Big Daddy Pt 1


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Scene Title Big Daddy - Pt 1
Synopsis Haldor faces Johanssen

Hidden Grove of the Aesir

With Maia and Haldor cuddling on the ground of the apartment, there's a slight tsk tsk as two ravens fly into the room.

"Goodness, certain people with their libidos.." one says with a Brooklyn accent.

"Don't be so rude!" the other raven quips, pecking at the other as they both land on the coffee table right next to the couple as they let out an amused caw.

"Wha-" Haldor's eyes widen at the sight of talking ravens. For several seconds, the Viking is frozen in place and quite unsure of what to do. Munin and Hugin are here… Does that mean Eric is lurking about? How did they - no wait, Maia opened the window earlier. "… Do, uh, do you two mind?"

What else is he supposed to say while in such a situation?

"Oh..your mother know you're not a Shrine /Maiden/ anymore, dear?" Munin asks, canting his head as he peers towards maia for a few moments before letting out another caw of amusement, flapping his wings happily. "I wonder what she would say.." he starts to muse before he's pecked once more by Hugin.

"I'm sorry m'dear..he's in a snarky mood today.." and there's Hugin, bowing his head towards the couple as he turns around, wobbling his feet, motioning with his wings to make sure that Munin does the same thing. "We'll turn around while the two of you get dressed.."

"….." And there's Maia, her cheeks burning brightly as they become quite red and she starts to peel herself off of Haldor, chewing on her bottom lip before she makes a dash to the bedroom to put on some clothes. "Oh geeez.." she grumps as she puts on her clothes..

Haldor, who had something approximating appropriate clothing in the first place, gropes around the couch and the floor before finally finding his shirt and shorts. It takes about a minute and a half for Haldor get clothed again and he automatically walks across the room to grab his bracer, drumsticks, and shield.

"Okay. What horrible beast am I going to have to kill today?" he inquires with a faint sigh.

"None!" Hugin quips as he starts to turn around once more, waddling back and forth as he peers up curiously towards Haldor. "Just because we're here doesnt mean you need to kill something. Buuuuuut.." and he extends a wing and then realizes he doesnt see a certain shield. "We're here to help you win the favor of the dvergar spirit of a certain shield. Your uncle thinks you can handle it now.." he says with a sage nod.

After a few moments, Maia steps out of her bedroom a bit more appropriately dressed, meaning she has clothes. She ties her hair back in a ponytail as she's dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a grey blouse as she gives Munin a nasty little look.

"Oh come now! I won't tell your mother.." Munin says cawing once more.

It might be hard to see the shield with it slung over Haldor's shoulder as it is. The Viking arches a red eyebrow as he peers at Hugin, dropping into a crouch. Even so, he slips his bracer on and keeps his drumsticks rested across his thighs as he peers at the birds.

"Well I've kind of had a conditioned response. Weird stuff, other Scions, or messengers from the gods show up and I seem inexorably bound to kill someone or something."

"Well, we need your girlfriend. We need her to open a door for us to go on.." and there's Munin, pointing his wing towards Maia.

The young college co-ed blinks a little in surprise as she wrinkles her nose as she hrmms for a few moments. "As long as the spirit isnt a racist little sumbitch, I think I can do it.." she says matter of factly as she dashes off to her room before coming out with a backpack full of materials.

"Ooooh, she's feisty! Thor would like her.." Hugin says approvingly.

Haldor sighs and shakes his head. The Viking promptly starts walking away from the gathering, muttering something about timing and pants. For several minutes, Haldor is entirely absent before returning in a pair of baggy pants with his drumsticks sticking out of a back pocket.

"Alright. Let's get this going, shall we?"

"Yes! Let's!" the two ravens say as they fly out the window.

Maia just blinks for a few moments and wrinkles her nose as she facepalms. "I don't fly.." she grumps..

"Hop on the Haldor Express already," replies Haldor, who followed the ravens to the window. He's already fairly bursting with energy, apparently having activated his supernatural speed. Maia might even notice that he hangs in the air a bit longer than he should between bouncy in place steps.

There's an impish giggle and soon Maia heads on over as she hops up and kisses him on the cheek. "Think you can be all Superman like and carry me instead?" she asks, canting her head to the side, grinning the entire time.

Haldor sighs softly and smiles at Maia. "Just hang on my back already," he replies with teasing snark. The Viking continues bouncing in place, hanging in air just a little longer than should be physically possible. Gotta love that Wind's Freedom.

There's a little harumph as she hops up on his back and wraps her legs around his waist as she wrinkles her nose. "Fiiiine!" she says, pressing close, though the shield squirms a little as a voice can be heard.

"Why is this Jap squishing me!" and it's the dvergar, quite annoyed.

"We're going for a trip, good dvergar. Hugin and Munin specifically requested that she come along," replies Haldor with a cheery voice.

The Viking more or less steps out the window and into the air. For the moment, he keeps walking along, so the dvergar and he can hear one another. It is likely that Haldor is trying not to get into trouble with a Sun Shield.

"Besides. Don't you like having women pressed up against you?"

"I..uh..well yes.." the spirit admits ruefully, letting out a harumph as that promptly shuts him up.

Off in the distance, Hugin and Munin were just hovering as they were clearly waiting for him. They start swooping forth, going up and down in circles performing feats of aerial acrobatics that regular ravens just can't do, but these are godly ones afterall, so they do it with grace and beauty.

And then there's Maia, letting out a yelp. She's never been a fan of heights, and the fact that there's nothing underneath them gets her to squeeze more tightly around Haldor, hanging on for dear life..

Haldor can't decide whether Maia squeezing him (and by extension the Shield) more tightly is a good thing, a bad thing, or some horrible fusion of the two. As a result, he just does what he can to ignore it. Instead he focuses on keeping Munin and Hugin in sight as he starts to build up speed.

With Maia on his back, in mid-air, Haldor does his best not to instantly move to full ZWEE fighting speed. Rather, the Viking slowly makes his up to speed, chasing after the ravens quite swiftly.

The spirit for now is quiet, secretly pondering its revenge. Meanwhile, Maia continues to cling on for dear life, wrinkling her nose as she closes her eyes already starting to experience vertigo as she squeezes Haldor tightly. She's mutternig a soft prayer under her breath, most definitely..scared.

Meanwhile the ravens continue to fly throughout the city and for at least an hour they fly. It's only when they're somewhere in the Catskills area do they start to land on one of the mountains. Bear Mountain actually, and they land on a nearby rock formation that seems to have various Aesir runes.

"This place is hidden from mortal sight..only Scions of the Aesir can access this place.." Munin explains

Haldor is, to no great surprise, terrifyingly happy that he has super-human stamina by the time the ravens land. The Viking comes to a halt nearby, trying not to dislodge Maia with the faintly bumpy landing. Smooth landings take practice and Haldor has had precious little practice with smooth landings.

The Viking looks around slowly, nodding a bit as he considers the place. He considers make a joke, but the place seems… Well. It almost seems like a joke would be in bad taste here. Like making a joke would be sacrilege or something.

"Ooooomph!" Maia stumbles back a little, rolling onto the ground, but she's not too far away from Haldor when he lands. She hrmmphs for a few moments, dusting herself off as she heads on over towards the door, though she doesnt touch it yet. She blinks a little and looks towards the ravens expectantly.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Open it!" Munin says matter of factly as he caws once more.

The young onmyouji looks towards Haldor and chews on her bottom lips as she closes her eyes. A light breeze passes by though this time, only Haldor can understand what it means. All the girl can do is awaken the spirit at this point..

Haldor looks around for a few moments, faintly twitching as the wind kicks up. Even so, the words on the wind catch his attention and he actually perks up to a taller height than normal. The Viking is intrigued, he's not accustomed to Maia's winds being intelligible to him.

This time the spirit speaks in the language of the Aesir, and as it wakes up, it looks directly towards Haldor, passed Maia as if she wasnt even there. The spirit is a handsome fellow in battle regalia as he looks towards Haldor.

"Who seeks to enter this domain?"

Haldor arches an eyebrow at the spirit. It takes him a moment to fully appreciate the situation before he clears his throat and replies to the warrior.

"Haldor Englund, Scion of Thor, and defender of Midgard from Titanspawn."

The spirit continues to look towards Haldor, his gaze piercing as he starts to take on a full corporeal form. He just needed some nudging to wake up, something most others didnt know how to do, but then again that's why someone was brought along. He starts to approach until he's standing only a few inches away from the Viking. He hrmms a little, about the same height and his piercing blue eyes look into Haldor's own.

"What is your intention?"

This next question confuses Haldor. He takes a deep breath, focusing his brain for a few moments before he replies. Piercing blue eyes meet piercing blue eyes and Haldor sets his jaw as he speaks.

"To prove myself worthy of this shield of my uncle, Baldur, and its spirit."

The spirit continues to mull things over as he looks towards the Viking once more. His voice is deep and confident as he ahhhs, seeming to understand something now.

"You wish to awaken the dvergar's true form and do battle with him then. That is a difficult task, but you may enter the realm which gives form to spirits.." he says and soon he disappears as the stone doors start to open slowly into a black inky darkness.

Haldor looks at Hugin, Munin, and Maia, one eyebrow raised. The expression on Haldor's face says it all, it amounts to 'Did I just fuck up?' Slowly the Viking starts moving toward the stone doors, shifting the shield to his right forearm while his left hand draws both drumsticks from his back pocket.

"You're going to hurt me for the ride here, aren't you?" he inquires of the shield just before he passes through the threshhold.

"The girl's breasts were squishy and pillowy, I liked that, but yes..yes I will.."

And that's the laughing voice of the dvergar as the shield shakes with excitement.

Maia blinks a little and shrugs her shoulders as she starts to follow, with the two ravens following from behind.

The instant they enter the realm though, something curious happens. All their relics start to quake and fall to the ground. Maia's ofuda fall to bring forth another tall, dark spirit. It looks like a reaper, but with a Japanese mask similar to that of a tengu. A shinigami if you will.

Her ring slips off her fingers and soon a pair of twins pop forth. One looking like a classical wood nymph while the other is a muscular spirit of fire, giving the girl a lecherous wink.

Haldor's twin drumsticks also fall bringing forth two twin warriors, though berserker is probably a better word. They both clap Haldor's shoulders gently and snicker softly. "Johanssen is tough..g'luck.." they say together.

And finally the shield is the last to reveal it's true form. The dvergar appears, now standing like a regular dwarf but soon changes his form into that of a strong and rather muscular blonde, letting out a hearty laugh. "Sorry to have fooled you, Thorson..I am Johanssen, spirit of the shield.." he says with a bow as his muscles get all rippley.

Maia just died and has gone to heaven hasnt she?


Haldor misses the days when his world actually made sense. The Viking glances at his bracer, curiously waiting for it to leap from his forearm and turn into twin Nordic super-models or something. Even so, Haldor's attention is dragged toward the dvergar as its shape shifts dramatically.

"… I, uh. Huh. Didn't see that coming. I imagine that'll teach me," remarks Haldor.

Twin male Nordic hot men. That's what the two drumsticks had. Maia is..lost, her eyes widening as this is weird..even for her. "The kami.." she whispers softly, wrinkling her nose as soon they're in an arena and all the spirits are seated watching. Even she's brought down to sit next to her own relic spirits.

Johanssen smiles and extends a hand out towards Haldor. "It's all right, it's my fault for tricking you in the first place. I still don't remember how I got into the aptrganger, but my previous owner most definitely did get consumed..that's my theory anyway..once I'm bonded, I'm bonded for life.." he says matter of factly.

"… Good to know, I think."

Haldor is making faces at a subconscious level. This is a whole lot of information to process all at once and, on top of that, he also has to ponder battle strategy all of a sudden. With a sudden awakening to the fact that, hey, /BATTLE/, Haldor snaps from his daze and takes the proffered hand. As a Scion of Thor, Haldor is required to provide Johanssen with a crushing handshake.

This still doesn't explain what has or has not happened to Haldor's bracer.

There's a spirit of the bracer. There's two little imps standing on each of his shoulders. There's one that's covered in darkness and looks like a cute little devil, while the other is a cloud in the shape of one of the angels. "Good luck!" they chirp at the same time before rushing off towards the seats.

Meanwhile Johanssen's eyes widen at the grip, most definitely impressed as he grins wryly and snickers softly. He looks towards Maia and winks a little, "Thanks for crushing your breasts against was really nice! Hope you dont dump your boyfriend for me!" he says, flexing just a bit before looking back towards Viking once more.

"Beat me in unarmed combat and I'll agree to be your equal. Not servant. But equal.." he says matter of factly.

"You provide the firepower, I provide the oompf sort of arrangement?" inquires Haldor.

He does his best not to cast a nervous look toward Maia as Johanssen starts flexing for her. The Viking clears his throat a little bit, smiling cheerily as he can while he waits for a response.

"Go Haldor! Kick the Dvergar's ass!" And there's Maia showing her loyalty as she wrinkles her nose and sticks her tongue out towards Johanssen.

The former dvergar spirits laughs heartily at her antics as he nods while looking back towards the Viking. "Precisely.." he says matter of factly as he takes a deep breath and takes several steps out. They're in a circle of asphalt and outside is the grass. "Whoever pushes the other one of the circle wins.."

Haldor, after a moment to survey the field of battle, realizes that he has somehow walked right into Norse sumo wrestling. The Viking is not quite sure what to make of this as he takes his ready stance, smiling cheerily at Johanssen.

"Works for me. Nice simple mechanic and a lot less messy than us trying to clobber one another to unconsciousness."

"Precisely..I was going to challenge you to a drink off, but considering last night..and the whole..ya know. And yes, I can see everything you guys do when I'm around as a shield.." he explains, letting out another hearty laugh as he rips off his shirt just for ooooh and ahhhh effect from the female spirits of the room..and Maia.

"So shall we then?"

"We shall," replies Haldor.

He's trying really, really hard not to take notice of Johanssen's taunts. It is quickly becoming hard though, because gosh darn it, it was bad enough when he was afraid that Johanssen was going to burst loose of the shield and spy on them… Now he has to cover up his gear before gettin' tender with the girlfriend?

Johanssen starts to strike first, rushing towards the Scion with clearly inhuman speed as he charges, letting out a yell the entire time. This has to be a wet dream for tall hunk trying to grab another tall hunk…woo!

Johanssen rushes Haldor. The Viking almost casually side-steps into a blur of motion that leaves the tall, blond Shield Spirit to hurtle past where Haldor once stood. Haldor pops out of his blur of motion behind Johanssen and arches an eyebrow.

For a moment, Haldor almost seems to doubt the situation. Doubt, however, quickly subsides as Haldor steps up and reaches in to simply shove Johanssen clear of the ring. Quick, dirty, and… Easy?

You'd think it would be easy, right? And for a few moments it looks that way, the dvergar spirit stumbling back just to the edge of the ring before he stomps his foot down onto the ground, a wall coming up behind him to keep him from falling out. A wry grin curls onto his lips as he cants his head and peers towards the Thorson.

"You didnt think it would be that easy, did you?" he says with a mighty laugh.

Meanwhile, a redheaded male starts to move through the crowds and eases on down sitting next to Maia, looking down towards the younger woman with a bright side. They start chatting softly amongst themselves..

"Not really… But I was kind of hoping," remarks Haldor. A broad, devious grin spreads across the Viking's face as he regards Johanssen for a few moments more. The Scion of Thor bounces back and forth on the balls of his feet, slowly making his way to the center of the ring.

Once at the center of the ring, Haldor continues bouncing back and forth on the balls of his feet. He adopts a neutral battle stance, grinning with what might be Viking Pleasure as he studies Johanssen. For the moment, Haldor holds his ground, waiting for just the right moment to strike. After all, Johanssen has the homefield advantage here.

The dvergar looks towards Haldor for a few moments, quirking his brow as the Viking bounces around. There's a soft chuckle under his breath as he stomps his foot once more and a wave of earth starts to rise up from the ground going out straight towards him.

Immediately afterwards he starts to make a dash towards him trying to wrap his arms around the Viking's torso, using the wave of earth as a sort of distraction..maybe..

Haldor's bouncing for a reason. If Johanssen can kick the ground and have it pop a wall up to keep him from falling, then he can shockwave the ground too. Haldor's seen this game before and he knows the tricks. The Viking watches Johanssen calmly, almost serenely as he settles into the rhythm of the battle.

As soon as Johanssen starts moving, Haldor's feet plant for a moment longer than normal. The shockwave ripples across the ring toward him, Johanssen in tow, but Haldor remains planted, crouching down low. Fractions of an instant before he would be hurled off-balance and into Johanssen's terrible grasp, Haldor leaps.

The Viking zips straight up into the air and flips about, just above both the shockwave and Johanssen as both start to pass beneath. Haldor reaches down to try and grab Johanssen by the shoulders as he descends from the air above. With a grunt, Haldor swings toward the ground, feet planting as he tries to wrench Johanssen up into the air and over his head to be hurled clear of the ring.

How do you defeat a spirit that has control of the earth beneath your very feet? Much like the mythologies from before, the easiest way is to lift him up the ground and toss him clear out of the ring. The spirit lets out a yelp as he lands on the grass and harumphs a little, taking a deep breath as he eyes Haldor for a few moments.

"Okay, okay..I need to change tactics next time.." he grumps as he walks towards Haldor and calls the shield over. He grins wryly as he disappears and soon the his voice can be heard. "You wanted to know what else this can do, right? You're about to find out.."

And soon, the shield starts to change and shift quite a bit soon covering Haldor's entire body in metal plating with the emblem of the sun on his chest.

Haldor takes a step back, starting to bounce about on the balls of his feet again as Johanssen sails out of the ring. Color him distrustful, but the Viking wasn't expecting it to be nearly this easy… Especially when Johanssen turned out to be able to smack around Mother Earth to great effect.

The Viking blinks a few times as the shield sails to him, latching onto his arm. Haldor starts to say something, but is cut off by being covered in Sun Armor. For several moments, he is very clearly awestruck inside of the metal plate.

"… That's badass. The bad guys aren't going to know what the fuck to do with you over me and me covering myself in that… Biometal-like stuff."

"Precisely.." Johanssen replies as soon the armor turns back into the shield and he appears before Haldor once more. He peers around and lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as he pats Haldor on the shoulder. "Hey..looks like you have fans.."

And over in the audience Maia's cheering with an older red head with a full beard and rather muscular form. He seems to be quite pleased as well.

An older red-head with a full beard and a muscular form. Hm. Why does Haldor recognize that very generic descrip-


Haldor looks from Maia and maybe-Thor to Johanssen, red eyebrow quirking.

And that would be him. Maia just stands back as she motions for Haldor to head on up. She's even mouthing it, "it's your dad!" with a bright smile as she steps to the side and hops on down to try to tackleglomp him and steal a quick kiss. "You looked really good in that armor.." she purrs, waggling her brows towards him.

Meanwhile, Thor follows, stepping down towards the arena as he extends his rather large hand out towards Haldor, grinning the entire time. "Good job!"

Haldor oofs as Maia comes sailing through the air to tackleglomp him as he starts to head into the stands. The Viking takes a step back, left hand coming up to grope for Thor's as he tries to regain forward motion with Maia latched to him.

"Just call me your Viking in Shining Armor then," remarks Haldor to Maia before looking to his father. A warm, if faintly guarded, smile spreads across Haldor's face. "Hey Pop. Long time, no see. How's it goin'?"

Maia beams brightly, wrapping her arms around one of Haldors as she curtsies before the god of thunder. She remains quiet for now, letting the two get their male bonding going on.

"Unusually busy..trying to keep Asgard together, fighting the giants from Muspelheim, and you know, restoring the rainbow bridge after the Dark Hour destroyed it.." Thor replies matter of factly as if it's no big deal. But for a god, even doing all that is one. He smiles and looks over his son for a few moments. "I've been've been doing quite nicely for yourself. Oh, and tell Eric I said hi.."

"The Dark Hour destroyed the Bifrost?"

Haldor seems at once surprised and faintly aggravated by such knowledge. Quietly the Viking stews over this for a few moments, still maintaining that warm, faintly guarded smile at his father.

"I've done my best, but I can't take all the credit. I've had an excellent war party with me."

"The Dark Hour ate and destroyed a lot of things…I know it ruined a few points of access to Tamagahara.." and Thor looks towards Maia expectantly at that, assuming she has to be one of the Amatsukami's daughters afterall. He rubs his bearded chin and hrmms for a few moments as he smiles and nods.

"You have done well, and for the most part you have worked as a team. Keep that in mind and you should be able to defeat anything the Titans throw at you.." he continues.

For now, Maia just beams with awe. Thor is hunky. Yes he is.

One red eyebrow arches again at Thor's response. 'ate and destroyed'? Haldor muses over this very thoughtfully as he regards his father, almost oblivious to the expectant look given Maia.

"I'll try to keep it in everyone's mind, Pop. And I'll let Eric know you said hi, he'll probably be a little jealous that he didn't get to see you. I seem to have all the luck with getting to meet the gods… He's lucky he got kinda schooled in all the knowledge that goes along with this Scion stuff."

"You have this lovely young woman and the rest of your band at your disposal for knowledge. You have a Scion of Thoth amongst your group, yes? He is very knowledgeable.." Thor says with a sage nod as he nods and starts to head out. "I have to get going, but do take care. Perhaps one day you'll get to visit Asgard, but not till you are more than you are now.." and with that he walks off.

Maia squeezes Haldor's arm and beams brightly.

It's times like this that Haldor wishes he were the true smartass like David. Were he, Haldor would be shouting 'But it's not the same as getting schooled in it by your family!' at Thor. Heck, Haldor might even make some depricating comment at his dad while he was at it.

That, however, is not Haldor. Maia will never be aware that she needs to be grateful that Haldor is not like David. It's probably for the best.

Haldor, instead, sighs and squeezes Maia with his one arm. And then he realizes that he's squeezing her with his Shield arm. Quietly he coughs, trying to discreetly relieve the pressure of Johanssen's Shield against her body.

There was no pressure this time. Johanssen was just trying to be difficult before, but all is well now. Still, there's a sigh of relief as the pressure is alleviated as she leans in and nuzzles her nose against his arm and gives it a soft kiss.

"Should we get going now?" she asks as it seems all their relics have turned back to normal. She goes to gather her things and his as well before handing the drumsticks to him.

Maia studies his features for a few moments and hops up to steal a quick kiss on the cheek. "You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just thinkin' 'bout somethin' Pop said," replies Haldor. The Viking shrugs his shield on over one shoulder while he straps his bracer back to his left forearm. Quietly he sweeps Maia up in his arms instead of taking back his drumsticks as he starts heading for the door.

"And thinking about where I'm going to have to hide Johanssen when I decide to get frisky with you."

Maia lets out a happy little yelp as she's swept off her feet and she wraps an arm around his shoulder. Her brows quirk a little as she peers towards the Viking with raised brows as she rests her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat.

"Well…were you planning on getting frisky tonight?" she asks with a happy little giggle.

"Maybe. Depends on whether or not Hugin and Munin are planning on stopping by yet again," he replies with a playful wink. The Viking keeps Maia held close as he steps free of the Terra Incognita and back into the open air of the mountains. A soft, happy sigh escapes him and he kisses her firmly on the lips as he starts walking into the air once more. It's going to be a long trip back to the apartment after all.

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