Caelis of Atlantis
Portrayed By: Rosario Dawson
Status: Out of the Deep Freeze
Age: 15,000+ years. Yeah.
Calling: Timelost noble of a dead people
Pantheon: Atlanteans
Divine Parent: Amnis
Significant Other(s): Dead and gone countless years

Woman from a forgotten past, Lady Caelis of Atlantis was a noble of that lost society. Placed into stasis for her offense to an Atlantean goddess, she was outside the flow of time while the Atlanteans descended into the grip of the Titans, left frozen and forgotten far beyond the time she should have been. Now she finds herself in a world unlike any she'd imagined, only to find her people gone, and herself at the crux of events she's not even aware of.


Caelis was born more than 15,000 years ago, on the continent of Atlantis. At such times things between the gods and man were much more open, and Scions walked the world far more openly than they do in the modern day. Her parentage, from a high noble of Atlantis as her father and the goddess Amnis as her mother, marked her for a life of import and also a life of privilege. She expected to grow up a traditional Atlantean noblewoman; educated, wise, find an appropriate husband, marry well, and take over management of the household, while giving birth to a large, fine family.

The problem is, Caelis has always had a bit of a blunt tongue, and is prone to saying what she thinks, which sometimes might not be the best idea. It proved not to be when she was taking the opportunity to comment to a fellow noble (and fellow Scion) about certain aspects of Demosia's personality. She didn't know the goddess was listening, or she might have been a little more tactful about the situation.

Demosia was full of wrath. (It was that time of the moon.) And she demanded the death of the arrogant mortal. Thankfully, Caelis' status as a Scion herself saved her, since it would be bad form to just murder the daughter of another goddess. Instead, it was decided that she would be frozen away from the world, trapped and put into stasis for a time. (Amnis and the others expected this would blow over relatively quickly, from the perspective of an immortal; a decade or two at most.)

And so, Caelis was sealed away in a stasis pod of Atlantean design, designed to keep her perfectly preserved, removed from the flow of time, until such time as it was opened from the outside. The only problem was, no one foresaw that the Atlanteans would turn their faces from their gods, and turn to worship of the Titans. Suddenly, there were much bigger problems than one entombed Scion.

Eventually, the gods unleashed the full force of their wrath on Atlantis, and wiped it from the face of the World. As it sank below the waves, Caelis's pod remained there. For the entire span of human history, the scion remained, unaware and sealed away, lost to the darkness of the depths.

And then…things changed. The shifting of currents? Global warming? Intervention of a mysterious Power or simply a joke of Fate? Caelis certainly doesn't know. Her stasis pod broke loose, and found itself washed up far away, in North America, on the shores of the Hudson River. Released and revived by the intervention of Scions who happened to be at the right place at the right time (thank you, Fate), Caelis found herself under attack within the first hour of her revival by a shinigami, a japanese death spirit, who had possessed another Scion.

Thankfully, the fantastic flying weatherman saved her, Superman-ing them up, up, and away. After she thawed out (high altitude + soaking wet + high speed = popsicle), and got warm clothes, food, and drink, Marius brought her up to speed on the "BTW, ur continent sunk", and gave her a book on Greek History, a Bible, and a Dictionary, which she promptly osmosised up. (Thank you for Scire, mom.)

Now, armed with modern clothes, modern language, and the knowledge that SOMETHING happened to wipe the greatest civilization on the planet from the knowledge of mortal man, not to mention the fact that the Amatsukami apparently think she's some kind of harbinger of doom, Caelis is out to try and find out what the hell is going on here. As well as preferably not getting killed.


Caelis is a noble from an ancient world. As such, she's got a completely different outlook on the world from modern humanity. For the most part, she's a nice enough person, but there's a few facets to her personality that make up a core.

One of the first is that she's a very proud woman. She comes from what was the finest civilization in the world at the time she lived in it. She's the daughter of a goddess. Her people had scientific knowledge unmatched in the World at that time. As such, she tends to brook offenses poorly. She can handle disagreement just fine; disagreement can lead to debate, and debate to greater understanding. But someone being rude, or even just plain flippant with her is likely going to piss her off to no end.

She's an intellectual, and yet, at the same time, she doesn't see a discrepancy between being very religious and very devout. She devours knowledge eagerly when it's presented to her, but


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?

Events Thus Far

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