Caitlin Sweeny
Portrayed By: Christina Hendricks
Status: Alive and kicking
Age: 24
Calling: Protector of Mothers and Children
Pantheon: Tuatha de Dannan
Divine Parent: Danu
Significant Other(s): Nope.


For the first 14 years of her life, Caitlin was pretty much your average Irish farm kid, growing up with two loving parents in the rural hills of Ireland. She grew to love tending the animals and gardens on her family's small farm, and developed a strong appreciation for the gifts of the land around her. When she was 14, her little sister Erin was born, but the labor was exceedingly rough on their mother and she never quite regained her full strength after the birth. Cait, however, bonded to her new little sister immediately, helping with Erin's care in any way she could, instilling in the little girl as much knowledge and respect for the earth as she possibly could. But then, when Cait was 15, disaster struck the family - her father's body was found in one of the fields, bloodied and broken - the local authorities said it was some sort of tragic tractor accident, but Cait knew there was something more to it, she just couldn't tell exactly what. With her mother in poor health, and a her little sister to take care of, Cait did everything within her power to make their lives easier, often to her own detriment - she would rather suffer hunger and discomfort herself, than to see her mother and little sister go without food.

It was the anniversary of her father's death that Cait's world changed forever, and things got even worse than she could have possibly imagined. As she returned from market with supplies to make a nice dinner for her family - an attempt to distract them from the sad anniversary - Cait came upon a woman of serene, earthy beauty, clothed in flowing blue robes with long white blond hair, carrying a young girl on her hip - there was a feeling of overwhelming sorrow about the two as Cait approached them. When she was upon them, Cait recognized them as her mother and little sister, although they both seemed to glow with an unearthly light, regarding her with sad eyes as she approached. Her mother revealed herself as Danu, one of the most ancient deities of Ireland, taken human form to live among her people for a time, and to raise Caitlin and Erin as a champions for the weak and defenseless. Danu informed Cait that the same beast which had killed her father years ago had returned, and in her weakened mortal state, she had been unable to fight the beast off, and that both she and Erin had been killed. Danu tasked Caitlin with avenging her little sister's death - and by extension, to protect those who cannot defend themselves; no child may come to harm, either through action or inaction, while it is within Cait's power to prevent the mistreatment.

To aid her in this weighty task, Danu offered Cait several relics with ties to the land and lore of Ireland. Around her neck, she placed a silver torc, set with saphires the color of the sea at night, to connect her to the primordial waters from which the her family arose, and to grant her the skill to wield weapons like the greatest of Irish warriors before her. She gifted her with a violin, carved by the skilled hands of the Fae craftsmen, which when played grants the listener's the Blessing of Bravery, or gives selected individuals a Bolster to their health. In her hands, she placed a pair of twin axes, Faitios and Bron, which on impact would instill fear and sorrow onto those who would inflict these emotions on the innocent. And lastly, on Cait's chest, directly over her heart, Danu pinned the same locket broach she herself had worn during her incarnation as a mortal; it would act as a connection to the land, no matter where she traveled, and would help her further to guard those who were less powerful than she. Inside the locket were two photographs, one of Erin, and one of Danu as a mortal woman, such that Caitlin could always keep her family close to her heart. With these gifts, Danu urged Cait to hurry, lest she miss her opportunity to seek vengeance on the titan spawn beast.

Upon arriving at the family home, Cait was greeted with the horrifying scene of her beloved mother and little sister, cowering in the corner, their bodies torn to shreds by the hulking humanoid creature, which now gorged upon their flesh. Cait doesn't recall much of what happened next - although she vaguely remembers the beast's cries becoming more human as she hacked away with her new axes, though she does not know why - she stopped her assault when the creature fell silent beneath her blades, and she saw the warped and disfigured body of a man sprawled in a pool of blood on the floor of the house: what remained of her titan spawn foe. Silently, she arranged the remains of her family on the bed, covering their wounds as best she could, although the damage was extensive, and she could only do so much. On the kitchen table sat a carved wooden box, just large enough to hold her new violin, with a hidden compartment below that fit her weapons perfectly - inside was a note from her mother, insisting that she make her way to New York as soon as possible, that she could do the most good in that city.

And so, Cait bartered passage on the next ship bound for America, trading her music, and wool from her family sheep to pay her way. Her ship made landfall just weeks before the arrival of the Atlanteans, and the transition of New York to New Atlantis. During the upheaval, she did everything within her power to protect and serve the children affected by the change, those orphaned or abandoned in the time surrounding the turmoil, seeking to find them homes and shelter while the rest of the city was in a state of upheaval.

Most evenings now, Caitlin can be found playing violin and singing at the Emerald Lass Irish Pub in Greenwhich Village.


Caitlin is a passionate woman, about music, about protecting others, about many things. When she sets her mind to something, there is precious little to stop her from achieving that goal with style. She's anything but shy, and delights in playing her violin and signing for others, regardless of the venue - park, pub, street, any stage will do.

She will not hesitate to help someone in need, especially women and children, although she does not like to see anyone suffer. If she feels there has been a wrong done against someone incapable of protecting themselves, she has a fiery temper, and will not hesitate to seek revenge on the wrong-doer.


Name Notes
Phil Cute guy, plays a mean banjo. Raunchy sense of humor - I like him.
Wesley Interesting guy. Very forward. Demi-god. Seems to like me.
William Cute guy. Quite new to being a Scion. He comes to my shows when he can.
Magnes Rather unusual, quiet young man. Seems a bit socially awkward. Plays the piano.

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Strength 4 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 4 Wits 2
Academics 1 Empathy 3 Melee 4
Animal Ken 2 Fortitude 2 Occult 2
Art 2 (Fiddle) Integrity 1 Presence 3
Art 1 (Singing) Command 2 Medicine 3
Athletics 4
Relic 3 - Mother's Locket Relic 2 - Faitios and Bron Relic 3 - Fae Craft Violin
Relic 2 - Guardian's Torc
Vigil Brand Green Thumb Behron's Eye
Water Breathing Echo Sounding Water Control
Self Healing Body Armor Cat's Grace
Inspirational Figure Holy Rampage Subliminal Warning
Untouchable Opponent Shockwave
Epic Attributes
Strength 2 Charisma 1 Perception 1
Dexterity 2 Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina 2 Appearance Wits
Courage 3 Intellect 1 Piety 2
Expression 3
Legend 3 Legend Points 9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 6
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D
Details about Relics
Relic 3 - Mother's Locket - Access to Guardian, Earth, and Fertility Purviews
Relic 2 - Faitios and Bron (Fear and Sorrow) - Twin Skeggox Axes - +1 Acc, +4L Damage, +1 Def, Speed 5. Faitios causes Fear, Bron causes Sorrow.
Relic 3 - Fae Craft Violin - Bolster (Health 2 Boon) or Blessing of Bravery (War 1 Boon) when played.
Relic 2 - Guardian's Torc - Add wearer's legend to Dex+Melee roll. Access to Water Purview.
~Experience Point spends
4 xp - Water Breathing
8 xp - Water Control
6 xp - Athletics 4
5 xp - Epic Dex 2 (Untouchable Opponent)
5 xp - Epic Str 2 (Shockwave)
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