Combat Rules

Combat Rules

How Combat Works

When your characters get into a fight, everything drops into combat time. The smallest division of combat time is one tick, equal to approximately one second. Combat time passes one tick at a time until the end of the fight. On some ticks, one or more characters act. You resolve those actions on the tick in which they are declared (by rolling dice, usually), then continue moving forward, tick by tick.

Every character defends himself on the battlefield unless he chooses to do otherwise. Taking actions penalizes one’s defense for the ability to stab someone, jump onto a flying horse or something else. Characters who can act on the current tick reset to their best possible Defense Value - clearing all defense penalties — until they choose to take another action.

Additional Combat Information

Surprise Attacks

When the target has no idea an attack is coming, both his Dodge and ParryDVs become inapplicable. They effectively drop to 0 against the attack. This usually happens when an assassin or opponent gets the drop on the character. The sneak’s player rolls (Dexterity + Stealth) in a contested roll against the (Perception + Awareness) of the target and any other characters who could notice. Characters who see the assassin may alert others if they choose.

Attacking a target who is unaware of you or the attack gains the benefits of an unexpected attack. Although it’s harder to hide from a foe in the middle of combat, it is possible.

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