Chinese, Coffee and Creepiness


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Scene Title Chinese, Coffee and Creepiness
Synopsis Enrique, Vette and Scrivner have a spot of dinner after hours at the office. Enrique is creepy.

Law Office

It's an office! There are copy machines and a receptionist's desk and other things one might expect to find here.

It is early eavning and people are starting to file out of the office, to head home for the night. Not so for a tired looking Enrique who is paying for his night of partying last night with a night of work tonight. He never liked paperwork. Not even a God could shine while filling out paperwork after all, its not like you could use gifts of persuasion on paper. He wears a green suit today and his office is decorated with several paintings of Aztec and mexican style artwork. He takes a sip of his coffee before wincing and pouring a bit of a flask into the liquid. He always did function better when he had some alcohol in his system anyways.

After hours in the law firm that Scrivner owns with two other men is much, /much/ quieter. The receptionist is packing up to go home, and the Englishman steps out of his own office carrying his laptop bag, his long nylon case that holds his sword, and a cup of tea. He's carrying his trenchcoat over one arm. Pausing for a moment, he stops outside of Enrique's office to glance inside. "Everything all right?" he asks.

Since it's late, Vette decided to stop by with food for Rufus, because she's not sure when he's getting home. Turns out she's meeting him on his own way out the door, but it's the thought that counts? She has a take-out bag and looks rather out of place in her jeans and NYU t-shirt, but that's what she was wearing when she had the thought. Her long ponytail bobs and swings as she walks her way out of the elevator.

Enrique blinks as he looks up and smiles that sharklike lawyer grin that gives the proffesion a bad name at Scrivner. "Hmm? Oh yes yes. Doing just fine, just catching up on some paperwork for the Theobald case. Shame that didn't go to court, would have been fun." he says with that same smile. "You guys are too efficiant. I haven't been in the courtroom once. Tell your people to stop winning these before the games begin." he says in a joking sort of tone.

Rufus arches an eyebrow at his newest employee, studying him with eyes of icy blue. He smiles, just a little, but it never really reveals more than polite professionalism. "I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Tomorrow morning, I may have a new case for you that should prove slightly more challenging. I'm waiting to hear back on a call from a client, and I expect to receive it tonight. We'll discuss details then." Sharp ears catch the sound of the lift doors opening, and he looks back over his shoulder, catching sight through a window of Vette approaching. He straightens, quickly adjusting the knot of his necktie, and that reserved smile of his brightens noticeably.

Vette smiles and says, "I didn't know when you'd be out so I brought take-out. It's some of your favorites from the curry place." She nods politely to the guy sitting in the other office as she holds up the big take out bag. "Though it looks like my timing was off!"

Enrique nods lightly. "Wonderfull, thank you. I would love to talk to this client as well." he says before he stands. "Im just hoping your not protecting guilty clients from me is all." he offers before he turns to the new arival and smiles that charming shark like smile as he stands and walks over. "Mr Scrivner…is this your lady freind? You must introduce me." he says in his smooth oily voice. "Would either of you care for some coffee? I have some Cuban coffe in the microwave I was saving for just such an emergancy."

"Mr. Victorino, I give you the clients I think you will be able to work best with," Rufus states, a hint of ice just beneath the veneer of his smile. But then his attention is back upon Vette, eyes warming and smile broadening. "My dear," he murmurs. He reaches out quickly to take the bag of takeout food from her, to relieve her of her burden. "You are too kind and too considerate… Thank you. This is my colleague, Mr. Enrique Victorino. Mr. Victorino, this is Miss Vette Adams."

"A pleasure to meet you," Vette says, a hint of reserve entering her manner as she inclines her head at Enrique. She's happy to let the hot, heavy bag go to Rufus' most capable hands. As to client distribution, she certainly has /nothing/ to add. She smiles politely though and lets Rufus make decisions on Cuban Coffee, too.

Enrique nods his head to her in an exagerated gesture before he nods to Rufus. "Of course of course. I can take care of other matters outside the office after all." he says with a small smile before he smirks at Vette. "Well you both are very lucky. Quite the charming pair you make." he offers letting a bit of his hispanic accent soak through.

"Thank you, Mr. Victorino," Rufus calmly says in answer. "Thank you also for the offer of a cup of coffee. I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself, but I'll try a cup if Miss Adams would like one." Very carefully he looks around for someplace to set down the bag of curry takeout, and he ventures back towards the door of his very large and very nicely-furnished office. Mahogany furniture, solid wood cases with heavy law books on the shelves, a window looking out over the streets of New York. "Will you both join me in my office? It looks as if there's enough for three here. My dear, you outdid yourself."

"Er, I think I'll pass on the coffee," Vette says, staring at this guy a liiiittle bit nervously. Creeeepy. "But um—yes, I wanted to make sure I caught something you were in the mood for, Ru, when I um. Got the stuff." She slides her hands into her pockets and lets Rufus lead the way to his office.

Enrique nods as he takes the small styrafoam container and plastic shotcups before he nods and follows the man over to his office, looking around at the nice and classy decor. He pours himself a small cup and then another for rufus or Vette if they want. He takes the hot liquid and downs it like a shot before he turns back at them and grins. "Amazing stuff really.. each tiny little cup has as much caffine as two cups of american."

By now, Rufus is more or less used to the creepy Aztlanti. Most of it rolls right off of his back. He takes the cup with a murmured word of thanks, and then he sets it on his desk. For a few moments, he's busy with opening up the takeout bag and peeking inside at what the lady brought. "That sounds heathily brain-rotting," he idly remarks, as he takes out the cartons and sets them down atop his desk.

Vette grins and pulls out a bottled water. "I'm into fresh mineral spring water, no caffine, no additives, no preservatives." In the box there is a chicken curry, a vegetable curry, a spinach and cheese curry and a tofu curry. There is also a whole lot of vegetable naaan bread, napkins, forks, and whatnot. She'll let others take their pick before picking her own.

Enrique sighs lightly. "Well… healthy maybe but that dosn't sound very fun. I live to live dangerously." He says before he raises his brow at Rufus. "So.. what can I help you with Mr Scrivner?' he asks as his eyes flash between Vette and the man.

Once everything is laid out, Scrivner contemplates the options. He eventualy settles on the spinach and cheese curry for himself, leaving the chicken for Enrique. Opening up the container, he scoops a bite of naan bread through the lovely mixture and takes a bite, and he chomps it down before wiping off his mouth with a napkin. Mmmm. Delightful. "As of right now?" he inquires, arching his eyebrows and looking up. "Well, nothing particularly comes to mind, I daresay. Yourself? Have you been well?"

Vette goes for the yellow tofu curry, leaving the darker vegetable curry for another night's dinner or lunch. She opens up her bottled water and drinks with every evidence of relish, but does't bother to defend her position.

Enrique takes another bit of his coffee before he nods. "Oh yes, I am enjoying New York very much. All sorts of interesting people and things to do." he says with a stange bit of punctiation in that line. "So… Miss Vettte…are you married to my boss here? And are you also in the legal proffession?"

While the two chit chat for a moment, Rufus walks about the office. There's little sense in remaining standing. He pulls around a couple of chairs for the pair to sit, though he puts Vette's chair closer to his own behind the desk. He wants her next to him. Napkins get tossed at Enrique, to make sure he has some, before he pulls off his suit jacket and drapes it across the back of his very cushy leather chair. A sip of coffee - and holy crap, is it /strong - he winces a bit, coughs, then has another sip of it and takes another few bites of curry.

Vette settles where Rufus has put her and says, "I'm his girlfriend right now—and no. I'm a physics student at NYU. Right now I'm most interested in quantum theory and dimensional studies." She takes a bite of her curry once she's settled.

Enrique takes a seat in his chair in a relaxed and most definatly informal way. "Ah… you know its always wise to go for a woman smarter then you. Thats why my mother always told me." he says with that half-charming half creepy smile as he takes another shot of the coffe. "And it dosn't taste as good if you sip it. You need to down it in a shot."

Seating himself last, Rufus leans back and crosses his legs, resting an ankle over the opposite knee. He has another few bites of bread and curry. One eyebrow briefly quirks out of place, and calmly, faintly amused, he says, "I think your mother would approve of Miss Adams, then, however, it rather /does/ worry me if the lady is too much smarter. If she could see through me too easily, she might just find how many flaws I have. Men all over would be in dire trouble indeed."

"I wouldn't say I'm smarter than Rufus. I'd say we're smarter about different things," Vette says, shaking her head. "There are many times I'd be quite lost without his real world knowledge and common sense. He knows about a great many things of which I know nothing at all."

Enrique gives another nod. "Well then.. an equal and benificial partnership. Though im affraid my mother took her advice too well and married my father who qualifies her several times over." he offers with a smirk before he blinks. "Ah.. I know you told me we usualy work for your countrymen…but would I be permited to independently represent one of mine? An old family freind came to town. He intends to stay here. Seems the sort who might get into trouble but you know how things are with family."

"You are free to represent your countryman, of course, so long as it's quite clear you're not associated with my office," Rufus calmly says between bites. "You may advise and represent anyone you desire, on your own time. So long as it doesn't interfere with other cases I've set aside for you, then yes, good luck." He takes another few bites of curry and reaches for that coffee again, downing it in a gulp. But he does look across at Vette, giving her a very faint, small smile. Awww.

Vette, for her part, ducks her head and smiles faintly at Rufus going all The Boss on his associate there. When she raises her head that smile is gone, but it flitted across her face, nonetheless.

Enrique gives a small nod. "Of course.. I will do so on my own time and it wont interfear with my duties here. I haven't let you down yet have I? After all I wouldn't make my brother look bad by betraying your trust. Famila is familia." he says with a strange smile.

It doesn't take much longer for Rufus to finish up that curry he'd chosen, and after closing up the empty carton and wiping his lips, he leans to one side to chuck it into the rubbish bin. "I quite understand," he says calmly. "Were one of my own family in trouble, there is little that would stop me from coming to his aid." He hesitates, then looks back, eyebrows arching. "This /is/ trouble that can be handled safely in courts, yes, and does not involve a threat to life or limb?"

Enrique smiles brightly. "Hmm.. well as far as I know yes. If there is threat to life or limb it will be mine alone. Like I said I dont mind a little danger for myself." he says with that bright smile at Scriv. "But the majority of my assistance will be in a legal form. Its what I am best at of course."

The man inclines his head, readily accepting that, and he leans back in his seat. Content to let his dinner settle, he looks around and leans forward a second later to dig into the bag, pulling out a bottle of Coke for himself. He twists open the cap and takes a sip, not at all against the idea of having something unhealthy for an after-dinner treat. "Then good luck to you with it," he says with a little smile. "Well…" Seeing that Vette is busy noshing still, he turns his attention back to Enrique. "What else have you been up to, Mr. Victorino? We so rarely get a chance to talk, and usually when we do, it's about the office."

Enrique blinks lightly. "Well.. mostly family buisness and other. Im not sure you wish me to discuss family buisness in front of the young lady and you CERTAINLY dont want me to discuss the other buisness. But things have been well. Im thinking of buying some new things for my apartment."

Vette's red eyebrows shoot upwards but she doesn't ask. If he doesn't want her to know it is certainly none of her affair. She quietly noshes on her dinner.

"Mr. Victorino, I assure you, there is little that you could say about your family that would shock her. She is …. well, she is one of us. Not of your family, but of another," Rufus very carefully says, after some contemplation. He looks at the little redheaded lady again, smiling ever so faintly.

Enrique gives a small nod. "Ah! Wonderfull then.. though again I will withhold from the other buisness. Doing mother's work is not the sort of thing one discusses over dinner." he says cheerfully. "And of course I will add… I do not target those with the blood for mother's services or punishments. Though I am more then willing to act as a confessor if you like. And if your parents wont mind."

"I'll…keep that in mind," Vette says primly. Good Lord. Another one of those sorts. "Thank you." She puts her food down anyway, because she got such a lovely conversation from Ash on this subject, and she has a /great/ imagination.

"Confessor?" Rufus inquires, arching his eyebrows. He is not a particularly prissy man. Blood and gore do not bother him, per se. So he asks, knowing it's probably some sort of blood and guts ritual, but morbidly curious anyway. "What does this entail? Confessing?"

Enrique smiles lightly. "You tell me your sins…I will find a little punishment and take them onto myself. Mind you I tend to go by mother's standards. And since our kind risks our lives the punishments are far less. Im sure you two have nothing to worry about. The only crimes that merit death are treason, adultry and rape." he offers almost cheerfully. "Everything else just involves some blood pain..and if your very naughty." strange how his voice gets almost flirty there. "I just sort of ruin your life or make you risk it a little. But then again…you dont strike me as a killer, neither of you."

"Fortuantely not," Vette agrees quietly. She sort of settles her hands in her lap and looks over at Rufus. "Darling, I'm going to go warm up the car so it won't be cold when we head home. It was a pleasure meeting you." She nods to Enrique.

Looking up quickly, Rufus inclines his head to the girl and rises from his seat behind the desk. "Thank you. I won't be long," he tells her with a little smile, watching her go for as long as he possibly can. He edges to one side, just to keep her in his sights until she's on the lift and leaving. Then he reseats himself, blinking, and he smirks, "No, I'm not a murderer. I can safely say that there is no need for you to ruin my life."

Vette has disconnected.

Enrique waves to her as she leaves before he shrugs. "Hmm.. I know that some do not agree with what we do. Its an evil and vile thing sometimes. A shame really. But well the world has to spin so.." he shrugs and smiles at Scriv. "And no adultry I hope right? Luckily for you since you are likekind… I have no need to test your love for her myself. Its rude to do to family."

His eyes widen slightly, surprised. "First of all," Scrivner calmly replies, "Adultery comes about when a man is unfaithful to his wife, technically speaking. We are not married. Secondly, Mr. Victorino, my loyalty to Miss Adams is absolute, as is hers to me." He takes another drink of his Coke, adding, "Besides which… Mortal women are too fragile, too frail, to live with me. Our world is far too dangerous for them. Secondly, most of the other Scion women whom I have met are either related to me or… fundamentally flawed in some manner that I can clearly see would render us completely incompatible."

Enrique gives a small nod. "That is correct… it only deserves death with marrige. Infidelity has a far less severe punishment." he says cheerfully. "And good. But even if you did, I wouldn't be able to kill an equal over this. Only one below me." he says softly.

"So charming," Rufus drily says. But he smirks, and he shakes his head a few times, exhaling a short, sharp breath of air. "Well now." He stands up then, gathering up trash to toss into the bin and leftovers to go back into the plastic bag. "As it is getting late, and as Miss Adams is waiting for me, I should be getting back to her."

Enrique nods to him. "Of course.. I couldn't keep you from your beloved.. have a nice day Sir. I will make sure you have the case ready and on your desk by tomorow morning." he offers brightly with a wave before he heads out.

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