Campus Chat


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Scene Title Campus Chat
Synopsis A couple of scions run into each other on campus

University campus

It's raining. This does not suit well with Shou. He was totally going to pick Kaylee up for a date and now it's raining and that's not cool. He glances up at the sky, the drops of water bouncing off him, never leaving him wet. "YOU SUCK, DAD. YOU TOTALLY FUCKING /SUCK/!" He pouts, and starts heading across campus towards Kaylee's dorm building. Might as well say hi anyway.

Melissa is on campus for who only knows what reason, but she seems to be enjoying the rain. At least she's smiling, and that's without an umbrella. When she spots Shou she arches a brow and angles over thataway. "Why are you yelling at the sky?"
Kaylee is taking a break from studying to re-pot a plant. Much to the consternation of her roommate, she is beginning a collection of greenery. It's all rather small at the moment, little fingerlings of green shoots reaching for the sun. She stands up, wiping her hands off on her shirt, and steps out to get a little air. Umbrella in hand, she heads out of the dorm into the rain.

"Because my dad is god of storms and he chose /today/ to rain on my FRICKIN' PARADE!" Shou yells up at the sky. He glances over at Melissa. "Had a date." He frowns. "But, you know, raining." He frowns again. "Stupid stor- oh hey, there she is." Shou's face grows a little puppy-like as he starts heading for Kaylee. "C'mon."

Melissa scoffs. "Rain doesn't have to interrupt a date. On /my/ last date we got interrupted right at the beginning by freakin' /kappa/," she mutters. When Shou takes off she lifts a brow, but shrugs and follows after, just a few steps behind.

Kaylee blinks as Shou is heading towards her. "Oh! I didn't think you'd be showing up, what with the rain and all and…who is she?" She peers at Melissa from under her big green umbrella. "Wait, do I know you?"

"I was on my way when it started pouring, so I thought I'd come by anyway," Shou says. He isn't wet, even though he lacks an umbrella. His body just seems to reject being wet. "This is uh, this is Melissa. Friend of mine." He sticks his hands into his pockets.

Melissa studies Kaylee for a moment before she smiles. "You had the friend who wanted to bleach your hair, right? For Halloween?"

Kaylee suddenly grins. "Yeah, I remember now! Yeah, you'd think a red wig would be fine for a Poison Ivy costume, but some people just love authenticity."

Shou is at the college campus, near Kaylee's dorm. It's raining linxes and foxes. He listens to the two girls, and gnaws on his lower lip. "Oh, uhm, you met already?" He clears his throat. "We're all, uhm," he says, pointing a finger up. "Just, you know, to have it out in the open."

Melissa grins and nods. "Yeah, and if she had to shave hers…Better to go with the wig." She turns that grin onto Shou. "Oh yeah? Well huh. Got something in common then. That's nice. Most I've met are kinda…" Her hands settle on her hips and she goes from amused to annoyed in a flash. "I actually met one who was wearing /crocodile skin/. Can you believe that?"

"We're all what?" Hikaru asks. "Oh! Bisexual? I had no idea, Shou! That's wonderful. I'm very happy for you!" he says, putting his arms behind his head and stretching rather languidly. He's sitting crosslegged upon the floor, shoes off, looking as merry as you might imagine a fox being.

"Crocodile skin? And I'm sure that one didn't even kill said crocodile." Kaylee shakes her head. "People are so removed from their food and clothing sources. And we're all - " She turns and stares at Hikaru, then at Shou. "Shou, is this true? Are you, really? Because, I'm not." A pause. "I've never kissed anybody, though, so I don't know."

Shou facepalms when Hikaru shows up. "I'm gonna kill you, dude," he offers the fox-scion with a snarl. Kaylee gets a slow shake of his head. "No, I'm not." Beat. "You haven't? Huh…" He gets a stupid smile on his face.

Melissa busts out laughing and glances over to Hikaru. "Now don't tell me I'll be having to worry about another guy stealing your attention while I'm trying to attract it," she teases. She shrugs as she looks back to Kaylee. "I have no problem with wearing leather, it's the aquatic skin that bothers me. I don't eat seafood. And Kaylee? You're not alone sadly. Seems the nerdy thing and smelling like the ocean is a turn off for guys."

Hikaru smiles slightly at Melissa, keeping his arms behind his head. "Shou and I have a bro-mance, they say. I'm not sure what that means. I think it means we're brothers, or something like that. Isn't that interesting?" he asks, giving a bright smile now. "You don't eat seafood? Too bad! You should try takoyaki. It is the best food from Kansai. It's octopus. It's delicious! I love it!"

Kaylee shrugs. "I'm fine with wearing leather, but if you're going to wear the skin of a predator, you should be the one killing it. Preferably with a knife." She then stares at Hikaru. "Bro-mance? Shou, am I supposed to be jealous, because I kinda am. He's pretty." A pause. "He /is/ a he, isn't he?"

Shou coughs a bit and puts his fist to his mouth, and then says, "I'm not sure /what/ he is. Pain in my ass is what." Shou kicks Hikaru in the shin. Kick!

"Hey now, no fighting, children," Melissa says, rolling her eyes but grinning. "And I will not eat octopus or anything else that lives in the ocean. Never have, never will. Though I won't stop you guys from eating it of course. And Kaylee? First time I saw them together I thought they were either brothers or totally interested in each other. They assure me they're not. I don't know if I believe them though."

Hikaru doesn't seem to mind the rain, even though he's getting soaked. The young man, if that's what he is, smiles like the Cheshire cat. "He looks nothing like me. He's Hawaiian. I'm Japanese. There's a difference! I wonder why nobody else can see that. As for what I am, I like to leave that as a sort of subjective mystery. I am what you think I am, or what you want me to be. That's the lure and the mystery of the fox."

"Shou's Japanese," Kaylee pipes up. "Just…part Japanese?" She looks over at Shou for help with this. "Anyways, maybe we should get out of the rain before we all catch colds?" She gestures over to the dorm entrance and shakes her keys.

"I'm half Japanese, yo," Shou tells Hikaru with his tongue sticking out. "My dad is a Japanese /god/, remember?" He glances around and then shrugs. "Sure. I kind of forget it's raining." Since the water bounces right off him. He reaches over and lifts Hikaru up by the scruff of his shirt. "Come on, you."

Melissa glances up, then to Kaylee, nodding. "Sure thing. Lead the way. And I'm not sure what he is and I've gone on a picnic with him!" she says, grinning.

Kaylee shakes her head as Shou manhandles Hikaru and leads them all to her dorm. In they go the the lounge, where there are couches and softdrink machines and a certain lack of rain. "See, isn't this a whole lot better?"

"He's half-Japanese," Hikaru admits, smiling slightly. "Why are we sitting in the rain?" he asks. But then he is manhandled into the dorm. Then he shakes next to Shou, rather like a dog might do. Dammit, Hikaru!

Shou is unaffected by puppy-Hiki's antics, as the water continues to bounce off him. He smirks a bit, and raises a brow. "I'm gonna get something to drink at the vending machine. Anyone want something?" He sticks his hand into his pocket to pull out a few rumpled bills.

"I'll take a coke," Mel says as she drops down onto a couch and stretches her legs out. "So I know who their daddies are, or daddy and dad slash mom, who's your parent?" she asks Kaylee.

Kaylee laughs at the Hikaru and Shou Show, then sits down. "Me? Oh my father is Dian Cecht. Tuathan, er Celtic god. Healing and the like." She brushes some potting dirt off her tshirt. "And you?"

"Inari is my father. Or maybe Inari is my mother. Or both. Nobody is ever really sure, you know, when it comes to Inari-sama," Hikaru admits. tucking his hands into his pockets. "I want a soft drink!" he asks Shou. "How about a Dr. Pepper, or something like that?"

Shou goes to get people their sodas. He scratches his head and counts his change in front of the vending machine a few yards away, frowning. Hrm.

"Proteus. Greek, seals, prophecy, shapeshifting," Melissa answer before she grins at Hikaru. "You ever asked him? Her. Whatever Inari is?"

Kaylee grins. "Shapeshifting? So, you might not be female, either!" She seems so pleased with her cleverness. "Shou, you need change?"

Hikaru smiles widely. "Inari's not one to tell. Inari likes the mystery of it all. One moment appearing on the road as a kindly little old man, tricking bandits into waylaying him. The next day, a fox, who kills the mice plagueing a village's grain crops. By the next evening, a beautiful woman who tricks the bandits from earlier into falling off a cliff with a wayward glance. A rather interesting cult has sprung up around Inari in Japan. It's very interesting.

Shou glances over and shakes his head. "Naw, I got it!" Another pause. He clears his throat, puts the bills in his pocket, and grabs the vending machine from either side. Then he /shakes it/. RATTLERATTLERATTLE! Soda cans fall to the slot at the bottom one after another. After spending a moment picking out the cans that he needs, he leaves a half dozen others on the floor and lumbers back to the group, handing out the sodas asked for.

Melissa laughs and shakes her head. "No, I'm female. I can't change from one to another yet. Soon though, maybe." She gives Hikaru an amused look, but has to glance towards Shou before she speaks, rolling her eyes. "Was that necessary?" Then to Hikaru, "So you get that from her, huh? The mystery thing?"

Hikaru sits up straighter, giving Melissa a curious smile. "You're rather interesting yourself. Most people, if you'll pardon my obvious joke, just don't have the balls to even try. And at the same time, many people just don't seem to have the ability to let go. They believe too much in what they are. When you can disassociate yourself from what everyone believes you are, you find that it's very easy to just… be something else."

Kaylee stares at Shou. "Was that - yeah." She sighs and shakes her head. Then her roommate comes down into the lounge. "Kay, what is all that dirt doing in the room?" Kaylee lets out another sigh. "I'll be back later, guys," and she heads up to her room.

Shou glances at Kaylee and pouts. He nods, but gives her roommate the Evil Eye. The girl is lucky that Shou is a child of the Amatsukami, and not the Loa, or that Evil Eye would probably be quite literal. He sits down on the couch, and slumps grumpily.

Melissa watches Kaylee disappear then she grins at Hikaru. "Interesting huh? I like that." She cocks her head then, glancing between the two, and towards where Kaylee disappeared, before settling on Shou and grinning again. "You know, for as much as you're stuck on her, you're one hell of a flirt."

"He totally is," Hikaru agree, nodding solemnly with Melissa's appraisal. "He tries to pretend he's not, but he's a total flirt. It's nearly constant with him. I just about can't stop him, you know."

Shou rolls his eyes and glances over at Melissa. "Pfft, I-" and then Hikaru starts talking, so Shou grabs his soda can and tosses it at the fox-scion's head. "Shuddup!"

"You really are. I mean, think of the first time we met," Melissa points out with a grin. She looks back to Hikaru. "And you? When are we going to try for an uninterrupted date, hmm?"

Hikaru casually leans to the side, letting the can go clattering past. Of course, hopefully Shou wasn't really trying to hit him anyway. He smiles broadly, sitting in a lotus position, adjusting his wet hair. "I don't know! Soon, I hope. I haven't been on many dates since my first visitation. I guess it's been years. I haven't allowed myself time to socialize, I suppose. It's almost kind of said. I am a workaholic."

"Pain in my ass is what you are," Shou grumbles at Hikaru. "And just because I flirt doesn't mean nothin'. Ffft." He crosses his arms and grumps.

"You and me both, sadly." Melissa looks to Shou. "You should get him out more. Like, seriously. And you're both invited to my place too, by the way, and Kaylee. We should like, do something one night. Pizza and a movie or something."

"Blood orgy," suggests Hikaru casually, trying to ruffle his own hair. "Or pizza and movie night. I'm really not picky one way or the other."

"Blood orgy? Seriously? What are you, an Aztec?" He's heard about those gods and their bloodthirst. "Pizza and movie night sounds good."

Melissa wrinkles her nose. "Yeah, let's stick with pizza and movies. Oh! And you guys can see my baby turtles! The little kind, not the big kind like Crush. They're adorable!"

"Aren't those protected species?" Hikaru asks, quirking his eyebrow. "I guess they would be, technically. You're probably the one protecting them and all that, aren't you? That's kind of cute, I guess."

"I wish you guys could see Mishu. Maybe then he'd stop bugging me and bug one of you." Shou flicks his finger at his knee, even though there's nothing there. At least, nothing they can see.

"Which? Crush of the others? Besides, I'm not keeping Crush in my bathtub or anything, he's in the ocean. He just comes when I ask him to is all," Melissa says, shrugging. Then she gives Shou a curious look. "Mishu?"

"His imaginary pet dragon," Hikaru stage-whispers to Melissa. "I find it best to humor him. He gets all peevish otherwise."

"He's not /imaginary/," Shou says with a snarl. "Just invisible and immaterial to everyone but me, or people more… you know, closer to being gods. Maia and them can see him!"

Melissa's lips twitch. "You /sure/ there's no shared blood between you two? Seriously. And who's Maia?"

"Shou," Hikaru begins patiently. "Invisible and immaterial to everyone but you is the very definition of imaginary," he assures the other young man. He really does like to push it, doesn't he? He smiles now to Melissa: "Maia is the child of Amaterasu-no-Omikoto, the Goddess of the Sun. And she looks after my half-brother. My half-brother is a puppy, you see."

"No it's not," Shou tells Hikaru. "Imaginary means I imagined him. But I didn't. Just because you can't see him doesn't mean he's imaginary. Don't be a pompous jerk!"

Melissa holds up her hands. "Whoa…Seriously, no fighting, huh? I'm not up to playing referee tonight. And he's a puppy? That's odd. Then again, I guess it's likely I have a half-sibling that's a seal or something. And I'm sure he's real, Shou. Calm down, please?"

"That's right, Shou," Hikaru says, in a mollifying tone. "We believe in your invisible dragon. I'm just teasing you, you know," he assures him. Though it sounds a bit more patronizing than one might typically like. "But yes, my half-brother is a dog. Or, he looks like a dog. I can't say much more than that, you see."

"Pffft, whatever." Shou rolls his eyes. "He's like some half-breed mutt from Japanese and Viking dog booty call."

Melissa points a finger at Shou. "Hey, he doesn't pick on you, you don't pick on him." She gives Hikaru a look too, then pops open her coke and takes a sip.

Hikaru pops his Dr. Pepper, pointing it at Shou. Just in case of trickery. When he's sure it's not going to detonate on him, he takes a drink.

Shou tenses, but when the soda doesn't shoot out at him, he relaxes again. "Anyway. Yeah, pizza and movie night or whatever sounds good. If we can get Kaylee to actually, you know, have time." He grumbles.

"Oh relax. I'm sure she can squeeze us in. And even if she can't, any reason why the three of us can't have pizza and watch a movie?" Melissa asks, getting more comfy.

"Doesn't that mean we all have to be friends to watch movies together?" Hikaru says, smirking. He's clearly playing. "Aren't you guys too cool to hang out with silly foxes like me?"

Shou raises a brow. "Are you like, self-deprecating, now?" He snorts. "Dude, I'm not above hanging with anyone if they're nice to me." He sticks his legs out and his hands behind his head.

Melissa rolls her eyes and pokes Hikaru in the side. "I went on a date with you, I think that I can handle having you over for a pizza and movie with Shou."

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