Conrad "C.W." Wagner
Portrayed By: Jesse Spencer
Status: Alive, man
Age: 21
Calling: Dr. Feelgood, Dealer of Dreams
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Loki
Significant Other(s): None


The son of a strict police officer and his meek waitress wife, Conrad Winston Wagner's early life was filled with abuse and conflict. Though his father made a decent living in law enforcement, most of that money went to booze and gambling and whenever he drank or came back in the red after blowing his paycheck at the poker table, he would take it all out on his son. Thus, Conrad didn't mind being a latchkey kid, with the hopes that when he came home from school, his father would be gone. Growing up, he was being groomed to follow in his father's footsteps, to serve and protect the populace. Though whenever he didn't match up to his old man's expectations, he was punished severely for his failures and early on, Conrad knew that being a cop was just not something he wanted to do. In fact, he began resenting the idea.

When he hit 14, after a brutal beating by his father, Conrad decided that he had had enough and packed up what little belongings he possessed and left home. He was always a charismatic and laid back kid, who got along with most people. In fact, some might even consider him popular, in a sense, that other kids flocked to him. But at 14, aside from his likeable personality, there was a reason why he was a magnet to his peers. This is when he got his start dealing drugs or dreams as he sometimes calls the high. One of the neighborhood pushers took him under their wing and set him forward to dish out the candy to the other kids at school and this has been his calling ever since.

Drug deals, petty thefts and the occasional odd jobs. Conrad's done them all. Who needed family, when he was living the dream. Drinking, drugs, sex and partying all night. This is how people should be living. Or at least in his mind. The only thing he had to worry about was evading his father, who he was certain was out there hunting him down. That was the only thing, until a drug deal went south and all hell broke loose.

Being meticulous in his business, when C.W., as he prefers to be called now, lost a large shipment of narcotics, he demanded to know why and this is when he encountered his first Titanspawn. The large, looming monster not only killed his transports, but totally destroyed all the drugs that they were wheeling over and now it had its sights set on him. Without a means to outrun the beast, C.W. drew his pistol and began firing away and though his efforts were valiant, the damage done was minimal in comparison to the impact dished out on him by the monster. Laying in his own pool of blood while the titanspawn moved in ever closer, a large flame erupted between him and the monster. Within the flame was a lone figure who uttered a few words and sent the creature on its way.

As he lay there bleeding, the god known as Loki reached out for his right arm and began revealing to him everything that had occurred — how Loki met his mother at the diner and lured her away for a quick one night stand that left her pregnant. And moved onto everything that was now expected of him. It was Loki who now healed him, keeping him from death for the time being. Still, C.W., though amazed, could not help feel just a little resentment at the fact that the man who he had called father. His punisher. Was not really his father. The gifts bestowed upon him, so that he may take up the cause and fight, included a magical axe and a deadly Desert Eagle. However, it was the black Chevelle that really captured his attention. It meant that he could ride around in style. Once Loki released his arm, C.W. realized that the area which his Father had touched was now branded with a tattoo of a flame.

In a dark moment in C.W.'s life, one of his first acts after having been enlightened of his true parentage was to gun his mortal father down, thus freeing both himself and his mother from the hold that the man had over her. Though as she truly loved her husband, this act alone was enough to break his mother's heart and though his intentions were well (despite being self-serving in itself), C.W. knows that for now, he'll have to let his mother go. Perhaps one day, he'll be able to face her again.

Despite all of this, however, it's almost as if nothing has changed in Conrad's life. He's made more than just a modest living for himself in his trade and he continues to do what he does best — Hit up the ladies, party all night and sell people their dreams.


Conrad is laid back and easy going for the most part. He won't bug you, if you don't bug him. That is, unless you're a woman. Considering himself to be a true Ladies' Man, one of his favorite pasttime is to hit the clubs and hit on the pretty women that he meets. A little smile here, a wink there, a few compliments tossed out as a chaser to a free drink. That's how C.W. operates. If a girl doesn't bite, he just moves on to the next. There' a lot of pretty fishes in the sea anyway, right? This is what makes his job so ideal. He gets to sleep all day, party all night and pick up a few chicks along the way. So what if he's just a little sleazy. His pretty boy looks and that lazy charisma usually snags him at least one date a night.

While he plays hard, Conrad is serious about his business. He might not have finished highschool but he's very good with numbers and knows enough about the trade to not be cheated. If he has to, he'll round up the boys to go bust some kneecaps if someone is late on their payments. Sometimes, he prefers to do all the work himself; not trusting others to do the job correct or as effectively. He also, rarely uses the narcotics which he sells. After being an addict for a stint as a teen, he realized that his business would be much more lucrative if he didn't dally with his goods. The fact that he nearly OD'd once helped to cement this belief.

One thing that he absolutely despises is when anyone ruins his periods of rest. After partying all night and dealing out people's dreams, Conrad craves his downtime and gets highly irritable when even the most dire of phone calls interrupts his sleep. He has a tendency to usher out the girls that he brings back to his Love Pad, so that he can commit himself to totally unwinding and relaxing until he needs to wake up at some point in the afternoon and start his rounds.

His sleep and women aside, one of C.W.'s most prominent traits is his need to look cool. He's never in a rush, because rushing, in his eyes, goes against his idea of what cool is. And if he's not annoyed by one thing or another, he usually has a casual and somewhat friendly demeanor. He likes making contacts. They sometimes come in handy. He might be some street punk from the bad side of town, but C.W. has a way of being able to mingle with almost any crowd. Nightclubs and raves are his usual haunts, but even the rich and influential want what he has, so at times when he's forced to dress in a suit, he can blend in easily with the pompous wealthy.


Events Thus Far

Character Sheet

Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 3
Epic Strength 1 Epic Charisma 0 Epic Perception 1
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Epic Dexterity 2 Epic Manipulation 1 Epic Intelligence 0
Stamina 3 Appearance 4 Wits 2
Epic Stamina 0 Epic Appearance 0 Epic Wits 0
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