Battery Park Brawl

Participants:Amirah Kailin Pauline Ryuzho

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Scene Title Battery Park Brawl
Synopsis A social scene in Battery Park goes sour when the threads of fate bring a sandworm into the mix!

Battery Park - Lower Manhattan - New York City

Ringed by statues and monuments, this park is named after the cannon that were once stationed here. A swath of green on the southern tip of Manhattan Island, it is an escape from the bustle of the city. Battery Park is as far south as you can go in Manhattan. It offers an expanse of green from which to view the harbor and the Statue of Liberty. The 23-acre park is where the colony of new Amsterdam first began more than three centuries ago. The skyline of southern Manhattan and Wall Street is clearly visible from the park, the huge buildings dominating the view to the north and east. The trees do often hide the view, however, growing thickly around many sections of the park. Looking the other way is the harbor and Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands out to sea. During the day, flocks of tourists can be seen, putting money into telescopes to see the famous statue. Many choose to venture down to the Port and onto the ferry-boats which shuttle vistors back and forth to Ellis and Liberty Islands. Off to the north, at the edge of the Park, a huge building stands serving no purpose other than pumping air into the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel.

Well the presence of so many scions in one area, wraps up the strings of fate and gives a big giant pull at everything around it. And what comes up with it is a rumbling shake, then the bursting of a huge worm, sprouting up several stories into the air with dagger like teeth sprouting from a thin mouthlike opening on the top of its head.

Ryuzho spots the worm and grimaces, eyes scanning back and forth for a few seconds. The appearance of the creature no doubt causes a panic among the mortals in the area, and Ryuzho finds a knot of them who are fleeing in terror. He jogs up to them, and seems to join them in their running! He heads towards a knot of buildings, carried along by the tide of mortals heading away from the park and the monster!

Kailin turns towards the giant beast, twisting from where he sits on the bench. He stands and steps up onto the bench and steps across the back of it. "What the hell… That thing is too big to be over here." He glances around and asks, "Who's up for facing Titanspawn? Anyone? Anyone?"

"In'a'al mayteen ehlak!" Amirah hisses. The meaning isn't quite clear, being in arabic…but it certainly /sounds/ like a curse. "That would be a perfect meal for my bird. I really wish I had a way to speak to it remotely."
"I'm up for it." she adds a moment later. "And my 15 friends."

Ryuzho continues running with the terrified mortals who seem to pay him no mind, having more important issues to deal with at the moment. He slows down a bit, falling behind, then ducks into a restroom as the stampede of people continues to storm past. He dissappears from view for a few moments…

Pauline holds onto the back of the bench with a grip strong enough to accidentally deform the metal its made out of. She pays it no mind and instead stares up at the Titanspawn that reminds her of certain moves. "…well…" She grips her backpack and pulls it off, pulling it open to grab her weapon. "If we don't, then who will, hm?"
She tosses the backpack over her shoulder onto the bench and adds, "See, there's four of us here and now something bad is happening. I think four is Scion critical mass or something."

Kailin steps over to a rock, and leans down, finding a rather large one among the soil. He pulls roughly, picking it up and extends the stone out, judging distance. He tosses it in his hand once, then launches it at the giant worm. "Back to your cage, beastie! Back to sleep!"

In spite of the size difference (or perhaps even because of it), Pauline feels no qualms against confronting the large creature up close as she crosses the ground. After a few steps, she starts to slow a little as a metallic sheen spreads over her body, coating it in a thin armoring. Once up close, she gives it a harsh whack with the pulaski, perhaps testing to see how thick its hide is.

A form emerges from the bathroom enclosure, an image that would have been better suited for an Anime film then Battery Park. The figure is lean, lithe, and clad entirely in faintly shining black armor. The figure has no face, just a roiling cloud of darkness that not even the brightest outdoor light can peirce. In it's right hand, the figure grips a long katana with a black and red grip. The figure holds it reversed, blade pointed backwards. The movement is slow at first, then it picks up speed as the form approaches the worm…

Amirah raises a fist to the air and shouts in arabic. After a moment, dust and mist swirls around…and 15 strong, handsome young arabic men appear wearing richly decorated leather armor, shields and spears - Persian Immortals of old.

"Men! Half of you with me. The other half - cluster around Kailin and take his orders. She points to Kailin. Half of her men cluster around her, and begin pointing thier shields and longspears towards the creature, the other half cluster around Kailin. "Hold spears! Prepare to charge!" she shouts.

The dark figure continues to rush forward, sword held behind him, pommel pointed forward. Whatever it is, it's fast. the black-clad warrior runs like Preakness champion until finally it is about 50 feet away from the creature. The form stops, his metal-clad feet sliding in the dirt a bit, and then the blade begins to move. The chrome blade catches the light and glints in the daytime sun as the shadowy ninja brings the blade around into a two-handed grip, then moves smoothly into a wide arc and downward cut at the creature from well out of melee range.

The worm bites down at the person closest to it, which happens to be Pauline, snaking down towards the the woman with a high, piercing screech. People continue to flee, panic ensuing as the area evacuates itself of people.

The shadowy figure moves smoothly, the blade whistling through the air, while yards away, a tear opens in the worm's flesh, spilling blood and ichor into the earth.

Pauline's axe sinks into the side of the worm only lightly, unable to penetrate its skin with the blow. Swearing softly under her breath, she glances upwards, only to see the monster peeling back the clawlike teeth surroundings its circular mouth in preparation to strike. Her eyes widen and she takes one step back, remaining immoble until the last moment when she flings herself out of the way, letting the sandworm take a nice bite of dirt instead.
Wasting no time, Pauline strikes while the head remains right beside her with a powerful overhead chop.

"Hold…" Amirah shouts to her men, keeping her rifle aloft in the air. "Hold…" She waits for just the right moment, when her men are in proper formation, their spears and shields held aloft and pointed forward like an impenetrable, bristling wall, and the beast is properly vulnerable.

"Charge!" she shouts, and the Immortals march forward quickly. March, instead of charge…because most charges are disorganized, bloodthirsty things, and while they do run, it is with three thousand years of perfect discipline, each foot in step as it beats against the concrete, each spear held just perfectly in line with the others as all glisten in the sun together as one.

Meanwhile, as her men run, Amirah removes her Remington from her back and calmly aims the rifle, waiting /just/ until her men's spears sink into the beast to fire, its shot echoing around the park.

The shadowy form is still for just a moment, as if regarding it's handywork. The stillness is punctured finally by the sweeping motion of his sword. The black-clad swordsman is still almost 50 feet away from the worm, but that doesn't faze him. He sidesteps a bit to put his full weight behind another slash. The mirror finish of the katana casting a brilliant flash as it reflects the sun's rays during it's wide, faintly whistling arc, the bright light a stark contrast to the inky black of the man's armor and roiling face.
The spears plunge into the men, sinking deep into the flesh and then being quickly pulled back out with a morass of blood and ichor coming with it. Amirah's own shot hits, but does not penetrate the flesh. The men raise their shields and begin preparing for their next assault…

The katana plies the air around the shadowed ninja, and meters away it lacerates the flesh of the worm as well. A second gash opens to cross the first one, and the x-shape gushes blood. Between the combined assaults of Amirah's entrouge and Pauline's axe, the abuse is to much for the worm. With the final stroke of the ninja's sword, the worm creature begins to sway unsteadily… then starts to keel over, falling to the ground with a heavy thud.

Kailin just hangs back, watching the worm get hacked and slashed into submission. "That's what Titanspawn get when they come to our part of town. What can I say?" He steps back from the soldiers and moves around them. "Excuse me guys. Good… guarding." He smiles and motions over to Ryuzho and asks, "New guy I've never seen before. What's his name? Anyone?"

The spearmen near the worm raise their spears towards the sky and begin hooting and cheering, and then plunge their spears into and out of the flesh of the dead beast rapidly, celebrating and shouting in languages long since dead. The others move to join them.

Amirah, for her part, merely shakes her head. "No idea. I'm sure he'll come over in a moment."
The shadowy figure does not approach, it simply brings it's sword around to point backwards again, then gives a formal bow to Kailin and the others. Then the figure turns and bolts away from the scene…

Pauline doesn't wait until the thing stops moving before relaxing. When it does, she finds a cleaner part of the large beast and puts a foot against it in triumph. She takes a moment to revel in this before turning to Kailin. "Umm.." she looks over at the ninja. "…can't say I have. Hi!" She waves, only to stop as it runs away. "Aw, come on, you don't have to do that."

Pushing away from the sandworm corpse, she looks at it, then frowns, "Hey Kailin? Uh…what do we do with the body?" A small shiver runs through the teenager. One week ago she would have sworn up and down that she'd never have to ask a question like that.
"We could feed it to my bird." Amirah offers. "I doubt it gets worms its own size that often, it could be quite a treat."

Kailin shakes his head and says, "I don't know really, I guess you could stuff it back in the hole… But I don't know if feeding it to a bird would be a bad idea. Its a worm looking thing, but is it edible? Who knows what happens when you eat a Titanspawn…" He shrugs to Amirah with a smile. "Feed at your own risk." He gives a wave to the departing Ryuzho. "Okay. It was great talking to you. Score another one for antisocial personality disorder…"

The black-clad figure disappears among some buildings…
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
Amirah frowns. "You know, thats a good point. I wouldn't want to risk hurting it." She pauses. "But on the other hand, I imagine it could get a lot of eating done via titanspawn. Or perhaps it will be extra nutritious." She frowns. "Hmm."
"I think it's just a ninja, not antisocial personality disorder…" Shrugging, Pauline walks around to the sandworms head and pokes around, peering into its mouth. Reversing the pulaski so the pick and not the blade is pointing forward, she hacks into its gum right beneath a tooth and pries it free. "Well unless you want to carry it around the next time you want to shout to the world that people like us /exist/.."

Ryuzho pokes his head out from behind a building as other people do. With the danger passed, curiousity begins to grip the people, and some people begin to filter back into the area looking at the corpse with mutters and gasps. Ryu himself steps closer to the worm, an unwrapped granola bar in his hand, chewing thoughtfully.

Amirah walks back over towards the worm. "Give me your spear." she commands one of the men, and then, shoving it inside one of the worm's wounds, quickly writes some ancient egyptian symbols into the ground with its blood, and mummers some words half-underneath her breath.

Kailin shrugs to Amirah. "Well, you let me know how it goes and I'll be sure to note it for next time. I don't know. Maybe your bird might know a little better what it likes to eat." He recoils slightly at Pauline and says, "Its not a tree. What are you doing? You don't have to disassemble it, someone should come along and take care of it eventually, right?" To Ryu he just shakes his head with a disappointed, deadpan look.

Ryuzho watches the other scions, standing among the crowds of people who begin to approach. He doesn't seem as awed and suprised as the rest of the mortals, but he does his best to fit into the crowd he stands in.

"Taking a souvenir. Next time one of these things shows up-" she yanks the bloody tooth free and waves it around in the air, "-I'm going to shake this at them and tell 'em that they better go back where they came from or they're going to end up like thei…" Pauline trails off, taking notice of the growing crowd of mortals, "…r…buddy…here."

Kailin tucks his hands into his pockets and wanders away from the giant worm, moving back to the bench he was sitting on before. "Titanspawn will probably not even know what that is. But I like to keep my own trophies. I've started a collection. I put them all in my gallery so I can look back and see everything I've come up against and survived." He says to Ryuzho, seeming to be annoyed. "You coming or going? Don't just stand there and gawk at us."

Amirah raises her head and stops chanting. "Guard this worm." she orders her men. "Don't let anyone take the body away. If those who helped kill it want to take teeth or skin or blood, let them - but don't let anyone else seize it. If the police come, tell them a biohazard disposal unit is on its way. I'll be back in half an hour."

Ryuzho nods his head and continues chewing on his granola bar, turning away from the man and walking

"You never know." Pauline shrugs and pockets the tooth quickly before retreating back over to Kailin, no interest in being mobbed by a curious crowd. Strangely enough, she seems to have no issues getting around or through the gawkers. Taking her backpack, she stuffs her weapon down into it. "…friends with Miss Big Bird?"

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