Caryl Hunter
Portrayed By: Adriana Lima
Status: Cute! Oh, and alive.
Age: 27
Calling: Libertine Fashion Model/Designer
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Divine Parent: Aphrodite
Significant Other(s): [[Cedric



Caryl Hunter was born twenty-six years ago in the early storms of May. A always cheerful child, she was the result of the Union between Jonathan and Caren Hunter, her loving parents. Having been born in the wide plains of Texas, she was always running, running, running. However, Caryl was a fussy child, prone to not run, but to talk. even at a young age she was a manipulator, always getting other children to do it her way - her way in the form of, with a sweet tone, a sad look in her expressive eyes, and would ask with a pout on her lips, "Can you do this? Get me this? Help me with this. May I have that? Can I stay here? can I stay up? Momma? Daddy? Please?" Caryl was never really /spoiled/ so to say; she just put her charm to use - and there even she was careful, knowing what she should be asking for to not draw attention to her mischievous ways. After ten or so years and several beauty pageants later, it was with regret that Caren told Jonathan that it was over. Caryl didn't understand - was it something she had done? The normally cheerful, pleased child turned sullen - especially when she was informed she was moving from the wide plains of her Mother to a nasty, smelly, tight, small city - in the suburbs of the Manhattan/New York City area. She refused. She didn't want to go. Was he kidding? No, he wasn't, at it was in the beginning of her middle school years they she transferred to New York City schools. She kept on refusing though. There was no way, no how she was going to go there! Did they even have pageants? Places to go experiment with clothing? It wasn't until Jonathan told her about Macy's and the larger stores in the area that she finally, grudgingly, agreed to try. /To try/.

There, in NYC, Caryl did eventually make friends; the bubbly, happy cheerfulness she once had slowly returned, and she developed into even more of a beauty than she was in Texas. She went on to participate in several beauty pageants, eventually winning Miss Teen New York at the tender age of seventeen. At her celebratory party that night, Jonathan drew her aside and gave her a present. He explained that Caren had left it, and to give it to her when the time seemed right. Unwrapping it, both were shocked at the sight of the pure golden horseshoe; even though they didn't know what it meant at the time, it would come soon enough. On her eighteenth birthday, as she relaxed in her room, examining the horseshoe, she fell asleep curled up around it. In her dream, her mother appeared, not like she was, but in a daring toga that showed off how beautiful she was. there, Caren explained her real name was Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess….

and how Caryl was her Scion, her Daughter, chosen to help fight the Titanspawn.

Caryl looked at her mother in shock - she was eighteen, a model, a noble woman; how did one expect her to fight! Aphrodite sighed, and gave Caryl the first of the items that would help her on her journey. Holding up the Golden Horseshoe, Caryl called a pegasus into her room, one of the Twelve Fabled; she learned how to treat it, and how it could be used in fights against the Titanspawn and with other issues that may need Scion intervention. Then, the other one, and Aphrodite explained this one with a melodious chuckle, she handed over a small Beretta. It was designed to never run out of ammo - no matter /what/. It was a relic in it's own right, although, she was told, not one primarily chosen for one of Aphrodite's Scions'. However, it would work … and with that, her mother disappeared.From that point on, Caryl watched - and learned. As she became a successful model and toured the world - all of it's cities, lands, and people, she seeked over Scions', and the Titanspawn that would destroy everything. She hid it behind generous gifts, careful proceeds with laboratories, and the luck - and it all came back to her. However, now that she's retired as a model and is just a designer, working secluded, she decided it's time to take a stand - and do what will /always/ be right.


Mischievous. Sexy. Dangerous for your health and well-being. Caryl has been called all of these, and more. One might say this lovely woman has a bit of a mean streak; however, to her, it's … just a clashing of wits. More often than not though, a flutter of her eyelashes, a pout of her mouth, a twist of her hair, and the wit is gone, and she's dazzled her onlookers. However, the charm and beauty hides a sharply intelligent mind, one capable of making decisions, and to push forward what is right. She's the perfect balance of beauty and intelligence - … but she's often withdrawn, quiet.


Aphrodite: Mom. Mom. Mom. What the fuck. Mom.
Cedric: Her light, her world. One may say a scion of Aphrodite could never lose her heart to one and one alone. Caryl says screw that. Cedric is her light, her love, and the only man she'll ever take shit from.

Events Thus Far

Oops. - Caryl is annoyed.

Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 3
Epic Strength Epic Charisma Epic Perception 2
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Epic Dexterity 2 Epic Manipulation 2 Epic Intelligence
Stamina 2 Appearance 4 Wits 3
Epic Stamina 2 Epic Appearance 2 Epic Wits
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