Comedy of Errors: Part One


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Scene Title Comedy of Errors: Part One
Synopsis Angels attack a group of baby Scions and a bunch of do-gooders arrive to help. Much suckage in the +rolls commenced. This was GMed by Dee.

Washington Square Park

The center-point of the New York University campus collective, this pleasant park is home to musicians, poets, lovers, and children. In the southern section of the park Chess players sit on benches throughout the day, matching wits with one another on stone tables. A giant, pebble-stone fountain sprays a geyser of water up high at all hours of the day. It stands in front of the center where two large archway-supports intersect.

This marble arch in the Park has always been a symbol of Greenwich Village. This little patch of greensward and concrete is surrounded by NYU, but filled with all sorts of Village characters. Students sit and study, neighbors stroll through on Saturday mornings, out-of-towners gawk at the street-freak performers commanding a crowd from the center of the fountain, and the dog run brings out the animal lovers. On the other end of the park is a small stage where musicians occasionally play for the benefit of any accepting ear. A mime or two might wander about ready to perform their magic for visitors. A small playground is located near the stage. Here children dangle from monkey bars, scream on merry-go-rounds, and giggle on swings.

The police scanners get it first, along with any who listen in on such things illegally. Reports are muddled on how it happened, whether by accident, on purpose, or via foul play, but a body has fallen from the roof of one of the NYC buildings, and landed unpleasantly. Not that it's possible to land pleasantly from a fall off a building, but this is particularly ugly. Face down on the pavement, and lots of broken bones. Ew.

It seems less accidental when one realizes there's some sort of ruckus happening on that same roof, but the cops haven't made it up there quite yet. It's only been a few minutes since the first 911 call, so the authorities and other interested parties are on the way and people are starting to crowd to see. A few campus security are trying to keep them back until the real cops arrive, but still. Lots of people looking both at the late eighteen year old boy and upwards to see what might be going on up there.

Shou was flying around on his surfboard when he spotted the patrol cars and the sirens. He glances over, and heads for the roof. If someone got tossed over, maybe the murderer is still hanging around. Unlikely, but. He steers his surfboard that-a-way.

Enrique is walking home after a night drinking coffee with a collage poetry party, enjoying the few phone numbers he got from some of those pleasent and making sure to add them to his machinations when the man spots the patrol cars, walking over towards one of them after he spots the body. "What happend here?"

Lawyer by day, vigilante crimefighter by night! Living a double life can sometimes be annoying, especially when after hours, Rufus Scrivner is further delayed in getting home by such things as young men falling off of buildings. "I'll call you back," he says into his cell phone, snapping it shut and staring at the gathering. A glance around before he ducks into the nearest alley, and then he goes soaring up the wall and roof-top hopping to investigate where all the trouble's going on.

Having spent most of the day on campus reading at the library or out in the park, Mariana is merely crossing the lawn when all hell breaks loose. It's dangerous not to be a little curious nowadays. Especially in this city, so when a crowd of people begin to gather around the corpse of a teenage boy who fell from a rooftop or other, she makes her way through so that she can get a better look. The bleeding corpse, though fascinating, merely distracts her and soon enough her gaze lifts to view the skyline to see what she can gauge from this distance.

Still being new to the city, Miguel takes some time exploring the different sights and what better time to arrive in this park than right now with a weird murder going on? People falling from rooftops, hmm? Not his method of disposing of bodies, if there are ever any turning up, clearly. No way too obvious, unless you want to call for attention with a big flashing neon sign. And that's what whoever did this obviously wanted to achieve. His interest caught, Miguel makes his way closer to the scene as well, mingling with the crowd and soon enough his gaze wanders up the building as well.

With the report coming in over the police radio, it is easy enough for Lin to hear of it. He quickly navigates through the streets, using the cars flashing lights to get their quickly. He pulls up close to the park, looking around for any other units on the scene before walking up. He looks upon the body, his eyes looking for details first. He closes his eyes before looking around at the world through his death sense. He looks for the recently deceased, making sure they are making their way correctly before being directed to the cause of his death.

When Shou gets closer to the rooftop, it becomes pretty easy to tell that someone got thrown over. It's possible the young man won't be the last, too. It's a real mess up there. Keeping the company of five (remaining) young-looking students, probably freshmen, are 6 golden-winged beings that are becoming increasingly familiar to the more experienced Scions in the area. Six against four already injured kids? This will be short. All they're really doing is trying to fend off the inevitable. Good things there's heroes around, huh?

Those arriving on foot will see the campus security just waiting for the real police. They don't seem to want to speculate, and apparently they've been ordered to leave the rooftop and what might be up there to the professionals. Hey, with all the weird in the city lately, can you blame the normals for not wanting to take more risks?

The dead boy is definitely dead. So far, all seems to be going normally, for what the dead should be doing. That is, he's looking very puzzled at his current condition. Poor kid. There's no other death right around here… yet.

Enrique gives a small nod to the campus police he picks out one of them and takes a breath as he puts his hand on their shoulder and moves to turn them towards him. "Love me" he hisses at them quietly, no time for a long induction before he tells the officer. "I need you to take me up there, I can help."

Shou reaches behind him and pulls out the sheathed wakizashi he carries around. With a definite movement, he slides the blade free and flips it to a reverse blade hold, swooping down towards the rooftop.

Holy freaking crap. Seeing them from a distance, eyes widening, Rufus recognises them for what they are…if by reputation alone. These have to be the angels everyone's been going on about. From one rooftop away, he eases down his laptop bag and his cellphone, and he draws free his long sword from its case and scabbard. Then, leaping and soaring easily across the distance, he comes in roughly at the same time as Shou. The other man gets a glance but nothing more. He won't call out, in case no one's noticed either of them yet.

Throughout the chaos of this crowd, Mariana does pick out one familiar face at least, especially as her attention turns to the direction in which Enrique now stands. Gently, yet angrily, her brows furrow and for the moment, she simply watches, as if she were laying in wait within the crowd. This does not mean that she keeps idle, however, as she maneuvers her way through some of the gawkers, though does throw a final look back towards the bloody mess on the ground behind her.

Brown eyes flicker towards Enrique shortly and there's a hint of amusement in them, as Miguel knows he will try it in maybe a bit less friendly way to find his way through. Making his way towards the line of cops, he picks out another one and simply says in a commanding and confident voice "Let me through!" Sure, he may not be looking like a fellow cop, but that doesn't bother him way too much. After all, he's used to getting his way.

Lin lets out a sigh and nods his head to the poor dead student. "Hey there. I know it's all wierd right now, but it is going to be okay." He tries to reassure the recently deceased, pointing out his path. He looks up to the rooftop before digging out his badge, getting himself clear of the campus cops. He heads for the building and the rooftop where the poor kid fell.

The security guards were absolutely not planning to bring anyone up to the roof. And then there's Enrique, who is sooooooo pretty and nice. "Ummmm… Sure." He just stands and stares for a moment though, and might need a gentle reminder. Cause Enrique is soooooo pretty and nice. Meanwhile, Miguel's approach, though very different, get results. "Oh, sure. Yeah. Go on." the guy says, though his fellows clearly don't get what's so special about the guy.

Those taking the time to study the body, if they have any knowledge of injuries, might pick out that not all the damage is from the fall. Anything else would require a better look, though. What else might stand out for the perceptive is his sneakers, which have little wings on them. There's also something gold hidden in his hand.

Shou and Rufus, in an effort to get themselves killed, draw their weapons and head right for the angels. Neither are at their very best, sneaking-wise, but at least Shou gets overlooked when Rufus stumbles a little when he lands and draws their attention. The roughed-up students look both scared and grateful that there's others around now, and the angels just look a little put out. Two remain on the kids, and three turn towards Rufus. Poor guy.

Enrique raises his hand to just ever so gently cup the man's chin, distracted by Miguel just bulldozing his way in he catches sight of Mariana and he whitsles her over. "Her too.. come on, lead me up." he says as he takes the gaurd in arm and begins to walk, hoping Mariana follows him. As soon as they are in he heads towards an elevator where he begins to dig for his gun.

Behind Enrique, Mariana notices another figure trying to make his move into the building, thus she picks up her pace to close the distance and see how that venture goes. Looking up at Miguel, she then turns to the guard or guards who the stranger is bossing around, when she adds, "I'm with him." She indicates Miguel, in the most professional sounding voice as possible. She even flashes the stranger a friendly smile as a show of 'Yes, I know this guy'. Though she is soon distracted by Enrique and this annoys her. Without looking the man in the eyes, as she considers this dangerous, she is following behind either of them. Whoever is on the move and by the looks of things, they both are. "I am not talking to you." She states flatly to the lawyer, placing her own hand on the purse which hangs at her side..

He meant to do that. Honest! Scrivner stumbles and scrapes his way onto the roof as he lands, less than graceful, and he settles into a defensive stance with his blade brandished before him. The ichor within his blood wells up and seeps through his skin, soon rendering him in a coating of dull grey, looking very much like pewter. "Gentlemen," says the Englishman in a formal business suit and an oversized sword. "Step away from the children, or I will fuck your shit up good and proper."

Miguel turns shortly to see another person taking advantage of his little trick and he smirks a little bit in her direction, though doesn't pay much more attention to her, as he catches something golden in the corner of his eyes and so he strays off to the corpse briefly, and bends down as if to feel for the pulse or something. Might pretend to be a doctor after all, if he can get through with commanding officers around. He takes the golden object, whatever it is, inspects it shortly and then stuffs it into his pocket. Letting the arm drop, he shrugs his shoulders and comments dryly "Yeah. Definitely dead." And then he follows the other two towards the elevator.

Since Scrivner is being all English and helpful by distracting the angels, Shou swoops around and glides silently — and deadly, like a fart — behind the angels. He slowly lowers himself from above, behind the three angels facing Scrivner, and winks at him as he brandishes his blade and makes to create some angelic sushi.

Considering the "crime" was still ongoing, Lin didn't do a complete inspection of the body. He nods to the security at the building as he makes his way pass. He calls for the elevator and steps inside. He looks up as more steps in, approaching the elevator. "Uh…..this is going up. There is emergency." He case they live in the building.

The guard is very, very fine with being arm in arm with Enrique. He just keeps smiling at him, and nods when he brings Mariana into it as well. The other guards just look a little slack-mouthed over this. Apparently, the entire matter is just frying their poor rent-a-cop minds. It's enough that when Miguel makes for the body, they're too distracted to argue it since he was being allowed to the roof anyway. When he has his look at what's in the late Scion's hand, it's a gold pendant of a bow. It's a pretty large pendant though, so it's hard to palm and conceal. Hard enough that he's spotted at it, and confronted over trying to snag evidence. Meanwhile, Rufus and Mariana end up in the elevator with the smitten man in uniform just giving Enrique puppy eyes. Considering he looks not at all feminine, it's probably funny.

Ahh, Rufus. Looks like it's going to be one of those nights. On the other hand, maybe this means they'll underestimate him, and it does give Shou a chance to be spectacular. And he is spectacular. Shou is in all his glory as he strikes at the back of one of the angels focused on Rufus. It's a thing of beauty to watch, really, and if his blade hadn't hit the angel's armor, the thing would have been pretty fucked up. Sadly, it did hit the shininy, golden armor. On the other hand, it draws some attention from Rufus. One from him, and one from the kids turn their attention Shou's way. The six advance quickly on their various prey with their gleaming, golden swords ready to strike.

To those with the senses for it, the four remaining freshmen are all Scions. Even to those without the senses, it seems obvious from the tools of the trade in their hands. Unfortunately, they hold those tools inexpertly, clearly not having the training yet to put them to good enough use against enemies of this caliber.

Enrique nods to Mariana. "Not a word then, but be ready. I doubt this is something that will end well, and oh? Just going to help with the emergency." he says softly before he leans in to the cop, stroking his face as he whispers to him. "Have you commited any great sins officer? Hurt a child or a woman? Done something most would consider unforgivible?" he asks as he reaches into the breifcase and pulls out the small feather and straw covered club. "If you have…you dont need to tell me. Its simply your responsibility to atone…for me. Atone by helping us deal with whatever hurting people up there. Understood?"

Truly, this is an awkward moment, but rather than look weirded out by the infatuated cop, Mariana is all the more furious. Narrowed, murderous eyes peer out to Enrique, though she eventually let's this go, her attention now turning to Lin who is also in this elevator. "Usually, people avoid the elevator in times of emergency." She just comments openly about. However, the lawyer's words do remain on her mind and soon enough her sunshine and friendly expression to Lin sobers as she contemplates on what to expect.

Lin just looks up in the elevator as they go up, trying not to listen to what is going on. He just glances towards Enrique before looking to Mariana with an embarrassed grin. "Uhm…yeah. Well, that's like a fire or something. When you need to move quickly, though…" Come on, Come on.

Oh well, damn that didn't work out the way it should have. Yeah, he was caught at stealing. But Miguel seems to just shrug it off, letting go of the pendant in the process "Sorry, it just looked so shiny…" is all he comments before trying to move on then. He'll take the stairs, if the others have occupied the elevator already, so that may take a while, maybe.

Shou holds his wakizashi and /boggles/. Nothing. Not even a scratch. He peers at the angels as they turn around, and inches back, floating lightly on his board. He sheathes the sword and tucks it away, laughing nervously. "Heh. Hehe. So, uh, yeah. How 'bout that Apocalypse, huh? Have any uh, Revelations?" Badum-ching. And then he tips his board and swoops around the last angel concentrating on the kids, snatching two of the baby scions by the wrists and speeding off the roof.

The poor guard practically falls to pieces, and actually starts to cry. There's a long stream of rambling them, as the man lists everything he's ever done wrong to anyone. It's not the most awful of lists, but it does take up more than the rest of the elevator trip to the top floor. He looks kinda badass, but like many hasn't really done all that much to others. He just talks the talk. It is really, really embarrassing, though. Thank goodness that when the doors finally open, there's running to the stairway up to the roof. Hard to ramble or listen to rambling, while running.

The guard that caught Miguel looks at him with a deep frown, then sighs. He waves him towards the door, the gesture saying he can just get on about his business. Yes, boys will be boys. Since he seems to be the one in charge of the campus security here, no one else bothers Miguel as he heads into the building.

Sadly for Shou, the angels have precious little sense of humor. The one he struck points his sword at the man, and says "You have all been judged evil, and will be destroyed." Shou's choice to grab two kids and retreat seems a surprise to them, and he actually manages it without being mangled horribly. The two he grabs are two that seemed really bad off. The angels do get swings at him as he retreats, though.

Oh dear God, help him… wait, there's no God. Dear Dad, he will hate you less for screwing up his life if you help him out now, amen. Rufus' eyes widen significantly when he's able to take a second, better count of how many angels are up on this rooftop. Six. And Shou's strike did not decapitate one of them like he had so hoped it would. Oh crap. Ohhhhhhhhh crap. All of his blood runs like ice in his veins, and as he shifts his weight, pivoting on the balls of his feet, he grimly resolves himself to this battle. There are still younglings up here. He /can't/ abandon them to their fates. Curling his lip back from his teeth, baring them in sheer defiance, he stomps down his silent terror and rushes forward with a rough, raw and wordless battle cry, sweeping his heavy blade at the closest of the Angels to him.

Enrique wrinkles his nose at the man then sighs. "Fine fine you can live." he says leaning foward as he leans foward to plant a quick kiss on the man's lips as the elevator comes to a stop. "Go, find the first prostitute you can and give her all the money have on you and then I will forgive you sweetie. You can even sleep with them if you want. Now get away from here." he says as he cocks his gun and walks out of the door with a nod. "Dont go anywhere Chinaman." Enrique begins to head out towards the roof, pausing to close his eyes as he mutters a prayer and a thick blackish dirty looking sheen of metal covers him. Like a coating of rust. He begins to rush outside to meet whatever threat is out there.

Lin just blinks as the guard starts to ramble about all of his bad deeds. He looks between them and just shakes his head. "Have a way with words, don't you." He says to Enrique. He looks relieved as the doors open. "Oh thank god." He actually says outloud. He starts to move before Enrique speaks up. "I beg your pardon?" He says. He gets a understanding look as Enrique changes. "Ahhhh. Parents were special, weren't they." He simply says before reaching into his pack for a wooden sword. "And that's Detective, thank you." He says, rushing to follow onto the roof.

Oh well, at least the trip over the stairs is spared for him, as Miguel finds a second, free elevator and he will have that one all for himself at least. Entering the elevator, there's a little grin on his face for whatever reason ever, as he readies his brass knuckles. There'll be some action for his fists at last, enough talking has been done already. And that's why he's actually eager and impatient for the elevator to arrive.

Mariana doesn't even try to shut out the ramblings of the guard for the rest of the ride. Her dark eyes occasionally do glance his way at some of the things said as if finding subtle amusement in it all. It's wonderful to be able to eavesdrop here out in public, even if they are in this metal box. Once more, her hand rests at her purse, working up the metallic clasp, preparing for who knows what. Soon, she produces an obsidian dagger and while her eyes look over her two companions in the elevator, having already dismissed the guard. While she knows who Enrique is, Lin gets another curious look, but her words capture her full attention especially when parents are mentioned. "It's a small world."

Apparently, dad is not favoring his son at the moment. It doesn't seem to be Rufus' night, as he charges, and his blade does not connect with either of the angels focused upon him. On the plus side, the one that swings almost at the same time does not make it past the grey that coats and protects him. Two of the angels swing at Shou as he carries off two young Scions, but he is quicck and graceful, and they cannot connect.

While the guard does not want to leave Enrique's side, and certainly would not prefer a prostitute over the very pretty and nice man, he sniffles some and nods. There are profuse thanks that he'll be forgiven, and then he stays in the elevator to head back down to the main floor where he'll likely suffer an eternity of jibes at the hands of his co-workers. Meanwhile, the three Scions get to the roof to see Rufus, two young'uns, and six angels. A little one-sided, isn't it.

Maybe it's all the Scions here, or maybe someone's prayer is being heard. Or, maybe it's a trick of the light. There seems to be a bit of a glow to all the Scions, though. Or, of course, the angels could have just done something to make things even worse.

Enrique frowns as he runs out and spots the angels. "Whoever you are, you are responsible for a murder. State a reason for the killing, or be judged for your sins." he says with narrowed eyes as he raises his gun to his mouth. "That security gaurd cheated on Francine" he whispers at it.

Mariana has that look as if saying 'There he goes again' when she sees Enrique talking to his gun, but she shakes any and all straying thoughts away as she gets a good look at what exactly they are up against. "I'm not usually one to crash a party," She starts out, most likely speaking to the angels, "But this one was simply beckoning to be crashed." There are all sorts of people here, none of which look familiar, but she keeps her sharp blade in hand while she sort out the friendlies and not so friendlies, which isn't hard to do; being wary of any openings as her eye scan the individual faces.

Taking its time, isn't it the second elevator? Miguel is still on his way to the scene and so he grumbles a little, but you can't order an elevator around, sadly. Or well you could, but it wouldn't have much effect. Even if you're a scion.

Meanwhile, the two remaining younger and inexperienced Scions have not been idle. They have have been wildly outmatched by the angels, but they're still alive and that's important. Not all of their fellows have been so lucky. One, a strong-looking young man of some Middle Eastern lineage weilds a large sword and clearly has the strength for it. As the angels focus on Shou's withdrawal, he strikes quickly. Not all that practiced a move, but he's obviously motivated by the strong pssibility of death. The other, a young woman of the 'goth' persuasion is much more lithe. She's also looking very frustrated as she seems unable to do a thing to the angel with her feeble efforts at magic.

The last angel to act is also aiming for Rufus, and its sword is swung towards him as well.

The angels still have no sense of humor, as surely Enrique is joking. Whether or not he is though, they don't answer. Two of them take off after Shou, while the others stay with those still on the rooftop. It leaves one on the freshmen, two turning towards those reaching the roof, and two still on Rufus, because it's been that sort of night for him.

As for poor Miguel, He gets to listen to the muzak version of 'Dancing Queen'. Fortunately, he's near the top.

Shou has disconnected.

The angel who is still facing the two children has his chance, and rather than swing for the one who seems competent with a blade goes for the goth chick who obviously doesn't know how to really use her abilities yet. There's a scream as the sword strikes true, and she goes down bloodily. It's hard to tell for sure, but it would be surprising if she got up from that. In fact, those with a connection with death can tell she's done.

He might not be able to hit them, but so far, they haven't been able to cut through the resilience of his pewter skin. Rufus staggers back just a step and then whirls around, spinning hard on the balls of his feet as he tears forward, falling further and deeper into a killing rage. He focuses entirely on the first angel for now, though he's scarcely unaware of the second right next to him. "Is this all?" he roars, as he draws back his arm to strike. "

He might not be able to hit them, but so far, they haven't been able to cut through the resilience of his pewter skin. Rufus staggers back just a step and then whirls around, spinning hard on the balls of his feet as he tears forward, falling further and deeper into a killing rage. He focuses entirely on the first angel for now, though he's scarcely unaware of the second right next to him. "Is this all?" he roars, as he draws back his arm to strike. "Is Jehovah so pathetic he fears children?" Annnnd… then he takes a stab.

It's a fine killing rage that Rufus has going, but it's not an exceptional hitting rage. Or, maybe it's just not his night. Everyone has days like that, but usually the stakes are a little lower. Thank goodness that the others are here now to take some of the heat off him and the last (living) student still on the roof. Said student roars with anger when his classmate is killed, and again strikes for the angel.

Meanwhile, there's two charging at the newcomers to the rooftop, and one says in defiance of Enrique's words "It is you who are judged, and are judged unworthy!"

Finally, the elevator gets to the top, though just before it does it slows as though about to get stuck. It hangs there for a few long moments, just to get Miguel riled up, then finally completes its trip and the doors open. Mostly. He'll have to squeeze through.

Miguel is digging the dancing queen not so much really, more likely it gets on his nerves and him pretty much riled up. But oh yeah, he's really lucky today, watching the elevator slow down threateningly, he murmurs under his breath "I dare you not to." And it doesn't totally at least. Though well yeah he has to squeeze his way through the door. Not kind of a cool way to introduce yourself to a battle.

Enrique narrows his eyes. "NOBODY but mami gets to judge me and my sins. Your blood will feed the world." he says before he turns towards one of the attackers and just smiles. Its a large 'im gonna eat you up' shark smile. His eyes sparkle as hard as his teath as he puts his divine power behind the gesture. "SUBMIT to your judment" he commands at the angel.

The angel striking at Mariana fails entirely. Perhaps it's those piercing eyes of Enrique's that throw off its swing and cause the thing to just stare at him for a moment. Makes it very vulnerable.

Lin moves quickly the rest of the way up to the roof when he looks upon the attackers. "Angels! They finally reveal themselves!" He says in surprise. That moment of hesitation costs to Lin as one of the Angels lands a blow. He doubles over from the strike. "Okay, that's it. You are so meeting Dad." He says as he brings up his wooden sword, going for a strike of his own.

"Why couldn't angels be those little cherubic things that you see on greeting cards?" Mariana says with a disdainful sigh when one of the angels goes straight for her. "Then we could just swat you away like flies." Moving with a well-practiced grace — thank you years of gymnastics and ballet — she is able to avoid being struck by the holy being, "Like I tell everyone. You can look, but you can't touch." Before lashing out towards her aggressor with her own obsidian blade. Whatever banter is going on between the angel and Enrique, she leaves it to them without verbal interruption.

A knock on the door would be so uncool… so why not kick in the door? Yeah, that's what he does. Noone will blame him for it afterwards anyhow. And in he charges, everyone waiting of course for his yell, or not "Better late than never! Prepare to die!" Oh yeah this man is full of rage after having to listen to one ABBA song too much today. And with that he probably charges at one of the closer angels, wielding his brass knuckles.

To the credit (or dumb luck) of the good guys, the angels aren't having all that much success, either. Aside from the two kids that have been killed, of course. For them, that's kind of sad. The angel facing off against the remaining student gets through his defense and its sword digs into the boy's side. There's a scream of pain, but he's not out yet.

He can hear people coming in and rushing up, and out of the corners of his eyes he can see yet another youngling has fallen… the girl. Rufus loses another few precious scraps of sanity, and instead of fleeing as he should if he'd like to stay, he endures. It might well be a hopeless battle, but he'll not back down now. "I will rip the wings from your bodies," he snarls, hate in his eyes, "and I will paint this city red with your blood!" He lands upon the rooftop for a second and then darts forward, soaring through the air to take another slash at the first of the angels attacking him.

Flying in the face of the poor luck of his fellows, Miguel takes a very solid shot at the angel with his knuckles. The creature is knocked off-balance, and looks a little surprised to have been hit hard enough to be injured. Meanwhile, Rufus manages a hit on one of the angels trying to kill him, and makes contact! Unfortunately, it isn't enough contact to do real damage. The angel responds by striking at the man again.

And now the angels against the four by the door act. Well, okay. One of them does. The other, completely ignoring Mariana's attempt to harm it, continues to stare at Enrique so long as the man is holding eye contact. The other, now a little damaged, is not happy with Miguel. It's his turn to take a shot from it.

Meanwhile, as Rufus tries to hit one of the angels on him, the other takes a swing.

Enrique points his gun at the Angel caught in his stare, he looks a little odd considering he is still meeting his eyes but he uses that to aim where to put the shot. "You are a murderer, and you think YOU are beyond Judment. All will be judged angel. Even you. Tremble. Pale. And face my mom's wrath." he says before BOOM firering a shot.

With the one angel being paralyzed, it isn't that hard for Mariana and Enrique to get very solid shots at it at the same time. This is great, since they can pretty easily dispatch it, but on the other hand when angels die they go BOOM. Those two closest go flying backwards. Hopefully not over the side of the building without means of slowing their descent. Lin, Miguel and their angel are also hit by the percussive wave, but they're just blown back some. Lin, being closer, is a little damaged. So is the angel. In a nice moment of luck, Miguel happened to be mostly shielded by the other two.

With the Angel missing his first swing, Lin tries another, going for a swipe instead of a lunge. He growls in anger and disappointment as the angel bobs out of the way of his attack…again. "You have some explaaaaainin' to do, Lucy!" That was until the explosion. He goes flying back, landing painfully upon a shoulder. He slowly crawls to his feet, grabbing for his sword to hold it for a block.

While the student looks like he'd like to stand his ground, he's pretty injured. He tries to make his way to the Scions at the door, where he stands a better chance of not dying. As quickly. He does get nicked again by the angel pursuing him, though.

This… is getting tiring. Rufus is suddenly beginning to wonder, in the haze of his bloodlust, just how much longer he really can endure against two opponents who cannot seem to manage to land a substantial blow against him. He falls back a few steps and then comes after the first of the angels again, his feet about three inches above the ground as he sweeps around to the back of the angel, grinning like a madman. "Die," he snarls, as he strikes as hard as he can.

There is one left with the people by the door, and it's picking itself up after being hurt by its fellow angel exploding. It's a little slower, but still ready to fight. It turns it's wrath upon one of those that destroyed the other - Mariana.

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