Portrayed By: Johnny Depp
Status: Alive & Exploring
Age: 25
Calling: Celestial Explorer King
Pantheon: Atlantean
Divine Parent: Badarus
Significant Other(s): Melanope(?)


My name is Bardelys, I am a son of Badarus - the Atlantean god of the outer waters, of exploration - and that is all that will matter to you.

I have lived a thousand lives, perhaps even a thousand lifetimes, and lived in a thousand different places. Mine is a cycle of reincarnation and ignominious death because your frail human gods could not stand to see the glorious purity of Puros spread over the world. My people were slain, slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands, their souls locked away in the darkest depths of the Underworld. My father, Badarus, and his wife and their many children, the Atlantean pantheon, were stripped of their power and locked away in the depths of the Underworld with the very Titans that they helped to lock away. That we helped to lock away.

Bardelys The Great Explorer died millennia ago, slain by the hands of the very gods who praised him for leading a band of Atlantis' greatest sons and daughters, Atlantis' greatest Scions, into battle against Avernus - the Titan of Death - and succeeded. We scored a glorious victory and locked Avernus away with so many other Titans and we saw the grand, indescribable purity of Puros. And for that we were declared a danger to all creation, slain, and locked away, never to be allowed to remember our past.

They, in their infinite wisdom, never foresaw the possibility of our power becoming ascendant once more. Fools. My father and the other gods of Atlantis were offered the chance at freedom almost a year ago now and they seized it. My family, my people, they sought me out and found my soul trapped and unaware of his true purpose in the heart of a menial, life-long street cop. They rescued me from that terrible Fate and have returned to me a measure of my power. Yet I still lack much of my old power, but it will return. In time..

I have been returned to New Atlantis, full of power and experience, ready to reclaim my place as the Crown Prince of Atlantis. I will not be denied my chance to purify the world, to see it scoured to its core, purified of all its imperfections, and then reseeded with life. Perfect life. Pure life. Life that will know and respect the power of Puros. And while that new life spreads across the World, I will be there upon my ship with my bride, and we will sail the ocean to learn all that is new and wondrous in The New World. The Pure World.


The triumphant hero and consummate sailor, Bardelys is a man's man in the most classic of senses. He knows neither fear nor love quite so intense as his love of exploration and adventure, save his love for his soul mate. All he surveys he remembers, providing backdrop upon backdrop for the tales of adventure or of the majesty of the natural world that he delights in telling all who will bear witness to his words.

Yet the fury of the Atlantean people and their gods pumps through his veins. Once Bardelys was a patient man, but cultural and personal rage has quickly made him impulsive and jealous, hungry for power, knowledge, and whatever else might strike his fancy. Make no mistake though, if it means he will satisfy the aching, blinding, seething anger that boils his very blood, Bardelys will bide his time until just the right moment. Then and only then will he strike with a great and terrible swiftness to take that which he believes to rightfully be his.

Above all else though, Bardelys yearns to purify the World and Overworld - whether through fire or water or any other natural or unnatural cataclysm, he doesn't much care. When the Worlds have been cleansed, Bardelys fervently believes that things can begin anew in the total perfection of Puros' primordial purity and the eternal brilliance of the Atlantean people and pantheon. Such a purification, he believes, will also remake all things, preparing them for exhilarating new exploration and adventure.


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?

Events Thus Far

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Character Sheet

Appearance: 2 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 4
Epic Appearance: 0 Epic Charisma: 0 Epic Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 5 Manipulation: 2 Perception: 3
Epic Intelligence: 3 Epic Manipulation: 1 Epic Perception: 0
Stamina: 5 Strength: 3 Wits: 3
Epic Stamina: 3 Epic Strength: 0 Epic Wits: 1
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