portrayed By: Nick O'Malley
Status: Alive!
Age: 22
Calling: Jack of All Trades
Pantheon: Tuatha
Divine Parent: Lugh
Significant Other(s): None


If there's one thing that can be said about the Tilley family, it's that they're fast. Even Corgan's mother, Angela: fast. One day she was a young, naive girl in Cork, Ireland, then she met Corgan's father. Lugh had taken on a good disguise for that one; he was a dark, mysterious scholar, studying something completely unfathomable at the university in town. Just like that, lightning quick-lickety split, Angela Tilley was knocked up and had to bear the shame of her actions. As a good Catholic family, the Tilleys did what any would do: they sent her packing off to visit her aunt and uncle in America, with the clear understanding that if she ever returned, she'd have to raise her little bastard without the family's support. So it was off to America with the two of them; little Corgan in her belly, and poor Angela Tilley riding in the belly of a boat to an unknown land to live with an aunt and uncle she'd scarcely heard of, more less met.

Her early life in America was as rocky as the seas that brought her there; she had trouble finding work in Boston and was commonly forced to bear the insults of her uncle, a staunchly traditionalist Catholic man who implored her to settle down and marry someone to outweigh the embarassment of being knocked up before marriage. Angela did what she pleased; if anything, she was possessed of a strong sense of individuality. After finding a job that paid enough for her to save and scrounge to get her own place, she bore Corgan in a dingy, terrible little hospital in inner city Boston. Shortly after that, she got sweet on a rowdy Irish boy named Harry, who made a decent woman out of her when Corgan was the age of two.

Things settled down shortly after the marriage. Harry O'Connor had a decent job as a machinist in a local Boston factory. He drank a lot, sure. A lot of Irish men drank a lot, and Angela wasn't too worried about that. She was worried about the continual growth of the family. By the time Corgan was seven, he had three younger siblings — two brothers and a sister. There was a Harry Jr., a Francis (his youngest brother), and his sister, Collette. Harry was never a bad man. Corgan actually loved him like any son would love his father; he respected the man and wanted to grow up to be like him. Harry never hit Angela, never abused the children. The worst that Corgan could ever expect was the disapproving look that followed showing Harry and Angela his fairly average report cards throughout elementary school. "Boy," Harry would say, "You know you're better than this. You're the smartest kid I know, if only you'd try, you wouldn't end up like me, wasting your life at some factory." Corgan took this to heart — at such a young age, it's hard to explain to your step-father that you understand what he's trying to say, but simply can't force yourself to adhere to the logic behind the statement. He continued to disappear into mediocrity throughout most of grade school.

When Harry died, Corgan was distraught. He had been told at the age of eleven that Harry was not his father; the two had made a conscious decision to explain to Corgan that he was not Harry's real son, and asked Corgan what he wanted. Shortly afterwards, Corgan was adopted by Harry out of the boy's request. He couldn't weep at Harry's funeral. Especially considering the circumstances of Harry's death. Somehow, the O'Connor family had managed to earn the ire of the local branch of the Irish mob in Boston. One late night when Harry was working a double shift, most of the other workers had gone home. It was suspicious, but Harry was nothing if he wasn't proud of his work. He was found, all caught up in one of the machines. Police ruled it as an accident. Corgan would have believed it, were it one of the machines that Harry actually worked.

Corgan knew that he had to provide for his family, being the man of the house after the death of his adopted father. To Corgan, providing for his family meant that he would have to learn the truth about the death of his father. When he was fourteen, he finally had the chance to figure out the mysterious circumstances of Harry's death. Through some legwork, he managed to attract the attention of the mob. Quite literally. As previously stated, the Tilleys were fast and Corgan was doubly so. Zipping through the fish markets and shops of Boston drew attention to Corgan; he'd serve as a good messenger. Maybe some sort of intuition made him figure that this was the path to the truth he sought; in any case, he ended up doing odd jobs for made men throughout Boston. Always intelligent, he maintained his grades to the point that he wouldn't flunk out of school, but he certainly wouldn't be picked up for any kind of scholarships to higher educational facilities. This was fine. Corgan loved to learn, but he hated learning anything past his point of interest. As soon as he was done with a topic, he was absolutely fucking /done./ No more.

So, as a runner for the mob, destined for nothing greater than his adopted father could have done with his lack of education, Corgan devoted himself to figuring out who called the order for Harry O'Connor's death. By the time he was around seventeen, he was ready for graduation from high school and earned enough street cred to run a special note from the Irish's boss to one of his personal hands. The irony was not lost on Corgan that he was delivering his own death warrant. In fact, whenever he read through the note that listed the details for his own destruction — in the very factory where his father was killed, no less — he couldn't help but laugh. He'd read every message he'd delivered over the past few years. He'd taken in and absorbed information, picking it out of the trash data that he found and had a pretty clear idea who his target was. He decided that it was time to go to his fate, for better or worse, and armed himself up with a pathetic kitchen knife stolen out of a local restaurant.

Growing up in the poor, working class Irish neighborhood that Corgan lived in made it pretty easy for him to understand how to fight. Fighting against a trained Irish hitman and three of his cohorts was still a bit outside of Corgan's expertise. Having been shot in the shoulder, bearing a broken nose and a couple fractured ribs, he managed to dig his knife into at least two of them. In an old parking garage in a terrible part of town, Corgan was finally brought low by his wounds and dragged down beneath the ground towards the sub-basement level of the garage. He was thrown into a room and left to die of his wounds. His Visitation saved him, when a pawing at the door outside caused an opening which allowed a large, black dog to step into the room. It spoke to him and explained that he was in grave peril. The mobsters were rotten to the core, rotten on the inside and working with the titanspawn of Crom Cruach, the Maggot God. The room he was in was one of the few that were still carved into the man-made section of the parking garage; below him lay a series of caverns that twisted through the bedrock below to where part of the Titan's body was believed to be. He was supposed to be a sacrifice to awaken the ancient creature.


Corgan didn't really know much about gods or faith or piety; he knew how to be courageous and stand strong in the face of adversity; he knew what needed to be done to protect his family. The dog cleaned his wounds and caused them to heal. When the creature shook its head, its collar fell to the ground. The barghest explained to Corgan that the stones were constructed out of broken sling rocks from his father's pouch, and that they would protect him. He wrapped the collar around his throat and left the room. Suddenly, his movements were more sure, faster, almost supernaturally timed. He began to run, fleeing through the hallways beneath the parking garage towards the dank closet that served as the ladder down to the lower levels beneath. His fortune would be made or broken in the belly of the city of Boston, just as his mother's was made in the belly of that ship, eighteen years before.

It could be understood that Corgan is fated to be the messenger of the Tuatha; that his life up to this point had trained him to serve as a go-between for very violent, drunken Irish gods, since he'd served as a go-between for very violent, drunken Irish people. In any case, his speed was a divine gift; he was practically untouchable, weaving this way and that, able to dodge out of the way of almost every strike sent his way. He could nearly react fast enough to dodge bullets, but served to use the bodies of his foes to soak the rounds instead. Acquiring a high-caliber pistol and a large hunting knife was child's play. Thusly armed, the son of Lugh ventured deeper and deeper into the underground, coming to a strange and horrid labyrinth that looked as though it was carved through the earth by a massive earthworm. The cavern was uneven, twisting and writhing like arteries beneath the steel and concrete.


He came upon a scene of absolute horror; the Irish mobsters that remained alive during his previous struggle had rejoined with others and were worshiping around a pedestal, bowing and scraping before a bloated giant with great horns and fangs. Pus-filled scabs covered its skin, and its body was coated in a matted, thick hair that was covered in a light sheen of mucus. It was gigantic, standing almost ten feet tall and towering over the humans who danced and cavorted around it. Steeling himself, Corgan stepped down into the chamber and pulled back the slide on his pistol. In a voice not quite his own, the boy of seventeen screamed a cry of war and waded into battle, sending bullet after bullet into the bodies of the men.

The battle was pitched and long; twice was Corgan wounded and twice was he pushed back towards the caverns by the press of the formian's worshipers. His courage never wavered. Soon, he was covered in the blood of his enemies, mixed with the blood of his own wounds. He stood before the platform of the titanspawn who had watched this take place with an almost calm, curious eye. The son of Balor stared down at the son of Lugh; in those moments that followed, their eyes locked and they watched one another as ancient foes across the battlefield of Old Erie. Another cry leapt out of Corgan's throat and he threw himself against the giant. His back slammed against the wall as he felt himself ricochete off the creature's fist. With another foolhardy run, he sent a hail of bullets into the giant's chest and was grabbed, twisted and pulled up into the air, then thrown down to the ground. The formian's foot landed on his chest and threatened to crush the air out of his lungs.


Corgan acted quickly, twisting his body first to unbalance the creature, then drove his knife into the achille's tendon of the formian, pulling it free from its body. The giant toppled to the ground and Corgan was fast to roll out of the way. He clambered atop the creature's back and jabbed his blade into the back of its neck, severing through its spine before placing four more bullets into its head. When it stopped moving, Corgan collapsed to the floor in exhaustion. He awoke in the parking garage next to a small, black puppy, which was licking his face. His knife had been replaced by a two-foot long hunting dagger of old Celtic make, with a straight blade and no hand-guard. It looked to be made out of a mixture of iron, with a discoloration along the tip. In his pocket was an explanation — the blade, Danu's Tear, was made from a sliver of brionac, the bloodthirsty spear of Lugh. So long as Corgan bore the blade, it would guide him in battle. But the weapon was ever hungry for the blood of the enemies of the Tuatha. It would never cease to push Corgan to focus on the destruction of the Titanspawn. Another explanation was listed, explaining in more detail about what he was, and what the young barghest would help do for him, being his companion. Corgan named the puppy Rudy and took him back to live with his mother and siblings.

Shortly after Corgan's eighteenth birthday, he was finally kicked out of his mother's house. Secretly, he felt a certain measure of pride at this. He'd spent a good deal of time training his companion and speaking with the spirit servants of the Tuatha, who guided him in his knowledge of what the Gods meant to do on earth. One of those guides brought him to his friend, Zach. Zach was of similar bent and ideal as Corgan — kind of a drifter, never really cared too much about higher education or making much of himself aside from what he could do with his own hands and feet. And he was also a courier, though one of slightly more repute. It served Corgan well to have a strong friend, and also a Scion like himself, for Zach was the son of Hermes.

The dark trickster named Elin came into his life shortly after that, falling in with their group like a black whirlwind. She was born of Loki's seed and Corgan found her immediately enthralling. Her father's rivalry with Zach's father certainly served to put a little tension in the Band, but Corgan was always there with a laugh, a hearty joke and a suggestion to liven up the group's spirits and reforge their friendships anew. Hopefully this would serve them in the time to come, and hopefully their strength in their faith in themselves — as well as their strength in each other — would bear them through the final wars that threatened to destroy all of creation.


Corgan is under three Geasa.

  • The innocent and the weak are meant to be protected by the strong. As a soldier in the battle against the Titans, you must protect anyone who cannot protect themselves, whether against friend or foe. Geas - Legendary, Hero
  • A blade, be it knife or axe, is a tool in the hands of a peasant. In the hand of a warrior, it is a weapon. Never unsheathe a sword without knowing that you will quench it in the blood of your enemies before it is replaced. You must always bathe your blade in blood before its job is done. Geas - Relic, Sword.
  • Hospitality, freely given, is a gift of the gods and of the kindness of man. To refuse a gift is to call dishonor upon the giver and the one who receives. Always accept hospitality freely given. Geas - Body, Guest.


Corgan is rash, courageous, boisterous and proud. He knows what he's capable of and is very glad to show off if he gets the chance. He also knows his limitations, but keeps those under wraps for the most part, unless they're called to question. Generally, he's very honest and open with people. He feels that manipulation and subterfuge doesn't give people the respect they deserve. This changes, of course, if he's required to use it based on certain situations (or if he's dealing with authority figures). He's still young yet, and still filled with a lot of youthful hope. He makes friends easily and enjoys the company of others. He's also possessed of a keen disregard for his own health or well-being, throwing himself into dangerous situations without hesitation.


Corgan's the defacto leader of the Band called Bad Religion.

Name Relation Notes
Zach Son of Herpes Awesome, but a rudeboy. My best friend and a true hero.
Elin LokiGrrl Dead.

Events Thus Far

  • Snakes In A Convention Hall - Corgan, Dee and Halima investigate the death of a beauty queen.
  • Continuing Research - Halima, Corgan and Dee continue their research into the beauty queen's death.
  • Bad Religion - Corgan, Zach and Elin meet up with Erasma all at once, everyone gets fairly plastered, Corgan makes a decision to let Erasma into the band.
  • A Crater in the Woods - Enrique, Zander, Corgan, Percy and Vittorio investigate a crater that was made and get into an epic battle with a massive titanspawn giant.

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception 2
Epic Strength 0 Epic Charisma 2 Epic Perception 0
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 4
Epic Dexterity 2 Epic Manipulation 0 Epic Intelligence 0
Stamina 5 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Epic Stamina 0 Epic Appearance 0 Epic Wits 2

XP Spends

9/14/09 - 4xp for Epic Charisma 2.

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