Chocolate Duck


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Scene Title Chocolate Duck
Synopsis Enrique invited Halima for dinner. Intellect, seduction, corruption, and a new crater to the north of New York are discussed.

A French/Mexican fusion restaurant in New York

It is a fancy restaurant. Very swanky. .

It is early evening and contrary to popular myth Hispanic’s are not ALWAYS late. Enrique has called Halima and asked her to come by a local fancy Mexican-French fusion grill restaurant. A bit of a classy place though he offered to pay. His gun in his briefcase he wears a nice white suit with a forest green tie and matching white gloves today as he stands near the front waiting as the waiter eyes him impatiently. He shoots the man a 'what me?' smile before turning back to the door. Its not every day a patron refuses to sit until his company arrives.

Halima enters wearing a suit jacket and skirt, with a large scarf tucked in under the lapel of her jacket. Dark hose lines her legs and she's wearing something with a bit of heel to them. Black and dark grey tones. Her hair has been brushed. She points the seater towards Enrique and follows him to the table. "Oy, mate." Not a very lady-like greeting. "What'd you want to gab about?" She smiles and takes a seat after waving off the seater, sending him back to his little podium.

Enrique gives a small chuckle. "Many many things. But also to simply share a meal with you if I can." he says giving her an exaggerated little bow. He gestures towards her seat. "Hopefully nothing will come out of nowhere and attack us and ruin this meal." he quips with a smirk.

"I haven't seen anything suspicious on my way here. And I've had my eyes open." She scoots her chair in a bit. "So what does this place serve again? Franco-Hispanic? I guess the new trendy thing for foodies is combining regions geographically distant. But I'll give it a go." She folds her hands in her lap and sits with a rigidly straight back. "Though I did come prepared if something does happen."

Enrique sits down once she does and gives her that bright almost annoying. 'seeing you makes me happy' cheesy smile. "Well, I heard it was very good. And the mole here is to die for." he offers cheerfully before he looks up. "So how has business been. Anything insane been happening to you lately Senorita Smartypants?"

"Well I suppose that depends on your definition of insane, dunnit?" She leans back into her chair slowly. "Two years ago if you told me Thoth was my father," she doesn't speak loud enough for the words to carry in the din of casual conversation, but if someone was eavesdropping they could certainly hear her, "I would have considered it amusing considering I have a large nose. But that would be it. Now I have a fifteen foot vertical leap and can process calculations with a speed rivaling a powerful desktop computer."

Enrique gives a small sigh. "Thoth..what an odd name. And that is why I come to you and your large brain. My mother didn't teach me how to be smart. Simply handsome and charming…which isn't enough." he says softly. "I might need your help teaching me abit about all of our heritage."

Halima adjust something under her jacket. "Well, how can I be certain what is true or not? Father didn't give me a full history of the world. I don't know if Moses defeated priests of the Pesedjet to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. I don't know if any other legends are true or not, or if they are based on truth." The Persian woman collects the menu from the table and begins to read over it, "So my suggestion is to learn in general but don't take the legends of humanity as truth."

Enrique gives a small bite of his lip. "Yes…but I have found…as a lawyer. That lies tell the most true of all. Know what stories each side tells and you can see, even if it isn't true what they WANT you to believe." he says softly before he shrugs. "Though are the smart one senorita so I would trust your tutelage in whatever form you wish to give it."

"I don't believe the problem is attempted deceit, but rather corrupted truth." Halima flips through the menu, "You should probably order for me. I'll make an arse of myself trying to pronounce any of these names." She closes her menu and sets it back on the table. "But, consider the tale of Hercules, also known as Heracles, to pick a neutral legend to either of us. Did he really kill a hydra that grew two heads for each severed? Did he really hold the entire world aloft on his shoulders before deceiving Atlas? Who is to say. There are many things that have become believable for me recently."

Enrique gives a small nod. "Of course…but before I can separate the wheat from the chaft…I need to know the stories..and you. Have a mummy in your room. Do you drink Halima? Or would you prefer something non-alcoholic." he asks her voice smooth. Its odd, he isn't turning up the charm full throttle but just enough for her to know he is making an effort. "It has also been sugested to me we join a band..though tell the truth I was hoping to join with those of my family first. Since we might offend sensibilities."
"I don't have a mummy. I have -mummies.- Plural. Of ibises." She raises her eyebrows suggestively at the mention of several ibis mummies in her house. "Alcohol doesn't affect me to a significant degree, order whatever goes best with what you pick. I will deliberately ignore the mention of forming a dedicated group of scions since I don't know any of your other…candidates yet."

Enrique bites his lip. "Only one so far. A man named Vittorino… and maybe my half brother Ash. But well I will keep your number if you want in. We could use a smarty pants like you." he says with a wink. "But mistake. I would love to see them someday." he bites his lip before he nods and flags down the waiter, rambling something in Spanish before.. "I hope you like chocolate."

"Do the gods of the native South Americans that represent intelligence not reproduce often?" Halima shifts her shoulders slightly, it's clear something thick and heavy is draped over her shoulders under her business coat. "I know the Aztec culture was very advanced mathematically so I know you have deities of intelligence and wisdom. Then again," she tilts her head to the side slightly,

"I have met few scions of gods of intellect. Maybe it is a common problem."
Enrique chuckles. "Maybe the smart guys don’t get laid that often?" he asks before he smirks. "I think..the main problem is unlike some of the more comfy cultures, we don’t have time to devote a person to intelligence. Sure we got smart people…the wonder-hate twins are brilliant. Quetzal and Tezcat. They just spend their smarts doing stuff like killing people and each other. And trying to keep the sun going." he offers before he smiles. "Intelligence to us is a byproduct. Something to do when everything else goes right."

"That's somewhat disappointing. But I suppose things must be considered in context. Your ancestors had to do what was most practical to their continued survival." She shrugs once. "If they could solve their problems without devoting an extreme amount of time given to studies of arcane topics then they solved their problems without an extreme amount of time given to studies of arcane topics." Her mouth moves into something that might be a smile. "But why do you assume I can solve all your problems related to intellectual pursuits? I'm still just a physicist and computer scientist."

Enrique gives a small pout. "Well..because clearly you know more then I do." he says before he leans forward. "More so I want an excuse to spend time with you.." he offers with a sly wink as their food is brought over. Duck with mole sauce….and two shots of crème de coco. He smirks. "Ah there we go. But hopefully you don't view us as dumb my dear?"

"Dumb is a relative term." She considers her meal for a moment, and then selects a utensil. "To father, I am a moron who thinks on par with a small reptile." She slices away a thin strip of meat and holds it on her fork. "I suspect there are many Scions that think considerably slower than I do, and are much less capable of logic, intuition and creativity. But I can't lift and throw a truck. At least not yet."

Enrique sighs lightly. "And here..poor me I can do neither." he says softly. "Nor do I even have the skill to woo you." he says before the dramatically sad face breaks into a small smile. "I’m sure your father would never say it that way. And you seem a capable warrior…if not a traditional one. But if they wanted traditional they shouldn't have let us invent guns."

"Thoth gave me that gun, it's mostly him. Charging into battle isn't the best choice. You saw what happened when one of the spiders we killed attacked me. I'm a little less fragile now that I've taken time to go to the gym. Ichor responds surprisingly well to the Scion's desires in terms of shaping a body, it seems." She pops the duck into her mouth and chews.

Enrique nods lightly. "Ah.. I have done the same..we should have gone together." he says softly before he chuckles. "I think you did fine to be honest…though I am curious. Out of all of us I have met, you seem …focused, directed. Something is pushing you into danger you do not want more then simple honor or lust for battle." he says as he takes a small bite of his duck and closes his eyes for a moment. Enjoying the meat. His eyes flutter open and he gestures to her with his fork. "I feal that if I were to understand you… I might understand a great many more things about all of us. This made all the more imperative by the fact that your immunity to my charms makes me want you."

"Fateful aura, mate." She says, after swallowing her food. "I lost my map that day we fought the spiders and was trying to find my way out of that district. And I'm not some vulnerable mortal without a buffer of ichor or mindless titanspawn directed about by a rapacious need for copulation and consumption. And I'm not very interested in shacking up with just anyone. You give yourself too much credit and assume that your ability to charm the weak willed and inherently controlled extends to those with divine blood."

Enrique shakes his head. "No…not your Aura. It gets you into trouble but it does not dictate how you act. The calm and finesse you carry yourself with when fate unwittingly dumps you in trouble. That is what I wish to understand. he says before he gives a small laugh. "This is true….and I have not tried as hard as I do with them. It would be unkind to treat a virtuous lady such. But even so…divine blood gives you resistance. Not immunity. You seem completely unaffected which means either you are an excellent liar, which makes you interesting. Or…you are so focused on your destiny that you can ignore sin entirely ..which makes you VERY interesting." he says before he chuckles. "Its a compliment senorita. To you, not to me. I know I’m not that good yet. But dodging even an amateur marksman's bullets completely is a mark of skill."

"Not if he's aiming in the opposite direction." She responds, as she slices away another piece of duck. "If you have to fight something you fight in a way to end as quickly as possible with as little damage as possible. You can force someone to love you, I've seen it. But love doesn't mean you aren't resented. End your fights quickly and cleanly and you won't be as resented." And she eats another bite.

Enrique shrugs lightly. "Titanspawn? They have embraced Sin…so it is fitting that their lust and emotions betray them. I do not regret them resenting me aside from the obvious reason that it may drive them to revenge. But I do not want you resenting me. So I hold back my mother's gifts regarding you. I exaggerate my faults…the things about me you find repugnant. And if I can still achieve my goals…well then. All the better. And I tell you this first and foremost because I respect you fully as a divine being. And secondly since because you know my blood makes me a liar, I don’t see the harm." he says with a bright chuckle as he takes another bite of the duck then a quick drowning of the chocolate liquor. "Hmm..this place is wonderful, though I think I would have preferred food from your region tonight."

"Which? Egyptian? Persian? Or English? I don't know any places that serve ancient Egyptian food. English food is truthfully nothing special. That leaves Persian, and I don't know any good Persian restaurants that are local." She slices off another bite and sinks her fork into it gently. "How can you be so certain that the titans and their spawn are entities of some sinful nature, if anything can be considered a sin considering the truth of various gods existing. Perhaps they are simply driven to violence and rancor? I try not to think about it. It prompts unpleasant questions."

Enrique frowns slightly. "I know exactly what sinful nature entails. I embody it my dear. My mother does as well. It is only because I am such a monster that i am fit to judge the others. A little sin is fine…good in fact. It keeps mankind humble in the face of the Gods and keeps the Gods humble in the face of their duty. Its the wild abandon to sin." he says before he smiles. "And Persian food of course. Though I have always wanted to find a master English Chef…if only for the novelty." he says as his voice continues on his silky rant. "Really there is no shame in judging. The price for my sins shall be a lifetime devoted to them and to mother. You know how strange it is….to feel a veritable NEED to tempt others to indulge in some vice? Even the people I like and respect. It can be bothersome at times…interferes with working relationships and friendships." he says smoothly before he chuckles. "Its one of the reasons I want to understand you. To know what sorts of needs and directives flow in your blood. Using those to better understand your purpose and by extension mine since our fates seem to be…even if only in a minor way, bound together."

"If that's what you're driven by." She works her way through her duck slowly. "You want to keep talking about this where a mortal can overhear? You forget we're trying to keep polite company without drawing attention? I don't think an impromptu sermon on wanting to stick your cock into everything would be good for your cover, if you still want to try to keep it active."

Enrique gives a small raise of his brow before he nods. "Fair enough..though I find people ignore others while eating unless making an effort not to…or very very bored. And its not just sticking cock, while fun, its not very elegant." he says softly before he gives a small shrug and gestures to the waitress. "Wine this time please…white." before he goes back to eating. "How are you enjoying the meal?"
"The chocolate isn't bitter enough for my preference. It's certainly more Franco than Hispanic. Never been a fan of overly sweet things." She continues working her way through her meal. "You know there's a hole north of the city? I saw it on the news. Someone or a group of someones cleared it out pretty quick though. What do you think is down there?"

Enrique bites his lip before he shrugs. "Most likely some sort of fire throwing rock monster and its worshipful cult." he says with a small shrug. "If one were to guess. What’s down there now? I hope more cult and less rock monster."
"Hm. I might go investigate. The news report described the bodies as human. Watching a video made it clear they were far from it. Strange effect of ichor or fateful auras, I suppose. I was thinking of taking a look…" Halima finishes off the remainder of the edible pieces of duck and downs her wine. "But the military have it surrounded now. Kind of suspicious."

Enrique gestures lightly. "Don’t go alone. Those things were difficult. I went in there with several warriors and we almost got wiped out. And that was after I convinced the cult to turn on their leader. Which by the way works very well. Turn one of them and they all turn."

"Mn. You don't see it as an opportunity, do you?" she places her utensils on her plate, resting across the center of her dish. "I do, however. And it needs to be taken care of before the National Guard carts off all those corpses. I saw them in the news report. There were about fifty smaller corpses and the larger body." She stands. "Call me if you want to go spelunking. Maybe they'll remember you." She offers a small smile, "Thank you for the food. I should get back to work."

Enrique frowns lightly ."Fifty? We didn't kill fifty..just ten. Unless….heh odd." he says softly before he looks over to her and nods. "Thank you for the company. I would never think to keep you from work. Please. Call me if you would like to do this again." he says with a sardonic chuckle.

Halima raises a hand, palm out, in parting, before making her way to the exit.

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