Chancellor "Chance" Sheldon
Chancellor "Chance" Sheldon
Portrayed By: T.J. Thyne
Status: Alive and Well
Age: 28
Calling: Card Shark/Hustler
Pantheon: Aesir
Divine Parent: Loki
Significant Other(s): Yeah.. Right

The Origin of a Scoundrel

Not much is known about the secret world of the man known as Chance. He is from a decent family or so he says. His mother and the man she was married to divorced about the time his mother found she was pregnant, apparently she had cheated. Chancellor was born and it only got worse from there. From an early age it was clear he was a streetwise little punk. It could only go down hill from there, and it did.

He's got Personality!

Loud, uncouth and perhaps just a bit on the annoying side - all good words to describe Chance. Chance is pretty much a social butterfly. He seems to move between the different rungs of society with relative ease. On a more personal note Chance suffers from a complete and utter lack of moral fiber. He is in fact out only for himself and what best works for him. This attitude brings with it a sort of roguish asshole-esque nature that most people find completely untrustworthy, and he is fine with that. Chance is quite the gambler willing to bet on just about anything that he thinks he can win.

My who's who…

Name Relationship Notes
Loki Father He pretty much leaves me alone. He only bothers me when he needs something or wants to use me for something.
Thor Uncle Doesn't even know I exist. That's how I like it.

The Chaos of Life!

Character Stats

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