Civitas Boons

Nationalism demands a readiness to put the good of the people ahead of the good of the individual. This mentality is essential in times of war, where individuals must be prepared to lose everything in the name of the cause. Through the use of the Civitas purview, Scions can greatly enhance the functioning of their group, enabling them to achieve what they never could as individuals. Such coordination of effort and ability must often be built on tenuous trust, especially because the Gods of the Allied Pantheons never expected to team with one another and often find that they have more dividing them than uniting them. The Allied Pantheons never sought to create this Purview; rather, it developed out of pure need. They simply had to learn to work together or be destroyed.

1 Distraction Maneuver
2 Pool Ammo
3 Gift of Virtue
4 Gift of Health
5 Gift of Ability
6 Gift of Attribute
7 Gift of Defense
8 Pool Life
9 One For All
10 All For One

Distraction Maneuver

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 2 Legend
A Scion may use this Boon in conjunction with the Coordinated Assault action (Scion: Hero, p. 190) to apply the penalty to a greater number of targets. By organizing troops to make a feint against the line or simply by blowing something up to distract the enemy, the DV penalty imposed by the coordinated assault led by this Scion applies to a number of enemies equal to one-half the number of characters included in the coordinated assault. The leader of this attack cannot pick and choose which enemies will be affected by the distraction. If the number of enemies on the field exceeds the number which may be affected, those closest to the assault leader are the ones who suffer the distraction penalty. This Boon may only be used once per battle.

Pool Ammo

Dice Pool: None
Cost: 2 Legend
At its lowest point, the Soviet army had to distribute a single rifle and five bullets to every two soldiers. In times of great need, teammates must work together to distribute ammunition very effectively so that the soldier in position to fire can do so. This Boon allows a squad to instantly share ammo, with each bullet fired drawn from the gun with the most remaining ammunition, regardless of which weapon actually fired the shot. Essentially, no weapon will run out of bullets until they all do. All of the ammo to be pooled must be of the same general type (when in doubt, assume that different firearms use different types of ammunition). For each success scored on the roll, one person may join the pool. The members of the pool may switch weapons and still retain the effect, provided that the new weapons use the designated type of ammunition. The effects of this Boon last for one scene.

Gift of Virtue

Dice Pool: Charisma + Empathy
Cost: 1 Legend per Virtue dot given
By laying a hand on a peer, the Scion may use this Boon to temporarily inspire the recipient and re-enforce his shared beliefs. The Scion may grant a number of dots of Virtue up to the number of successes rolled, but must pay Legend for each dot transferred in this way. The recipient may stack the new dots with any he already has in that Virtue, but need not have any dots in that Virtue to receive the gift. While in possession of the gifted Virtue, the recipient may use all the advantages but also suffers from all the disadvantages. Thus, mortals who receive this gift may gain bonus dice when spending Willpower on certain actions but would also need to struggle against these Virtues if attempting an action which runs counter to any gifted Virtues. The Scion who uses this Boon must retain at least one dot in any given Virtue. When attempting to act counter to a Virtue, a Scion who has given away one or more dots through the use of this Boon must still roll the full number of dice as if in possession of all his Virtue. The Gift of Virtue lasts for one scene. This Boon does not work on an unwilling recipient.

Gift of Health

Dice Pool: Charisma + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend per health level box given
With this Boon, the Scion may transfer vitality from himself to a peer. The Scion may transfer a number of health level boxes up to the number of successes rolled, granted the recipient that man -0 health levels. For each health level thus transferred, the user of this Boon loses one health level box (starting with his -0 health levels), which may reduce the Scion to a state where he suffers wound penalties even when at maximum health. If the giver is wounded when he users this power, his wounds remain with him, shifting into his remaining health level boxes. A recipient's wounds, if any, are shifted to begin in the new health boxes, and may then be healed normally through Medicine and other means.

The effects of this Boon last for one scene, at which point the health levels immediately fade from the recipient and return to the giver. any wounds recorded in these transferred boxes are also moved from the recipient to the giver, and they remain of the same damage type. Therefore, if the recipient chugged some Titan venom and suffered aggravated damage, then the giver may be in for a rude surprise.

Gift of Ability

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend per Ability dot given
Having the right people with the right skills at the right time can be critical for success in any operation. For each success scored, the Scion may transfer up to one dot of abilities to one recipient. The Scion may transfer as many dots from as many Abilities as he can afford, but none of the recipient's Abilities may be raised beyond five by these means. The effects of this transfer last one scene.

Gift of Attribute

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Integrity
Cost: 2 Legend per Attribute dot (+ 1 Willpower for Epic Attributes)
This Boon allows the Scion to transfer dots in Attributes or Willpower to a single person. The Scion may transfer any number of dots up to the number of successes scored on the roll, but may not reduce her own dots in any given attribute lower than one. The recipient is limited to the normal maximum attribute range based on his Legend score (so a normal mortal could not have his Strength raised above five, for example). The Scion may also gift an Epic Attribute, but each attribute transferred in this way costs the giver 1 Willpower in addition to the standard Legend cost for every point transferred. The effects of this boon last for one scene.

Gift of Defense

Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 2 Legend per DV
The Scion may share defense with another, sacrificing his own safety to protect his peer. The Scion may take a penalty to his Defense Values up to the number of successes rolled and grand a bonus of the same amount to one recipient. The recipient's bonus from this Boon may not exceed his original Defense Value, but the DV may be further modified by other factors such as actions or attacks. The user of this Boon must remain within two hundred feet of the recipient. If the two are separated by a greater distance, the recipient loses the bonus even though the recipient maintains the penalty. If the distance is closed again, the recipient regains the DV bonus. The effects of this Boon last for one scene.

Pool Life

Dice Pool: Perception + Medicine
Cost: 2 Legend per person included
Much like the Pool Ammo power allows a squad to extend their ammunition to the uttermost limit, this Boon allows a squad to distribute their injuries in the most advantageous way, guarding each individual through the life force of others. Any injury received by any member of the squad will be suffered by the member of the squad with the most available health levels. Each success on the roll allows the Scion to include one person in the pool. When a character in this pool is targeted by an attack, use the Defense Value and Soak value of the character being targeted, but transfer any wounds to the character with the greatest number of unmarked health level boxes. This Boon makes no distinction for types of damage, so a character with two Aggravated wounds will receive the injury before a character with three Bashing wounds. The effects of this power remain in effect for one scene, so long as no member of the pool is more than fifty feet away from any other member. A character who strays too far will not be considered part of the pool while he is out of range, but re-enters the pool as soon as he comes back within fifty feet of his nearest member.

One For All

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 20 Legend + 1 Willpower
The God using this power can completely give himself over to the needs of his peers, distributing any or all of his knowledge and aptitudes to any number of people of his choosing. For each success, the user of this Boon may transfer up to two dots of Abilities, Attributes, Epic Attributes, health levels, Willpower or Virtues to any character or characters of his choosing. Successes may also be used to transfer Boons or Knacks on a one-for-one basis. The recipients may not have any score raised above their normal maximum based on their Legend score and other applicable factors. The giver may reduce any of his own scores to zero, but if Willpower, health levels or any attribute or Virtue is reduced to zero then the God will fall into a deep slumber from which he cannot be awakened for the duration of this Boon. This Boon lasts one scene, and the recipients must be aware of and willing to receive the gift.

All For One

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Command
Cost: 25 Legend + 1 Willpower
While this power is in use, the God sets up a subconscious psychic network that links the nervous systems of each member of a squad. This provides many benefits. First, all the members of the squad enjoy telepathic communication, which is both instant and silent. Second, any member of the squad may use the highest base Dodge or Parry DV possessed by any member of the squad, modified by the character's own attacks and other bonuses or penalties. Third, any member of the squad may use the highest level of any Ability possessed by any member of the squad in place of his own. Fourth, any member may spend Willpower on behalf of any other. Finally, any member of the squad who has at least one dot in an Epic Attribute (including one transferred to him through Gift of Attribute or One for All) may use any squad member's Knack associated with that attribute, even if the character using it would not normally meet the requirements to do so.

For each success rolled, the God using this Boon may include one person in the squad. All members of the squad must remain within fifty feet of at least one other member. This power lasts one scene, and all members must be willing and knowing participants when the power is activated.

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