Comedy of Errors: Part Three


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Scene Title Comedy of Errors: Part Three
Synopsis Scrivner drew away two of the Angels from the rooftop of doom and found help from Vette. Dee was the storyteller for this one.

Washington Square Park

The center-point of the New York University campus collective, this pleasant park is home to musicians, poets, lovers, and children. In the southern section of the park Chess players sit on benches throughout the day, matching wits with one another on stone tables. A giant, pebble-stone fountain sprays a geyser of water up high at all hours of the day. It stands in front of the center where two large archway-supports intersect.

This marble arch in the Park has always been a symbol of Greenwich Village. This little patch of greensward and concrete is surrounded by NYU, but filled with all sorts of Village characters. Students sit and study, neighbors stroll through on Saturday mornings, out-of-towners gawk at the street-freak performers commanding a crowd from the center of the fountain, and the dog run brings out the animal lovers. On the other end of the park is a small stage where musicians occasionally play for the benefit of any accepting ear. A mime or two might wander about ready to perform their magic for visitors. A small playground is located near the stage. Here children dangle from monkey bars, scream on merry-go-rounds, and giggle on swings.

Rufus has had better days. He's certainly had better fights. While one angel has already exploded, and another has flown off after Shou, that still leaves four on the NYU dorm roof. One is still among Enrique, Mariana, Lin and Miguel, one is near to killing another of the young teens they initially attacked here, and two continue to face off against Rufus. There's already at least two freshmen dead, one boy having landed on the concrete below, and a girl newly slain and laying on the roof with them.

Four Scions versus two angels seems like a manageable task, and so Rufus has no compunctions about what he's about to do next. Running across that rooftop, he suddenly leaps up onto the edge and spins his blade around, held defensively across his body. His skin gleams like pewter, the ichor in his blood hardened and damned near impenetrable. "You want me so damned badly? Then come for me," he seethes. He gathers himself like a coil and then launches up into the air, soaring higher and in an arc. As he flies, he looks back over his shoulder, and he bites his thumb at the angels. Nyeah.

The angels most definitely follow after Rufus, launching themselves into the air behind him. Perhaps it's frustration that they haven't been able to hurt the man yet. At least it's two less angels on the roof, but it's still a lot of angels to be against one Scion.

Vette doesn't fly. But dead kids shooting past the window in physics class isn't exactly something she's going to miss. She'd found herself a vantage point on top of one of the other buildings, and as Rufus goes leading those angels off on their merry chase, she pauses to take aim at one. If she aims, she might not suck so bad when she shoots. For the moment she's doing nothing to call attention to herself. When you care enough to send the very best, you let the gunshot announce your presence.

Aim and…fire…and fire! Pop pop! She announces her presence with a gun shot, but aim or no aim Vette is not entirely sure that she made very /good/ gun shots. She's seriously going to have to tinker some sort of scope for herself. But—later. More serious things are afoot right now..

Even with the aiming, Vette… well, she misses. The sound isn't missed, but there's a lot of it going on between sirens, street noises below, and other parts of the fight. Vette's safe, for now.

Hack and slash! or more like hack and flail. Rufus becomes aware of a gunshot somewhere off behind him, and he whips around for a second to glance for its source. But he doesn't find it in time. Unwittingly, he swoops closer towards Vette's hiding place as he sweeps his blade about, coming not at all close to landing a good strike.

The angels, with their golden wings, armor and sword, are clearly very comfortable fighting in the air. The one that's already been hurt a little takes a swing towards Rufus, trying once again to get through his crunchy shell to his soft innards.

Pop pop! Vette manages to give eyes to a nearby cloud (figuratively) but certainly doesn't do anything particularly useful at this juncture. She sort of thumps at the gun with her fingertips—thump thump. "Work, you piece of crap, or I'm going to turn you into a lady's choker when I get home. You know what that is? For a gun? A /sex change/, boy-o."

Welcome to tonight's Comedy of Errors, Vette! Very little has gone right on either side of the fight. It's sheer dumb luck that there's only been two deaths so far. At least, in the spirit of that luck, the angel's strike doesn't get though to damage Rufus. The other one, then, also tries to hurt the man.

It is surely a night of SUCK for the good, the bad and the ugly. If Rufus didn't know better, he'd think that there was some great and cosmic power having a laugh at their expenses. He sweeps easily about in the air, moving quickly enough to get out of the way of the angel's sword. Another glance he hazards down to that rooftop, finding a familiar head of red hair. Vette. His eyes widen for the span of a heartbeat, and snarling, he lashes out with his blade at the first angel, the one he'd injured earlier.

Who knows? Maybe there is some great and cosmic power having a laugh at their expense. Stranger things certainly have happened in the world. Even Rufus can get lucky though, and when his strike is fueled by concern for what might happen when they spot Vette, it manages to avoid dinging off the armor and instead goes right into the already-injured angel. It's a really, really good shot actually, and the creature drops from the sky immediately. Hopefully, not with Rufus' blade still in him. Also, hopefully he won't explode before he gets a little farther from Rufus.

Unfortunately, when the angel drops, so too does the sword. It's partway between Rufus and the ground when it explodes, sending the sword flying off a ways. At least it's intact, though. It's not going to help Rufus a whole lot until he gets it back though, and the other angel takes a shot while he's unarmed.

Vette aims at the angel that is taking a shot at her unarmed SO up there. She aims for the head, because that's the part that seems to make the angel thing do stuff like try to kill Scrivner. "Remember," she murmurs at the gun. "Sex. Change." Then she squeezes the trigger.

Vette and Rufus are so cute. He drops an angel protecting her, and she actually manages to hit the one that's left to try to protect him. She does even hit it and get past it's armor. She doesn't do much damage to it beyond that, but it's not nothing, either. Of course, that does definitely get its attention and with Rufus disarmed for now it turns its attention and path towards the lady.

His sword! It gets ripped right out of his fingers when he struggles to free it from the fallen, dead angel, and he goes down just a few feet with the creature before he takes notice of something else. The last, remaining Angel is soaring for Vette. "NO!" he roars, forgetting all about his treasured blade and hacking off Angel wings for dipping into Buffalo Sauce. He comes shooting forward through the air, reaching out his hands to snatch at wings or whatever he can catch hold of.

As the angel flies towards Vette, Rufus hurls himself towards it. He grabs it from behind, which means grabbing wings. That's rough on something that relies on those wings for its flight, and suddenly Rufus has to hold it up as well, or drop with it.

Vette isn't about to pull the trigger where she might hit Rufus, but she keeps her gun trained on the angel just in case it gets loose from his grip. If it does, she'll put another bullet into it!

He's losing the struggle here to keep the angel pinned /and/ up in the air since it can't support itself. One arm has been slung around the creature's neck, and the other is pulling back on a wing as hard as he can. For a second, he looks up at Vette, watching her, and he bellows at the top of his lungs, "SHOOT THE BLOODY BASTARD, YVETTE!" As he struggles to maintain control, he snarls and clambers around on its back. It's right around this moment that he feels rather like a midget trying to ride and control a rampaging grizzly bear.

The angel, of course, is not going quietly. It's doing its best to get free, or at least to get its wings free. It's not happening quickly, though. Vette has a pretty easy shot.

Vette goes a shade whiter, and she has to raise her other hand to steady the gun. Even though she knows that a single shot is unlikely to kill Rufus, she is still in very real terror that she'll hurt him. But his bellow galvanizes her. She squeezes the trigger as she grits her teeth.

Vette is firing at the angel, but she's also firing at Rufus. That's a lot of nervous and pressure. It doesn't end well, and she hits Rufus. It's only a glancing hit though, and bounces off his hardened skin.

"Vette!" Rufus shouts. Ack, she shot him. When that bullet ricochets away, the man snarls and struggles even harder to hold the angel in his grasp. But he's slowly falling downwards, even if it's more like a float at this stage. "Son of a bitch," he snarls into the angel's ear. "I am going to fucking pluck you bald and shove your feathers up your gods-be-damned arse until you're walking like a fucking peacock!" He looks back and over his shoulder, hastily glancing around for his sword. Crap. He better not have lost that permanently, or he's going to be ticked.

The good news is, the angel doesn't entirely break free. The bad news is, Rufus doesn't entirely hold onto it, either. it's taking all his focus and strength to keep it more or less immobile, and it's very uncertain how long he'll be able to do so…

Vette kind of runs to the edge of the building. Steadying herself, she narrows her eyes and tries again. She needs a good headshot, she decides, and with the right angle she can avoid any possibility of hitting Rufus. At least, that's what she tells herself as she fires. Comfort and belief in the Power of Physics.

Now *that* was a nice shot. Right to the head, missing Rufus entirely. It's such a good shot that Rufus should probably get the hell out of there before he's very blown up. Tick… tick… tick…

Rufus doesn't know about the exploding angel bodies. So when that angel gets blown away, he snarls and struggles with the weight some more, certain to rip off a very fine fistful of golden feathers. Then he lets go, letting the body drop and smirking down at it. He glances up at the lady, holding up a few feathers. If he knew about the body about to explode, he'd probably shoot up higher into the sky.

It's a sure bet /Vette/ didn't notice. "WOO!" She gives him the old thumbs up. We sure showed them!

This will clearly end about as expected, given how the entire fight went. Rufus does grab a fistful of golden feathers, and lets go of the body just as the thing goes off. Nasty surprise, that. Vette's far less in range of the blast than Rufus is, but that's really good because she's far less armored than Rufus is. If he's lucky, he won't end up plummeting all the way to the ground. There are roofs around. It could happen…

Vette, of course, is taken utterly unawares when the angel goes off. She's blown back, but she's at least on a solid surface. She'll have some lumps, but it could have been worse. She could have been where Rufus is when it goes off. Fortunately, he does react very quickly and is able to at least turn away some from it as he arms come up to protect his head. Unfortunately, it's still a serious BOOM. He is blasted back from the spot, and only the very rare good fortune (for this evening, anyway) has it in the direction of one of the closer roofs. He's going to be seriously damaged, but thanks to his armor he'll survive. Good thing there's healers around, though.

The last thing he says before he's blasted and blown away is, "….. Bloody He—" BOOM. Rufus ends up lying on the rooftop, curled up, and completely unconscious. Hopefully someone gets his sword and returns it to him. He would hate to have to go rampaging pawnshops to find it.

"Rufus!" Vette screams, as she's thrown over and back. She scrambles up and tries to get off that roof and to his roof, because she doesn't know if he's alive or dead. The sword is kind of the least of her worries.

Well, he's alive. And he's lying there like a lump. He used to be a well-dressed lump, but several sword slashes and a big ass explosion have pretty much shredded and charred his two thousand dollar suit. At least his favourite cross pen is still secure in his pocket.

Vette takes off her jacket and starts ripping it into strips, pressing them against the slashes before she even looks to see if there is blood. "Rufus, wake up," she whispers softly. "Say somethingcome on Rufus…" She's got to think. First aidsomething. Maybe she should get the medics up here.

There's mostly charred skin, no blood. When he fell unconscious, Rufus lost his shiny metal coating. So now he looks like a pale Englishman in a shredded suit instead of a pewter-dipped Englishman in a shredded suit. One arm twitches when Vette jostles him, and he turns his head to one side while grimacing. "….. ughmmmfble."

"Good! That's good. Keep awake. Do the healing thing, come on Rufus, you got blown up but look, your crosspen is okay, you should heal up and see—" Ok so it is a pretty dumb thing to say, but…whatever gets him healing himself.

Blearrrrrgh. Once he's starting to come around into consciousness, some of the severe damage to his body lessens, melting away as it heals over in the blink of an eye. It's enough for him to open his eyes, lay his hand over his breast pocket, and he mutters, "It's a good pen. No cannons." He grimaces as he tries to sit up, and failing, he lies back down. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Vette says with a nod. "I'm just fine, honey." She looks relieved as he starts to speak normally and take care of himself, putting a hand to her chest to breathe iiiin and out. Then she flings her arms around him.

"Ommmmmmf!" he grunts, when she gloms him. Rufus winces and rests his hand on her arm, patting gently, but he whispers, "Gently." Something still hurts. Another few seconds pass, and finally he is able to get himself up into a sitting position, but he's still crispy in a few places. He stares straight ahead for a second, then his eyes widen. "My sword…. Father's sword. Shit!"

"Let's go find it," Vette says quietly, standing up and waiting for him to stand too. "Don't worry, we'll find it," she says again, but her eyes are wide. She'd freak out were she to lose the Puzzleboxes after all.

Standing up is a difficult task. He's tired. He's spent. And things aaaaache where he never really knew he had to ache. Rufus straightens slowly and rests his hand at the small of his back, like an old man trying to walk. "Bloody Hell," he whispers. He walks up to the edge of the rooftop and looks down, contemplative. "I can probably leap down from this height and not break my legs," he muses.

"I love the probably," Vette murmurs. "Are you sure, baby? I really really don't want you to get hurt. You scared me for just a moment. But I can run down the conventional way. You at least don't need to be carrying my weight."

He stands and thinks about it for awhile longer. "You know… I think I'll just stagger down with you. I'm that tired." Rufus then turns away from the rooftop's edge, prepared to go downstairs the old-fashioned way.

Vette tries not to look to relieved—and fails. "You can make sure I don't get jumped in the stairwell," she offers. "that's why you're really doing it." So he can save face. And then she starts down the stairwell quickly.

He can't help but smirk at her consoling. Rufus appreciates it, and he plays along by saying, "Indeed. That is exactly right." He follows her down the stairwell and through the building, eventually coming out onto the street below. Now… If angels explode, then his sword is likely to be flung away… It could be anywhere. His expression goes flat with displeasure.

Physics. Vette says, "If you can point out the exact spot you think you were when the sword got flung and the basic trajectory, I can triangulate it I think based on how far you and I were flung when the second angel exploded and based on his location at the time."

He'd have to be blind to miss where the second angel exploded, since there's some pretty massive destruction at the site. "Here," Rufus says, walking over to the pavement and looking around. "I was up there, the body fell with the sword still in it…" He scowls as he looks around, eyes tight at the corners.

Vette pulls out a calculator and starts walking. It takes her just a few tries, but she finally points and says, "I think it would have had to land round about over there somewhere?" She scratches the back of her head. "I think. I'm only halfway through calculus."

Rufus walks about, looking high and low… until a glitter of metal catches his eye. "Ah!" He walks over to the sword, embedded in a brick wall, then seizes the hilt and pulls it free with a rough, sharp yank. "Thank you, my dear." Whew.

Vette /grins/. "Holy crap it worked!" She was sounding all confident to give him hope but she hadn't been at all sure herself. "God I love college." She gives a nice little twirl. Then stops. "Hey, is it damaged?"

"It doesn't appear to be," Rufus says, studying the blade and gently wiping a fingertip along the edge. "But I'll take a closer look once we return home. We should get out of here before police come to find out what the explosions were all about."

"Alright," Vette says, gamely enough. She's all about Not Talking to Police. Whether he wants to go up up and away or by car, she's ready to leave out of there when he is.

Dee was the Storyteller for this scene.

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