Carlos Andreda
Carlos Andreda
Portrayed By: Nicholas Gonzalez
Status: Ripping and Living
Age: 28
Calling: CIA Field Operative
Pantheon: The Atzlanti
Divine Parent: Tezcatlipoca
Significant Other(s): None as of yet


Carlos doesn't remember that much from his younger years. It wasn't much that happened he cared to remember nor did his mother want to tell him. Carlos was born in a small town in Mexico called Barra De Navidad. There wasn't much there for Carlos and all he can really remember of the place was the day mom said 'We are leaving'. This was after some boyfriend of her's decided that she was a punching bag. Mother had enough, we were leaving. It tooks us only a few hours to pack our bags while he was at work and instantly, we took off north. How far north? Clear to the boarder of the United States and Mexico. It didn't take long when we got to the boarder for mother to figure out how to get us across, illegally in fact. Before I knew it, we were across and ended up in Belah, Louisiana. Shortly after their arrival, mom met up with this guy named Charles. Charles apparently was a money man, not crazy money but enough that mom ended up marrying him within a year. I was only six when this happened and I only remembered meeting all of his family, none of my own. Guess they couldn't make it up from Mexico to see everything. It was only about five months after that, I got this little green card that said I was 'Welcomed as a new citizen to the United States'. Mom said that was a great day, truth be told, I didn't see any importance in a wimpy little card at the time. Years later, I finally understood.

With mom married to Charles, we had money and it was nice. I had toys all I wanted, everything you could imagine. What was missing? Nothing I thought until mom told me I was going to be attending a private military academy in Melbourne, Florida. It was called 'Florida Air Academy' and I was going to be starting in two months. I didn't know what to expect but somehow, somebody out there knew they needed to teach me what to expect and that's when it happened. A man claiming to be from the school arrived. He said he was one of the staff there, a teacher from years past and he had decided to come educate me about the school. I didn't think he was really from the school because most of his questions were directed at me. Asking me about myself and even suggesting things to work on, things to improve and things of that nature. The man stayed at our house a full week, our house because mother insisted, before he up and left.

School began and the years passed, never was that man seen again as a teacher but Carlos met him a multitude of times over the years. Each time, the man showed up at his home that he went back to for the summer. Each time the visits were 'to explain the coming year' but they always turned into more suggestions for Carlos to do. Never did Carlos fully understand it but it came and went and became a natural thing to happen in his life. A week long stay from a supposed teacher who talked with Carlos on end about his goals, pointing him towards a lot of the extra activities at school to. Mainly the ones that seemed to train him for more combat, but Carlos was already planning on joining the military after school anyways so they seemed good to learn. School's end finally came just before Carlos' 17th birthday. Validictorian was an honor that Carlos got to take away from the Air Academy, with a 4.3 GPA. When Carlos went that summer, just before he planned to sign his military contract and leave, disaster struck at home.

Mom was sick and so was Charles. It wasn't like Carlos didn't see it coming. They both were living rather lividly and never were they eating healthy. They drank too much, things became chaos for life at home between the two. Mom had breast cancer that she never had diagnosed in time and Charles? Well he ended up with a failing, or failed if you want to view how much he drank, liver. The day before his 17th birthday, two deaths were reported in the Belah local newspaper and in the county's newspaper. Charles Andreda and Victoria Andreda were found, asleep, and dead. They both died peacefully in their sleep within the hospital. Carlos never left the hospital that night but had been asleep in the room with them both. The day passed on slowly for Carlos but low and behold as the new day approached and Carlos' 'happy' birthday arrived, the man from the school arrived again. This time, he introduced himself as 'Your Father'.

It took a lot for Carlos to understand what was being told to him, Scions, Titanspawn, that his father was a god. Tezcatlipoca was his name and he explained the reasoning for finally introducing himself. He was recruiting Carlos to fight the titanspawn and to help keep them at bay. His suggestion was to move with more training, more combatively and that meant that Carlos was to sign a two year contract, at least, with the Marine Corps and take that time to also attend college. While he did such, Carlos was to obtain a gift from his father, in fact it was more of a painful gift than anything. Tezcatlipoca placed his palms against Carlos' forehead and his skin began to burn behind his ears and along the back of his neck. When the process was done, Carlos learned that he had been grafted two new tattoos. Next, his father opened his hand and produced a single ring and bracelet to Carlos. He explained that with time, their powers would be explained.

Military life and college both seemed to go by in a blur. Before his contract was even up, Carlos had been studying psychology and managed, somehow, to end up with a bachelor's degree in said field. Days after his contract was up, Carlos seen his father again, this time he explained that a visit was coming from a group of men he wanted Carlos to meet and follow with. He wanted Carlos to accept their position. Carlos had no idea what he meant but agreed and days later, it happened. Three men arrived and explained they were with the CIA and they were looking to recruit Carlos. His knack for multiple languages, as well as his ability to under the psychology of men, were gifts the CIA wanted. Carlos accepted and he was whisked away to a remote location for training. His training? A lot of various things he can't even talk about because they would be considered security risks to the nation. It didn't take long for Carlos' job title to change from a desk jockey, to something more… direct. Three years after being in, Carlos Andreda was promoted to CIA Field Operative. This meant that he was to be out and about, collecting a check and dealing with direct on missions.

His field work started with easy checking on intel and sending information back to the headquarters. As time passed, however, they began sending Carlos out on even more dangerous missions, missions that he was sent to begin assassinating people that were key factors in terrorism against the USA. It was when these missions bagan that Carlos' father showed himself and explained the ring and the bracelet, both key tools for Carlos to use.


A tad bit cocky about himself, though he's only met a few other trivial scions over time.


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