Chinatown Meeting


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Scene Title <A New Meeting in Chinatown>
Synopsis <Where an acupuncturist's apprentice and a cop have a chance meeting>


Near a bun cart

Shawn walked out from the basement steps of the dojo where his uncle had his acupuncture shop. He had his messenger bag and duffle bag with him as he walked

Shawn thinking he could go for some cha shao bao, stopped at a stand, paying for the tasty bbq pork buns

Lin steps out of his apartment, pulling his jacket around as he looks up at the sky. He blows out a breath as he starts to walk down the sidewalk, giving a small and nodding to those who are still out working. He makes his way through the crowd, bumping into a person ordering at a stand. "Oof. Sorry about that."

The jostle made one of the buns start to fall from the little cardboard open container, before he quickly shot out his hand to snatch it with a soft "whew" “It's alright. My bags stick out a bit I'm afraid."

Lin looks to his sandwich that he is holding. "I didn't ruin your sandwich, did I?" He asks with a slight frown. He digs into a pocket for his wallet. "Here, let me pay for it." He offers, handing him some money. He glances to the bags. "Do you need some help?" He offers. "I really wasn't heading anywhere. I thought I would visit the temple."

Shawn smiled "No, no, I'm fine." He said declining the money "These aren't that heavy, just takes up space. I couldn't part with em"

Lin chuckles out lightly to him. He starts to offer his hand, but seeing his hands are full, dips his head to him. "I'm sorry, I was trying to be helpful. I am Lin Kun." He introduces himself.

Shawn bowed back, and reshifted the bags so that they hung from his shoulders more as he freed a hand "A pleasure to meet you. I am Shawn Richards. "He seemed abit embarrassed by that, perhaps something he was picked on occasion for.

"Nice to meet you, Shawn," Lin greets back before chuckling out as he takes the freed hand. "I live just down the street. I try to be help those who need help, so if you need something, give me a call." He says with a grin.

Shawn nodded back at that. "I work for my uncle down that way." He pointed back down the way. "Training abit to be an acupuncturist. Well that, and qigong, guasha, cupping, herbals and such. Ya know, the usual"

Lin lifts up his eyebrows as he listens to Shawn. "Really? Does that include like herbal teas and such?" He asks curiously. "I might have to come by and check this out." He says with a smirk.

To which Shawn replied, "Depends if you want medicinal ones, or ones that actually taste good. If you want ones that taste good… I wouldn't suggest these"

Lin laughs out lightly before shaking his head. "I will not require any medicinal ones, but thank you. I prefer my drinks to taste good." He says with a grin.

He nodded a bit. "Understandable. I could go for a nice Ti Kuan Yin variety myself, but we haven't gotten our shipment yet"

Lin lifts up his eyebrows before nodding his head gently. "Well, I wish your uncle success." He says with a smile. He looks around before looking to Shawn. "I am sorry. Am I keeping you from something?" He asks worriedly.

"No, no, just was planning on getting a little snack and having a walk around. Things happen in this city rather suddenly, so at least if I am already moving, there's a better chance ya know." He popped one of the little pork buns into his mouth, making a happy sigh at the tasty treat, before offering the little container to Lin

Lin scrunches up his mouth, nodding his head slowly. "Like how New York is now New Atlantis?" He comments before smirking at the offer, releasing a little chuckle. "No, no. I couldn't deprive you of such treats." He jokes with him.

Shawn shrugged "Your loss" He popped another one into his mouth, devouring it with much enjoyment. "But yeah, things like that. Never know. S'why I carry what I need with me just in case. It’s a little bulky, but better safe than sorry"

Lin directs Shawn towards the park nearby. He nods his head before looking to him curiously before looking to the bag. "Carry what you need?" He asks lowly, looking around for a moment.

Shawn followed along with Lin. "Oh, things get a little hectic, and well since I've been learning Tai Chi Chuan from my uncle; I've got my sword that I practice with"

Lin lifts up his eyebrows and half smiles at Shawn. "Oh, you carry a sword? I should warn you. I am a cop. You can get arrested for that." He says, reaching into his jacket to produce his badge.

Shawn chuckled a bit at that, and took out his wallet, flipping through the various cards to the concealed carry permit he kept folded up in it. "I wouldn't do it illegally. I know better" Then he shrugged "Usually they assume you want a gun though."

Lin just laughs out, shaking his head. He pauses and actually scratches his head. "They actually have a conceal carry permit for swords?" He shrugs lightly. "Well, this isn't New York, anymore." He comments with a sigh. He pauses and looks off before looking to Lin. "I should be going. It was good to meet you, though. Shawn. Maybe we will bump into each other again?"

Shawn nodded, then frowned "Well, it’s a weapon and it’s sorta hidden, so they have a permit for it. Always paperwork. Though I guess your right, don’t know if it still applies to New Atlantis"

Lin nods his head to Shawn. He pauses and dips into his pocket as he puts away his badge. He returns with a card. "Here's my card. If there is any trouble or if you want to talk, give me a call." He says before waving to Shawn. "Have a good night." He offers a starts to step away.

Shawn looked over the card a moment then nodded "You too officer. I'll keep my eyes pealed"

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