Contact On Christmas Eve

It's a cold Christmas Eve. A lone sound cuts through the night in Central Park, a quivering sweet sound of a violin playing 'Silent Night'. Wearing a dark woolen cloak for protection against the elements, it is Kaylee sernading the elements, gently swaying as many violinists do.

It's a cold Christmas Eve, and the holiday means so much less to Dion than it did just a year before. Now, it's just a day. Not that he was particularly religious before, but now there's reason not to bother at all. Boy, are his grandparents pissed off about it. Not really his problem. He'd rather wander in Manhattan with Terrance and Madelyne, and they're arm in arm in arm along one of the better lit paths of the park. He does slow as they near the violinist, clearly in no hurry.

Kaylee finishes the song, and then realizes that she has an audience. She smiles at the threesome. "Happy Holidays to you all," she says. She blushes a little as she notices the arm in arm in arm.

The attractive young fare-skinned woman and equally attractive young dark-skinned man flank the younger Dion. None of them look embarrassed by their apparent closeness. They smile back to Kaylee, and Dion replies "Happy Holidays to you, too. Aren't you freezing out here?" he asks then. For himself, he's in a long, chinchilla-lined winter coat. His companions are dressed warmly as well.

"I'm dressed warmly. Don't let the cloak fool you," Kaylee says with a grin. A pause, then she asks, "Forgive me for the rudeness, but…are you all…together? I mean, a poly unit?"

The young man and woman laugh at the question. They're not embarrassed by it at all, though Dion's cheeks do flush just a bit. The teen looks to one side and then the other, then back to Kaylee. "Not exactly, no." Terrance says then "We're hear to make his life easier and more pleasant." He sounds proud of it, too.

Kaylee wrinkles her nose. "Personal assistants? Bodyguards? Courtesans? You must be very well off."

Dion laughs, and continues to flush some. "They were a gift, actually." he says to her. "From my father." That part does not seem to embarrass him. Nor does being called a gift upset the other two.

Kaylee blinks and stares. And blinks and stares some more. "Is that even legal?" She's rather flustered and trying to fit the concept into her very modern world view. Even with her SCA/Rennie background, this is bizarre.

The pair laugh now, and the young man says "It's not like that. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. We've been given an honor." Madelyne nods her agreement, and adds "We get to be the first."

Kaylee frowns and flushes with embarassment, feeling like a prude at a swinger's convention. "Oh, um. I'm sorry." A pause. "The first what?" She looks at Dion, very perplexed, but also worried that she might just know what is going on. "Your father is an interesting person."

Dion grins brightly. "Yes. My father is very interesting." He takes a very nice metal flask from his coat, and has a sip. "He gave me my first followers." he replies with a shrug, the offers the flask "Hot cocoa?"

"F-f-followers?" The hairs are probably standing up on the back of Kaylee's neck. "Is this some kind of - I hate to say this - cult? May I ask your name?"

Dion waves his hand a bit. "Cult? Of course no-" Though, then he has to think about that. To the pair with him, "You know, technically I guess that's what it would be called. I mean, wouldn't the maenads or any of the others have been called a cult?" He ohs, then replies to Kaylee with "I'm Dion. No one you'd know, I'm sure."

"Maenads…" Kaylee tilts her head. "Those were women who worshipped Dionysus in secret drunken ceremonies. If a man happened upon the worship, he'd be ripped limb from limb by the women." She blinks, and understanding dawns on her. "By Nuada's Silver Hand. Dion. Dionysus. You're a Scion."

Dion laughs. "I'm aware of that. Anyway, I somehow don't think father encouraged his women to tear the men apart. Maybe it was one of those things like Ozzy. You know, you bite the head off one bat by accident, and it follows you forever. Father doesn't seem to mind men." He smiles at Terrance.

Kaylee gives Dion a respectful curtsey. "I'm Kaylee, Scion of Dian Cecht. It's a pleasure to meet you." Now that she understands, she's more self assured. "You and your followers."

Dion looks positively delighted. "Oho." he replies with a grin. "I have no idea who Dian Cecht is, but it's nice to meet you." he says to her, offering the other two some of what's in his flask.

Kaylee laughs ruefully. "Most people don't. He's of the Tuatha de Danaan. The Celtic gods." She sighs with a smile. "We all seem to keep running into each other, don't we? More and more."

Dion ohhhs, then he gives a dismissive sort of gesture. "It's Fate. Fate wants us all together, apparently. Or something. That's what father said, anyway. Nothing's an accident."

"I believe you, and your father, are correct. We've been called together for something," Kaylee agrees. "We may not even need to know the reason. We may just need to /do/."

"Well, as I understand it, there will be fighting involved." Dion says with an expression that shows that isn't his best area. "On the other hand, I'm apparently an excellent distraction." he adds with a wink.

"That you are, Dion. Like sunlight on the waves," Kaylee says, with a little overblown poetry. "I'm not much of a fighter, either, but I've got some skill as a healer. My cousin calls me a priestess as well," she adds with a shrug.

Dion's grins brightens. He can't help it. He does love to glow, as it were. "Hey, healers are important. It's not like all of us can just heal ourselves. I know I can't." Meanwhile, Madelyne and Terrance just listen and seem content to be there.

Kaylee glances over at Madelyne and Terrance. "Are you two going to rip people limb from limb? I'll just remember to stay on your good side, just in case." She smiles.

There are laughs, but perhaps they're a little too loud from Dion's followers. Mmmmmaybe. If the situation is right for it. Or, wrong for it.

Kaylee looks at the duo carefully. She coughs and changes the subject. "Just out of curiosity, have you ever heard of Kuroko Industries, Dion?"

Dion thinks for a moment, then shakes his head. "I don't think so? Why? Should I have?" he asks.

Kaylee slowly nods her head. "Be careful. They seem to be connected in some way with the attacks that happened on the movie set. I've been told by my sources that they are after Scions."

Dion's well-shaped eyebrows rise. "After Scions? What did we ever do to them?" he asks. "Or are they Titanspawn?"

"I don't know, not just yet," Kaylee responds. "All I know is that those Scions were set up to kill those people. Please, be careful, all three of you."

Dion hms, his forehead wrinkling a bit before he smoothes over the skin with his fingertips. He nods then, saying "I'll try. I'm not very good at careful, either. I'm working on it, though." Madelyne and Terrance inch a bit closer, protectively. "You be careful too."

Kaylee gingerly puts her violin in its case. "Blessed be, Dion and friends. And good evening." She picks up her case, curtseys again, and walks away into the cold night.

Dion raises a hand in farewell when Kaylee gives hers. His companions do the same, and then still arm in arm in arm they continue their winter's evening walk.

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