Part Four


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Scene Title Comedy of Errors: Part Four
Synopsis With two angels remaining, the scions on the roof must battle for their lives with parental support. Dee was the Storyteller for this scene.

Washington Square Park

The center-point of the New York University campus collective, this pleasant park is home to musicians, poets, lovers, and children. In the southern section of the park Chess players sit on benches throughout the day, matching wits with one another on stone tables. A giant, pebble-stone fountain sprays a geyser of water up high at all hours of the day. It stands in front of the center where two large archway-supports intersect.

This marble arch in the Park has always been a symbol of Greenwich Village. This little patch of greensward and concrete is surrounded by NYU, but filled with all sorts of Village characters. Students sit and study, neighbors stroll through on Saturday mornings, out-of-towners gawk at the street-freak performers commanding a crowd from the center of the fountain, and the dog run brings out the animal lovers. On the other end of the park is a small stage where musicians occasionally play for the benefit of any accepting ear. A mime or two might wander about ready to perform their magic for visitors. A small playground is located near the stage. Here children dangle from monkey bars, scream on merry-go-rounds, and giggle on swings.

There are two angels remaining on the NYU dorm roof. Two flew off after Rufus, and one flew off after Shou. While one is near Miguel and Lin, the other is rapidly descending on the last of the freshmen originally attacked. He's still moving, hurrying towards the others as fast as possible, but he's badly hurt and it's hard to tell whether he'll survive this. The other girl that stayed behind didn't.

Lin holds onto the arm as he keeps an eye on the remaining angel. His arm was killing from the earlier hits and explosions from the other angels. He looks to the wooden sword in his hand and shakes his head. "To hell with this." He says, dumping into his backpack. He draws out his service revolver before half glancing to the ground. "Hey, Dad. Next time you come around with gifts. How about a cannon?"

Taking this brief moment to breathe, the searing pain caused by the exploded angel burning at her skin, Mariana lifts her chin to gauge the situation as she idly tucks a loose lock of hair behind her ear. She notices one of the angels hovering around the two strangers that she just loosely met today and another going after the brawny kid with the blade who is running in their direction. Touching at her lips, tasting a bit of blood there, she looks both somewhat pleased, yet annoyed at the same time. As she slowly rises to stand in full now, her dagger clutched even tighter within her grasp, she tosses out a comment to Enrique, "…What do you have loaded in that thing?" She is referring to his gun as she expected that to be the cause of the angel blowing up.

Enrique is staggaring to his feet, his nice suit all singed up and looking unhappy. "Hijo de puta! These things explode when they die?" he says as he dusts himself off and raises his gun to his lips. "Soylent Green is really people." he says softly before he turns to Mariana. "Secrets. The gun runs off secrets." before he aims it at the angel classicly. "We need to work together, and be ready for when it explodes."

Through shameless Deus ex Machina, the angel closer to the group manages to smack Miguel to the other side of the roof and then runs after him. Fortunately, another is just arriving on the roof, and goes to aide him. It frees the other three to face off against the angel about to kill the young man.

The angel is not simply running, of course. He takes a swipe with his golden sword, trying to kill the teen before anyone can help him.

While Mariana doesn't look as if she so much as cared about the fate of the kid that is running for safety, the angel that's chasing him is going to be a nuisance to everyone involved, thus she starts forward with her dagger outstretched. As she draws closer to the young scion, she absently gauges his condition, but doesn't focus on it completely because there's an angel on its way, "Hey!" She calls out, "Can anyone come in to play or is it by invitation only?" This is her attempt to attract the angel in the hopes to distract him enough from completing his attack… and perhaps to catch his eye.

Enrique is trying a more dirrect approch at getting the angel's attention, he fires a shot of the black slime at the angel. He isn't aiming hard but trying to present himself as a threat as he snears and leans foward. "Ah! I see whats happening here. Catholic Preist and angel thing huh? Your mad cause the big man isn't letting you screw boys like him so you figure if you kill enough of them he might change his mind? Yeah don't even try with any of this judgement bullshit. I can see the hunger in your eyes pervert."

Mariana entirely fails to get the attention of the angel, or the kid. So much so that when the freshman suddenly changes direction he goes right into her. It's been that sort of a night, hasn't it? Fortunately, Enrique and his talented tongue are there to keep the angel from just slicing at both while they untangle. The angel instead turns towards him.

With his gun in hand, Lin aims at the Angel. He glances at the others as they try their attacks, making sure they don't get into his shot. "Hey, Shiny! Over here! You didn't finish the job in killing me!" He says to get it away from the student. He looks down the barrel and pulls the trigger.

Lin's shot bounces off the angel's armor, unfortunately, and it continues to move towards Enrique to swing at him with his golden sword. It's hard to tell whether it is personally offended by his words, or being offended on behalf of the priesthood. The teen gets back to his feet, though it's slowish to happen. He says to them hurriedly "They just dropped on us from the sky. All we were doing was talking."

Mariana hates it when people think they can get close enough to touch her and her expensive clothes. Even if that expensive clothes is slightly charred and altogether ruined from the prior exploding angel. So when the kid collides into her, Mariana hisses, "Watch where you are going, moron." And immediately tries to push the punk off of her, "Don't expect my help the next time you have an angel or any divine being wanting to chop you into bits and pieces." Even as she breaks free from brawny kid entanglement, she murmurs, "In fact, I may find some enjoyment in it all." Then the kid is dismissed entirely, not giving him a second look, even as he starts to babble. When the angel is heading in Enrique's direction, Mariana looks as if she's considering a few things. Eventually, she launches in the angel's direction in an attempt to stab it in the back.

Enrique continues to back up, looking behind him to make sure that he dosn't go too far, he ducks to the side as the thing swipes at it. "Thats what I thought mano. Whats wrong? You want some of me too? Thats fine. I just wish mom was here. You would be putty in her hands." he says though for right now he just keeps his gun trained, making sure he has a good shot at the creature and keeps its focus despite the lack of supernatural bite to these words.

Lin frowns as the shot barely misses the angel. "Oh come on!" He was already close. He fires again, blasting at the…thing. He looks to the girl who is running up. "You! Don't get close! Remember the explosion! Pull back with the student!" He advices.

The angel seems determined to attack Enrique, though that plan changes when Mariana comes up behind and strikes. She doesn't hit anything that does real damage, but this time she does get his attention. Of course, then a bullet ricochets off his armor again, and he has to decide between the three new targets. Before that decision is made though, Enrique's able to get off his more carefully-aimed shot.

Enrique waits until right as the creature begins to move to decide when he suddenly lunges foward, arms straight in classic shooting posture as he shoots two shots, black slime covered bullets fly across the rooftop to try and hit the angel. If he aimed it just right they should catch the creature right in the chest. "Mari! Get away. He might explode."

While the angel can see that Enrique is readying to fire, the second shot is harder for it to evade. By shear bad luck though, it bounces off the creature's sword. It does help it decide which to attack though, and it leaps forward to try to swing at Enrique.

The angel does hit Enrique, but it's a glancing blow off his body armor. It seems to have settled on him though, for its attacks. Lucky Enrique.

What are these guys made of anyway? Mariana ponders when her obsidian dagger makes contact but she isn't able to drive the blade any further into the divine being's back. No blood. That is if they even bleed and if not, how unfortunate! No, she doesn't shoo the kid away, even if he is a good distance from where she tried to drive her blade into the angel, so that's good enough to her. "And where do you think you're going? She then calls out, watching as the divine being launches an attack on Enrique, "Perhaps the lawyer was right. Maybe you really do like boys." She takes everyone's warnings into consideration, so while she wants to try and stick it to the angel once again, she goes to being an annoyance instead, perhaps once more trying to draw the thing's attention towards her. I mean, so far, she hasn't been able to do much damage to it. So she follows behind, at what she considers a safe distance, swinging her blade at the creature's wings or whatever she can hit, though her goal isn't to actually kill it. All the while, every muscle in her lithe frame tenses, coiling as if preparing to leap or roll out of the way once she senses

Enrique growls as once more, he fails to make any sort of difference. He sighs and continues to move back. "Everybody… hold your fire and go on my mark." he says as he raises his other hand, cocking his revolver for another hopefull shot.

It's no one's day for luck with weapons, and this shot isn't different from others. Maybe he should try better secrets? Or, perhaps the coordinated assault will work. If not, maybe a large boulder will just drop out of the sky and squish it, or something.

Lin frowns and swears a few things under his breath. "Why won't you just go boom?" He says in frustration. He has his gun ready, his finger twitching to pull the trigger. He stops when the other shouts to hold his fire. He frowns before nodding, just rolling his chin to aim down the barrel, waiting.

Enrique still has the angel's attention, and it continues to strike at him, trying to drive him back further.

Even with her close proximity to the angel, Mariana's eyes flicker first to Enrique and then to Lin, studying their posture for a fleeting second, almost as if she were making some sort of calculation in her mind. All the while, she waits for the 'Go', her dagger in hand.

Hearing the explosive double shots from the dude, Lin takes that as his cue. He smiles slightly as he pulls his trigger. He was aimming alright, but not at the head or any body part. Nope, he was aiming at the sword. It's time to clip the talons.

The three do have a bit more luck when they all attack together. Not a lot more luck, but some. At least, they finally do some damage to the thing, and Lin gets off a very nice shot that knocks the angel's sword from its hands. That's definitely helpful.

It's too dark for an increasingly large shadow to appear, centered on the angel. There's really no warning at all. Suddenly, if anyone happens to be looking upwards, there's a rock. Well, it's not so much a rock as a boulder. It's a good-sized boulder, too. It seems to drop straight down rather than show evidence of being launched from another rooftop, and that straight down hits the creature dead on. Of course, it does blow up, but the boulder, which flies up a little into the air when it explodes and then drops again onto where it was, protects the group from most of the damage. Not all of it, but most. When the dust clears, those present might make note of a, well, note:

Dear Children,

Stop screwing around.

Your Parents

Dee was the Storyteller for this scene.

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