Beauregard Eloi Lenoir
Portrayed By: Bug Hall
Status: Alive.
Age: 23
Calling: Shadowman
Pantheon: Loa
Divine Parent: Kalfu
Significant Other(s): Everyone

The Boy from the Swamps

Life in the bayou is different from life in the city. For some it is harder, for example the enviornment, getting too and from work, the poverty in which some live. For some, it's enough just to survive. Belle Lenoir for example. She was a product of a poor system and as such, she lived in such a manner. She never worked a day in her life, spent her days in the oblivion of prescription and narcotic oblivion and was taking the government check she was assigned for every bit she could. Every time she had a kid, her check went up. So it was natural that when a light skinned bayou boy came a courtin' she didn't put up a fight, nor did she mind terribly that she wound up with another mouth to feed and another hundred or so to waste.

Enter Beauregard Eloi Lenoir. The youngest of the Lenoir brothers. He was the smallest, given the fact that he was a product of a drugged mother and nutrition was something missing at a young age. But, that didn't mean he wasn't every bit the hellion that his family name heralded. His family was known for being liars, theives, drug dealers, criminals. Most had been in and out of foster care, juvie, rehab and prison. It never lasted long and it never stuck. Growing up in such an enviornment Beau learned quick how to survive. How to use his personality to get him what he wanted, how to fight, how to lie, cheat and steal, and how to hide from the authorities when they came lookin' for him.

Beau wasn't above reproach however, he led a life of crime and answered for it on occasion, boasting a criminal record that goes from Arson, Petty Theft, Grand Theft, Drug Possession, Solicitation, Prostitution, Assault and a whole host of misdemeanors. One such incident led him to his current life. Tooling around in near by towns he stumbled into a deal between two men, where there was a small guilded box and a great deal of money being passed by at a bar. Running one of his scams, he managed to grab the box and make it out. At his home, he opened the box and all hell broke loose….litterally. A host of black demonic shapes erupted and attacked. The next 30 minutes was one of anguish and all manner of nightmarish activity. After a while the black shapes went quiet and stopped from their assault. A light skinned black man stood before him in dark clothes. Kalfu explained the situation, that some things are not meant for this world and were meant to be sealed away…and as his son, Kalfu would see that the evil spirits of the loa where given a more secure prison. More anguish followed as Beau was branded and his shadow was taken to be replaced as a home for the evil spirits of the night. Then came a lesson on his family tree and where he stood. Kalfu wasn't even mad. He was impressed at the skill his kid showed, and to reward him he was given a few other toys and a legacy to take up.


Beau plays by his own rules and lives in the manner he chooses to live. He might go along with another's plan, but make no mistakes. He answers to no one. He has good qualities to be sure. He is charming, a good old fashioned boy, honest to a fault when he wants to be, and loyal as he can be. However, he has a host of other problems. He acts on his more primal urges and finds those to be the most important. Drinking, drugs, sex, and good all take precedence over any other problems. He knows there is a balance in the world and that there is such thing as too much good. He steals, he lies, and he causes problems when there is no cause for it…but it is in his nature.


Luke: Pod nah's a good boy. See if Beau can fix dat.

Alexis: Mai, she gon be a challange for Beau.

Blaze: Bebette, you keep sayin' yawa boy. Den why you look like a miss?

Events Thus Far

*Saint Paddy's day: Spent it drunk. Met Luke and Blaze.

Character Sheet

Strength 2 Charisma 3 Perception 4
Epic Strength 0 Epic Charisma 1 Epic Perception 1
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Epic Dexterity 1 Epic Manipulation 1 Epic Intelligence 1
Stamina 2 Appearance 3 Wits 4
Epic Stamina 1 Epic Appearance 0 Epic Wits 1
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