Best Laid Plans

Scene started in the Tribeca Firehouse. (Someone else has that log, should it become relevant)

Suddenly, from several blocks away, a huge explosion rips through the night, followed several seconds later by another, and another, and another. 12 total explosions, each accompanied by the sound of collapsing building parts. The last two explosions are followed by the sound of a metallic mass striking another metallic mass, causing great damage to whatever it is.
The explosions come from the Financial District, by the sound of it.

Once outside, flames can be seen coming from a bank down the street where the entire front has been blasted away by something. That something is not in evidence right now.

Amirah was not in that firehouse. Actually, if she was it would probably be for unpleasant purposes; she doesn't exactly get along in -any- sense of the word with those who frequent it. She is, however, a scion, and because of that…Fate is a funny thing.

She thus happens to be nearby at the time. Contrary to her description, she's wearing a full Burka and face veil; mostly because it keeps away pedestrians, crowds, and paparazzi easier then men with spears. (She's been in the news recently, you see….)

Upon hearing the explosions and noticing the blasted-away front, she heads over to investigate.
Marius arrives from Hook and Ladder #8 - Tribeca - New York City.
Marius has arrived.

That thing which blasted the entire front of the bank registers easily on Kailin's senses. Such a thing normally does not escape notice easily, and certainly does not to him. So he is already on his way over when the explosions go off. Zipping by on a black Ducati, Kailin pulls up to a hard stop just outside of the bank. He hops off the bike, propping it up with a flick of his ankle and slies off his shades.

It's amazing just how fast explosions are reported to the authorities. It takes one phone call, and then suddenly you've got a heavily-armed SWAT team speeding towards the source. Police aren't quite cut out for this, but they're heading to the scene immediately anyway; who knows what could be going on down there?

By the time the cops are halfway there, a nondescript black car pulls up a block away. The driver's side door opens and a man in similarly-colored attire steps out, standing up, closing the door and straightening his tie. He looks down the street at the source of the blasts, and his reaction is simple, if rather restrained.

Agent Shaw reaches up and casually adjusts the way his sunglasses sit on his nose, uttering a soft, "Hm," and approaching at a brisk walk.

Marius comes down the street, still in his jogging out fit, coming from the direction of the fire station, he pauses as he comes around a corner to see what is going on and sees……?

Inside the building, fires rage, but it can be seen that the huge vault of the bank has been blasted open by the explosions as well. As Kailin arrives, a man comes running out, carrying three large bank transfer bags full of cash. It isn't an ordinary man, however. This man is dressed as an 18th century pirate, complete with hat, coat, sword, and pistols, and currently sports a giant grin on his face as he sprints out of the vault, moving quite quickly for such a large person (He's at least six and a half feet tall).

Marius pages: is there a flying pirate ship?

You paged Marius with 'No.'

Amirah glances towards the strangely dressed man, not getting the pirate reference (being from another culture), but getting the sense that something is going on, probably related to the same issues she spoke of to the news. She glances from the man, to the bankfront and back again.

Marius pauses as he looks at the scene, he slowly takes it in, the building has been blown by someone who is a little to happy with the C4, and a man in a halloween costume is running away with money. He shrugs slightly, then rises softly off the ground, to head toward the burning building to make sure noone needs rescue.

<OOC> Marius says, "My Eyes Are UP Here activated"
<OOC> Amirah says, "Whats that do?"
<OOC> Marius says, "all non scions can not remember his face"
<OOC> Amirah says, "Ah ok."
<OOC> Shaw says, "Gotcha."
<OOC> Amirah says, "…you should get that, Shaw."
<OOC> Shaw says, "I should."
<OOC> Marius says, "requires epic app 1"
<OOC> Shaw will take it eventually.
<OOC> Shaw needs it for the one to not look wounded anyhow.
<OOC> Marius says, "has epic app 2 and those are my 2 knacks"
<OOC> Shaw says, "I had other epic attributes to take first."

"Are you serious?" Kailin slides back on his shades and slips on to his bike. "All this for a frickin bank job?" He starts forward, taking off after the man running with several bags of money. His bike carries him forward easily, trailing the guy with the money.

The man doesn't run out of the building, like any sane person would. Instead, he sprints up the stairs to the second floor, apparently heading for the roof. He yells back over his shoulder. "Feel free to help me! You can have a good share!" He has a thick Canadian accent.

<OOC> Amirah says, "Didn't take the followers perk to have a pirate crew? :("
<OOC> Nestor says, "Nope."

The man continues walking. He spots the oddly dressed man darting out of the blasted, burning building, and, being the intelligent sort, puts two and two together. It does not help that the person in question is carrying what seems to be a great deal of money and moving at speeds that someone of his size probably should not.

Agent Shaw raises an eyebrow. He starts to jog, getting within sight and sound of the man, clearing his throat lightly and slowing back to a walk when he reaches the front of the building.

His voice is crisp and clear; commanding, even. He calls out, "Drop the money and get on the ground," continuing his purposeful stride without a hint of hesitation.

<OOC> Shaw says, "Hey Nestor: Overt Order."
<OOC> Nestor says, "I'm not outside the building."
<OOC> Nestor says, "He ran up the stairs."
[Public] Amirah says, "Question."
[Public] Magikarp says, "Answer."
[Public] Amirah says, "How does temporary willpower relate to powers like Overt Order?"
<OOC> Shaw says, "You just have to hear me; I can see you running up the stairs and I'm shouting."
<OOC> Nestor says, "Alright."
[Public] Amirah says, "Can someone burn a temp willpower to ignore/resist it for a round?"
[Public] Magikarp says, "It doesn't, really, except in cases where the power states that a Willpower may be spent to break the compulsion/effect."
<OOC> Nestor says, "Are we doing JB?"
<OOC> Amirah says, "JB?"
[Public] Amirah says, "Ah."
<OOC> Shaw says, "Are you attacking me?"
<OOC> Marius says, "no combatso far"
<OOC> Nestor says, "No, I'm not."
<OOC> Shaw says, "Then no, no Join Battle yet."
<OOC> Nestor says, "Can I interpret the order as 'I'm already on the ground'?"
<OOC> Shaw says, "Overt Order allows you to reinterpret orders that would be suicidal."
<OOC> Shaw says, "This is slightly hindering."
<OOC> Nestor says, "It's also two ordes."
<OOC> Shaw says, "(I imagine you have Epic Dex, you're probably quick.)"
<OOC> Nestor says, "Orders."
<OOC> Shaw says, "It also specifies it makes you do something you can accomplish in one action."
<OOC> Nestor shrugs. Whatever. :D
<OOC> Shaw says, "Not that it is one command, like Dominate."

The man hits the ground in a rolling dive, the money pushed ahead of him, and the man himself landing prone at the top of the stairs. He shakes his head and pushes himself to his feet. He holds out his hands towards the Agent, making a placating gesture. "Hey, what are you doing? This money is gonna burn if we don't get it out of here!"

Kailin takes his bike to the front of the bank, pausing only slightly before turning his bike and riding into the building, heading straight up the stairs. Kailin guns it up the steps and lands with a bounce at the top of the stairs, revving the engine as he turns the bike around with a burning of the back tire.

Amirah follows after the Agent and the Pirate, still in her burka. She has gotten the gist of whats going on - she's just not entirely sure what to do about it yet. From behind her veil, she glances from the Pirate's eyes to the Agent's sunglasses.

Marius pages: assumes there are people in the burning building?

<OOC> Nestor says, "Think we can go to 3-pose order to speed this up a bit? I've got to go soon."

You paged Marius with 'Nope. Closed for the night. Maybe a couple of security guards.'

<OOC> Amirah says, "Sure."

While Dee doesn't really like the whole hero thing, when it comes to matters other than the Titanspawn, she also can't just sit back when people might be in serious danger. Like Marius, then, she quickly into the air to look for those needing escape. She does, however, pull on a cap and sunglasses, to be at least a lttle less identifiable.
Marius heads for one of the second floor windows, as the fires begin to lick at the building he slides inside the open window, snapping his golden globe of the sun <tm> shield into place he uses it to protect himself from the heat as he starts looking for anyone trapped inside.

The sunglasses don't reveal anything but a slight gleam of firelight and an almost unnerving calm. Is that by design or accidental?

The agent continues forward, reaching the bottom of the stairs and looking up at the man as he calmly ascends them. "The money is all insured. You, however, are either witnesses or implicated with this crime." He draws a badge from somewhere on his person, giving those present a glimpseHomeland Security, apparentlyand then snapping the case shut and pocketing it again. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave the building via the front exit in a calm and orderly fashion."

The man cocks his head. "Is that badge supposed to mean something? Listen. This building is going to burn, and I'm trying to get this out as fast as I can, so it's safe away from the fire. Insurance is better not needed." He puts his hand to his heart. "I swear."

<OOC> Nestor says, "God's Honest."

Amirah actually … listens! After all, in a burka or not, deserved or not, she's one of the most well-known scions on the planet right now, thanks to her outing herself, and she can't really afford to give them /all/ a bad name because she didn't feel like obeying a Homeland Security agent who - a scion himself - was trying to stop a crime.

So she turns around and walks back outside.

<OOC> Rupert says, "Can I get a scene set?"
<OOC> Amirah says, "Sure."
<OOC> Rupert says, "Thanks. :)"

A bank is burning, its front-face collapsed in. Parked outside is Agent Shaw's official-looking government vehicle. Inside of it is a man in a pirate outfit (Nestor), who has a sack full of money, Kailin, on a motorcycle, and Shaw, who has just flashed a homeland security badge and damnwell /looks/ like he's in charge. Or at least faking it really well.

<OOC> Amirah says, "There."

Oh, some other people are saving burning people, too. I think.

<OOC> Amirah says, "There, really!"
<OOC> Rupert grins.
<OOC> Dee chuckles. The flying people.
<OOC> Nestor says, "Three sacks of money, actually."
<OOC> Kailin says, "Sounds heavy…"
<OOC> Nestor says, "Probably about 30 pounds each or so."

(Judge) Amirah rolls 2: [ 2 6 ]
Resulting in a failure.

Marius comes across the two security guards, stunned by the blast and inhaling smoke, he looks as Dee follows him in and nods to one of them for her, while he picks up the other, hefting her onto his shoulders, <For Rupert: My Eyes are Up here, Solar Shield and Walking on the Wind active>

Agent Shaw, who apparently appears to be in charge for some reason or anothermaybe it's the black suit and badgeeyes the pirate for a moment longer. He raises an eyebrow. "Then take it out front and put it in the street. You will be commended for your efforts." He points back at the front of the building; there's a clear way out that way, why go up the stairs?

Dee returns Marius' nod. She has a cloth over her nose and mouth to help at least a little with the smoke, though she's clearly not enjoying this much, and takes the second guard in hand to get him out of there.

Kailin sits on his bike, doing not much of nothing, but his focus is on the man who was carrying the money. "I don't think you're gonna make it, buddy. I don't know what you were thinking, but you're not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to New York City." He revs his engine and just continues to wait.

Inside the bank, an unobtrusive shadow begins to grow and widen, taking on the shape of a sillouhetted man. After a moment, the man steps out of the shadow and walks into the room. He's wearing a flowing, hooded cloak of living shadow, with a wooden tengu mask covering his face. One hand is gloved in long, wicked claws.

"You're making a mess."

The voice is cold, distant, inhuman.

The man looks at Agent Shaw for a long moment, then shrugs, scoops up the bags again, and heads down the stairs. He piles them outside, out of reach of the fire, and heads back in for more, still moving unnaturally fast.

Marius makes it to the ground with his burden, lieing the security guard out on the sidewalk, well away from the fire he smiles seeing his cousin following along with the other.

Amirah glances at the pirate-robber-scion still piling the obviously stolen money outside the bank. Shrugging, she closes her eyes, removes her veil and points at the ground around the money.

And then 15 manly, muscular looking men wearing 3000 year old Persian armor with silver-decorated spears appear around the money.

"Guard that until the Homeland Security man comes to claim it." she orders.

Dee lands gracefully, to set the second guard down carefully by the first. She looks upwards again, and says to Marius "Again?"

The bank, somewhat on fire but hardly a blazing inferno, has many shadows. One growing doesn't attract much attention; a person with a mask and a weapon stepping out of it does.

Agent Shaw turns to Kailin and gestures at the door. "Please exit the building in an orderly fashion," he says, the suggestion sounding fairly insistant. His head turns and he finds himself looking at a man in a mask and a cloak, apparently not worried about them or phased in the least. With a pirate and summoned Persians around…

"The situation has been handled. Exit the building."

Kailin gives a nod to Agent Shaw. "Yup." He turns his bike around and heads down the stairs on it, zipping back out the way he came in, quirking his head curiously at the 15 Persian soldiers outside. He circles around them, pulling his bike over towards Amirah. "Hello, hello. You and your soldiers…" He shakes his head with a chuckle and continues down to the street.

The man sees the Persians come up and growls under his breath, turning back into the back to collect the last bag from inside the vault, which is tosses through the ranks of the persians to land in the pile with the others. He nods curtly at Amirah, then goes back into the bank, checking the vault to make sure everything is out that could be damaged by the fire.

Rene runs up from around the corner and toward the flaming building. Then, noticing Dee by the guards, goes to her immediately. "Hey. Shoulda known I'd run into one of you guys. Saw the flames - how can I help?"

(Judge) Nestor rolls 8: [ -1- 2 3 7 8 8 9 9 ]
Resulting in 5 successes.

<OOC> Nestor says, "That was a Dex+Larceny roll. Anyone who wants to see if they spot the gold bars in my pockets, roll it."

Marius smiles and nods to Dee taking back off into the sky he heads for the second story window, to make sure there isn't any forgotten cleaning crew.

<OOC> Nestor says, "Aided by Epic Dex 2."
<OOC> Amirah doesn't care about them, so doesn't roll!
<OOC> Shaw says, "Gold bars are large and obvious, but I shall roll nonetheless."
<OOC> Nestor says, "And Agent Shaw is looking at the guy in the cloak."

Dee stands by Marius, two security guards laying at their feet that seem to have been overcome by smoke. She smiles to Rene, then shrugs. "I have no idea. We're just making sure no one's trapped in there. I got here late." With that, she is again rising into the air to check with Marius for others.

<OOC> Shaw says, "When you come back, I'm looking right at you, man."
<OOC> Nestor says, "I've got a huge coat on."

The cloaked man ignores Agent Shaw and looks at the pirate. A cold, cruel grin briefly passes across his lips, and he steps back into another shadow, disappearing entirely and manifesting in front of Nestor. He reaches up and removes his mask, revealing the inhumanly perfect face of Rupert "Ripper" Patel. He gives Nestor a look, on that has frozen titanspawn and demigods alike.


<OOC> Rupert says, "Compelling Presence on Nestor."
<OOC> Nestor says, "?"
<OOC> Amirah says, "It puts you into a trance so you have to stare at him."
<OOC> Rupert says, "Yup."
<OOC> Nestor says, "No resist?"

Amirah pages: Also? You are SO FREAKING AWESOME.

<OOC> Rupert says, "Not unless you're Legend 7 or above."

Amirah pages: I'm sorry you didn't rob the entire freaking bank.
You paged Amirah with 'Why thank you.'

<OOC> Nestor D:

(Judge) Shaw rolls 5: [ 2 2 4 4 7 ]
Resulting in 1 successes.

Marius is joined by NYC's very own superhero, the Alley Cat. The black clad figure in the vaguely feline Helmet leaps off the roof of a building to the ledge of the second floor back building. Turning and looking up to Marius, AC asks. "Anyone left inside?" He pushes his head against the side of the building and listens…

You paged Amirah with 'If I'd remembered to grab followers, I might have.'
From afar, Amirah nods.
Tybalt pages: Any sounds from inside with epic perc?

Nestor blinks at the man, staring at him. His hands, which were on a pair of gold bars to add to the pile on the ground in front of him, slowly retract to his sides as he sways in place slightly.

You paged Tybalt with 'No one else is in the building.'

Agent Shaw isn't sure how to react to the appearance of someone who can command a man to stop quite so easily. He looks between the pirate and the cloaked man, an eyebrow still raised, his hands at his sides. He turns to take a sweeping glance of the scene, a small frown on his face.

<OOC> Shaw says, "Instant Investigator!"

Rupert continues to stare idly at Nestor. "You are bold. That will serve you well. You are also stupid, and fate is less forgiving of that sin." He turns to look at Shaw. "Search him. Take whatever is not rightfully his."

(Judge) Shaw rolls 6: [ -1- 2 4 5 8 8 ]
Resulting in 2 successes.

Shaw pages: Alright.
You paged Rupert with 'So, how'd you spot it?'
Shaw pages: I get some stuff from you with 4 successes there.
Rupert pages: Hmn?
You paged Rupert with 'How'd you spot that I had stuff in my pockets?'
From afar, Shaw
Shaw pages: It's the top one; info plz.
From afar, Rupert didn't. He's just making it easier for the police to do their jobs since they'd search you anyway. Or so says every cop show he's seen on TV.

Kailin sets a foot down and leans back slightly on his motorcyle, his hands on the seat behind him. "So this is a whole lot of damage to repair… I wouldn't want to be the guy on that job." He continues to observe from the street now, no more involved than any other person walking by.

Amirah is still standing outside, like she was asked to do. Her 15 immortals are still guarding the (formerly) stolen money for the Agent.

Rupert pages: Rupert doesn't really know what's going on, but there's a burning bank, a man dressed like a pirate holding bags of cash, and an officer of the law on the scene, so he froze the most likely perp and invited the officer to get on with business.

Marius does his best, with Alley Cat and Dee on tow to search the building, his enhanced senses helping where they can, they come up empty, apparently only the two security guards were present.

Alley Cat pulls his head away from the building and turns in his crouch to survey the area. "It's clear, Weatherman." The figure offers, indicating the building. But for his part, he keeps his position and gazes down at the street, unsure of what is transpiring.

You paged Shaw with 'Attempted Theft. B&E. Exploding the front of the building (With some kind of projectile). Obstruction.'
You paged Shaw with '1 perpatrator.'
You paged Shaw with 'Happened within the last few minutes.'
You paged Shaw with 'Sequence of events: someone blew up the building with a high powered projectile launcher (of which there is no sign) and tried to make off with all the money in the vault, fleeing up the stairs before being caught and brought back, heading out the front to dump the money in a pile outside.'
You paged Shaw with 'Then, the perp came back in and started trying to bring out a pallet full of gold bars, several at a time. Some are missing from the stack.'

Dee is quiet as she looks as well, apart from the occasional cough given where they are. It's not exactly the ideal environment for breathing, and she has to go out through a window occasionally for some fresh air. She nods to Marius and AC, when it seems there's no one else needing saving.

Rene has leaned down to check on the guards, making sure they are breathing, keeping an ear out for Marius or Dee should they need any help.

Though Shaw is not one to take orders when they aren't given by his superiors, he recognizes someone with some degree of power without much difficulty. He takes the opportunity to pat Nestor down and relieve him of stolen goods and any weapons; he knows what happened now, and he is going to do something about it.

Nestor is carrying a saber, wickedly sharp, and about a dozen toy flintlock pistols in his bandolier. He has a gold bar in each coat pocket, and a small pouch of 18th century coins at his waist. Most of them are stamped 'COPY', and are the kind you can buy in any pirate-themed suvieneer shop.

Marius nods and looks down at the confrontatin inside, as well as hearing the sound of the fire truck calling in its position with the radio inside his skull, "Fire Department will be here soon, we should prolly make ourselves scarce.

<OOC> Nestor says, "The pistols are all plywood replicas with wood veneer over top, with a length of blackened copper tubing glued to the top as a 'barrel', and a twist of wire as a trigger and guard."

Alley Cat gives a nod to the pair and then crouches down, taking aim and then leaping across the intersection to land on an adjacent building before giving a casual look down. His next move is immediate, he reaches up and pulls himself up the fire escape and onto a high roof….he's athletic, that's for sure.

(Judge) Shaw rolls 1: [ 5 ]
Resulting in a failure.

Rupert turns back to Nestor and considers him for a long moment. "To try a stunt like this, in this city, after the events of Times Square, after the revelation of what we are," he shakes his head. "It does not tell me that you deserve to be set loose again. And I could keep you this way forever, until Kali Yuga and the turn of the wheel." He comments to Shaw. "I will take his toys. He may petition me for their return."

Dee mms. "I agree. I'm going to head back to the firehouse, I think. *Now* I need that swim. Well, a shower, first. Then the swim." With all the smoke, they aren't exactly pristine at the moment. "Coming with, or heading home?"

<OOC> Nestor says, "Can I talk at all? Or am I completely frozen?"

Marius looks at his smoke covered clothes, "A shower and a swim sounds like a good idea, I will join you." He smiles "Lead the way Cuz."

<OOC> Rupert says, "Completely frozen. I'll set you loose on my next pose."
<OOC> Rupert says, "You won't even remember anything that happened while you were frozen, and it'll seem like just a second."

You paged Shaw with 'What all did you take?'

Shaw pages: Everything I found, I removed from your person. He's going to take the guns, I'm going to hang onto the cutlass and I'm about to zip-tie your hands.

Dee returns Marius' smile, then heads into the air again. Not that high, because that's just asking for the wrong sort of attention, but enough to not have to weave around traffic. She heads back towards Tybalt's place.

Shaw pages: You are free to blink when you are freed and flip out appropriately.
You paged Shaw with 'And the coins?'
Shaw pages: I'm looking for a thwarting, not a capture, and possibly a nemesis.
Shaw pages: Yeah; Homeland Security doesn't mess around.
Shaw pages: The coins go in the pile with the toys.

"Holy shit. That guy really is a crackpot." Kailin shakes his head at the items Nestor has on him and then glances over towards Amirah. "Hey get rid of those guards and lets go talk. Or bring them along. Whatever." He tilts his head off down the street and says, "I've got some news."

Amirah glances towards the Guards. "You may disperse after the Agent reclaims his items." she instructs. And in fact they will disperse; dissolving into dust along with everything they are carrying. She turns to follow after Kailin. "Its a matter of perspective and heritage." she replies, following after Kailin.

Though Rupert may be used to this kind of thing, Shaw is not. He is especially not used to taking orders from someone outside his chain of command. However, he has a survival instinct, and apprehending the would-be thief is more important. He takes the cutlass, placing the toys and the coin-bag in a pile near the cloaked man. He then steps behind Nestor, taking him by the wrists and binding them behind his back with something that looks an awful lot like a black zip-tie.

Agent Shaw intends to take him away. The sirens indicating the law is on the way echo down the street as they fast approach. Nestor may have a problem with this course of action.

Rupert makes a dismissive motion and dispels whatever spell he had over Nestor. He smiles cruelly once more, and replaces his mask. "I believe you are under arrest. Go quietly, and you may petition me for the return of your possessions. And," his voice drops to a cold, empty whisper, "if you do anything like this again, I will not be so kind. I have no patience for children, and your antics hurt us all. This is MY city." He gathers the toys and steps back to let Shaw do his job.

Rene straightened at the sound of the police sirens. He glances back at the guards one last time, and around at the others on the street, picks up his bag, and makes his way into the shadows and back around the corner.

Nestor blinks as the spell disperses, stepping backwards at the closeness of Rupert, almost bumping into Shaw. He tries to move forward, but overbalances when his hands don't come forward to support him, and crashes to the ground. He looks around wildly, noting that his things are being held by Rupert and that his hands are bound. "What the crows happened? How are you two so bloody fast?!" He wiggles for a second, and notices that he isn't jingling. He stares up at Rupert, looks at the items in his hands, swallows, and immediately stops struggling, going limp, stretched out on the ground. "Yes, sir. Won't happen again, sir."

Agent Shaw pulls Nestor to his feet, marching him outside with one hand on his shoulder and the other on his wrists. He takes him out the door to where the police have just pulled up, along with the fire department, ambulances, and with all manner of reporters right behind them. It seems to be almost perfect timing. Maybe it's fate.

He brings the pirate into the waiting care of several of the city's finest, flashes his badgeeyes go wide, 'sir' is used repeatedlyand says, "Search him again and take him in. He's the prime suspect." The agent waves off the persians, the group becoming dust and the police taking the money off the street.

Agent Shaw turns back to the building, looking over the massive damage done to it by some sort of explosive projectiles. What did it? How did this pirate look-a-like get a hold of something that strong? What did he hope to accomplish with such a simple robbery with those kinds of resources?

The Man in Black brushes soot off of his shoulder and adjusts his tie. He turns and walks calmly down the street back to his car, whispers following in his wake.

Just another day in New York.

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