Comedy of Errors: Part Two


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Scene Title Comedy of Errors: Part Two
Synopsis After Shou broke away from the battle, this is what happened to him and Percy. Dee was the Storyteller for this scene.

Washington Square Park

The center-point of the New York University campus collective, this pleasant park is home to musicians, poets, lovers, and children. In the southern section of the park Chess players sit on benches throughout the day, matching wits with one another on stone tables. A giant, pebble-stone fountain sprays a geyser of water up high at all hours of the day. It stands in front of the center where two large archway-supports intersect.

This marble arch in the Park has always been a symbol of Greenwich Village. This little patch of greensward and concrete is surrounded by NYU, but filled with all sorts of Village characters. Students sit and study, neighbors stroll through on Saturday mornings, out-of-towners gawk at the street-freak performers commanding a crowd from the center of the fountain, and the dog run brings out the animal lovers. On the other end of the park is a small stage where musicians occasionally play for the benefit of any accepting ear. A mime or two might wander about ready to perform their magic for visitors. A small playground is located near the stage. Here children dangle from monkey bars, scream on merry-go-rounds, and giggle on swings.

While the others throw down with the angels on the rooftop, Shou has gone another route and grabbed two of the more injured students of the group that was attacked here, and flown off with them. One, a teenage girl, is really badly injured and she passes out as they take to the air. The other, a well-built young man, looks more dazed than hurt. He's starting to come around.

With the body that had been thrown over the side of the building having drawn quite a crowd, and some looking upwards to see what's going on, it's possible for someone perceptive to see the man on the surfboard holding two others by their wrists.

Shou, noticing the girl has passed out, drags her atop the board. He swings the guy up and says, "Sit," before dropping down to take a straddle position on the surfboard. it'll be easier to fly around if he doesn't have two kids swinging from his hands.

Percy has heard the commotion and dragged himself out of bed. He's still in his PJ's as he hurridly climbs the steps and batters through the door that connects to the roof of the dorms. With his ring and bracers on he moves to the ledge of the building and looks out and over the commotion happening near by. He looks…startled for half a moment at seeing more than one angel and a kid dead, but then he notes the flying surfer and the angel in pursuit.

The girl offers Shou no resistence, of course. The young man, though, at first clearly doesn't know if Shou is friend or foe. The fact that they're flying away from the angel suggests friend, though. He sits more because he's not sure he can balance on the board. "Where… Who?" Not the time for questions, though. "Land somewhere! I won't be surprised again!" Yes, he's pissed. He gives the sense of perhaps being the dominent in that group of young Scions.

Meanwhile, from the roof of Percy's dorm he can certainly see a fair bit of what's going on. There look to be several against the angels still on the nearby rooftop, but the ones fleeing and being persued might be injured if they're trying to 'run'. The angel in pursuit of the surfboard is closing on them quickly.

Shou glances over his shoulder to check on where the angel is. /Fuck/. "Not gonna make it to Maia's," he mutters. "All right, kid. Let's hope you've got the stuff." He puts a hand on the girl's back to keep her steady, and then nose dives for a near by roof.

The angel is nearing quickly, and his angle changes as well to keep up the pursuit. His golden wings, armor and sword glint in the nearby lamp light. Fortunately, though, Shou's excellent command over his board and flying let him land the three of them very efficiently on the roof. The girl remains where she is, unconscious, and the teen jumps off and turns to face the enemy. There is a platinum ring on one hand, and a lightning bolt hanging like a pendant around his neck. He prepares to fight, and looks a little less injured than he did.

Percy looks down at the ground and ponders the jump however he looks back up and notes the angel coming in to fight position and he stiffens as his eyes note the Lightning Bolt Pendant on the young man. His eyes narrow a little and he shakes his head at something. Whatever it is he seems a little miffed now. He extends his hand in a reaching manner to the sky and a crack of thunder ripples as his ring archs off of his finger in a blaze of electricity and straight into his hand where it manifest itself as a pilum. He sucks in a deep breath as he jogs back a couple of feet and then darts forward towards the ledge and stops just before hitting the lip of it, his foot sliding on the black tar and his body pivoting forward, his arm rocketing the Pilum through the air that sort of hums in a sort of aura that radiates danger.

Apparently, one of the three has a guardian angel. Seemingly from nowhere, just as the angel is about to strike the teen again (Let's call him Randall), it's hit from the side by Percy's javelin. The strike sends it flying away from its prey, giving Shou and Randall some respite to gather themselves better. Looks like it got hit really well, and it lands ungracefully on the roof.

Shou lands the board and hops off. He leaves it materialized, so it can hold the unconscious girl, and brandishes his wakizashi with a fierce snarl. "All right. You hit'im high, I'll… fuck it, just kill the cherub."

While the angel is hit, it's far from out. It's quickly getting back to its feet and readying to attack, though he's also trying to find the source of the javelin. When it spots Percy, it seems to determine he's the bigger threat and starts to take off towards him.

"I'm grabbing!" Randall replies to Shou. "You get him." He's got no problem with attacking the angel, not pausing yet to see who is responsible for helping them. He just launches himself. Rather than a weapon, his arms are open to try to grab the winged thing and keep it where it is.

Randall gets his hands on the angel, but he hasn't really got him tightly yet. He does keep the angel on the roof though, since he's kind of got one of the wings caught up in his grip.

The Australian only grins a little as the Angel takes notice of him. "Oh…you got something in your shoulder…" He says holding out his hand. "Let me help you with that." He jerks his arm back and the javelin reforms into electricity and zots back to it's owner, wrapping around his finger in the form of a ring. "Wasn't good enough for ya huh?" he asks as he moves over towards the air conditioning unit that stands atop the building. "How bout this?" He asks as he lets out a loud groaning noise and his bracers arch with that same electricity. His muscles buldge and he hefts the unit over his head before taking a few running steps towards the angel and then brings his arms back and lets the unit fly. "Kid! LET GO!"

Shou shoots out from where he stands, wakizashi in his hand. His movements are fast, sandals ripped from his feet by the sheer force of his movements as he dashes across the roof, trying to slice into the angel with his sword and get out of dodge before the air-conditioning unit hits.

Shou strikes quickly. Especially once he realizes what's heading their way. It's a little distracting to know there's an air conditioning unit incoming though, and while he blade finds the angel, it does not find a vulnerable spot. He then scoots fast to be clear when the sky falls.

Randall is all set to try to improve on his hold on the angel, when Percy's yell reaches him. There's a glance spared in that direction, then a doubletake as he realizes just why he should let go. He does so, and flings himself out of the way just before the air conditioner reaches them.

The air conditioner hits the nearby roof, and fortunately the only one in its path is the angel. It doesn't land right on the thing, but it does catch one of its wings and pin it in place. It looks really unpleasant and painful, and the angel clearly knows it's in trouble and can't go anywhere and keep the wing. There's a moment of indecision as it tries to choose between tearing it off itself or trying to get through the battle with his wings intact.

A loud astralian voice yells from a near by roof top. "Find out who sent it!"

Shou isn't listening to Percy. He's tried to shiv this mother fucker three times already and /nothing/; so when he sees the opening, the surfer dashes in, blade flickering in the moon light before he drives it at the angel's chest.

Shou finally damages it, the blade digging into its chest. The angel collapses against the A/C unit, though it doesn't look quite dead, yet. That seems to be coming really, really soon, though. Anyone happen to know what happens when one of these is destroyed…?

Randall was all set to rush in again, but when Shou does the damage and it falls he pauses abd finally looks over to see who sent the large gift. He peers towards Percy, trying to see him more clearly. It is later in the day, after all.

Percy frowns visibly as he notes the pair of them still near the thing. "Do -not- kill it up close!" He yells as he suddenly springs into a sprint towards the ledge of the roof, and then jumps full tilt off of the roof towards the roof they occupy. "Kid, get away now!" He yells at Randall with eyes that are deadly serious.

Percy is a very lucky man. Not that he makes it all the way across, cause he doesn't, but he does come into range of a fire escape two floors down. Grabbing it would avoid some street pizza-ness.

Shou grabs his sword's hilt, and /wrenches/ it free from the angel's body. He caught that last bit about not killing it 'close up', so he summons his board, and hops on it, carrying the girl away as he flies to the opposite roof.

Randall, too, catches Percy's shout, and his eyes widen as he absorbs it. What he does, rather than just run for it, is hurl himself at the other side of the air conditioner in the hopes that it will provide him some cover from whatever's going to happen.

What happens is that when the angel is finally overcome, it goes boom. Not just boom, but BOOM. Randall is somewhat protected, though he does take some more damage from shrapnel. He's alive, though. So are Shou and the girl, though they too are hurting more from it. Shou, being upright, takes more hurt than the girl, though. Could be a lot worse.

Shou has disconnected.

After making sure Randall doesn't need immediate help, Shou flies off to get the girl to Maia's for some healing. Randall, meanwhile, sits himself up slowly. He looks pretty beaten up.

Percy climbs up the railing and dusts himself off. He is wearing his PJ bottoms, but looks cut from stone at the moment and his hair stands on end as if electricity were coarsing through it. "You ok?"

Randall watches Percy re-appear from over the side, and nods to him. He's dressed in sweats, and looks like he must be here on some sort of athletic scholarship. Football or wrestling, perhaps. "I will be." he replies, then is quiet a moment to focus his self-healing.

Percy gives a nod of his head and offers a hand to the other freshman. Percy happens to be there on Rugby scholorship. So, it makes sense. "Percy….I think we got the same dad." He offers, not trying to hide the fact he has a lightning bolt ring on his outstretched hand.

Randall accepts the hand up. "Randall." Standing, he sees the ring and chuckles. "I think you're right. Nice job with the air conditioner." He looks back to the thrown and then blown up machine.

Percy gives a nod of his head. "Of course…look. You know whats going on obviously….so…you know that they will probably be coming back…this is the second time they have come on campus…so we need to be careful. If you need me…" He offers as he looks around for a few moments and then leans in to talk to Randall, whispering his number into the guys ear.

Randall listens to the number, and commits it to memory. He, in turn, gives Percy his number. "I've gotta see if the others are okay. We kind of have a little group going. They attacked all of us while we were on the roof over there." He nods in the right direction.

Percy gives a nod of his head. "Yeah….like I said….call me if you need -anything-." He offers before he hops off the roof and the wind gusts upwards slowly lowering him to the ground, where he starts back towards his dorm.

Dee was the Storyteller for this scene.

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