Coffee And Goatmen


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Scene Title Coffee and Goatmen
Synopsis An innocent cup of Joe turns into a destructive battle at the drop of a … goat?

Java House - Soho - New York City

Sultry notes of Jazz waft through the air, along with the fine aroma of over fifty different types off coffee. Ranging from the esoteric (and delicious) Jamaican Blue Mountain to the almost mundane flavor of amaretto, the Java House carries them all. The interior, while somewhat drab compared to Starbucks, is almost entirely in neutral earth tones. The Java House is less like a house than a long hallway, one lined with a variety of trendy peices of art.
The noise from all the shoes of the customers in here treading on the hard wood floors sometimes drowns out the music, but it still produces a rhythm all it's own. The vibration from the tunes, and from the many feet walking on the wooden floor, almost fills the room with a subtle buzz, one that only complements the excellent coffee here.

Leandra is occupying a place at one table, a large and steaming cup of coffee in hand and being occasionally sipped from while she keeps her eyes closed and apparently tries to zone out, sprawling a little.

The whispers start immediately as Ripper enters the cafe. He's not even trying to be incognito, instead wearing his signature black trenchcoat and skull necklace. He pauses inside the entrance and smirks, scanning the room from behind is dark sunglasses. After a few minutes, the rock star heads for the counter and places an order to the suddenly nervous, giggly girl behind the counter.

Leandra was probably the previous center of attention there, though she was not doing anything to play up to it or make herself interesting, so that rapidly ceases, the whispering and giggling and suchlike rouse her from her reverie however and she straightens up in her chair before lowering the cup and turning to glance around where. Ahh, she spots the cause of the excitement, turning a little to watch him now.

Ripper is standing at the counter, waiting for his order. Shortly, he recieves his coffee and looks around. Smirking, he heads for Leandra's table and takes a seat uninvited. "Afternoon, luv," he greets casually and sips his coffee.

"I am kind of suprised at you drinking coffee." Notes Leandra by way of reply as she swings her feet back under her chair, taking another sip of her own drink. "And yes that does mean I recognize you, though I am not a huge fan of your music."

Leonard is paying a visit to the building. The man enters along with briefcase, neat looking thing that danges at his side, swaying back and forth as he makes his way toward counter. He situates himself in line, pays only cursory glance across the room before attention focuses back upon his goal. Coffee, and a lot of it.

"Not a fan of my music?" Ripper repeats, smirking. "Sorry, luv. Does not compute. You ever been to one of my concerts? I put on a show you'd never forget." He glances around the cafe. "As for coffee, it does wonders for a hangover."

"Does that mean you will give me tickets?" Asks Leandra grin with a grin to that. "Rock music is not my thing, but it'd probably be fun." Another sip of her coffee, nodding in agreement at the hangover comment.

It's only when Leonard has his cup that he seems to realize that he's seen a few of these people before. Leandra is squinted at, though Rupert seems to draw the most attention. Probably not for the reason that most people have, judging by the greeting offer to man at the counter. "How's guard duty?" Cup rises, wagging once toward the woman across before attention wanders back to the other.

Rupert grins wickedly at Leandra. "Can't go giving tickets away for free, luv. You got to earn them." His innuendo is interrupted, however, by Leonard. "Pardon, mate? Do I know you?"

Outside the cafe, car horns and the screech of brakes can be heard, fairly typical for the city.

"Uhh huh." Leandra pulls a face at that, another sip of her coffee as she turns a little in her chair to look up at Leonhard and carefully study him for a few seconds, she gives a small nod in his direction but shows no sign of recognition.

"Maybe you don't remember." Leonard makes salute toward Rupert afterward, raise of glass before another tiny sip is taken. "I'll assume the answer is: 'As usual'." His lips curve into a lazy smile afterward, mentioning, "I hope it'll go better for you soon."

Ripper is sitting at a table with Leandra, speaking to Leonard. "Right, then," he says slowly. "That doesn't answer my question. Who the bleeding hell are you? I've met so many people last couple weeks, I can't keep them all straight."

"Well I have no idea who you are, so perhaps an introduction, or re introduction, would be the best idea?" Notes Leandra as she shifts a little in her chair, leaning against the back as she raises her cup for another sip.

"Mr. Mystery." With his introduction Leonard reaches to pluck hat from head, the magician dragging it to touch to his chest in gesture of greeting. Back up after, the bowl shaped accessory adjusted before the man leans to plant himself back agaisnt the counter. "Usually my previous introductions are enough to make people remember. My mistake."

Jason makes his way into the Java House, pausing for a moment to look about the interior before making his way towards the counter to get.. a cup of coffee. It is terribly predictable behavior, a cup of coffee quickly enough acquired before he is moving over to find a seat. Settling down into a chair and taking a cautious sip of the fresh brew.

"Oh, right," Ripper says, nodding. "That's why I didn't remember you. You're the lame bloke who actually expects people to call you Mister Mystery." He shakes his head, smirking. "Honestly, you can't expect people to actually pay attention to you enough to remember you after an introduction like that. It's basically saying up front that you're not going to contribute to society in any meaningful way because you live in your mum's basement."

Outside, the screech of cars escalates into shouts, punctuated by an abbreviated scream and a loud crash.

Leandra raises her eyebrows at the self declared Mr Mystery's introduction, her expression changes to a frown from that outside. She sets her coffee down. "Well fascinating as this might be, I am going to go and see what that is about. I am definitely going to refuse to call anyone Mr Mystery though." With that she rises smoothly to her feet before heading over to the nearest window or doorway in the hope of seeing what happened.

"Good to know," Leonard's lips tug into another smile toward Rupert, making mention of, "I'm going to go and find out what that was. Do me a favor and keeping on doing whatever it is you're up to. Maybe it'll work eventually." Fingers rise, making flicker of wave before the man starts toward the door, intent on checking out the ruckus outdoors.

Jason sets his coffee down at the sound of screeching cars and shouting outside. Like many others, no doubt, he rises to his feet and makes his way towards the nearest window. Sneaking a peek at the outside world and looking about for the source of the disturbance.

No sooner do the various Scions begin to head toward the ruckus, the front door of the cafe virtually explodes inward, slamming into a table and knock two customers to the ground amidst sudden screams of terror. Framed in the doorway is a large, muscle-bound figure, humanoid but covered in bristly fur. The creature has cloven-hooved feet, and a demonic parody of a goat's head. It glares into the cafe and steps forward, hefting a huge axe and bellowing a war cry. A man caught in the debris near the door tries to dash forward, but the goatman merely backhands him, sending him into the wall. The smack of the man's head echoes in the suddenly quiet cafe, and the smell of blood rises into the air as the man slumps.

"Bugger all," Ripper says, standing and reaching into his pocket. "Can't even go get a coffee anymore. From now on, it's room service or nothing."

Leandra was definitely not expecting that as she headed for the door, but does not let her suprise slow her down as she snatches a matt black pistol from inside her jacket whilst bounding back away from the door. She emits a frustrated and wordless curse as she glares at the goat thing for a split second over the sights of her pistol then jerks the trigger. Bang, not as loud as the door breaking but rather a sharper sound.

Ripper doesn't hesitate as he dashes forward, running atop the debris and leaping headlong at the goatman. His hand whips out of, revealing long, wicked claws remniscent of a certain popular mutant superhero. As he lands in front of the creature, he whirls, slashing the claws out toward the beast's torso, hoping to open a decent gash. Unfortunately, the claws slide right off the thick fur, and the creature recieves no wound.

The goatman roars and stams its hooves. It takes a swing at Leandra with its massive axe, but the clumsy creature barely misses.

As the creature comes crashing through the door Jason steps back from the window and knocks over the nearest table, the sound of it crashing through the floor mild compared to some of the background cacophany as he quickly plants himself behind it and draws a pistol from within his jacket. He does not fire at once, aiming carefully and waiting his moment.

Ripper quickly steps backwards after his last failed attack. He steps onto a large unbroke shard of glass and kicks off, sliding it across the slick hardwood floor to gain momentum. He slashes out again, but once more fails do any damage whatsoever.

When trouble comes it's not long before Leonard decides to relocate. The cup clutched in his hand goes crashing the floor, spilling out mess of dark liquid at his feet. The man himself springs backward, arms extending, fingers and thumps pointed out like guns. It's a gunslinger's dive, no bullets, but the curse is cast. The momentum from the magician's leap takes the man over the counter and across the smooth surface, Leonard tumbling down behind makeshift cover.

Leandra looks.. Almost as if she is having fun as the axe is swung at her, grinning and leaping over the slashing steel to land neatly atop one rapidly vacated table before she spins and lashes out a booted foot in a snap kick that attempts to knock the weapon out of the creature's hands.

Jason seems to finally find his moment, as Leandra kicks the axe free from the creature he finally uses the edge of the downed table to steady his aim and finally pull the trigger. Opening fire on the suddenly weaponless attacker with careful precision.

The shot hits! Not that the fur clad attacker goes down unfortunately, still in the wake of Jason's attack it does at least look it has just gotten a good solid punch delivered to it. Behind the table the man gives the gun a stern look and he calls out to the others, "Stubborn isn't he."

The goatman roars again, an ear-splitting thunderous sound in the small cafe as it comes under constant attack from the weak human creatures. It aims a tree-splitting kick at Leandra, but once again misses the mark.

The kick does leave it open to Ripper, however, who is behind the creature now. He dashes foward and leaps up on the goatman's back, slaming his claws directly into the goatman's temple. The titanspawn goes down, but amazingly is still alive. It's huge chest rises and falls with shallow breaths, but it appears unconcious for now.

"Very," Ripper replies to Jason.

Leandra rather gratitously removes herself from the path of the kick via backflip off of the table, landing with her pistol aimed at the thing while she peers at it dubiously. "Did it even notice when I hit it? Not that I expected to do much with a pop gun." She steps forward and moves to press the muzzle of her weapon against one of the downed creature's eye.

Leonard's hat is the first that that comes over the top of the counter. It hovers, wags back and forth before skittering in a quick arc toward the right. The magician comes after, curved dagger raised, held over should in preperation to cast. A bit late, though. When he realises that he pauses, making short appology to the employee with him before he vaults over the top of the divider. "Another day."

Jason keeps his gun out and ready, although he does not go shoving it into the things face. "It's still breathing after that" Jason says sounding rather impressed, then to Ripper, "Nice work with the claws." To Leandra he says, "If it can talk it might prove worthwhile to throw some boiling coffee in that things face to wake it up. Unless it wandered in searching for a caffeine buzz it might have been sent after someone specific."

"Not a chance," Ripper says, walking towards the downed creature. "See those wounds?" He points with his claws at the bullet holes in the creature's chest, which can be seen visibly healing. "Kill it while it's down before it gets up again." He nods to Leandra. "That pea-shooter ought to do it."

"That was my plan. I kind of doubt I could hold it down while it was questioned." Agrees Leandra with Rupert there, before pulling the trigger and blatting three measured shots into the creature's eye over perhaps two seconds, the pistol is flicked to the side to clear off gore before she wipes it off on the thing's fur. She seems entirely unbothered by this activity. "Well shit. So much for relaxing with a coffee."

The goatman shudders and twitches as the bullets slam through its head, and it finally stops moving completely, dead to all appearances.

Once Leonard has fetched his hat the man creeps closer to the downed monster, wincing just once when he hears the gunshot go off again. "The police'll have a good time with this one." Hand touches over heart, cursory gesture of mourning for killer goatbeast before attention splits to the others. "I'm not cleaning it up, that's for sure."

"Well" Jason says with a shrug, "No questions answered, but at least it should not prove a further irritant." The mention of the police and he frowns, "My car is outside if anyone wanted to help me dump it in the trunk so we did not leave quite such a mess. I've had a friend wanting a look at some of their tissue anyways. Otherwise I'll be chopping off a piece of it right here."

"I'll help," Ripper says. "But let's get the fuck outta here, yeah?"

XP Awarded to all participants. Yay for Rupert for running the scene!

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