Cedric Lazarus
Portrayed By: Benjamin McKenzie
Status: Alive And Nuts
Age: 30
Calling: Perceptive Police Officer
Pantheon: Tuatha
Divine Parent: Nuada
Significant Other(s): Single


Cedric Lazarus was born 30 years ago in upper New York. His father, Nuada, stayed around for a good ten years before he disappeared. His name at the time was Kevin Lazarus. Why he left? Who knows? He's a God, after all. But Cedric was the result of his union to Diana O'Malley, then Diana O'Malley, and the result is Cedric Lazarus. His mother was and still is a Wiccan practioner, although she has moved to Ireland to search for her missing husband.

But, that's now. Early on, Cedric was a troublesome child and a handful although his father had the means to keep control of him. Typical child, he grew up liking video games, playing sports, and the like. His life was mostly ordinary, although there always seemed to be something his father was looking to the east (almost always east) more often than not. The day his father left, he did it quietly and with only a kiss to Cedric's brow.

After graduating from high school, Cedric went on to the police academy. His mother was proud of him, but longed for her husband. Finally receiving a tip that he had been sighted in Ireland, Diana left to Ireland itself to search for him. Cedric still receives word of her searching every now and then.

As for Cedric, he graduated from the academy and became an officer on the force. Having to hide that he is Wiccan, however, isn't sitting well with him. A perceptive individual, it wasn't until he was in a gang fight two years ago that things changed. Half-way unconscious from a stray shot to the head that just grazed him by sheer luck alone, Cedric at first thought it a dream.

The dream was of his father, changing into some older silver haired being carrying a sword of light. Sheathing the sword, his father explained he was Nuada and that the gun shot had forced his hand to Visit his Scion in New York, namely Cedric. By the visit, Cedric was now something else other than human and had duties. He was told to watch for the Titanspawn. Presented with a ring to mark him as Nuada's own, as well as a police nightstick, Nuada explained some of it but not a lot of it.

Coming to, Cedric found himself strangely fine and associated the fall with a bump to the head from falling, although he found it strange that he was healed almost fully. Going back to subdueing the gang members, he found himself strangely more skilled and things slowed down a bit. Cedric went on to helping out on the beat in New York more, but kept a low profile. With no further guidance coming from his father, and knowing his mother would think he was nuts, he decided to keep watch for the "Titanspawn" that he was told of as well as others that might be like him. He's discovered a lot since the Visit, but not enough to do much. Researching Nuada didn't seem to help much either.

So, Cedric's story picks up. Armed with the sword known as "Headsplitter" and with no real guidance, he continues to work the beat and work on taking down criminals as best as he can.


Cedric so far has proven to be a confused Scion while also a shrewd cop in a way. Similar to his father, he is a warrior through and through but prefers to let others lead rather than take any sort of reigns himself. He is at least half-heartedly Wiccan to a degree, but prefers to simply sit in meetings. No one is sure if he is a Wiccan priest or not, but it's possible since his mother was a priestess before her disappearance to Ireland. Unfortunately, his father has been shaken since the Visit due to his father being one of the Tuatha that he gave praise to at one time.

On the job, of course, he has to deny it completely even with the Scions of the world showing the old religions are alive. Serious usually, he takes the job just as seriously and seeks out protecting others but starts to wonder if he is nothing more than a trouble magnet at times.


Caryl - If Cedric acts the part of the valiant knight, Caryl is the princess to the role of his knight and he'd have it no other way. Even though they've been forced into hiding, he literally went to the dark side to clear their names so she would have her life back.

Lin - Fellow cop, a brother in "arms" so to speak, although Cedric's only met him a few times.

Erika - Psychopathic nutcase in hiding. Probably in a relationship with Lin. Probably. Who knows? She helped him and Caryl, so he feels like he owes her.


Kuroko Industries - They framed him and Caryl. Must die. Horribly. Will happen… soonish.

Events Thus Far

Paging Dr. Freud - What happens when you stick in some crazy Scion that doesn't know how to turn his sword back to a pocket knife because he thought it was all a dream? This weird scene.

Strength 3 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Epic Strength 2 Epic Charisma 2 Epic Perception 2
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 3
Epic Dexterity 2 Epic Manipulation Epic Intelligence
Stamina 4 Appearance 2 Wits 3
Epic Stamina 2 Epic Appearance Epic Wits
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