Big Daddy Pt 2


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Scene Title Big Daddy - Pt 2
Synopsis A new badguy is found…

Tokyo International Airport

It was an eighteen hour flight. Eighteen freaking hours. Fortunately, Maia was able to get business class seats which made the flight that much better. That and joining the mile high club was pretty fun as well. The plane is landing and she's still asleep in her seat completely reclined to form a bed of sorts. It's easy for her to get leg room, but it might be more difficult for a certain Viking…

Airplanes suck. Cars suck. All forms of transportation suck.

Haldor has accepted these things as fact and, as such, has gotten quite accustomed to wedging himself into places he should not fit. Even so, he is a bit haggard looking and bleary eyed from staying awake for the better part of two days straight. Yes. Two days.

First he was up, packing for the trip and hauling his crap and Maia's down to the taxi. Then there were the interminable delays at JFK. And now there is the flight itself. Granted, he's smiling cheerily after the, ah, mile high club incident, but… He still looks pretty exhausted.

Eventually, Maia wakes up due to the urging of a flight attendant. She has to go and bring up her seat afterall, and she mrrgles a little, feeling around until she feels Haldor's arm in the seat next to her. Her arms wrap around his, giving him a fond squeeze as she wakes up and yawns, wrinkling her nose.

"Hey look…really tired. Make sure you sleep it off when we get home, kay? Otosan (daddy) is picking us up at the airport so yeah.." she says, yawning once more while beaming up towards him. "You excited?"

Haldor grunts quietly at Maia, leaning in close to kiss her on the cheek. There's a greater than ninety percent chance that his breath smells almost overwhelmingly of mint. There is a similar chance that Maia will find herself completely lacking any and all breath mints or basically anything that tastes of mint.

"I'm not not excited."

And eventually the plane lands, shaking a little as it rumbles over on the ground. There's a happy little sigh at the kiss, her nose wrinkling a bit at the smell of mint. She chuckles softly and playfully ruffles his hair while her fingers brush up against his cheeks as she looks into his eyes lovingly.

"You nervous? You shouldnt be. They just want to meet you ya know. First boyfriend and all..kinda a big deal.." she says with a sage nod while reaching out for his hand, letting her fingers entwine with his.

"I know. I'm just… I dunno. I always feel a little weird meeting parents. Guess I'm kind of afraid of being too weird for a functional family to accept."

Haldor shrugs a little bit, squeezing Maia's hand back. Slowly he gets to his feet when it's finally time to disembark, his blue eyes meeting hers for a few moments of silent intimacy before they can get into the aisle.

"Sweetie, you're talking to the daughter of a sun goddess.." she whispers softly, making sure no one else overhears their conversation. She squeezes his hand as she brings his hand to her lips, kissing his knuckles softly as she looks into his eyes, beaming the entire time.

"Functional we are not. So don't be all weirded out..I mean, my father has only recently come to terms with everything, ya know?" Maia continues, letting out a soft chuckle as she pulls out her hand carry of various goodies to bring home.

"All things considered? I don't think any of us are really 'functional' functional, but at least your family is kinda sorta together. Y'know?"

Haldor shrugs a little bit and leans in close to kiss her forehead. Quietly he nestles against her on the plane, but quickly resumes walking with her. Customs is ahead and that's always so pleasant.

Ooooh, she's the little Japanese girl with the gaijin on her arm. Maia beams brightly at the kiss on her forehead as she nods and runs her fingers through her hair as they start waiting in line at customs as she pulls out her passport. Hopefully he has his, and as an American it's quite easy to get into the country. They like their Westerners afterall.

"Well, I think my mother does truly love my father.." she admits ruefully, letting out a happy little giggle as they continue to wait in line. She sighs softly and continues to wrap her arms around his until they're finally at the line. She brings out her passport and starts speaking in Japanese to one of the customs officers until she doesnt look too well. She becomes a little pale as her skin starts splitting, her blouse starting to take a sickening hue of crimson as old wounds start to open up.

"Gah!" she screams, her eyes widening as she stares at the custom's officer.

At first, Haldor doesn't really notice. He's too busy trying to flip open his passport in a badass way. You'll note that it doesn't work very well. His passport is too new and not yet flip-openable such that it will stay that way. And then the Viking notices Maia's blouse getting red and sticky.

"Uh. Aren't you su-"

And then the screaming starts. Whatever Haldor was saying quickly dissolves under the scream. Instead he looks up at the customs officer, red eyebrow arching. One hand slips into a pocket, wrapping around his drumsticks.

"At the airport? Really?"

Even the custom's officer seems rather surprised frantically calling the emergency services towards the bleeding woman. People start to form a crowd around them, most definitely curious as to what's going on.

Maia groans a little, shivering a little as she lifts up her shirt, the old slash over her stomach having opened once more. There's a soft gasp under her breath as she looks around and can't seem to see anything other than the crowd surrounding them.

"I..I'm fine..really..I'll be okay…" she says, letting out a nervous chuckle. "Old war wound.." she says with a bright smile, letting her godly charisma make the crowd believe her. Fortunately for them, they do and start to go about their business.

Fortunately, Haldor is much much taller than the rest of the crowd. Two women start walking away from the crowd at..well a faster pace than everyone else..

Haldor frowns deeply as he spots the duo walking away. The Viking looks at the customs officer and holds out his open passport. "Stamp me. I've gotta take a dump like you wouldn't believe," intones Haldor as he shoots the man his best 'Do What I Say Now' look. No doubt it would work better if he were empowered like Maia or Rupert.

The Japanese customs officer stamps the both of them.

Maia, hearing the comment has her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red from embarassment as she bows her head and starts going with Haldor, already healing when the attention is off of them. She purses her lips a little as she looks towards him while chewing on her bottom lip.

"What's going on hun? You see something I don't?"

"Two women moving away from us in an awful hurry."

Haldor grits his teeth as he all but hauls Maia along, one arm wrapped around her midsection. There is a pretty good chance he is this >< close to bodily picking her up and carrying her through the airport as he gives chase to the women.

Wouldnt that be romantic? Getting picked up to chase down two women. Or something like that, yeaaaaah.

Maia blinks a little as she wrinkles her nose and just starts speeding up as well, chewing on her bottom lip as she whispers softly, "Sweetie…we can't fight. Not here in a crowded airport..with lots of security..unless…" and she hrmms for a few moments, taking a deep breath. "Well, if you think they're the ones who did it, then go for it..I'll do the spin doctoring afterwards.."

"What's your plan then, Maia? Give me an alternative and I'll pursue it instead of them."

Haldor squeezes Maia's hip gently with his hand, looking toward her for a few moments. The Viking's blue gaze catches hers and locks on with curious intensity as he waits for something… Anything. Maia's the brains of the operation after all.

"You think you can take out both? Just make sure you don't look at me.." she says, chewing on her bottom lip as she still doesnt see the two women, and she sighs a little while running her fingers through her hair.

Meanwhile, the two women are heading towards the exit and are almost there.

"If you're going to catch 'em…go catch 'em, love. Lemme take care of everyone else.." she whispers..

Haldor leans in close and kisses Maia on the cheek.

"Take care of yourself, beautiful. I'll take care of myself."

The Viking closes his eyes for a moment, breathing slowing before Maia can feel the faint crackle of static electricity between his body and hers. For a moment nothing seems to happen. Abruptly there is a rush of wind and Haldor is gone, zipping toward the two women and their exit. Along the way, Haldor pulls up his sleeve, revealing his bracer. Light glints and gathers on its surface while he streaks after the women, bobbing and weaving through no doubt startled airport pedestrians.

Maia beams brightly at the kiss and nods.

"Don't get hurt, kay?"

And there he goes zipping off, and now it's up to her to provide a proper distraction. That's something she can do as she cries out a long diatribe in Japanese, gathering people's attention. She's talking about a new live action magical girl series as she lets out a happy and impish giggle, definitely getting most of the pervy Japanese men's attention almost immediately. However, she's also playing to the little girl demographic as she starts twirling a bit, making with the cuteness or rather the kawaii-ness of it all.

Finally when she's gathered everyone's attention she raises her hand in the air, invoking a long prayer to her mother. The ruby magatama on her finger starts to glow brightly until her entire body makes a bright flash keeping the people entranced on her..and blinded..temporarily..

In all of the running, Haldor has analyzed his surroundings with his new found enhanced perception. Every angle, every bit of open space, every step already choreographed in his head. The Viking can practically hear that ever famous clip of Bruce Lee, talking about being like water.

With a deep breath, Haldor flips up the hood of his hoody and secures it in place. He's pretty sure he hasn't looked directly at any of the security cameras in here. Even so, he does have kind of a distinctive look about him. Haldor masks it as best he can as he clears the last large cluster of people and launches into the air.

For the moment, he doesn't summon his father's strength. Instead, Haldor summons up every ounce of his own divine might, yet more static electricity seeming to crackle about his arms as his drumsticks turn to wakizashis. These are tight quarters, he needs maneuverability and speed. Besides, this is Japan. Haldor's pretty sure it'd be insulting to use anything but wakizashi in these quarters.

From the air, Haldor descends upon the first woman. He aims a single, simple strike to drive his short sword through her neck and shoulders. The Viking doesn't stop there though. Every nerve in his body is primed and he lands with only a faint screech of rubber on tile before he whirls around.

The first wakizashi is wrenched free of the woman, whether its intended target or some secret ninja log technique or whatever. It doesn't matter to Haldor; he whirls around and aims a backhand slash to cleave through the back of the second woman, probably disrobing her in the process.

His slash complete, Haldor doesn't stop whirling until he's facing both targets at once, eyes shifting back and forth between them while he holds his swords up in defensive posture. One is held in true samurai form while the other is held backhand, its blade running along the length of his forearm.

"I do apologize, but you both seemed quite suspicious. Especially when you tried to escape through this exit."


The swords easily go through both women leaving two decapitated as the heads roll and the blood pools on the ground. There's nothing coming out for a few moments, at least, not for quite some time. It's almost as if he just killed two innocent Japanese women. Not exactly the best way to make an impression in a new country, but fortunately for him, nearly everyone in the airport has their eyes on the glowing mahou shoujo that keeps them blinded. There's even a gasp of horror from Maia until..the blood pooling on the ground starts to bubble.

It's bubbling for a bit before the pooling blood congeals into that of a lion sized housecat? It growls and hisses towards Haldor as it's formed from the blood of the two women.

The nekomata starts shifting from it's cat form. There's the sounds of bones breaking and shifting as it turns into some sort of half cat/half man covered in fur. OMG! He's facing a furry! Of sorts. A wry grin curls onto his lips as he looks towards Haldor with clear disdain on his features.

"You've ensured your own death..thank you for giving me fodder to kill you with." and with the snap of his fingers the two headless women ease on up all zombie like…

In the back of his head, Haldor is screaming 'SHIT!' over and over again until the blood starts to boil. Well, bubble. Bubbling is indicative of boiling though. And then the nekomata emerges. For several moments, Haldor isn't quite sure what to make of it until it finishes its shapechanging feat.

"… Man. Why couldn't you be like that chick from Ninja Scroll? I don't need to see tom cat man bits while I'm fighting."

Haldor grits his teeth and looks at the rising zombies. One red eyebrow arches under the shadows of his hood, the Viking doing his best to calculate odds. The samurai-gripped wakizashi is twirled in hand once or twice before, abruptly, Haldor blurs into motion again. Both of his blades flash and sing as the Viking does his damnedest to hack the nearer of the two zombies apart.

Blood sprays in arcs as Haldor, pouring his energy into this single moment, tries to render the zombie inert with two simple motions. The first motion aims to cleave the zombie's right arm from its body, skirt across the tops of the shoulders themselves and then cleave the opposite arm free.

In the next second, Haldor has moved in close and dropped to a crouch. The Viking grits his teeth and somehow manages to cause himself to execute a whirlwind slash to cleave both of the zombie's legs from its body. Slash concluded, Haldor whirls to his feet, both wakizashi held at the ready again.

The zombies aren't the real challenge. Haldor knows that for a fact and that's why he pours his soul into destroying them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Headless zombie number one has its arms removed in efficient motion, Haldor's divine strength allowing him to mimic Bruce Lee's one inch punch with his blade to remove its second arm with the momentum of his first slash.

Blood arcs away in several directions as Haldor completes that strike, crippling the zombie's offensive capabilities and giving Haldor reason to reconsider his plan of attack. The Viking drops to his crouch and starts his whirling slash, the second wakizashi shifting into a zweihander as he moves. Light gleams off of the blood-edged blade as Haldor cleaves the legs from the first zombie, dropping the limbless corpse to the ground as his enormous blade sings through the air, vibrating faintly as he draws it up and across.

Still more blood sprays in all directions, painting a ghastly mural across the windows as Haldor neatly slices the second zombie in twain in a single zweihander blow. By the time Haldor stands though, he is once more armed with a matching pair of wakizashi. The Viking fixes his gaze on the nekomata, the second zombie tumbling to the ground in pieces as Haldor moves forward in a blur of motion.

Mentally, Haldor thanks whoever is in charge that this nekomata is half-cat, half-human and not half-platypus, half-human. His line of attack could be severely compromised by poisonous spurs on the nekomata's ankles after all. The Viking swiftly slashes with one wakizashi, intending to cleave both of the cat-man's hands from his forearms. With a derisive snort, Haldor moves fluidly with the momentum of that first strike, hooking his opposite arm as he whirls.

The second wakizashi flashes as Haldor tries to cleave through the cat's throat. Considering his positioning, this could be insane. On the other hand, Haldor doesn't intend to behead his opponent with this second strike, rather he wants to remove its voice, open its windpipe, and sever carotid, aorta, and superior vena cava in a single elegant flash.

Haldor squeaks to a stop and drops to a crouch in front of his feline opponent. The Viking brings both wakizashi to bear, blades pointed up as Haldor attempts to impale the nekomata before lurching upward, trying to cut the creature from pelvis to sternum.

Half-man half-platypus is not in Japanese mythology, though that does give the ST a definite idea in the future. While the nekomatat is quite nimble, it's not nimble enough for the uber fast viking who makes his way slashing with the rage of Marvel's Wolverine. There's a hiss as one of the blades cleaves through the kitty's paws, though not completely. There's still a strand of flesh between the nearly dismembered hands and a wry grin curls onto the nekomata's lips as sinewy muscle reforms reconnecting the hands once more.

Then there's the slash towards it's throat. It was a lot closer that time and blood splatters towards the Viking, staining his clothes blood red with the crimson blood of the neko. It hisses once more moving back, putting its paws over its neck, starting to heal instantly once more. He simply grins wryly as he stares down the Viking.

" are a formidable opponent, but in the end, I am not looking for formidable Scions.." and he looks towards Maia for a few moments, wetting his lips with his tongue as he starts scratching his claws against each other while the slits of its eyes narrow as he looks towards Haldor once more.

"I wonder..are you fast enough to keep my claws from slashing her throat and eating her heart?" and it starts dashing towards Maia moving with near lightning speed. However, it's all a faint instead making a curve around the glow bug Scion to slash his claws towards Haldor with clear malice in his features…

"Oh spiffy. You're about the third person I can think of that can do that trick. Congratula-"

Haldor's eyebrows rise as the nekomata looks toward Maia. The Viking's brows knit together as the cat-man starts dashing. Both drumsticks come together, forming a labrys as Haldor blurs into motion after the nekomata, roaring his fury.

And then the cat is upon him again, claws slashing and scratching at him. For good reason, the terrible strains of Ted Nugent fill Haldor's head as the Viking rolls relents his forward motion. His hoody and shirt both get scratched up, but Haldor's flesh underneath is left wholly untouched, leaving a wicked smile on the Viking's face as he ducks back a step out of the Nekomata's reach.

Haldor sweeps his labrys around, double-bladed axe singing through the air as he aims to carve a chunk of flesh from the creature's foul midsection. The Viking presses the attack, not content to just knock it off-balance once. Labrys blades sing in from every which way as Haldor presses in tight, hacking and slashing viciously at the feline creature. One slash. Two slashes. Three slashes. /FOUR/ slashes.

The Viking whirls his labrys around in both hands as he finishes the fourth attack. Haldor's lips peel back in a savage smile as he whips the enormous axe around one final time.

"You're a pretty worthy opponent too. It's a fucking shame you went and brought her into it. You went and made this fucking personal, Pussy."

Haldor whips the axe up into the air and brings it down, aiming to split the nekomata straight down the middle with his terrible axe.


Haldor's fury is something one should not invoke lightly it would seem. Blood sprays in all directions, the nekomata letting out a horrible shriek of pain and agony as Haldor drives his axe cleanly through its skull, neck, and torso. Each half of the cat-man falls to the ground seconds after Haldor embeds his axe in the floor.

Only when nothing seems to rise again does Haldor jerk his axe up from the ground, stuffing his drumsticks into his pockets. Slowly the Viking twists around and looks at Maia, still mostly hidden in the shadow of his hood. Haldor smiles thinly, watching for some sign of what to do next as he starts moving away from the carnage. No need to incriminate himself, he reasons.

That was more than enough time. The people are still slightly blinded as Maia sees the carnage and starts running towards him. Fortunately for her, she went and grabbed their luggage already, pulling the suitcases behind her as she wrinkles her nose and heads towards him.

"Are you okay, handsome?" she asks with clear concern on her features while handing his luggage to him. She sighs a little and runs her fingers through her hair as she leans in and lifts up his hoodie to steal a quick kiss. "If they did anything to you.." and she sighs a little, feeling slightly helpless as she continues to look him over.

"I'm fine. My clothes are just all ripped and a little sticky with cat-dude blood."

Haldor kisses Maia gently on the forehead and smiles at her. The Viking quickly wraps an arm across her shoulders and tugs her toward the front doors. It is well past time to disappear.

It's most definitely past the time to disappear and the luggage is continued to be dragged out. There's a Toyota Minivan outside, dark blue as there's a rather handsome Japanese man who starts beaming brightly as he spies Maia, though his brows quirk a little as he sees Haldor for the first time.

"Otosan!" she chirps merrily, hugging her father fondly as he takes her luggage. "Um..this is Haldor..we kind of ran into's side of the family..but evil.." she explains, scratching the back of her head.

"Ahhh, then we should get going. We don't want the cops involved then..come, come!" he says, ushering the couple towards the van.

Haldor smiles cheerily as he can to the older Japanese man. For the moment he doesn't point out the logical impossibility of cops actually keeping him or Maia on ice, though it'd certainly be a terrible inconvience to have to run all the way back to the U.S.A.

The Viking climbs into the van after tossing his pair of duffel bags into the back. Somewhere amongst them, Johanssen is quietly nestled, probably glaring at the tengu mask in the relative dark of the bag and Haldor's clothing.

"A pleasure to meet you, sir… Sorry that it's under such weird conditions."

"It is I who should apologize, it's not a very warm welcome to Japan, is it?" the elder Tsuchimikado says, smiling warmly towards Haldor as he opens the door for the both of them.

Maia heads into the back once all the luggage is settled and she makes Haldor sit up at the front, for he is tall and big and bulky and hunky. She beams brightly as she peers between the two. "Otosan, this is Haldor Englund..with a U.." she emphasizes with a sage nod. "And this is my otosan!" she chirps.

Would it be terribly inconsiderate of Haldor for him to assume that no matter what, his name is going to end up butchered by Japanese accent?

Haldor smiles warmly and bows his head as respectfully as he can to Maia's daddy. A light chuckle comes from the Viking at the apologetic response and he shakes his head a little bit.

"Naw. You shouldn't have to apologize for that. That was some guy sending evil stuff to mess with us. That wasn't your fault."

"Aenaisaigo-sama.." the elder Tsuchimikado says matter of factly, his face quite stern as he hrmms for a few moments. "That's who the nekomata served…he wanted to eat me to take my appearance to lure you into a trap. Your mother fortunately sent another of her children to send it off. I am sorry that I did not tell you sooner, but you werent picking up your phone.."

And at that, Maia looks at her cell…there are lots of missed calls, all from her father of course. "Well, it's all right..Haldor kicked butt!" she beams brightly. "Though I have no idea who Aenaisaigo-sama is…tragic death?"

"Yeah. It's alright," notes Haldor, trying to sound as reassuring as possible. After all, it's not like his lucky t-shirt got destroyed underneath one of his favorite hoodies. No sir. No *sniff* no sir. Haldor smiles to both Tsuchimikados, completely unclear on what is being discussed with this 'Any Site Oh Sama' or 'Knee Co Mama' or 'tragic death' stuff. It's not his fault he's gaijin.

"Aenaisaigo..that means tragic death. I don't know of any Titans by that name.." she says, sighing softly as she wrinkles her nose a bit as she sits back and hrmms for a few moments. "But everything is all right, right?"

"Everything is all right…your mother wants you to travel to Mount you will rest then you two will go.." he says matter of factly before he peers towards Haldor rather curiously. "So..Haldor-san…tell me a bit about yourself!" Uh oh, fatherly interview time.

"… What, ah, what would you like to know, Mr. Tsuchimikado?"

Haldor's been rehearsing his pronunciation of Maia's last name. He really has been. He might almost pass for not being some horrible gaijin super warrior when he says 'Tsuchimikado'. Almost, but only in voice.

"Well, anything you're willing to tell the father of the girl you're dating.."

That's awfully vague isnt it. The elder Tsuchimikado lets out a hearty chuckle most definitely pleased with his own unusual sense of humor as he continues driving down the highway. "and that's good pronounciation by the um..well, your family. You are…well, you are like my daughter, yes?"

Meanwhile, Maia just goes quiet…she's going to let the two men talk..

"Thank you…"

Haldor pauses a moment and considers his response carefully. The Viking really doesn't want to screw the pooch here. As a result, his initial smartass response is tossed out the car window by his mind.

"Yeah. My pop, my father that is, he's the Norse god of Thunder. Thor?"

Haldor watches Maia's dad for any sign of recognition of that name. The Viking's not terribly sure why. Maybe he's just nervous. Quietly Haldor summons up his courage and tries to scrape up something, anything to talk about.

"I play drums. I've been in a couple of bands back in the U.S. Nothing big, but I'm not a virtuoso like Maia. I just like playing music with friends and family."

Surely that's endearing. Surely.

"Ahhh, Thor..I see, I see.."

Really, he's trying, but he's not as well versed in the other pantheons as his daughter is. He's trying not to mention Marvel Comics or manga as that would just be bad form at this point. Perhaps he's just as nervous as the young man before him.

"Oh! The drums! I used to play the taiko drums as a boy…I mean, it was more for fun, but I am a pianist as well. I still go around, and it seems music runs in our family..well that and the onmyoudo arts. But friends and family are the most important ones when performing…" he seems happy! There's a smile on his lips! Yay!

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