Continuing Research


Dee, Halima, Corgan

Scene Title Continuing Research
Synopsis Dee, Halima and Corgan go their separate ways for further research and investigate the death of the beauty queen.


Multiple location, and the internet!

After spending a good deal of time pouring through books at the local library researching into various legends about snake-like creatures, the punk rocker puts on his best clothes (notably nothing with any sort of derogatory statements emblazoned on the shirt, or expressing the love of any particular band) and heads on over to the nearest precinct to discuss the details of the case with the investigators. With a few good-natured jokes, some bullshitting about the weather and sports, Corgan comes away knowing about the other cases that might have had similar modus operandi. He heads /back/ to the library to send an e-mail concerning this to both Dee and Halima, then heads back to the Hook and Ladder to feed his dog some hot dogs picked up at a streetside vendor. Rudy loves hot dogs. Following that, he journeys forth back to the library to wait patiently at a computer, watching Youtube videos on Parkour and checking his e-mail obsessively every three-to-five minutes for a response.

Halima sits at her desk in her house in Queens, squinting over a microscope where she's mounted her scale. She jots down notes and nods to herself while she peers through the eyepieces. Next to her is a computer with a google image search of "reptile skin" open. She's saved a few files and has them displayed on the screen over her browser window. And on the opposite side of the microscope is a collection of mundane objects that clearly have relation to several of the larger historical pantheons. She nods to herself again and pulls out a cellphone to send off a few quick emails from her touchscreen keyboard

"Looking at the scale… Seems magical, can't identify the species but it seems like it could be from a scion, either directly or indirectly. Resonates with material connections to the pantheons, but can't pinpoint the specific pantheon yet. Might have been a normal animal modified to a more primal entity, but that is uncertain. Scale was not lost in a struggle, not torn or ripped. Supernaturally toughened somehow. Maybe a nemean beast. Conclusions not yet reached. Please respond swiftly. —Halima."

She sends the email to both investigators she ran into a few days ago, along with the cellphone photos she snapped of the scene, just to ensure materials are shared thoroughly among participants.

Some times, Dee particularly loves being her. She'd never really considered hacking as a career path, but now that she's taken it up she has to admit it's fun. She's been at a computer for some time now, working from an internet cafe where it will be harder to track her down. She's studying police and ME reports on the murder, and taking careful notes. If there's mention of something similar, she tracks down what she can on other cases like this one to try to find any common ground. When Corgan's email comes in, the data is added to what she already has in her PDA. Halima's information is added as well, then she replies back to the other two:

She was killed by an unidentified neurotoxin that killed her in no time. Unsurprising, if we're dealing with a mutant snake or something. The tongue and eyes were removed very carefully and entirely, which is quite a trick for a creature. Maybe someone that can turn into a smake? I'll see what else I can find. Need me for anything?


Receiving the e-mails, Corgan certainly does respond swiftly. Sitting at the library, he leans over the keyboard and adjusts his headphones, flicking through his iPod until he picks up a decent playlist, then goes about typing out his response.
"hi halima. that sounds cool. supernaturally toughened reminds me of something i was told about jorgumdar<sp?> and sumthin dealing with his(?) kids." He pauses for a moment, looking at the e-mail. He goes back over it for spelling errors, adds in his questions of correct spelling, then shrugs, continuing on. "my best guess is that were dealing with something from the nordik panthion(sp?). prolly wit the titan, maybe nemeen? well g2g. hit me back. -corgan."

Following that, he sends an e-mail off to Dee inquiring if she needs any assistance.
"dee, i wuz wonderin if you needed some help figuring out more bout this. theres probably something there in the 'sumone who can turn in2 a snake thing. do you need me to do anything for u? right now, im mostly doin research on the norse peepz. seein wut there legends are regarding this sort of shit. ive not found anything about sum1 who can turn into a snake tho. hit me back if u need help. - corg."
Remembering something, Corgan follows that up with a secondary e-mail to both of them.
"hey, wut about aphis? that might be a good direction 2 go in. just occurred to me, i wuz talking 2 someone bout that the other night."

Halima mutters something about kids and their lazy typing as she thumbs out another message. "Got both emails," she sends to both recipients. "I say someone works the streets a bit, I'll look into this Jormundar and then we meet if we have any solid leads to go on. Maybe we can eliminate some hangouts or potential next targets. Until then, I have some business to take care of. —Halima" Halima draws the scale out of the microscope and gingerly wraps it in tissues before placing it in her bag.

Scene expected to continue the following day regarding a plan of attack towards further investigation.

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