Coffee Shop Mayhem


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Scene Title Coffee Shop Mayhem
Synopsis Yet another Scion is targeted. Anne is found fortunately by our merry band of heroes, able to stop the dark onmyoudo and the firebug.

Middle Grounds

Stepping inside of the middle grounds the smell of coffee hits the senses. Rows of books meet the eyes on every subject. In the middle of the room stands a register and help center for any questions someone might have. To the right is a small study area that patrons can use for research needs. To the left is a few more rows of book then a door that is labeled basement. To the back of the store is a small bistro offering patrons drinks of different sorts and even a small kitchen for food. In the very back of the store is a door way marked "Private."

Anne is standing close to the entrance of Middle Grounds. She is looking through a pile of books, all appearing to be on the subject of Psychology. She seems oblivious to the other people around her, as she focuses on finding the book she wants. She is dressed simply, in blue jeans and a cropped white tank top. On her feet are some white ballet flats.

Jolie wants coffee! She happens to be in the area, and enters the Middle Grounds. "Man, I hate late night studying, but what are you gonna do?" Slipping into line, she's sporting a black hoodie and black jeans, along with black Timberlands. Monochrome lass, is she.

Fate has deigned that at this moment, Ezekiel Adams would choose to take it upon himself to do something he hasn't done since his high school years - he is stepping foot inside a bookstore. He's dressed in his usual fare, sporting a pair of blue jeans, a belt with a fancy-looking clasp with what looks like a lion's head on it, some boots, and a white muscle shirt. He wanders in through the door to the Middle Grounds, whistling while he walks. He looks around the room, and his eyes shift to where Anne is standing, his eyebrows raising as they move down over her body. "Now that's fashion sense," he says, until he gets down to the ballet flats. Then he shrugs, supposing that a girl can be allowed to wear girl shoes.

Rupert enters the coffee shop and proceeds directly to the counter to order, not bothering to stop and grace any of the other patrons with a second glance.

Anne is unaware of Zeke judging her fashion sense, because she has finally found the book she is looking for. "Got you" she says. She contemplates taking it to the counter right away, but decides she will hang out here for a bit and flick through it. Maybe if she reads fast enough, she can even get away with not having to buy it. She is tempted by the aroma of coffee in the air and decides she will grab one to sip at, whilst she reads. She moves over to the bistro area and starts reading the menu.

"Yeah, I'd like one of those espressos, please. With extra spress," says Jolie when her turn comes up. She moves to pay and notices Rupert out of the corner of her eye. "Heya. Long time no see," she says, as she lays her money down. "Did your momma send you in to buy a book? Or are you just here for the coffee?"

Zeke finds himself suddenly keenly interested in Anxiety Disorders - at least, that's what one might gather by the fact that he walks over to the Psychology section near where Anne is standing and starts looking at the book titles. He starts to take one off the shelf, but then Anne is gone, so he flips through the entire 300-page volume in about three seconds before deeming it uninteresting and setting it back on the shelf. He hangs around the books for a few more seconds before he steps out from behind them, walking up toward the coffee area to get in line. As he gets close to Jolie and Rupert, he nods toward them, hands tucked in his pockets.

"Wouldn't put it past the bitch," Rupert mutters in reply to Jolie. "I was passing by and wanted a coffee." He glances around suspiciously and spots Zeke. "I hate coincidences. Shite always happens when they pop up."

Almost immediately after Rupert speaks, a tall Japanese man dressed in a full business suit comes in. Next to him stands a rather gorgeous Indian woman, a few inches shorter with piercing brown eyes. The woman hrmms for a bit as she mutters softly with the Japanese gentleman as they both start scanning the area.

Anne orders a regular coffee. "Milk, no sugar" she tells the server, before turning to glance around the area, as he fixes the drink for her. Her eyes come to rest on Zeke. She looks him up and down, before her eyes move back to his face. She offers him a smile, before turning to face the counter again. She hasn't noticed the new arrivals.

Jolie gets her coffee and moves aside. "Maybe there aren't any coincidences, you think? Sometimes there's an explanation for stuff, but it's just that we don't know the answer." Jolie adds, "Yo, Zeke."

Zeke returns Anne's smile when it's offered, and he steps up to the counter next to her, commandeering Jolie's server. "I'll have a regular with two creams and three sugars. I like sugar," he says, giving Anne a raised eyebrow coupled with a smirk that may amount to one of the cheesiest lines ever. Then suddenly he notices that he was noticed and looks over at Jolie quickly, offering a wave. "Heya, Jo," he calls over to her. "How's it hanging?"

Rupert snorts. "Yeah, mother forbid they actually explain shit to us," he comments to Jolie before offering Zeke a nod.

Jolie opens her mouth. Closes it. Then just talks to Zeke. "To the left, man, how about you?" She grins, then grins even more when she sees the man flirting with the woman in the ballet slippers.

The rather ravishing young Indian woman heads over towards the counter, moving behind the counter as she grins wryly. she grabs one of the aprons as if she's lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. She pulls out a zippo from her pockets as she looks towards everyone present and lights the zippo. "Burn.." is all she says and there's a brilliant flash of light in front of everyone.

Fortunately, the man in the black business suit isnt looking in her direction.

He was prepared for the bright flash of light. A predatory grin curled onto his lips. It was almost too easy. Of course, he wasnt aware that anyone had actually had the fortitude to not be stunned by the scion of the fire god. "Bravo, Preethi! I'm sure the others will be pleased. Much more simple than the last one that was captured? No wonder we were sent instead of Mordred and Helena.." he quips with a soft chuckle under his breath as he casually makes his way towards the stunned Anne and picks her up. Oh when she's unstunned she'll be in a perfect position to knee him in the crotch considering he's hefting her up caveman style.

As he picks her up, he pulls out a similar ofuda much like Maia uses. The different is that instead of white prayerstrips much like she uses, his is completely jet black with white writing instead. "Father, I call upon your power.." he says as a silhouette of a moon appears over his head…

Zeke blinks only for a moment as the flare is set off in his immediate vicinity. He turns toward the source of the light, then toward the man in the suit who just nabbed Anne. Zeke's jaw sets as he reaches behind himself and pulls out the Glock 17 tucked into his pants, which has become a gleaming Peacemaker by the time that he levels it on Kamui in a Weaver stance. "Hey, asshole. Drop the merchandise before I show you just how bad my daddy can kick your daddy's ass."

The young Indian woman lets out an impish giggle as she finally decreases her glow and looks around. Since she's behind the counter she looks around as she keeps the zippo lit. "Ooooh, show me the way to chaos.." she whispers, letting out an impish giggle as she starts lighting up a rather soaked dish rag. Soon it's immediately on fire and starts spreading. "PRETTY!" she squeals in delight, clapping her hands the entire time.

Rupert blinks as the light fades and he glares. "You wanna play with chaos, bitch?" He smirks coldly. "I think not." An aura of calm seems to envelope him, and he remains aloof and apart from any chaos that may be going on around him. He reaches into his trench pocket and pulls out the wicked-looking bagh-nakh. He takes a fluid step forward, suddenly seeming to become much more graceful. "Let's see how pretty you are when I'm done with you."

Anne was stunned by the flash of bright light, when it appeared. So much so, that she didn't even notice when the man picked her up. By the time she does. Zeke is pointing a gun at her captor. She decides to try and wiggle free of his grasp, whilst the man has a distraction. She manages to do so then fixes her gaze upon him locking her eyes with his.

"I starting to /hate/ that stun thing," growls Jolie when she comes to. "Okay, what do we have here?" She makes a quick decision, seeing that Zeke's got his gun trained on the man. Tapping a foot on the ground, she becomes a blur as she runs through the store to grab a fire extinguisher, zooming back to fire it at Preethi. "Take this, pyro!"

And they soon come out of the stun effect of Preethi's solar glory. They realize that there's a fire spreading and all of a sudden there's smoke from the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Then there's the man pointing a gun towards another man. One in a business suit. All the baristas and patrons at this point scream and run in panic towards the door, leaving Rupert and his immediate area the one place of calm amidst the chaos.

Zeke lets out a low growl as Preethi suddenly casts everything into a blazing inferno of chaos. "Goddamn, you crazy bitches are a dime a dozen around here, aren't you?" He keeps his cool, though, his gun hands steady as he keeps his stance tight, waiting for just the right moment when Anne has extracted herself from Kamui's grasp. And there it is, in the split second where it looks like the man in the suit is about to regain his composure - Zeke takes the shot, the Peacemaker in his hands thundering as he squeezes the trigger.

And the bullet grazes Kamui on the shoulder as the bullet hits him, though he snapped out of the gaze in enough time. With a mutter of a word of power, he pulls out a sword, a rather large one at that that's quite ornate with kanji. "If we cant have the girl, then I'll just kill her!" he says, hissing through his teeth as he looks towards the one who made him get shot, trying to slash her.

Rupert's cold smirk never fades as he slides the wicked claws of the bagh-nakh between his fingers. "Snikt," he says. "Hey, who am I?" He poses briefly. "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do ain't pretty. Kinda like you!" On the last word, he whips his hand out toward her face in a lightning-quick slash of the sharp claws.

Anne is wounded by the slash attack. Not enough, to prevent her from slipping her hand into her pocket and producing a gold and green feather. She draws it across her exposed stomach, drawing more blood, to add to that from the slash.

Slash! Preethi starts to bleed on her torso where she was slashed with the tiger claws. She cries out in pain. "I didnt sign up for this shit!" she cries out, not exactly one for valor. "Kamui! I'll meet you back at HQ!" she says before rushing out of the door with inhuman speed.

Anne watches as the coatl emerges from the ground. The magnificent creature's entrance never ceases to amaze her, no matter how many times she witnesses it. To those who have never seen one before, it will prove even more striking. It emerges as a snake stretching around 30 feet in length with brilliant green and gold scales and feathers identical, to the one that Anne used on herself.

"Oh no you don't!" Jolie bolts after Preethi, intent on preventing her from reaching HQ. She catches up with her fellow speedster and tries to whack the woman with the fire extinguisher that she still carries. But she whiffs and misses.

With the giant snake dragon thing creature there. Kamui's eyes widen and he starts dashing. Perhaps these two were brought here for their speed as he starts running off with inhuman speed. "How troublesome.."

Rupert's smirk grows into a satisfied grin as the bastards turn heel and flee. "Gotcha," he whispers, bringing his tiger claws up and blowing on them like a smoking revolver. He carefully returns the divine relic to his specially-tailored pocket, and glances around. After a minute, he heads to the counter and looks for an employee. "Hey! Where's my bleeding coffee?"

Zeke growls as Kamui ignores his bullet in favour of slashing the cute girl through the stomach, then starts to run away with the arrival of the coatl. He glowers in the firelight and starts to move after the man. "That's right, you motherfucking coward! You better fuckin' run!" He fires off another round at the retreating Scion.

With the two other Scions having run off, both their own wounds to nurse, everything has calmed down in the little coffee shop. It seems nothing is coincidence afterall, at least not with the loom of fate as it was brought yet another Scion into the merry band of heroes!

Jolie stops running and curses at the retreating Preethi, and Kamui, as he zips past. "Ball-less assholes! Come back and fight!" She flips them the bird, then tromps back to the bookstore. "Everybody okay?" Jolie adds, "Whoah. Mutant parrot. Pretty."

Rupert sighs and gives up on his coffee. He turns around to look at the other Scions. "Well, ain't this a right party." He looks at Anne. "Who're you?"

Anne greets her creature, as it does her in turn. "Hello Miss Anne" it says, in a slightly hissing voice. It then darts after, the retreating Kamui. It launches itself of the ground, despite having no apparent wings. Its efforts however are unnecessary, as the threat has now passed. It looks around, the shop, before vanishing, as quickly as it had appeared. Anne pulls her tank top down and wipes the blood from her stomach, with it. She shrugs and says to nobody in particular "Good job I have plenty more of these at home." She looks across at Rupert, as he asks his question. "My name is Anne" she replies. "Your name is?"

Zeke holds his revolver up and blows smoke from its barrel himself in a classic Western style. The weapon shifts in his hand to become a more compact Glock as he tucks it into the back of his jeans and nods at Jolie. "I need to learn to run faster," he remarks as he turns to Anne and starts walking toward her. "Hey, you okay there? That looks pretty bad." He wipes the sweat from his palms off on his jeans, "Shoulda known you were one of us. Damn, it's always intimidating meeting a woman who has a bigger snake than I do."

"Always? This happens to you a lot, Zeke?" Jolie grins, then looks around. "Well, looks like we met two more bad guys. The man's power reminded me a little of Sailor Mars. The woman was just a pyro."

"I fuckin' hate firebugs," Rupert spits out. "They always turn out to be bonkers." He shrugs and looks back at Anne. "Ripper," he remarks casually. "Sort of refreshing to meet one of us that hasn't heard my name before. Bit of a blow to the ego, though."

Anne can't help but laugh, at Zeke's comment. She looks down at herself and nods "Yeah, I will be fine. I've had worse". She nods at Rupert "Hey there Ripper, nice name." She then looks around at the others, too. "So, I guess this is a momentous occasion. I've never met anyone, of my kind before. I have heard there were others. I just didn't expect to run into them, in my local bookstore." She runs a hand through her long hair. "So, do you guys do this kind of thing a lot?"

"Not really, no," Zeke replies to Jolie, then nods at Rupert. "I thought that was the whole thing with the mania part o' pyromania." Then he turns to Anne, "I'm Zeke, son of Ares. I do this shit just about every other day since I been in this town. It ain't normal, though, there's some kinda big shit going down around here."
Jolie waves. "I"m Jolie, daughter of Baron Samedi. And yeah, Zeke's right, things just started getting real crazy. You're the second person they've tried to snatch. Well, not these exact people, though I think they're all part of the same gang."
Rupert shrugs. "Wouldn't bet against it. This many Scions who done flipped sides? Somebody's calling the shots."

Anne nods at Zeke and Jolie. "Hello Zeke, son of Ares and Jolie, daughter of Baron Semedi. If we are doing parents, too, then I am Anne, daughter of Tlazoltéotl." She looks Ripper over, trying to decide who his parent may be. "So, I can presume, they knew exactly who I was, when he snatched me."

"Yeah, there's a good chance of it. Either that or he just picked the first hot chick he saw," Zeke says, shrugging his shoulders a little. "They've definitely got brass balls, nabbing Scions right outta the open. We should probably start stickin' together more, like Maia said. They seem pretty hardcore about this shit." He looks at Jolie and Ripper as he says this.

"I'm thinking he knew /what/ he was grabbing. Don't know about /who/," ponders Jolie. "Anyways, I'll think about the whole Drawn Together thing. Right now, I'm about getting some studying done. Nice meeting you, Anne. Later, ya'll." And with that, she strides out of the store and back to her dorm.

Rupert rolls his eyes. "Look, you lot aren't going to let this go, are you?" He sighs. "Might as well count me in, then. Least I won't have to put up with these not-so-subtle random-arse meetings."

Anne looks at Zeke, nodding at his words. "Well, I'm fine with sticking together more." She then looks at the other two. "With all of you, I mean." She gives a wave to the departing Jolie, and then asks "So, how do we work this? Do you wanna take my cell phone number, or something? Maybe let me know when I may be needed. "A slight frown crosses her face "Of course, it could make work a little awkward. I doubt they will be willing to schedule around my shifts."

Zeke reaches up to rub his jaw thoughtfully, looking around. "Come to think of it, we should probably blow this popsicle stand. Anyway, I'm off duty right now, so if you guys need me around…" He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. "Here's my number. Call me if you need a hand." He reads off the number to his phone as he starts making his way toward the exit, probably of the emergency variety if there is one.

"Right," Rupert says. "I'm at the Diamond. Got the top floor reserved, so if you need me, tell the desk bloke the password is Scion. He'll put you through."

Anne takes out her cell phone and taps in Zeke's. She then nods at Rupert "I'll remember that. It was nice meeting you, I guess." She waves to them both, before making her way out of the bookstore, the book she came to find, totally forgotten.

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