Brothers Clash


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Scene Title Brother's Clash
Synopsis Eric teaches Haldor a thing or two. Maia swoons.

Heracles' Gym

Fortunately for the two Scions of Thor, Maia knows people who know people who know gods. After a bit of talking to and going through various connections from meeting a few divine relatives at the Olympus Cafe, she leads the hunky pair towards an abandoned warehouse over in the Bronx. It's quite large and empty for the most part as she opens the door to let the two in.

"So apparently, Heracles trains here. Or he did when he wasnt godly..or was it when he moved to New York and was still godly. I don't remember.." she says with her nose wrinkling the entire time. While it's empty for the most part, there are various sorts of exercise equipment, ranging from free weights to cars for the more godly strength types of lift. There's even a rather complicated obstacle course not too far away, but perhaps what's most interesting is the large blue mat covering the floor.

"It's suppose to be sound proof and no one is suppose to around here..gotta love godly powers huh.." she says with an impish grin.

In spite of himself, Haldor is still very nearly full to bursting with energy. While he hasn't been super-speedstering around town today - note that word, today - Haldor has been more energetic than he ever seemed to Maia when they first met… Or since then until just the past few days.

The Viking shrugs a little bit, moving around and inspecting the interior of the 'gym' for a few moments. After a quiet nod and a smile, Haldor remarks, "Well hey. If Kevin Sorbo's meal ticket can train here, so can we."

"I'll be over at the gymnastics equipment.." Maia says, as she strips off her windbreaker pants, revealing a pair of tight little bootie shorts with Juilliard proudly featured on her rear. She then takes off her shirt and folds it, just wearing a simple black sports bra underneath, showing off her toned tummy. Hey, if the guys are going to show off, so is she. "That way you guys can do your thing.." she says, winking to the both of them. "Ooooooh! And if you meet a guy named Jay don't ask him what his monkey's name is.." she says before she dashes off towards the balance beam, grinning the entire time.

With that, she starts running off, Eric snickers softly. He's dressed simply in a hoodie, peeling it off in favor of his white tanktop underneath. He's dressed in a simple pair of sweatpants as well as he kicks off his shoes before stretching out on the mat. His muscles ripple a little, not really the most flexible, but he is nquite strong. The strongest in his band really.

"So whatcha up for bro?"

Maia stripping down to her exercise wear seems to catch more of Haldor's attention than the last time Eric saw his half-brother. The Viking watches Maia, shrugging out of his oversized black hoody and kicking off his ratty looking 'exercise shoes'. Haldor jerks his head back toward Eric, both eyebrows raised curiously.

Dressed simply in a black muscle shirt and a pair of black exercise shorts that seem to have been tailored to fit his waist, but remain several sizes too large in the legs, Haldor looks rather different from his half-brother. He quietly shrugs a bit, padding onto the sparring mat, his black socks hardly making a noise on the ground.

"How 'bout some sparring? Unless you had some other kind of lesson to teach me?"

If Maia noticed that Haldor was looking more, she didnt say anything and she jumps up onto the balance beam with a front flip before doing a quick pirouette to watch the two brothers. Mmm, hunky redheads.

Eric snickers softly as he raises her brows, noticing Haldor's reaction now. "I guess if I said something about wanting to date her, you'd probably pummel me huh.." he says with a soft chuckle before shaking his head as he stretches his arms out into the air. He's lean but cut, a contrast to the bulkier and elder brother.

"Sparring sounds good though. I'm down for it if you are.." he says before getting into a defensive stance, making a come hither motion with his fingers. "Powers or no powers?"

Haldor smirks at Eric, "I wouldn't pummel family… She might pummel you though," remarks the Viking. Quietly Haldor assumes a defensive stance of his own on the mat, sizing up his smaller, younger brother. The two probably aren't as far apart in the size department as might first appear, Haldor is, however, decidedly more bulky but impossibly fast.

"Personal powers, nothing you gotta channel through an object or tat or whatever else."

And there's another flip and soon she's straddling the balance beam, keeping an eye on the two for now. It should be interesting afterall, and she gets to play voyeur.

"All right, personal powers then.." he says, grinning wryly the entire time as he takes off his ring and pulls out the giantbane from his pocket. How did it fit there in the first place? He puts it over with his hoodie and shoes before sizing up Haldor a bit.

"And since you're the one with less can start.." he says, most definitely challenging his older brother.

Haldor has his drumsticks and bracer discreetly hidden amongst his hoodie and shoes. The Viking arches a red eyebrow at Eric's assertion, waiting for just the right moment. Right moment for what, you may ask, and that's quite simple.

All of a sudden, Haldor blurs into motion. One moment he is in his defensive stance, the next he is up in Eric's grill. More importantly, he is up in Eric's grill and throwing punches almost as fast as he crossed the mat. Think Bruce Lee on methamphetamines.

Yes, Haldor is much faster. Way faster than Eric really. But if anything, Eric is strong. He's focused differently and just lets out a soft chuckle at the various punches that connect in the chest, in the face, and anywhere else that Haldor wants to hit. His brows quirk as he soon makes his move, trying to move behind Haldor to initiate a grapple.

"That all you got bro? I didnt even feel a thing.." he taunts..

Haldor whirls to face Eric, but Eric is a more skilled opponent. Skilled enough that Haldor can't simply overwhelm him with raw speed and a few punches, but that's just what makes it interesting. The Viking grunts as he gets tangled up in Eric's limbs, creating quite the show for Maia.

It takes Haldor several moments of jockeying and shoving before suddenly he wrenches himself free. Using his blessed speed to his advantage still more, Haldor doesn't simply draw back. He back steps by a single foot and promptly whirls himself around on the leg he stepped back with, his other leg coming up and over in a tremendous whirling boot.

And he's hit once more, though he doesnt even step back. He knows that it's a show for Maia, so when he has Haldor in the grapple, he flexes his arms just a bit for show, more than anything else. It's then that haldor breaks free and he nods in approval. "Good job! Nice to know my older half brother isnt a wimp.." he says snickering softly under his breath.

Eric just continues to stand there. He watches Haldor's movements the entire time as he gets hit square in the chest with the boot. And this time, he's knocked back just a bit, tumbling just a bit before he raises his brows. "Mmm, I felt that that time. Looks like you're warmed up, but then again, so am I.." he says with a wicked grin curling onto his lips.

This time, he goes towards Haldor with full force. His muscles flex as he twirls around and tries to put Haldor into yet another wrestling hold. While Haldor favors speed, his brother prefers brute strength. "Giants fight this way you know.."

"I didn't know that, actually. They lumber around, trying to catch faster, nimbler opponents?"

Haldor taunts his half-brother, suddenly standing behind the other Scion. The Viking reaches forward and attempts to wrap Eric up in a full Nelson that gets converted to a rough body slam as he tries to bring the fight to the mat. Unlike Eric, Haldor isn't just sparring for show. Haldor's sparring to learn.

Two hunky men trying to wrestle with each other. Maia slips off the balance beam as she heads over towards the mats, sitting down trying to get as close to the action without ya know..getting directly involved. She's no wrestler, but this is most definitely intriguing.

As Eric is wrapped up by Haldor's grapple this time, he tries to break free but finds himself unable to. His eyes widen with a bit of surprise as it seems he was gotten the best off before he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "You know, Maia's probably watching us closely now.." he says with a wry grin as he continues to struggle, trying to break free.

"Probably is. You getting shy?"

Haldor grins deviously, a bit of sweat starting to break out across his form. The Viking squeezes Eric tight before getting to his knees. Slowly Haldor rises to his feet, dragging his brother with him. It takes a few moments, but Haldor gets his feet and suddenly arches his back.

Super-speed goes a long way in helping Haldor with his next maneuver. With a sudden, dizzying twist that feels distinctly like it may be exerting several G's on Eric, Haldor spins and releases his brother, hurling him across the mat area.

That had to be the hottest thing she's ever seen in her life. Oh, part of her wishes there was popcorn, but alas, Maia's just content to watch the two Aesir fighting each other, at least for now. She wrinkles her nose and wets her lips with her tongue before she watches Eric get sent across the room.

Woooosh! Eric isnt that heavy, and when combined with Haldor's lifting prowess he gets tossed several yards away, landing on the mat with an oomph. He gets the wind knocked out of him, as he lays there and gives the young girl a wink in her direction. He eases on up slowly and dusts himself off.

"Mmm, I've been underestimating you.." he says before he starts to rush towards Haldor for a piledriver..

Underestimation must run in the family. Haldor seems to have been underestimating his half-brother as well. When Eric surges forward, Haldor does the same, sprinting right into Eric's attack. A mighty "HRRK!" escapes him as he is caught, hefted aloft, and then slammed head first into the ground.

It doesn't take Haldor very long at all to stagger back to his feet, twitching his head left and then right. Kinks and cricks audibly pop out of his spine as a result of all that head twitching and the Viking sets his stance again. Slowly a wry, pleased smile spreads across Haldor's face as he throws a few exploratory punches at the air.

"Having fun yet, you two?"

In a smooth motion, Haldor blurs forward again. At first he almost seems to move for a DDT on Eric. This tact abruptly changes and the Viking reaches forward to palm Eric's face. Precisely one step beyond Eric, Haldor plants his leading foot and twists. Once again he attempts to hurl his half-brother across the room.

There's a little yelp at what's going on. And that's from Maia as she wrinkles her nose, wincing a bit, apparently feeling sympathy pain for both men as she chews on her bottom lip. She watches Haldor get up and lets out a visible sigh of relief before she beams brightly and gives him two thumbs up.

"Go Haldor!" she cries out, as there's clear bias of course.

Eric lets out a little harumph at it before he nods. He'spreparing himself as Haldor blurs forward again. He's fast. Too fast, especially for someone with just normal perception like Donner. And as he's expecting a headlock, there's a powerful open palm towards his face before he gets sent back towards the wall with a loud thunk.

He coughs out a little blood before he falls to his knees on the mat and brings out an arm, making sure Maia doesnt get in the way. "Okay bro..I concede. You can kick giant ass if you kicked mine.." he says, definitely winded.

Haldor doubles over, hands on knees as Eric concedes defeat. The Viking smiles, jubiliant even, as sweat runs down his body. Slowly he stands up again, moving toward Eric with a quickened gait. Gently the Viking offers his half-brother a hand up.

"Now to get you patched up… Didn't mean to hit you that hard."

Maia eases on up and rushes over, looking them both over as she winces at the bit of blood coming from Eric's lips. "Geeeez…lemme grab a first aid kit!" she chirps as she runs off towards the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Eric grabs Haldor's hand, giving it a tight squeeze as he eases on up and grins wryly. "It was good man, it was good. Horace says I'm all offense and I forget to cover my bases, but in the end, that's what the rest of the band is for, right? But you did good. If you ever face a giant, you don't want to be grappled by them. They may not be as fast as you, but they're huge and you can still be grabbed. If you are, they're going to squeeze and it'll me..I know.."

Haldor smiles at his half-brother, returning the hand-grip with a manly hand-grip of his own. The Viking listens well, nodding a bit. Faintly he seems amused by all of this talk of giants, perhaps because so far no giants have appeared in New York.

"I'll keep that in mind… But yeah, you're definitely the offensive front man, Eric. Need to get a little defense to back up all that offense, just in case you run into a bad situation."

The Viking grins playfully and slaps Eric on the shoulder with his free hand. A wry smile spreads across his face, "Like your band decided they didn't want to play defense anymore." Haldor winks, shrugging a little bit.

"So what did Pop want you to teach me?"

Maia heads on over as she comes back with a first aid kit and easily wipes the blood from Eric's lips, motioning for him to sit so she can make sure he's all right. Of course, she asks for him to lift up his shirt as she starts poking and prodding, making sure nothing is broken, and once she's satisfied, she lets out a sigh of relief. "Your turn, mister.." she says with a wry waggle of her brows as she looks towards Haldor.

Meanwhile, Eric just chuckles before he winces at a couple of the pokes and prods before he shakes his head. "You just wanted to cop a feel.." he says before playfully slapping the girl's ass, and there's a little yelp. "But that new rune on your don't know what it means, do you?" he asks curiously, his brows furrowed as he looks up towards Haldor.

Haldor looks at Maia curiously, head tilting to one side. Quietly he holds up a hand, closing his eyes as he concentrates. The bruises that were just beginning to show on his flesh suddenly recede, almost seeming to be swallowed up by his body. With that accomplished, Haldor opens his eyes.

"No need. I heal pretty quick and thorough."

The Viking cheerily smiles, winking, presumably, at Maia. Slowly his attention flickers toward his pile of clothing and the bracer hidden within. He looks back at Eric, one eyebrow arched.

"And you do?"

There's a slight harumph from Maia as she knew he could heal, but she still wanted to grope anyway. So, she reaches over and tries to lift up his shirt just to poke and to take a peak, assuming he doesnt swat her hand away.

"Still gotta check!" she chirps merrily.

Eric shakes his head and laughs heartily at the antics of the younger girl as he shakes his head and nods. "I don't..but Hugin and Munin told me. It's the rune corresponding to Darkness. Dad didnt give you that gift. Baldur did..and he's the god of light.." he says with a wry grin.

Maia goes a-groping unmolested. Haldor rolls his eyes a bit, but doesn't interfere. Instead he listens intently to Eric, arching a brow slightly. For a few moments, Haldor doesn't respond. There's a very good chance that he is trying to process this explanation.

"I didn't think Baldur could manipulate the darkness… What with all the sunlight."

"You're right. He has nothing to do with Darkness, but he pulled some strings with Hel..something about being there for Ragnarok or something like that. It's technically her gift, but he convinced her to give it to him to give to's complicated Norse stuff.." Eric says with a dismissive wave, laughing heartily at the groping away as he eases on up and soon heals up just like Haldor, though he didnt seem to mind the groping as much. "I'll head out and see you guys later. I need to meet up with Donnie and find out something about his half-sister.." and with that he meanders over towards the exit. "Have fun you too..don't do anything I wouldnt!" he says chuckling in the end before he heads out.

And that leaves the two of them alone. Maia's cheeks flush as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she stops groping now. "I wasnt groping you now..I was making sure everything healed properly.." she says, trying to justify her actions.

"You were groping. And right after you groped my half-brother too," replies Haldor. The Viking wraps her up in his arms, squeezing tight as he snuggles with the smaller, younger Scion. Lightly he licks her cheek, smiling at her in a mostly devious sort of way.


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