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Scene Title Cheers!
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Location The Emerald Lass

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The bar is nearly packed, as amateur vocalists make there mark on NYC. The bar has the smell of aged beer as it looks to be one large debaucle after another. One can see a few people playing darts and laughing about it as they can barely hit the board.

The Emerald Lass is home to some of the best mixxed drinks in NYC and when one enters one definately gets the feeling of Cheers. Makes one feel at ease, like they are at home. The bartender looks slick and he is definately quick as his tosses bottles into the air and nimbly catches them. Every so often he pours a drink that he lights on fire. One can see the regulars at the bar looking at the big screens over the bar. When one tablegates a man at the bar could feel like he is in his castle. Words of Huzzah and clinking of mugs happen at every touchdown. A lively place in which life can be felt.

One young man sits at a bar, Chance, his divine appearance tamped down to keep himself flying under the radar, mortal eyes more likely to slide over him and forget his face, though the eyes of the more astute children of the Gods would still easily mark him. His eyes are off to the side of the room though, where a group of twenty-somethings huddle together beneath the TV, cheering on one team or another, sometimes sparking debates among the group. Chance pushes his beer around the countertop, holding it rather than drinking from it, much more interested in that group than anything else.

And a not far away from that man was a rather striking younge woman with her black hoodie pulled down all by herself. She looked a little on the younge side, but the fact she seemd to be drinking something that seemed to be voidka, she must be at legal drinking age right? Not like she was using a fake I.D or anything like that. She leaned back, watching the people in the pub enjoy themselves.

Hooray. Finally, being older has a perk. Miruan is legal to drink. Whoohah. Or something like that. Perhaps she remembers meeting a violinist here. Still, she might stick out like a sore thumb despite her age. It makes her look a bit self conscious as she decides where to sit. There's a faint smile, watching the groups perhaps.

An older gentlemen enters with a sort of panicked look on his face, flustered and confused. He goes to the bar and orders a beer. About sixteen seconds later Another man (Vargr) enters wearing a dark modcloth trenchcoat. He eyes everyone in the bar as if he is looking at a battlefield. When Vargr enters an ill wind is felt across the bar as people wonder what could the stranger be up to? People are generally jovial but he seems to get the cold shoulder from people. (His legend is higher than his charisma Fateful Aura) He looked to see the people having fun at the darts as the man who entered before him stares right at him and he looks to the side and notices the people playing darts poorly that is. He then sees Miruan and also notices that quick moving boy scout from the kitchen. Things might go a bit wrong here.

Vargr moves to one of the outlining tables and sits down. He flags the waitress and orders a beer pretending not to notice the others. He then rummages to get something from his pocket.

The group that Chance is watching seems to get the urge to move on to the next location in their bar hopping session. The group moving away from the table and past the bar. It becomes clear that Chance wasn't watching the group as much as one particular individual within it. As the one he watches passes close by, it might be easy to see why, the two close in resemblence enough that any sane person would call them brothers. Though the man's eyes slide right past Chance without batting an eyelash. Chance makes a small move as if he's going to follow, but instead sits back down as the group moves out the door. He folds his arms on the bar, burying his face with a small sigh.

Lauren raised an eyebrow as a sort of silence seemed to follow through the pub. She turned her head and spotted the man with the trenchcoat. She leaned forward, propping her sholders onto the table as she keeped her eyes locked on to him as he sat down.

So much to watch, it's almost a bit overwhelming really. She smiles politely as people pass her. Mir is doing her best not to attract any attention, but that's kind of difficult at times. For now, she's looking for a place to sit. Shyness is kicking in but - there's a panicked gentleman and … Lucas. Sideye. Wait, is that him? She tries to crane her neck to see, just to be safe. Is that a Lauren too? Where to sit? Decisions!

Vargr notices Miruan and then his face looks a small bit panicked. He then moves his face between that man and Miruan and then he walks to the Karaoke DJ and he then writes down a requested song. He then carefully walks back and sits next to Chance. He sits next to Chance to get a better eye on a person even though he recognized Chance. When he sits down he looks the bartender in the eyes and with an almost monotone voice "A beer for everyone at the bar." Vargr lifts out his wallet and puts five twentys on the table. Keep them coming. The rounds that is. "Vargr then looks to Chance and says "Hello. Rough night?"

"How about here?" Miruan perked up when she heard a voice from behind her. She turned around to see a young Asian who was sitting on chair at an empty table, with a clear drink in hand. He seemed pretty relaxed here, in his typical biker gear, and was just relaxing on the chair. As soon as he realized he got Mir's attention, Ken motioned to one of the chairs next to him. "I wouldn't mind the company," he said with a reassuring smile, "…and you seem to be looking for a seat." He then raised himself up and put out his right hand, his free hand, to her in greetings. "The name's Ken, again. It was Miruan, right?" It was a bit odd that Miruan didn't even notice him the first time."

Chance shrugs, his eyes sliding over to Vargr, brows knitting together. People don't usually approach him, and that the man is directly addressing him seems to cause even more consternation in the young man. He grunts a terse, "Isn't it always?" Picking up the beer that he looks just old enough to maybe gotten legally, /maybe/. He tips it back for a swig of cold brew and sets it back down on the bar with perhaps a bit more force than truly necessary. His eyes slide to the bills, before locking back on the wall behind the bar. "Awfully generous."

Lauren sighed as she took a sip from her drink as she scanned the room for anyone else that would set off alarm bells in her head. She paused when she spotted Miruan talking to Ken not far from where she was. "Oh well. Safty in numbers." Lauren mumbled as she stood up and made her way over. "Room for one more?" She asked with a smile

Miruan pauses. Poor Vargr. Does she scare him? There's a faint frown. Why does she scare people? Sadface. Frightening Mir is frightening. And then there's Ken calling to her as her thoughts fall into despair. Creepy, old, spooky M— oh. A polite smile and a wave over. "Are you sure? And yeah, I was looking around. I seem to be scaring people again." Sadface. "I guess it has pluses and minuses…" Then a pause. "Yes, that's correct. I remember you, Ken," SHe beams. "I was just distracted." She'll sit in the offered seat then. Lauren gets an owlish blink. "I think so." A nod as Ken says yes.

"There's always room for more." Ken motions to the table as he allows the ladies to sit down first. He's pretty happy to meet more of the same people again, thinking that perhaps New York may not be so bad a place after all. "I am pretty surprised that we are all meeting again, and so soon! So, how is everyone doing?" He takes a sip from his drink as he waits for them to answer, while smiling slyly. While some may think it was vodka, it was actually water, as Ken's family has a history of not holding their liquor. Not that everyone needed to know that.

Vargr smirks at Chance and the smirk quickly leaves to a deadpanned face. "The world isn't kind don't get me wrong, I don't mind being Generous when it suits me. From what I saw the Sky is always blue, people are generally the same. Just have different names and faces. And everyone has an agenda. But remember People lie all the time." He looks around the bar to see Ken. He whispers "Fuck" not him too. He then realizes yeah those ladies is his greatest weakness. No worries. Vargrs' face then gets more calm as he orders another round. He then see's the older man go towards the restroom and when Vargr was ready to get up his song came on.

The spotlight went to him and he then froze. He looked down to his watch and then cursed himself on the insides as if he miscalculated some part of his time. He walks to the stage and proceed to sing a song. <> He sings it alright not really different than an average man would sing but he definately has a flair a look that makes him sort of dreamy. Afterwards he goes to sit back to the bar. He then proceeds to order more rounds for the those at the bar for some reason.

"Thanks." She replied as she sat down. She looked a little puzzled at Miruan for a moment. "You not that scary Miruan. Trust me, I've seen scary" She told her as she took a quick sip from her drink. "I'm doing well. Funny how we keep running into each other. Fate can be weird like that."

"That's a rather bitter opinion of the world, usually reserved for the grey hairs in their rockers." Chance keeps his stare right on the wall. Though as Vargr goes up to sing he does twist around to get a look over his shoulder. His eyes find two faces he recognizes in the bar, a slight frown crossing his face, the chances of running into those exact two together, in a place nowhere near where he did last time didn't sit to well with him. His eyes linger on Mir and Lauren for just a moment, then diverts to their table companion, looking that man over for signs of having met him before. He relaxes slightly as he can't remember having done so, and returns to the half drunk beer before him.

"Fate can be funny… and sad…" Ken drifts off a bit, memories flooding up in his mind. Friends gained, friends lost, with new revelations. "But enough of that, this is a bar, where people are meant to relax. Loosen up a bit, Miruan. You're among friends here!" Ken raises his glass to his two new friends. It was then that the song started, and Ken cursed to himself silently… 'Of course it would be a karaoke bar,' he thought as the group turned to see the singer, and almost turned white. "Oh, dang… He's here too?" Ken's main reason for coming to the bar was to get away from stress, and 'Lucas' was the last person he wanted to see at this point. Yesterday's chance meeting left him with a bitter taste, as if this man was not what he seemed, which was human. "Great."

Miruan pauses at Lauren. "If you're sure, I get it a lot," She admits. She still seems a little uncomfortable. There's a look of amusement on her face at the singing. Oh Lucas. Then a pause. Fate. Right. She blushes a bit. "Right… I don't really bar hop much, normally," She admits. She seems concerned, as much about frightening everyone in the bar as she is about this whole everyone showing up. "You know, last time everyone showed up…" Waitaminute. Her left eye ticks a little. "Oh. I need a sandwich, I'm going to order one. Did either of you want anything?" SHe offers. Though, she still smiles a bit at Lucas' singing. She doesn't seem -too- frightened of the fellow. But maybe she's seen things. "Are you alright?" There's concern about Ken.

"You're fine. Trust me." Lauren said. Poor girl is more insecure than she though. She raised her glass along with Kens. "To friends." She replied before drinking more. Her face looked slightly pained. Clearly she is not used to drinking much. The girls eyes shifted to the stage, narrowing as she studied him. "Huh…So he is." She shivered slightly. Something about him was just…Off. He seemed almost mechanical the last time she ran into him. She snapped out of it when Mir spoke up. "Uh, sure. I'll have a sandwich or something. Surprise me."

Vargr's body starts to become like clockwork again, he is judging the time and every seventeen seconds he checks his watch. He then seems to be looking at the older man. He then returns looks to Chance. "I did not catch your name?" He then closes his eyes and checks his watch. He proceeds with his statement "Is it bitter because its true or bitter because one doesn't like the outlook?" He then looks eye to eye to Chance "Tell me have you ever lied to someone? A lie of omission, is just as good as a lie of falsehood. Now can you tell me without a shadow of a doubt that most people are selfish and greedy and would sell each other out for slips of paper?" Vargr then sips on his beer with a smug look on his face "Been there done that, did the hero bit. Not for me anymore." Vargr sips on his drink and waits for Chance before then moving to the DJ again but he seems to always be watching the front of the bar. On the way to the DJ he picks up his cell phone. When he walks by Miruan he says the words "Not yet." And he hangs up the phone.

"Huh…? What?" Ken looked back to Miruan. He didn't get to hear the other question she asked, due to him being focused on Lucas. "Uh, I'm fine, I'm fine! Really! No food for me, they usually make it very salty here." He gave another smile, taking another sip as he eyed Lucas. This was not the guy he wanted to see, and apparently the guy Lucas was talking to was starting to form the same opinion; that or he was too drunk to care, Ken couldn't tell. "No, you ladies go ahead and get something. I'm just here to chill. But it's always nice to chill with such good companionship." As they watched Miruan walk off, Ken turned to Lauren, and noticed a slight pain in her face drinking. "You know, forgive me for imposing, but perhaps you'd be better with what I'm having. 0 proof."

"I didn't give it." Chance tilts his head to the side as he examines the beer bottle in front of him. "It's bitter because it is one sided. Only a fool would say they have never told a lie, but sometimes those little lies are also a comfort. Yes, I forgive you. No, it's not your fault. It's really not that bad." He rattles of the examples with a wave of his hand. "Ignorance /is/ bliss. And lies are how we keep others ignorant." His blue eyes slide towards Vargr, "Ever try to tell a man he's going to die, and that there's nothing that can be done to stop it? But it's also then when you see how much his loved ones really care about him. There's something there, for sure."

Waitwhat. Mir blinks, hearing the back and forth. She looks at Vargr baffled. Her eyes are a bit widened. Mir looks … slightly spooked. Worried. Who is he looking at? She's trying to follow Vargr's line of gaze, seeming almost intent and a bit less friendly. Squint. But then, Ken speaks and Miruan returns to earth for a moment. She blinks. "Oh, well. I was just going to try something light." She waves a hand and smiles. "My friend plays the violin here sometimes," She considers. "You're very sweet to call me good company, though," She admits. A nod at Lauren. "Sandwiches it is." Pause. "Surprise sandwiches." Grin. Mir will head to the bar to place an order then.

Lauren laughed as she set her drink aside. "Yeah, maybe I should. But I don't really drink as much of the stronger stuff as much as I want to though. Besides, why waste drinks?" She replied with a smile. She glaced back at Vargr and the other man at the bar. Her eyebrow raised slightly as she started to recognise him as the doctor she ran into a few days ago. Thats surprising. Her attention goes back to Ken however. "Anyway, guessing you a big of bikes and such?" She asked.

Vargr writes another song down for the request as he then turns back towards the bar. Still checking the bar to make sure the older man is there. He sits back down. "Well yes I have. I have told people that. That they will die and there is nothing they can be done. I then get promptly get over it." Vargr checks his watch and then pretends to scan the bar. "Now that we are sharing experiences, have you ever wished yourself that you died but actually didn't?" Vargr smirks "I like this quid pro quo. If only so many conversations were so civil and easy." Vargr takes a pad of paper and pen out and prepares to write something."

Ken gave a hearty, if slight, laugh at Lauren's question. "It's been a while since anyone called me 'big' in anything, other than hostility, but I suppose you can say… Yes, at the very least." Ken eyes the helmet left on the table, which was completely black save for the figure of a red-orange phoenix on the top, with flames flying around, forming wings and a bird's tail. Rather ironic, Ken thought at first, but returned to the issue at hand. "It's the one big influence my step-father had on me. Although not official, I am very handy when it comes to fixing vehicles, bikes especially. Choppers, baggers, ST's, naked, supermoto, you name it." He gave a small smile. "But my favorite are the streetfighters, bikes meant for speed. But you gotta go fast or it's not comfortable. Which is why I'm reduced to a bagger for now." Ken looks out the nearest window, perhaps straight to where his own bike was parked. "A cool bagger, though." Ken then just remembered; just because Lauren brought the subject, doesn't mean she knows anything about it. "Oh, I'm sorry," he says as he scratches his head, "Just realized I assumed a bit much from you. Are you a fan?"

Chance looks to Mir as she comes up to the bar, giving a nod of greeting and recognition. "Hello, again." He raises the bottle of beer in a small salute before taking a long chug. He can't help but think for a moment how nice having a functioning liver is. He peers at Vargr, something about the question striking some chord with the young man, at least enough that it makes him scowl. "More than you could ever know. Sometimes Fate has other plans for you and won't let you lay down quite that easy though. Fate or something else." Theres that scowl again, he peers into the beer bottle, looking like something at the bottom of that bottle made a crude remark about his mother.

"Hello there," She smiles politely and nods back. She pauses. "I have no beer, but if I did, I would lift it towards you," Miruan keeps her faint, polite smile. She politely orders a light, sweet mead and a couple of sandwiches with fries. She also asks for a bit of soda. Odd. But hey. She seems polite, despite her odd appearance. She looks worried when she glances towards Vargr, perhaps trying to see what he's watching for. Who… at least. She peers intently. "Oh whoops, yes, one moment." She murmurs. For now, she waits for her order. "How are you?" She asks Chance politely, uncertain if Lucas is up tospeaking to her forn ow.

If Vargr's almost mechanical voice could show the emotion rage; he'd voice it. Fate? What do you know about fate. A man turned me into less of a man. Try imagining your bones being incinerated and then replaced at the same time. Try to live with yourself. Vargr grabs a knife and cuts the top of his hand. Bone is not showing but metal.

"I actually don't know that much about Motorcycles." Lauren admitted with a slight shrug. "I do like learning more about things though. Never know when it might come in handy." Like trying to escape a rather angry Jotun. But thats something else all together. She took another sip of her Vokda, only to whince when she drank a bit more than she expected. "Frigg'n Hel." She muttered before coughing. "I think I'll stop drinking that for now." She said with a gasp as she slid the glass away from her.

Fate is nothing but a cruel joke. Because if there is such a thing it hasn't given me justice. Every night I wake up in tremors or what I think are tremors to a face and the name Ixion. And I…" And then he hears the words "How are you?" Vargr covers his hand with his other hand and pretends nothing is wrong. He then orders yet another round for the bar. "Mirian good to see you again. I have been well. Busy with that human resources work. Yourself?" Vargr once again pretends to look over and scan the bar.

Chance nods to Miruan, "Better than last time we bumped into eachother." His eyes side back over to Vargr, as he goes on his tirade about Fate, the young man whethers it where other might flinch. Simply sitting there calm as an oak in a storm. His eyes slide to the wound, practiced eyes running over what should be there but isn't. Once more those blue eyes focus right on Vargr, whatever reaction the man might have expected out of Chance, he doesn't get it. Instead those blue eyes return an almost bland apathetic stare. Barely a blink after what he's seen. And then the eyes are back on the wall and bottle is back in his lips.

"Not much to tell you the truth. Maybe a few bits here and there I picked up from the internet, but thats all." Lauren said, still waiting for the taste to leave her mouth. "Computers and mythology, that I know well enough." She would admit it's not technically myth, but she didn not know that much about Ken. They only met not long ago after all. "Still, motocycles is another thing I could get lessions on. Like Self defence I guess."

Miruan smiles faintly. "I'm glad to hear that," She seems sincere. "It … was rough," She furrows her brows, uneasy. She bites her lower lip a bit as she waits for her order. But then? Vargr makes her left eye tic visibly. "Eeh-" Fortunately, she otherwise keeps a lid on it, mouth falling open a bit. Too bad, he had a scary sort of charm. Ixion is a bit familiar to her - she'd be one of his sisters, being a scion of Ares and all. She clamps her mouth pretty hard, looking like she's just swallowed a grenade. "Right. I do not need medication. This is like those damn demon ducks…" Grumblemutter. "And here I am without a sandwich to dance around with." Sigh. A soft grunt. "Um. I'm sitting with them. I might say hi again, but … you two seem … busy." Eyetic. Right. She'll take the mead, soda, sammiches and fries back to the table with Ken and Lauren.

Ken strokes his bare chin, as if deep in thought. "Well, if you would like lessons in either, I'd be willing to help you out. Not that great of a teacher though, I'm sorry to say." Ken eyes drift off for a bit, and then go back to meet Lauren's. "But mythology, huh? Any specific areas, or in general?" Just as he finishes, he smells something good and turns to see Miruan head right on back. "I'm curious to know," he continues, without skipping a beat. He figures that, considering his new circumstances, such information could be useful in the near future, based on truth or not.

Vargr looks around noticing the elder gentlemen is no longer there. Vargr looks almost furious as he redials his cell phone. "It will be soon." He then hangs up. Vargr looks to Chance "Well stranger it seems we know the same people I think we should join them." Vargr gets up to walk towards Ken, Lauren and Miruan. Vargr is holding his hand and his other hand is holding a beer. Vargr tries to smile and in a near monotone voice "Hello. Mind if I join you? It seems the appoinment I had, was missed and I had to reschedule."

Lauren smiled. "Sounds great." She paused, shuffling though her mind as if to sort everything out. "I know bits about a few, But I mostly focus on Norse. Y'know, Loki, Odin, Thor. Those guys." She said, while leaning back. Her attention went back to Mir for a moment. "Cool, you'r back." She seemed pretty happy.

then she saw "Lucas" come over. her smile dimmed a little as he came over. "Uhh..I guess?"

Chance spins on his stool to look towards the group, obviously debating going over there, but having seen Mir's reaction, and now seeing the reaction of the other woman from the Kitchen, he wonders as to the intelligence of going over there in that company. He does try to lock eyes with Miruan again, trying to gauge more about her, he figures she should have seen something, with only him seperating her from the view of Vargr's hand. But her reaction was almost as atypical as his.

All the good humor Ken had up to this point had vanished, and all the detest and spite he felt when he last saw Lucas came in full force. He had forgotten about the… peculiar man since the song, and yet here he was. Well, there was no point to make a scene, and it seemed that the women didn't full on rejected his company. Then again, they could be just acting nice out of good manners, a trait among women he was not always fond of, but it has helped him out a few times. Taking a quick glance at Lauren and Miruan, he then raised his voice. "Looks like you're invited," Ken stated with as much fake enthusiasm as he could muster. Something about this guy just wasn't right with him, and his left hand moved to the jade ring on his chain. Ken motioned to the other seats that were, regrettably, empty. He had no issue with the other guy, as of yet. "You and your friend can take a seat… Marcus, was it?" Of course it wasn't, but Ken wanted to gauge something.

Miruan smiles, as she is near the table again. Must. Not. EYetic. There's a pause. She's holding two sandwiches, sides of fries and the two drinks. Or she'd totally wave. She smiles weakly. "Hello. That's up these two, really," She offers quietly. She just seems … a bit stunned. Maybe dazed. Uneasy. She smiles at Lauren. "Yeah. I brought soda. You don't strike me as the vodka type. There's mead if you're really heckbent on alcohol," She shrugs. "But here, take either the BLT or the turkey sandwich. I'll eat whatever you don't," A handwave. Mir glances over to Chance. There's definitely uneasiness and fear, but thankfully… shyness is difficult to seperate from alarm. Perhaps the two are more intimately twined than one likes. Maybe disbelief struck her dumb, like smacking someone over the head with a frying pan. But she seems obvious and subtle all at once. If she knows anything at all. "Um."

Vargr tries to smile but it is a meek one and then he closes his eyes and checks his watch "No, Lucas. Brock Sampson right?" He pauses as he then sits down "Ah Meade the drink Odin like to drink. I used to touch the stuff but lost taste in it." Vargr his still holding his hand and tries to make it sound funny "Oh don't mind me, I don't need a hand" He looks to Miruan and asks a strange question "Do you eat?" Vargr sighs thinking to himself (This is harder than it seems, the book I read said to care what others feel and want. It's just so difficult!) Vargr looks to Lauren So just curious what do you do for work these days?"

Lauren shuffled back a little. "Uh. I'm at College." Was really all she said. She carefully took the sandwich and soda from Miruan. "Thank you." She said behind a strained smile. Her hand was buried deep into her hoodie pocket, fingers slowly wrapping around a knife handle. It calmed her down a little that she had something to use. Her other hand was busy dealing with her sandwich. "You?"

Well, there was an invitation, and Chance's curiosity is starting to over ride his natural aversion to awkward social situations. Especially awkward social situations with a certain demographic. Finally he slides from his stool and walks over to the table. He covers his awkward entrance by addressing Miruan, "I apologize for bolting last time before I had a chance to introduce myself. I.. know a few people on the force and wasn't in a mood to explain to them what I was doing hanging around that part of town. Understandable, right?" He offers a faint smile, more than has come out of him at any point since he's been inside the bar. He motions at the chair, asking before taking even if it's already been offered.

Ken ignored the wrong name, and decided not to correct Lucas. It didn't matter, even though Ken suspected it was intentional. The tension in the air started to rise, but Ken was here first, and he'd be damned if he was the one who had to go. Of course, he was in no mood for a fight, yet; he rarely made the first move, according to himself. Lucas' behavior towards the girls was borderline rude, but unless the girls say something Ken would keep quiet. 'Never miss an opportunity to shut up,' he'd remember his father say. So, instead of focusing on Mr. Grim here, he directed his attention to the one guy he didn't know at the table, "So, stranger, the name's Ken. What's your name, and your connection to these people here?"

There's a pause. She smiles weakly at Varger. "Well. It seemed mild and sweet enough…" Miruan blinks at him. "I- I do. Food is very nice, though I can't cook to save my life," She admits. She looks uncertain. She blushes. "I try but I start fires." Sadface. "You're welcome." A little smile to Lauren. She seems sympathetic. Then a wince. "Wow, I graduated with a BS… I feel old now," She winks. There's a pause as Chance slides over. She nods. "That's… alright, for all anyone knew, you were on call," She notes. She just … looks a bit uneasy now, dark blue eyes flicking to the table. "S-sorry." She smiles weakly.

Vargr pretends to not know of the situation and asked Chance "Oh? What part of town was that?" Vargr has a deadpanned look towards Miruan "Dinner? Tomorrow?" Vargr looks to Lauren "I never graduated college my father had other plans for me." Vargr sighs and then taps his temple. "So what are you studying?" Vargr takes a sip of his beer and tightens a cloth over his hand.

Chance pauses for a moment as he's asked his name again, almost as if he doesn't want to give it, or maybe has to think for a moment to recall it to mind. "Chance." It's finally offered, though muttered in a way that sounds like he's not pleased that it's his name. He does shake his head at Miruan's assumption, "No, not on call. I'm still in school." And then there's a not of something unidentifiable in his voice, amusement? "I've just.. had some, uh, emergency medical training." Then finally to Vargr, "Just on of the seedier parts of town." He doesn't name it out, the event having gotten some press and still trying to avoid associating himself with it.

"IT, Multimedia." Lauren said between nibbles on her sandwich. She seemed to be having a hard time enjoying it. She nodded at Chance, feeling a little more at ease. "Nice to see you again." She said. Her eyes glanced at the cloth over his hand, but quickly looked away. You don't wanna know seem to be echoing in her head.

Lauren paused for a second, then looked at "Lucas" "Wait…Din't you say you were in Human Resources? Thought you needed a college degree to actually get into that." Alarm bells were starting to scream in her head a lot lounder now.

Ken felt Lauren's reaction, and realized that something was amiss. Because he wasn't exactly sure what it was about, he didn't know how to react. However, he brought his right arm down, underneath the table, just in case Red Tongue needed to be used. He was told by Zhi-Zhi, his guide, to not use it in a public setting unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, but he figured he could control that interpretation. "Yes, Luke, please tell us. I'm rather interested in how you managed that as well." His voice had a bit of sarcasm, even as he said it straight-faced. His anger was slow, but starting to boil up, being aware that something wasn't right. Then again, considering how little he knew, Ken didn't want to make any more assumptions just yet.

Chance leans forward as he sets his mostly empty beer bottle down on the table. The mood around the group is not a hard one to pick up on, though Chance stays the same mildly cool as he's managed to be this whole time. He simply crosses his arms on the table top, looking almot completely at ease. He does take Miruan's hand when offered, giving a firm shake. "Residency? Ah, no, I'm studying veterinary medicine. Staying out of the hospital thing, and med school's expensive." He averts his eyes back to the table top, a small forwn forming on his mouth for just a brief moment.

"Yes One usually has a college degree, or you know people. Or I could be some secret CIA operative that kills people for a living. Or my family had connections. Some familys are richer and more affluent than others. People with rich parents grow up with extra perks. Which seems more possible?" Vargr gets a slightly smug look on his face.

Vargr looks to Ken "But tell me this are you really interested in instigating a fight with the man who punched a mannequin out of its sockets and into a wall, who is CIA trained and kills people for a living?" Vargr then forces out a laugh to try and diffuse the situation

Vargr then looks to Miruan "I understand. No need to say anything else. I will forget the matter then." Vargr checks his watch and looks like he is reaching for something under the table.

"I'm pretty sure you wouldn't hold on to your job very long even if your parents were rich and people in the CIA don't announce they kill people for a living in front of strangers." Lauren said, eyes narrowing as she backed her chair away from 'Lucas'. She looked a little beeter next to Ken at least, and he was surrounded. Odds were flowing through her mind, just working out what to do.

Vargrs' face looks like it would smile if it naturally could. Vargr then looks down to the floor like he is reading something. He looks to Miruan "My Cell phone number." He writes it down. He looks over to Ken "Sure we all lie. How about this Ken. We can do a simple Arm wrestle. If you feel it was a trick then you should win."

He looks to Chance. "A vet? I would have pegged you for more of a doctor myself. Ever watch that TV show Dr. House? I like the guy."

"Anyone who can joke about killing.." Chance starts in, though his tone is purely conversational, not accusatory or lecturing. "Has either never killed anyone, or has no empathy towards other human beings." His one hand shifts up his arm a little, thumb and finger coming to rest for the briefest of moment on the armcuff around his upper left arm. "It does something to the mind you know. Extensive studies, but you don't really need studies to see what it does to a person." He taps the side of his head, "Something kind of breaks and never fixes itself." Chance shakes his head, "Yes, but I don't care much for it, unrealistic. Rather have a good book myself."

Ken readies his Red Tongue, just in case. "I'll pass," he simply says. No telling what touching this guy would do. But he did know that if any threat was going to happen to the girls, he would take action. But now, it was more like the predator, playing with his prey. He decided not to say much more if possible, and just stay focused on what happens next.

Lauren seemed to worry a little less now she was certain he wasn't going to pull anything. That fact seemed to help calm her down a little. A small part of her actually felt a little guilty about being scared at all. She shoved it out of her mind for now. For now, her eyes seemed to be locked onto him. All but silent.

Miruan's not sure of herself but she smiles faintly. "Sure thing. Thank you. Here." She'll write his down in turn, then. She's a bit red faced, looking uncertain. Miruan pauses, looking to her phone. "I should - get going, then. I have plants to water and someone wants an antique gun restored. I'm going to be scraping rust all day," Sigh. "Ah well. It'll look nice in the end." She nods at Chance, trying not to think about the idea of people killing people for kicks. "It was a pleasure to see you all," She smiles faintly to Lauren. "Next time, we'll have to try um - shoot, that place with the pastries. Oh well. Be well, alright?" This to Ken too. "And thank you for letting me sit with you."

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