Blood On Broadway


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Scene Title Blood On Broadway
Synopsis Roman fights some gangsters, does a barrel roll.


Theater District - New York City
Lights, cameras, showtime! The Theatre District, the showbiz end of New York's Broadway, has it all, almost outdoing Southern Manhattan in the money-grabbing stakes. To some, it's the heart and soul of New York - alive, bubbling, colored and lit up like a Christmas tree. Shops and businesses still have a home here, and if you look just right from the taller buildings, you can see over towards Central Park. Over to the west is the Irish area of Hell's Kitchen, on the docks, to the west is Midtown, to the North the Upper West Side and to the south the Empire State Building. It's a plethora of sights and sounds, enough to overload the senses (or do the lights on the streets do a good enough job of that?) and leave lasting impressions for years to come.

Leonard has staked out a building today. It's one of the many theatres that line the street, stout and glamorous thing that plays host to broadway shoes, theatric performances, and similiar things. He's settled at the side of it, one elbow tucked against the wall, the other stuffed into pocket. Eyes are to the street at the moment, sweeping lazily up and down. At his side is a briefcase, dark brown container settled down on the pavement nearby

To give himself something to do with his own godling-hood and feeling a need to fight disease where it strikes, Tybalt has become something of an urban legend around town. That is to say, he's stopped a few purse snatchings, a pair of muggings and a car-jacking. The result of such has caused the 'Alley Cat' to be something of a rumor around these parts. At the moment, he is settled on top of the roof of the Winter-Garden, crouched on the roof in such a way that would suggest he is what he is. But then again, he is wearing dark clothes on a dark night, and other than the occasional run light, his appearance is kept hidden by shadows and a helmet. Currently Mamma Mia is playing in the theater under him.

Leonard is currently parked at the side of one of the theaters lining the street, hanging around under a slew of blank spaces and empty posters. He doesn't sit still for long, though. Things overhead aren't caught by the man, his focus instead on briefcase nearby. It's lifted up, popped open and dug around in. When he finds is a cylinder, dark can that's tossed back and forth as he makes his way toward the sidewalk.

The Alley Cat quietly pushes away from the ledge of the theater and moves quietly across the roof to peer down into an alley and then back across the roof and down into another. He pauses upon spotting Leonard. It takes him a few moments of watching to realize who the man is, and that he recognizes the man. He would say hello, but he's not currently dressed for the social niceties. He tilts his head to the side when the cylander is produced, watching from afar.

Rounding a corner, for once not riding his hog, Roman has his hands stuffed in the pockets of his pants as his eyes move diligently to sweep the area. Some might call the man paranoud, but he wasn't stupid or anything. He knew the score. Pushing his way through the crowds, he doesn't quite notice everything thats going on at first. The only interesting scent wafting through the air is the familiar one of Gambit, the Mystery Magician he met the other day. Of course, the man isn't spotted as of yet but he can smell him easily enough.

The cylinder is shaken, silver tube jostled back and forth for a second before a thumb tucks against the top. There's cap to it, the thing winging off and bouncing down across the street. A moment more of consideration and the briefcase is closed, set down and stilled as a proper canvas should be. Spraypainting is the game, several lazy black streaks made across the front of the container.

The 'Hero' atop the theater, takes a running leap and jumps, silently sailing through the air and landing on the roof about 10-20 yards away, rolling and coming back up towards the ledge to gaze down at Leo from a different angle. A young woman tugs on her boyfriend's arm and points to where the streak of movement just was. For his part, the Alley Cat simply watches for the moment, unsure of what Leo is up to. But it might be 'business'.

Eyes narrow as Roman catches a glimpse of movement on the rooftops, "Fuck off…" He whispers quietly to himself as he reaches underneath his coat to wraps his hand around the grip of his pistol. He doesn't draw it yet though, instead opting to look around for a moment or two. There! A fire escape is noticed as he crosses the street and runs fullbore for it, his footfalls nearly silent while he moves. Something was wrong…
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One arc, then another. It's a triangle, at first. An eye in the center after. A sun above. It's a sloppy design, but it does have some odd allure to it. The man's eyes flicker upward at motion from people passing nearby, awkward tilt of head made before he returns to work. Another line or two and he's finished, snapping cap back in place and juggling his paint between hangs. "Better." A nod from Leonard, and the cylander is tucked away again.
Theater District - New York City

"New World Order?" Comes the gruff voice one might expect to find when tossing around the word 'crime fighter'. The figure stands at the top of the entrance to the alleyway and then vaults down, landing in a kneel. The figure then stands and walks towards Leo, the helmet hiding his expression. "Or is it, something more traditional and less appropriated?" he asks, making no aggressive move towards Leo, but simply striding towards him. The wind blowing the full gray tufts of his collar.

Nostrils flare as he takes in the scents surrounding him, picking out the scent of divine ichor flowing within the veins of those that have come here. His eyes go wide as he rounds the corner of the Alleyway in time to see someone wearing a helmet jump down from the roof behind Leonard. Eyes narrow as he unsnaps the holster and pulls Mortis out of hiding, but does his best to keep it down and by his side. His grip is whiteknuckled, but the moment he spots no offensive move from the 'Crime Fighter' the gun goes away, and diplomacy resumes. "There a problem…" He says as he sniffs the air again, the voice of what you would expect from someone who resided in Little Italy.

Leonard's reaction is as expected. He skitters backward, meshes his back up against nearby wall for shelter, abandoning briefcase entirely. Hand touches to his jacket, halting there, lips hissing, "What?" A second to regain his composure and he gives shake of head, "It's-not something you would know about." And when there's another figure in the alleyway he changes focus again, making chime of, "More company."

And even more company! Though, not directly at least. Asterisk is making her way through the area slowly, taking the time on a day-off to attempt to find something nice to do. She's wearing some attire that somehow matches, in the form of a set of black capri's, gray vest over a black shirt, and a Leonard-Hat. Curled hair makes the thing stay properly on her head, though she doesn't seem to be bothered by it as hands stay tucked within the pockets of a zip-up sweater around her shoulders. The woman doesn't seem interested in much, eyes simply watching this way and that for somethinh. Anything.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that Mr. Mystery." He offers as he gestures to the piece. "Pyramid. Eye of ra or horus depending on your source…" He taps the wall slightly with a gloved hand and then dusts off the tip as if perhaps it were dirty. "Symbol of protection? Or marking your territory?" He asks, giving a small gesture of a gauntleted hand to Roman, the tips of the fingers claw-like. "Oh, no. No problem, unless one is made." He offers, turning to get a look at the man.

Eyes have a very /very/ faint glow as Roman eyes Mr. Mystery and the newcomer with equal distrust. Hearing the statement from the man in the Helmet, eyes refocus and look at Leonard. Then he does a double take at the helmet the newcomer is wearing and blinks a few times. Well, if that wasn't a sign of things… "Y'know… if Gambit here didn't strike me as strange earlier, I'm not surprised you don't." He says quite simply as he looks over his shoulder, noticing a crowd gathering outside of one of the myriad theaters around. "Well thats conveinyant…"
[Public] Durandal says, "Ahhh, ok"

"It's a decoration," Leonard offers, "What it means doesn't matter. I could spray just about anything on, but that's at least familiar." His head tilts back toward Roman, toward Tybalt after, back and forth. "Do I know you?" That question is for the man in the helmet, eyes squinting behind their dark frames before the magician leans to retrieve his suitcase. "It's not polite to surprise people." Pause. "Both of you."

The "Alley Cat" gives a nod of his head as he looks over at Roman for a few moments and then back to leonard. "What would be the purpose of wearing this." he indicates the helmet by tapping it with a metallic claw. "If I were to answer that." He offers before looking back up to the work. "Apologies…." He offers not saying much else.

Asterisk, slowly, continues to wander behind the way once her eyes have met up with whatever was around. But she's made her way to Leonard, now, and the company he keeps. "What was that about suprising people?" the woman murmurs, cupped fingers barely hovering over his dark glasses as if to completely block out any vision.

Roman shrugs, "I think its pretty strange that you wear a helmet with a tinted lense at night…" He says as he looks up to the Mystery Mage and grins, "I didn't surprise you, all I did was run up and make sure noone was…attacking…you…" Frown as Asterisk sneaks up behind the other man and puts her hands over his eyes to block out his vision. "I do think you're lucky none of us here have it in for anyone else. You seem to be a magnet for others."

There is a moment or two before the 'Alley Cat' takes a look back at Asterisk, and then Roman and then answers the man with a simple squat before he leaps….and leaps 4 stories straight up, grabbing onto a ledge and pulling himself up and over in a very clean and athletic manner. He's not the social type. He goes back to 'patrol'.

"I'm popular." He can at least catch half of Asterisk's approach, eyes attempting to peek around that hand in his way before his own lifts to remove it. Fingers lock around the woman's wrist, giving slow pry to free a line of sight. "Thank you for that, though." That for Roman, the man squinting when the masked individual goes bounding back up the wall. "New York." Just that, small wrinkle of nose afterward.

Asterisk freely drops her hands as she's being forced to remove them, taking them back into the pockets of her sweater before making her body more visible than previous, standing beside Leonard instead of directly behind. "Popular.. Indeed." Head continues to nod just a few more moments before eyes look to Roman. "Hello, again."
Roman watches the Alley Cat leap up four stories and sighs as he shakes his head, "Moron… he's gonna get 'imself killed by doin' shit like that." And then the man lowers his hand in time to look up and shrug, "I'm here on Business… was already paranoid enough 'bout it. Him jumpin' down nearly ontop of you? Didn't help much." And then he's forcing a grin and looking over at Asterisk, the body language telling him well enough what was up. "Yo." he offers in reply before he nods to the pair. "Anyway, I got something to go do… if you want and I don't get fucked up in the process, I could hook you two up with dinner and a movie?" He says as he motions to a couple theaters, "Some of these people owe me favors…"

"Killed for sure." An affirmative nod is given by the magician. At the offer his lips split into a slow grin, "That's be nice of you. I'll see if I can't do the same, for a concerned citizen. It'd be a shame if you weren't here and he tried something." One of Leonard's elbows gives Asterisk a bump, lazy motion that comes with a more proper greeting: "I see you've still got the hat. It looks pretty good."

The woman leans a bit away from the bump, her body almost a flail before she corrects her balance. "Oh, no. Don't go through trouble. That's awfully nice of you, however." Her head bounces a moment before eyes look back to Leonard. "Well. You did give it to me, and all. It'd be quite rude to just throw it away."
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Roman shrugs, "Suit yourself…" He says as he looks back into the crowd and grins. "Anyway. This place'll be crawlin' with some nasty people in a few minutes… might want to make yourselves scarce in one of these theaters." A wink, "I have a job to go do…" And then he turns around and starts heading for the massive crowd forming outside of one of the myriad theaters in the area. Afterall, this was the 'Theater' district. Even with the 'Alleycat' patrolling about, Roman had a job to do and typically? That meant one of two thigns: Extortion or Murder. And that choice lied in the hands of the man he was about to go bother.

"It depends on what sort of nasty people." The words Leonard tosses back have a dry sort of humor, eyes slanting over toward Asterisk a second later. "True," He mentions at her, "Are you curious?" It's an absent sort of question, one arm extended, quick addition made of, "Don't fall over." An impish grin touches at his lips after. "You don't want to start a precedent."

There is a quick flurry of movement as 'The Alley Cat' takes off running across one roof top and jumps the gap between the one he is on an a near by theater, landing softly as he reaches into a pouch on his belt to pull out a pair of small binoculars to give a gaze around the area, checking down various alleys and such.

In the most deadpan of tones, Asterisk lets out a soft, "Help. Officer. He's touching me." But it's no real cry for help and is only really directed to Leonard's amusement at any rate. "Nasty people are just nasty. And, what should I be curious about this time, then?" the woman questions, body shifting her weight against her feet.

It happens fairly quickly, as Roman begins to wander into the crowd that mingles in the street. Quick in a subtle fashion as the silver flash of a knife is seen from a man behind him. Roman pauses to shake his head, "Might want to reconsider…" He says to the man approaching from behind, who pauses in surprise as Roman grins and looks over his shoulder. The glow in his eyes is still there as the pistol is slipped from its holster. "Sorry but me and my crew where paid enough money to kill you to get us out of this shithole for good…"

"What's going to happen." Leonard's arm hooks with Asterisk's, protest met with just a lopsided smile toward the woman. "Don't complain, I'll give you more fashion tips." That said his gaze wanders back toward the departing man, the crowd that he moves into. Details are hard to make out, Leonard's head slowly tipping to allow pale eyes to peek over the frames that hide them. "I'm curious," He mentions, as if it weren't already obvious.

"You are always curious, so it would seem," Asterisk mumbles with a faint sigh, head shaking while her arm is hooked with Leonard's own. "And. I'm not complaining, really. Just.. Making comments." Ways to skirt around with words are spoken before eyes look back toward Roman and whatever it is he is going to do. At the very least, she is looking in that direction before her voice is.

Roman sighs as he looks around, noting the eyes on him. "Ok. Fine." He says as the pistol's hammer is cocked back and he looks to the man immediately behind him, "You guys wanna play rough, I can play it rough…" Ducking low, the man leaps sideways and flips upside down in the air, Devil May Cry style, as he takes aim with his pistol. A grin parts his lips as he squeezes the trigger, aiming for the mans chest, and then lands back on his feet, ducking around an innocent bystander as he puts space between himself and the opposition.

The first one goes down easily, his back exploding in a bloody mess as gore rains down upon anyone behind him. The body falls backward onto the ground, and even with the gun having a silencer the people in the crowd panic and chaos erupts in the once quiet street. "Aw fuck… Move goddamnit! Kill that sonuva bitch!" The one with the red hair cries out as he brandishes his own knife and moves in on the mobile creature known as Roman. They're not coordinated at all, but the street thugs move in to attempt to coral the man where he is as the crowd churns around them. Of the five left alive, only two get close enough to take a stab with their weapons, one brandishing a sharp looking switchblade and the other carrying a tire iron.

Asterisk blinks as things begin to go down. She sighs a moment, shaking her head as her fingers wiggle from within her pocket. "Why is it there are lots of fights when I am around?" she asks of Leonard, still twined within his arm for a few more moments. She shifts her weight a bit, eyes scanning to find any other sources of fighters to be fought.

Roman easily dodges out of the way of both attacks, the blade missing by a mile while he bends over backwards to avoid a well timed swing from the Tire Iron the second thug was holding. Noticing that the others where moving in from all directions and that time was running out- after all, a gunfight outside the hteater where your target is is never a good thing -the Scion of Hades takes another pair of shots, one at each of the people who attacked him with weapons.

Roman stands up straight and turns around gracefully as he watches his shots hit their marks- of course, one nails the guy in the shoulder, and the other the stomach. Not completely satisfied with the outcome of his Marksmanship, the man opens fire again on the same two targets- hoping to take them out now before he changes his focus to the others that where attacking him. The pistol moves accross his body as he flips it over to line it up with his eye, his expert finger squeezing the measly two pound trigger pull with ease as the bullet is thrust at his first target. Then, as if the world was moving in slow motion, Mortis is aimed at the man with the switch blade and subsequentially fired again.

The two thugs get blasted a second time each, blood and gore erupting from the one with the Tire irons back as his heart is struck by the bullet, sending him cascading to the ground as easily as a feather floating on the breeze. The second man gets ab ullet between the eyes as he stops moving for a second long enough to give Roman the opening he needed to land the killing blow. Blood, bits of skull and brain matter showering any who foolishly stand behind him. The crowd goes into an even bigger panic as not one, but three men lay dead upon the ground. The final three thugs close distance and strike, two with knives and a final one with a Louisville Slugger.

At the same time all this is going on, Roman is backpedaling again and taking aim. His cold eys narrow as the three approach, two from the front with knives and one from behind with that deadly baseball bat. Rather than risk getting struck with that weapon, the man chooses to leap to the side and out of the fray- let /them/ be the ones who kill eachother, not him. So he dives, in hopes that the big slow guy will srike one of the other two and at /least/ knock them out.

A gloved hand reaches out from her pocket to press against Leonard's nose. "I'd rather not let him die, I suppose." Her arms unlink from her companion's before she leaps forward in a run, all intent to stricke one of the men from behind. She pulls one fist back, throwing it forward with her gloved metallic hand, pulling the other hand back to swing as well.

As one is struck quite blindly at the very back of his head, the man with the knife collapses to the ground and his weapon clatters away from his grasp, landing at the thug with the bats feet as he recovers from his earlier swing. Looking around, he spots Asterisk and lets loose a deep throated growl before lunging for the 'small' woman, weapon leading the charge. The other man with the knife remains focused on Roman, approaching him and jabbing out with his switchblade, hoping to stab him in the stomach.

Roman is ready and waiting as he recovers his footing and grins, one hand on the ground while the other holds his pistol aloft. He spots one fallen man who lacks a discernable bullet wound on his body, but definitely has a nice huge knot on the back of his head from a nice hard hit to the nogin from his firefighter ladyfriend. He smiles, "Damn. You hit like a truck…" And then he frowns again and takes aim for the man with the knife who was charging him- firing easily as he turns to fire at the man with the baseball bat as well, hoping to end the fight now before it was too late.

Roman watches as blood and gore erupt from both men as his unleashed salvo strikes true and they both fall to the ground dead. The sounds of sirens can be heard in the distance as the cops have definitely been alerted of the disturbance- a Gun fight in the theatre district is definitely out of place. Standing up straight, roman stretches and replaces Mortis back in its holster with a quick flick of the wrist as he looks at the deserted Theatre, "Fuck. Bastard got away…" He says simply as he looks toward Asterisk, and the man at her feet with the lump on his head. "Good job chica… you didn't get hurt right?" He asks before his eyes seek out Leonard, "You alright there Mystery Man?"

"He's not human." Leonard makes that mention after just a few seconds of observation, "And this isn't what I do, But-" And he's following his previous companion, weapon in hand. Too late does the dagger appear, a dull metal blade that's painfully a drab compared to the handle of the knife. It's wooden, adorned with a dozen different symbols, and simply oozes divinity. "Fantastic," Comes his reply, the man shoving past scurrying bodies, "Can't say the same for everyone else."

As the woman lays the beat down upon the man she lunged at, her arms instinctively rise upward, the metallic plates against her arms underneath the sweater used as an attempt to block the attack that was coming. But it misses and she's left to lower her arms back to her sides. "No. No I'm not hurt," she notes with a little sigh, shaking out the hand that she put more force into the punch with. Seems she didn't punch people often. She turns around slightly to face Leonard, smile on her face. "Look who came late to the party."

Roman looks around at the other two scions and sighs, running a hand through his hair. "This sucks. I lost my mark." He says simply as he grins and shrugs, "Anyway, the cops are comin' and I sure as hell don't wish to explain all this to them. I suggest we hightail it out of here… leave that one.." He points to the downed man and nods in the direction of the alley, "So he can tell the others what happened to his crew. I usually leave noone left when they do stupid things, but… y'know how it is."

"Couldn't let you have fun, could I?" Leonard offers lopsided sort of smile toward Asterisk, his face smoothing into something more somber afterward, "Yes, I don't think this is one of those I'd want to be associated with." With a twist of fingers the Khopesh vanishes, tucked away before the magician gives Roman a small nod. "Leaving is good. You caused a mess."

"Yes. If it gets back I was in the middle of this? I'd be on probation. And I really don't need that sort of pressure right now," she notes before looking between Leonard and Roman a moment. Then, the Italian gets a bowing nod of her head. "Stay safe, y'hear? Keep your nose out of the dirt." A smile before she turns again toward Leonard. "You heading off? Or if you don't have a better thing to do with your life you could totally hang out with me."

Eyes narrow, "This is definitely gonna attract the attention of those who we don't really want to know who we…are." He says, half-confusing himself as he speaks. "Y'know who I'm talkin' about. If anythin' happens to y'all don't forget where I live, you can ask me for help anytime…" And then the scion of Hades is turning his back on the group and turning toward an alley opposite of them, doing his best to vacate the area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"And you can find me. Just don't bring this with you." Leonard's farewell is as genial as it can be, eyes flickering quickly across the ugly scene. "Well, I'm sure I've been at least the accomplice to a crime. I suppose you can't be worse, right?" Head arcs, making motion toward Asterisk as he gives to walk. "Let's go, this is one place I'd rather not have my face."

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