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Scene Title Coney Island Chat
Synopsis In which Aillen defeats a carnival game, and Jocelyn looks generally silly.


The original Dutch name for this area "Konjn Kok" first evolved to Conyne Island by the English, and later to the easier sounding Coney Island. The completion in 1919 of the subway to New York City, which enabled millions of city's poorer citizens to reach the seaside resort for only five cents (the BRT had charged ten cents prior to 1920), ushered in an era that became known in Coney Island as the "Nickel Empire."

Today's visitor to this time-honored Amusement Park will discover rides including the Cyclone roller coaster, an 85 feet tall wooden twister style coaster; Mystic Express, a fast circular flat ride; Break Dance; the Astrotower which gives a high view of park; Tilt-a-whirl, the Water Flume, Dante's Inferno and Pirate Ship, those swinging boats, among others.

A weekend in spring, it was the perfect time for people to be visiting the carnival, though most natives have been a thousand times already and were just there to hang out more than to play around with anything. Course there were the non-natives about, and it seemed that it is still preserved in the time of New Atlantis, though a bit more spified up, as everything is starting to be cleaner and more high tech. It is their way it seems.

At one of the booths is one such non-native, and he is amused a bit by it. It is one of those carnival games, where you have to chuck a baseball at the milk bottles for a prize, and here is a young Scion who can toss things quite accurately.

Coney Island certainly has changed since Jocelyn was here as a child. Her memories of this place are of a slightly dingy permanent carnival, with some rides seeming like almost certain death traps. But that is no longer so, now that the Atlanteans had set up shop. The lights shine brighter, the boardwalk seems newer, and the workers themselves seemed refreshed and happy. No longer do their smiles seem leering and creepy, but instead friendly, welcoming, and pleasant. It's all a bit too Stepford-ish for Jo's taste.

But one thing can't change about Coney Island, alien god overlords or not. The Coney Island Hot Dog stand still produces delicious hot dogs and fries, even though they are quite likely to give heartburn, heart attacks, and high cholesterol to almost anyone who consumes them, Jo doesn't really care. She waits in line patiently, and orders her two chili-cheese dogs, side of fries, and a Coke. Honestly, if the vorpal bunnies didn't kill her, a couple of hot dogs weren't going to do the Scion any harm.

She grabs a seat at a picnic table along the boardwalk near the carnival games. Munching absent-mindedly on the fries, she watches the people ambling by, enjoying the lovely weather and the amusement park. Across the way, Jo notices a familiar figure at one of the games. She watches with amusement as Aillen prepares to hurl the baseball at the poor, unsuspecting milk bottles.

The unsuspecting milk bottles didn't stand a chance. The carnies grumble a bit as he just knocks down all the ones they had sitting up. To this end he walks away carrying one of the giant stuffed bears with a chuckle. It was bulky but he didn’t seem to mind the weight

Jo applauds slowly from her seat at the picnic table, giggling quietly at the carnie's reactions. Aillen looks a bit ridiculous carrying the massive bear, that dang thing is pretty close to Jo's height.

"You know, I'd say it's not exactly fair to use your strength to win at a carnival game, but then, it's not exactly a fair game to begin with," Jo chuckles, waving to Aillen from her seat. She's managed to polish off one of the chilidogs already. Hey – girl’s gotta eat some time.

Chuckling, he offers it to her. "Hey, if nobody else ever wins, there’s always bound to be someone who can." Aillen smiles. "And I just so happen to be someone who can in fact win." He glances about " If you don't want it I'll just put it over on the bench and get a chili dog. "

"Aww, not going continue about the boardwalk displaying the spoils of your epic battle against unjust milk bottles? If you don't want the bear, I'll take it, sure. Thanks," Jo giggles, blushing slightly and accepting the bear. Honestly, she'd never gotten one from a carnival game before, and it was a bit silly and childish, but she'd always wanted one. Yup - her observation was correct, the bear is only a few inches shorter than she is. If Aillen looked ridiculous carrying it, Jo would look downright hilarious.

"Nah, didn't quite need it. Just like ta beat the game and all. I figured it was safer to do that than the whack a mole. I mighta broke the stick or the mole." He shrugs at that. "They don't exactly make things for strength beyond normal. Still its fun enough. " He grins seeing her carry the bear. "On the plus side if it gets too cold you can cut its belly and climb inside.

"Great - it's a Taun-Taun bear," Jo smirks, regarding the large brown bear with amusement. She is quite able to carry it, although it’s a rather bulky object. Ultimately she shifts it so she’s carrying it on her back, the floppy head of the bear resting on top of her own head. She looks a bit like a caricature of Heracles and the Nemean Lion, had Heracles been a 5 foot tall brunet girl.

"Ya know anyone from behind is gonna think that a stuffed animal is walking about beside me. Granted with the Atlanteans, they'll probably think it’s a robo-bear or something. Way too much in the way of robotic things and lasers and such about. Used ta think I'd only see that stuff in movies." He sighs and he gets a box of popcorn from the stall to gnaw on as he walks. "Want any?"

Jo chuckles at the robo-bear comment and swings her hips as she walks, sending the bear's legs flailing in Aillen's direction, trying to smack him in the back of the knees with the bear feet, even though she knows he's quite capable of dodging the flailing bear paws.

"Nah - I'll pass on the popcorn, thanks, though," she takes a sip from her soda, the last remnants of her lunch to be seen, "I hear you on the Robots and Lasers, though. It's odd - it's almost as if everything fantasy and sci-fi came true at the same damn time. I go from thinking it’s all fiction one moment, to fighting titanspawn straight outta my mythology books, only to come home, and find that there's now a robot buttler available. Which my mom apparently has on order. Oh glee."

He chuckled and let the squishy bear legs kick him and didn't seem to care much. "I could use a robot butler. Then I wouldn't have to clean my room or take the trash down the way. " He tossed popcorn up to catch it in his mouth as they walked, an occasional piece being stolen by a bird instead. "Granted on the days she’s not home I just let my friends out to handle that for me, they do a better job than I would at least, aside from the heavy lifting and all."

She shrugs, "Mom does marketing work for a lot of the Atlantean companies. As a result, we end up beta testing a lot of the new tech. Although I'm a bit wary of the whole robot servant thing. I suppose I've read a bit to much Asimov, and seen Terminator a few too many times to be comfortable with it. But I suppose I've got to get used to it, brave new world, and all that jazz," she sighs, looking up at an airliner soaring overhead.

"You keep mentioning these friends of yours - gifts from your father, I'd assume? Or did you catch them in a mason jar like fireflies? Rather hoping not the latter - as that typically tends to tick most things off rather royally," Jo muses, looking up at Aillen, though it likely looks like the bear head is addressing him, given his height.

Allien resisted the urge to laugh at the bear talking to him and simply grinned. "Yeah gifts from my dad. Not any use in a fight, well without certain creative uses mind. But still useful when ya need something acquired or just scouted out." He finished off the last of his popcorn and chucked the box into one of the cans. "If ya want, I can get you a lion the next time. I think that fits in a bit more with your family."

"Ah - but anything can be useful in battle, given the know-how and a bit of creativity," she nods, fidgeting absent-mindedly with her caduceus necklace, "But your dad seems to have given you a decent training in matters of battle. Mine stuck me on a plane back to New York and left me to learn on my own," Jo sighs and shakes her head, remembering how hard it was to convince her mother to let her take fencing lessons.

Jo chuckles a bit at the lion comment, "Ah yes, thankfully my dear cousin has traditionally had a good sense of humor regarding people dressing up as him. Dionysus did it once, and several others have. Although I don't think I could quite carry off the barbarian hunter look. Not so much my style," she smirks, pausing momentarily and striking a traditionally Heroic pose, hands on hips, head turned up slightly. Overall, it looks incredibly silly, but Jo knows this, and she bursts out laughing.

"Ya know, it might work without the shirt. Ya know they always have him in like just a loincloth and that. " Aillen chuckles at that. "Well maybe bulking up abit. The huge muscles sorta make their own statements." He nods a bit. "Yeah dad was pretty set on me learning ta fight best I can. Figured with things the way they are, he needed more sons ready and able to get out there and take down whats there. "

"Ah yes, the traditional heroic Greek nude. Typically Heracles," Jo says, using the Greek name that most people just skip over, preferring the Roman pronunciation, "Is show completely nude, save for the Nemean Lion skin. I think I'll pass on that, thanks. That branch of the family tree tends to produce the big bulky he-man types - Zeus usually goes more for raw strength and brawn, not so much the brains, typically," Jo ponders, kicking a pebble without thinking, and sending the tiny rock hurtling into the distance, "My branch of the convoluted Greek tree tends more towards the smaller, sleeker models, preferably quick and at least passably intelligent." She shrugs again, wincing slightly at the sound of a loud crack - apparently the kicked pebble hit something…

"And still apparently rather strong," Aillen says. "Still, that’s a bit the same with my family. Only one of em is the big big type, and well, he's also big in the beer gut manner. Ya don't see many Irishmen doing the worlds strongest man competitions do ya? Seems to be those big nordic chaps with names that have way too many consonants. Granted, we ought not participate in those anyway. Little girl like you tossing pianos up into a second story building would be rather frowned on. "

Jo shrugs and looks a bit sheepish at the rock thing, "Yeah, I've got a bit of strength, it's just, ah, not exactly something I usually show off, since it's pretty rare that I need to use it in my duties. More the running, flying, and hiding that I use most often," she kicks out her leg, the full extent of the wing tattoos more obvious now, as she's wearing more beach appropriate baggy cargo shorts and sandals, as opposed to her typically more covering cargo pants and sneakers, "Messengers are expected to be quick, but we still gotta defend ourselves if necessary, y'know?" Jocelyn shrugs, "Although I wouldn't say I could quite throw a piano. Pick one up, sure, but throwing's another story."

Nodding at that, he shrugged. "Can't say as it would be easy for me either. Maybe a small one though. I'll stick to spears personally. At least I've got something to help in case I miss with that." He glances at her tattoos again. "I'll have to see about that flying thing some day though. Oughta be fun, and dad gave me something ta be able to at least when I learn the trick of it. " He shifted his sleave to show the embellished crow tattoo on his right forarm, its body spiraling up his arm.

"Aaah, very nicely done work, good artist," Jo nods, "I imagine that took quite a bit of time to complete, but honestly, it's a good idea to have something that is not easily removed when you're relying on it to fly. At least that was my dad's thinking, anyway."

"One of the fae folk did it. That and the dog on the other arm. They figured if I was gonna get it done, might as well be something useful and all. Still, I ought to be getting home shortly. You gonna be okay with the bear? " He chuckles and pats the bear head. "Or gonna just use that to smack anybody who bothers ya?"

Jo snickers and shrugs the bear up higher on her back, "I'm pretty sure I'll be ok. It weighs less than a piano, so I should be good to go," she sticks her tongue out goofily, grinning, "Although I'm not sure what would cause more of a fuss, me beating someone to death with a stuffed bear, or summoning my sword and using that," she smirks and looks pensive for a moment, obviously imagining herself beating some titanspawn to a pulp with the bear - it's an amusing image.

"I should likely be getting home too. Mom's due back in from Europe tonight, and she'll likely want to see me, at least for a bit," Jo sighs, "Thanks again for the bear and the conversation. I'll see you later." Jo nods to Aillen, and starts to head for the subway station at the end of the boardwalk.

"Be well then Jo." and he gives a wave as he heads off as well.

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