Caspian Raine
Portrayed By: Patrick Nuo
Status: Active
Age: Mid 20's.
Calling: Ex-Navy Medic
Pantheon: Amatsukami
Divine Parent: Susano-O
Significant Other(s): {$so}


Let's start before I was even born. Susano-O saw my mother bathing and I'm pretty sure that was it. She had no choice in the matter really…she became his. He took her and lo-and behold I was born and he left. The fun was had. My mother raised me as best she could under the circumstances but her spirit seemed…deminished. I started taking care of her after I turned 12. She was never really the same. I joined the Navy at 18 and it didn't take long before they put me in the medic divison. I was gifted with healing. I served for 2 years, full tours. I became retired at 20 and put in the reserves. I moved back in with my mother while I started up my business. A little mechanic shop just in the garage of the house.

Then the earth quake hit and leveled the house. I was stuck under some beams when Susano-O…my father, showed himself to me. He sat beside me while my air diminished. He spoke of my destiny and that this 'stupid little shop' was not it. He touched me and then we were both out of the wreckage of my home. I begged him to save my mother but he wouldn't have it. That's not why he came. He handed me a ring which he explained turns into armor, a pendant which turns into a sword, a fan, compass and whistle. He explained them all and then told me to use them cautiously. He left me with the question 'How do you stop the storm?' then he was gone. I stood there baffled. I ran back to the house to try and save my mother. It was too late.

All I had left were trinkets. I played around with them a little and nothing happened until I blew the Whistle. Silence. Then this American Akita puppy showed up. He sat beside me and then he changed. He became a demon in front of me… crazy bones sticking out by his shoulders and he had tusks. He was still little though. He shifted back and licked my hand. My dad…got me a puppy. Despite the fear I had for this little guy, I was thankful that Susano-O got me something to protect me. I named him Talon.

I lost my shop and my family so Talon and I left to find out what my father really meant. "How do you stop the storm?" I don't know but… I will find the answer.


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Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength: 4 Charisma: 2 Perception: 3
Epic Strength: 1 Epic Charisma: 1 Epic Perception: 0
Dexterity: 4 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 3
Epic Dexterity: 0 Epic Manipulation: 0 Epic Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 3 Appearance: 3 Wits: 3
Epic Stamina: 1 Epic Appearance: 0 Epic Wits: 1


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