Clocking Off


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Scene Title Clocking Off
Synopsis Dhatri and Simone finish their shift at the Hospital

A Hospital

It's only midnight, and Dr. Devoir is finally leaving the E.R. Simone doesn't get cover the hospital rounds the way she'd like to anymore, with her duties at the watch station, so when she does she tries to make up for it. She's been working around the clock pretty much since her arrival at 5 pm yesterday. Dressed in green scrubs, dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, she's slipping on an overcoat and still chattering as people are trying to shoo her out the door. "… and Mrs. Brown in number six, keep her drip running tonight and see if she's stable to move in the morning. My notes are on her chart."

Among the other people finally leaving the hospital is a young Indian medical student. Being a second year student, he has been allowed to help with some of the simpler cases, and has been here for around six hours. He's currently dressed in whites, with an ID badge that clearly marks him as a student rather than a doctor, and he's headed towards the changing rooms. His shoulder length hair is tied back into a ponytail, and he is wearing comfortable leather shoes.

Simone stuffs her hands in to her coat pockets, not bothering to change from the scrubs at this point. They're comfortable, after all. She still looks remarkably fresh, all things considered, but she heads for the locker rooms to pick up a few things all the same. Falling into step beside the white-coat, she looks up at him (she looks up at most people, actually) and gives a bit of a smile. "You heading out or just changing floors?" she asks as a greeting.

"Heading out, finally," Dhatri says, his Indian accent holding a dry, slightly tired sounding tone. "Yourself?" he then asks her, stifling a small yawn. "I hope it's the former; you look how I feel, Doctor…"

Simone gives a soft chuckle, her expression becoming wry. "It is. And thank. You." she offers with a sarcastic smile. Giving him a once-over, she adds."I'd say -you- look like you feel as well, now that you mention it. Got a big night planned, then? And please, call me Simone."

Dhatri shakes his head. "No, no; a hot shower, a movie and a beer to get me relaxed, then bed for me," he replies in an earnest tone. "I've got class in the morning, so no going out drinking for me. Very well Simone; I'm Dhatri."

Simone keeps her hands stuffed in her pockets. "You only get one try at life, Dhatri. Don't let it pass you." she replies knowingly. "Still, I suppose it's no fun if you don't remember anything the next morning, either."

"Oh, don't worry I won't," Dhatri replies. "But I also only get one try at this doctorate, and nights out on the town can wait until I have a morning off. That way, I'm not having to go to class still half drunk from the night before…"

Simone's expression becomes coy at that, but she nods. "Probably a good idea, then." Just like it's probably a good idea that she doesn't go into her -own- med school experience to use as a model. "So what kind of schedule do you pull, here?"

"Usually two or three evenings a week, determined on a weekly basis," Dhatri replies with a small shrug. "Dr. Suresh usually tells me when I arrive which ward I'll be working in for the shift. I think the only one I've not been in yet is maternity," he adds drily.

Simone smirks at that, tilting her head as she looks up at him. "Well you'll probably have to wait a bit longer for that, I think. Most women aren't comfortable with med students practicing dialation check while they're in labor. two or three evenings a week? I'm a little surprised I haven't run into you sooner. Then again, my hours have been off."

Dhatri chuckles. "I can imagine," he says drily. "But yes, I'm usually here two or three evenings a week, though like I said, I end up in plenty of different wards so it could be that we've just missed each other," he suggests.

Simone tilts her head, giving a light shrug as they walk. "Very possible, actually." she agrees. "So how far along are you in med school, then?"

"Second year of my MD" Dhatri answers. "So I've got a while to go yet, but I'm much closer than I was when I first came to study here."

Simone smiles, nodding slowly. "You've made it this far, so you'll do just fine. I won't say it'll be easier, but from here on out the system won't be working against you. A lot of other things may be, but people assume if you get this far you're serious."

Dhatri chuckles, then says in a dry tone, "To be honest, I suspect the shifts at the hospital are designed to weed out the people who aren't serious too; people aren't going to willingly work six hour shifts in a hospital for next to no money unless they really want to become a doctor…"

Simone's eyes brighten at his remark and she purses her lips. "Well when you're a doctor, six hours isn't really very long. I tend to push a bit harder than most, but I've been here since…" she looks at her watch, then continues. "… about 5 o'clock yesterday evening. It also explains why I look like hell."

"As in a thirty one hour shift? Bloody hell, no wonder you look tired," Dhatri says in surprise. "Well, no doubt I'll get used to the long shifts between now and then, and at least I'll be getting reasonably well paid for it."

Simone glances aside, working the math for a moment before she nods. "Yes, I think that's close." she replies with a small smile. "But relax; not everyone works the wicked-crazy shifts I do. I'm just here moonlighting, so once I can clear some time to stop by I like to make the most of it."

"Thank Lakshmi for that," Dhatri says in a slightly relieved tone. "I'm sorry, moonlighting? English isn't my first language, so there's still a few words I don't understand…"

Simone's smile softens a bit and she clarifies. "It means I work at several local hospitals, not just here." She regards him once more, stopping once they've reached the changing rooms. "Listen, I'm gonna go pick up my purse, and you need your shower, beer, and movie."

Dhatri nods. "Very well; no doubt I'll see you again. Thanks for the explanation, and have a good night." With that, farewell, he heads into the men's changing room.

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