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Scene Title Baka Neko?
Synopsis LOLcats like woah! And Bob Barker would be proud.

Greenwich Village - New York City

The Bohemian center of the city, Greenwich Village is the place to be for artistic enlightenment. Several book stores and coffee shops can be found here. Also the home for many of the city's struggling writers and musicians. The streets are relatively clean, the atmosphere humming with the pulse of New York's underground. At night the Village comes to life. Many of the shops host poetry readings and college students from New York University flock to the coffee houses once the sun goes down. The Village is now such an in-demand place that most would-be world-shakers simply can't afford to live there. Greenwich Village is also the center of New York's gay community, especially in the area around Christopher Street, which, like San Francisco's Castro Street, has become synonymous with those sporting an alternative lifestyle.

Leonard is taking a stroll. The man, as usual, also seems to have trouble just focusing on doing one simple thing. He's got a briefcase and a book, the former swinging at his side, the latter held in front of his face. He's got the hang of moving between people though, and seems to be on his way to get something to eat. The man in black sways toward cafe and place that

Arpita recently exited, twisting to seek out one of the outside seats. Arpita glances towards the sky, frowns, then pulls out a cel phone from one of her pockets and peers down at it "Meh" she says helpfully, despite her exotic appearance her accent is local as she drops down a little ungracefully in a seat nearby Leonard.

Alternative spots are great places to pick up odd goods and spices! Rain has a piece of paper in her face, checking here and there. Got that… let's see. She looks almost dreamlike wandering here and there. Is she skipping sometimes? Yes, she's happy! There's just something about the woman that doesn't seem to flag, a cheery sturdiness like a contented dog just waggling down the road. And strangely, it might not get too many weird looks in Greenwich village. She is drawing near Leonard and Arpita.

Leonard's finger fits neatly between the pages of the text he holds, laying thin book to the table and folding half of one page down in place. There's a glance up and across toward the woman that joins him, small smile and tip of head made in greating, "Not time yet?" The question is faint, briefcase thumbing down next to his chair before head rises up. There's a Rain to see, and a wave over to give.

Arpita looks a touch surprised as someone in a suit talks to her but she looks up and smiles briefly "Past time" she says then pauses as she spies Rain "You" she says helpfully, sitting up a bit more in her seat.

Jolie is also in a good mood tonight as she walks down the street, softly singing that Rehab song to herself. Whether or not she's good doesn't seem to be any consideration. She's even occasionally pausing to shake her hips to the beat. "…No no no!" And then she spots Rain and the others and saunters on over. "Hello, shiny happy people. Sup?"

Alice seems to be walking along without a care in the world. Of course, there's a rather large gym bag strapped to her back, one that's probably full of something much more substantial than dirty socks. She holds a styrofoam cup of coffee in one hand, still steaming. "Mmm, mocha…" She murmurs, before she looks up to see Leonard and Rain. She makes the 'oh crap' face, before looking to the unfamiliar women and giving a nod. She makes her way over to the group, hand over her mouth as she smiles sheepishly.

A Leonard! Rain smiles and waves at him. She meanders over in her lolling sort of way. A bag of what appears to be spices and something else dangles from her arms. "How are you?" A pause and she blinks at Arpita. "Hi!" She waves politely. Here comes Jolie too! Rain smiles at her. "I am just - doing some things. And suddenly there are people," She considers. Alice is spotted, after a time and a light wave. "Interesting."

Leonard is distracted momentarily, eyes trying to keep track of all those faces that keep appearing. He makes polite nods to those he knows, Jolie, Alice, Rain. Gesture is made toward seats around, the man making neat reply of, "Alright, almost ready," To Rain. When his attention slides back to Arpita there's a pause, mention of, "Past time is the worst time."

"And you" Arpita says as Jolie comes up as well. Reaching up she runs her tattooed hand down her dreadlocks then glances to Alice and Leonard then back to the other two she has met "What on earth was happening the other day?" she asks, folding her arms over her chest.

"Suddenly people?" Jolie smirks. "Do you mean people, or…/people/? Cause you know what Rupert would say. Something like," and here she attempts to imitate his British sangfroid, miming holding a cigarette, "'ere we go agin, luv. Into the breach, wot?" She laughs, then nods to Arpita. "I have no frickin idea. It's like there's a new gang in town, with no clothes on."

"I was out and about… food break from work." Alice murmurs, merely listening for the moment. Alice smiles at Leonard softly, but very briefly. She looks to the people she doesn't know, introducing herself quietly. "Alice Alexander…" is all she merely says for the time being. She's far more intent on surveying the situation around her.

"Well, actually, I was told that one had modern clothes and was supposedly dead. I'm not sure if I believe it entirely on the dead part, but…" Rain shrugs. She beams at Leonard. "Okay," His cryptic words are simply accepted. Likely a quirky sort of rapport. Then a giggle at Jolie, "I think both. He always seems to kind of do /this/ with his eyebrows," Like so! "Then go oh not again except there's an accent," She seems to be … attentive? "The other day? That's how the square is. That Cal guy just was really itching for a fight I guess. It's probably good the Ripper didn't take him up on it," Rain shakes her head.
Rain adds, "And nice to meet you, Miss Alice."

"You're going to have to tell me what's been going on," Leonard mentions to Rain, "With the pod people. I need to figure out what's the first thing to worry about." The book on the table is nudged once, pushed aside before eyes rise towards the others again. "Is there anything else going on? Or is this just another one of those meetings?"

Arpita turns her head sharply towards Leonard at mention of the pod people "Arpita" she says simply by way of introduction. She lets out a slow breath, absently drumming her fingers on the table then looks up and around "Someone going to lay it out on the table and speak a bit more plainly?" she asks with a faintly wry smile on her pierced lips.

Alice nods in agreement to Arpita's words. She smiles at Rain quickly, still putting her free hand up to her mouth out of sheer habit. She removes her hand after the smile and takes a long drink of coffee, still just listening to the others. The redhead takes a seat at the table Arpita occupies, setting her coffee down and looking between everyone as they talk.

Jolie grins at Alice. "I'm Jolie." As Arpita's wry statement is heard, she nods. "Alrighty, let's get down to the real nitty gritty. Atlantis? Is real as the mole on Sarah Jessica Parker's face. Something went down there back in the day, and well, it's gone. Flash forward to the here and now. Three of the Atlantis people show up in pods. One, I guess, is dead. But the other two are all naked and feisty. Well, the woman was. And the rest of us are being told by our parents that we need to ice them. Now. No questions asked, no reason why, just kill'm or Bad Things Will Happen."

"That's another funny part, the Lady actually seemed angry the naked dude was there. He was apparently a body guard and she didn't like him being all evil. He said he served Death, which made me mad. That's very rude of him to say," Rain frowns. "All I remember is something about corruption. Maybe they helped the Titans? I don't know," Rain shakes her head. "In normal stories it's always hubris that brought them down." A shrug. "I don't claim to be any bastian of knowledge. And many pantheons worked together back in the day to bring them down, so … it must be REALLY serious considering how hard it is…" To get them to work together even amongst each other, is well - tough at best sometimes. "I guess this is all coincidence," Rain blushes. She's talked a bit much so she goes quiet.

Leonard's lips purse, ideas rolled around in his head a moment before attention wanders back toward newer faces. Hand is extended toward Arpita, Alica after, mentioning, "Nice to meet you." Just that for the two, one lopsided smile for each before he decides, "We'll find out what their relation to our major problem is first." A nod. "Then how many, and where they are. Sounds like a logical series."

Arpita looks between the others at mention of titans and parents and the like, a wry smile touching her face as no-one seems confused or even surprised "Okay" she says with a snort that flares her pierced nostrils "This seems like a freaky coincidence. Er if you were all told to kill them, no-one seemed to be jumping on the woman yesterday?" she questions, then looks down to the table with a faint frown "I mean not like I would be in a hurry to cross my mother. I get the impression she wouldn't take it well" she adds, smile turning a touch wan.

Obviously Alice seems a startled by all of this. She frowns, but clearly her gears are turning. There's some strategy going on behind her eyes as she takes in what are surely new developments for her. She picks up her coffee and takes a demure sip before shaking Leonard's hand very briefly.

Jolie laughs. "Sure, it's Hell's Kitchen, but there was bound to be some kinda witnesses. And tellin the judge, "I killed her because my daddy who's a god told me to" woulda been…okay, it woulda been so worth it, but…" She shrugs.


The discussion is interrupted by what sounds like a cat screaming into a speaker. From a nearby building, a shape leaps off and lands near the gathered Scions. It appears to be a normal tabby cat, except that it's aproximately the size of a lion. It looks lazily at the humans and begins licking one paw.

A sigh. "If I knew, I'd tell you," Rain sort of smiles weakly. "I pass on what I know," She looks sheepish. A shrug. STOP! … Kitty time! "It's a kitty!" She points at the big cat. "… it's kinda cute." But it's big. Rain just kind of peers at it.

Leonard isn't expecting cats. When the thing leaps down he nearly falls out of his chair, rising so fast that the thing goes tipping to the side. He wobbles awkwardly, balanced on a single chair leg before the furnature connects to ground again and the magician makes his escape to his feet. "What's this?"

Arpita tries to stand up and pull something out of her pants at the same time, and rather in a hurry. This has predictable results, her chair falls over and she almost does, saving herself with a frighteningly gracefully piot and turn that puts her in a crouch rather close to the giant kitten "Y helo thar" she tries with a faint smile as she edges backwards.

Jason happens to be wandering past, as often seems to be the case with him. Footsteps slow at the appearance of the giant kitty however and with a glance and a wince towards Rain he asks, "You're keeping pets now? Going to grow it into a savage battlemount?"

Now there's even more surprise on Alice's face — but only briefly. Then there's a mixture of sadness and annoyance on her face. "But I like cats!" Alice says, more loudly than she's said anything to the others in recent times. "Fine. Damnit…" She murmurs, standing up. She heaves her gym bag onto the ground and opens it up, producing a big ass, rather intimidating looking metal lance. The iron head looks like it could do some serious damage. Alice has to hold the kontos in both hands to effectively wield it, but for now, she simply puts it in front of her body defensively.

Jolie is peering as well, curious but wary. "Good news, it's adorable. Bad news, it's huge." She looks over at Alice as she pulls out her kontos. "Strange news, Red over there has a metaphorical strap-on."

"I'm in ur sity, eatin' ur heartz."

The cat speaks up in a perfectly normal voice, before giving a Cheshire-esque grin and suddenly morphing into a huge, fur-covered cat-man. With a sword. "Also, I can kill you with my brain. But I think the sword will be more fun."

"Wait, wait, maybe we don't have to y'know, spear it." Daw. Rain looks towards the kitty. "Does anyone have some fish or chicken?" She looks around. "It's kind of cute…" Hey maybe she /could/ ride it. "Just - keep an eye on it. I mean, maybe if someone befriended it, a kitty buddy would be kind of badass and not in the horrible Catwoman movie way." She makes a soft tsking noise at the kitten, snapping her fingers. Kitty kitty kitty. She moves away from the others. Once it becomes a cat man, Rain squawks. "THAT'S NOT A KITTY." She suddenly backs up in a comical skidding motion like he's about to pee on her shoes. But but … you were so cute. With a frown, Rain reaches for her pen.

"Well" Jason considers even as he draws his pistol from his jacket, "While I suppose it's not out of the question that Rain will still want to ride you around, it does seem a little more likely now. You'd think quippy dialog would have acted to the cuteness factor."

If there wasn't a gigantic anthromorphic cat man with a sword in front of her, Alice might be more embarrassed about the 'strap-on' comment. Yep, she's a prude. Her cheeks flush faintly, but rather than make immediate comment upon it, she gets into attack stance. She doesn't make any immediate moves, but she's clearly readying herself.

"You'll die," Leonard offers those words once the shock has worn off, one hand reaching down to balance him on the table. His eyes focus again on the creature, squinting from behind rounded frames. "You really will," He affirms, "Is that what you want to do?" Hand is already seeking weapon, creeping toward jacket where that dull metal dagger is hidden.

Arpita stands a little, just enough so she can pull a strange looking hooked blade from inside her baggy pants. She doesn't look terribly confident as she holds it, but inside her gaze something burns bright at the thought of battle and carnage, an oddly hungry smile comming to her lips.

"Huh. It's a furry with a sword," says Jolie, amused. She yells out, "Looks like the Wizard gave you some courage. Not gonna do you much good, though." She stands up, looking around at her compatriots, and cracks her neck, getting ready.

Leonard doesn't take long to decide that the cat, indeed, wants to die. So he helps it along. His hand doesn't find the weapon quite yet, something else done instead. There's a murmur, quiet prayer that brushes past his lips as his other palm rises out toward the creature. It's a firm 'halt' gesture, palm open, fingers turned up. "Regret this." The words are firm when they come, an actual pushing motion made with arm.

Poor Rain. She just eyes Jason, "No way! I'm not a pervert!" Flail. "B-besides I -" She cuts herself off, but finishes after a moment, "Like someone already." Hmmmpf. She has to smile at the responses. But a fret crosses her face. "Aaah, the people-" There's people in that cafe or just around it. Looking this way and that, she has to flail - after thinking Leonard's spells are awesomely cool - and moves to the door of the cafe. Her eyes half-close and there's a peaceful, serene expression. "It will be safe here," She smiles at the doorway. Strange. It's the calm of someone wrapping their arms around a small animal. It's safe now. From her purse, she slips a scroll. It is the Book of Gates. "This is the way to safety," She echoes quietly and sets a hand on the doorway's frame. It's not spectacular, but a subtle show of strength.

The huge catman grins that cheshire-cat grin, and moves forward with deliberate intensity. His movements are fluid and the katana lashes out in a lightning-quick movement that slashes Leonard across the torso, opening him up and spilling blood all over the ground.

Jason darts into the doorway of the cafe as Rain wards it, more than happy to use her magical mojo for cover as he aims from within. The already drawn pistol his extended outward in a double handed grip, aim shifting over the cat man for a moment before finally zooming in upon it's genitalia. In the interest of spaying or neutering the titanspawn population the trigger is pulled.

For Leonard it's a surprise that a good chunk of himself is now missing. His arm wobbles in the air, stays outstretched a moment long in awkward attempt to hold his pose. Then he falls, legs collapsing under him, body flowing along with the motion of the sword. He's surprised, eyes wide, mouth agape when he hits the ground with a horrible hissing noise escaping his lips.

Arpita brandishes her oddly looking blade high as she throws her head back and lets out an unearthly screech "KALIKA, KALI MA!" the sound echoes around the street as her dreadlocks sway around her like a veil. She leaps foward, knocking chairs and tables out of her way as the glittering edge of the blade sweeps around towards the cat-men.

After the catman's threat, Alice's eyes narrow. She doesn't speak, but she merely leaps into action — perhaps getting a bit of a late jump off. Of course, her gigantic metal weapon is a bit bulky, especially for someone as willowy as she. She aims for the cat's paw, but the kontos proves to be a tad bit heavier than she had previously remembered. "Need more practice," she murmurs. Then she notes Leonard, broken and bleeding on the ground. The guardian in her gets the best of her and she runs over — as fast as she can with her kontos. She drops the kontos, leaving it lay on the ground with a loud clang and thud. Alice presses her hands down on Leonard's chest, trying to force the blood back in. If that's possible.

The fall of a compatriot. The fall of a weapon. Jolie glances over as Leonard crumples to the ground, and Alice rushes over to care for him, and she smiles. "No war without peace, huh? I'm just gonna borrow your toothpick. I promise I'll bring it back." She winks, then picks up the kontos. "Shiny," she mutters, then smirks at the cat-man. "Aight, pussy, you bout to get speared," snarls Jolie in Freudian fashion, as she runs at the feline and slashes at him, taking the opposite side as Arpita.

The catman roars in agony as he is assaulted from multiple sides by various sharp implements of pain. It's the hideous, screeching sound of an animal in terribly pain. There's nothing human there, despite the shape of the creature. It stumbles from its gaping, bleeding wounds, and falls to the ground. It claws weakly, trying to pull itself back onto its feet, but grows weaker with each effort. As Jolie's final slash hits the mark, it falls to the ground and transforms back into that huge housecat, closes its eyes, and expires.

Arpita stands over the cat thing, blood dripping from her blade, and splattered over her face and chest. Her long pierced tongue flicks out to lap it slowly from her lips, her eyes burning brightly for a moment before she blinks "Oh my -god-" she says then turns away to throw up messily in the gutter.

Jason holsters his pistol back in his jacket, looking over the large corpse there and giving a grunt, "Tough luck tabby." Gloves are slipped on and a hunting knife extracted and he goes about collecting some tissue samples from the monstrosity. "One of you sorts that enjoy stabbing things might want to grab that sword he had if it is still about" he offers.

Jolie looks over at Arpita as she drinks some blood, then vomits. "That's off the hook!" She then wipes the kontos off on the fur of the dead cat and walks back over to Alice. "Thank you." Then she looks at Leonard. "Is he gonna be okay?"

Poor poor Leonard! Rain's expression twists seeing the poor Magician get nailed pretty good. After warding the door, and finding some happiness in providing Jason with cover she rushes over to her bandmate's side. "Oh no! I mean- poor Mr. Mystery," Rain pulls off the sleeves of her shirt to jury rig some bandages. Pulling a few of those alcohol wipes from her purse… there. He won't bleed to death right away, she's fairly sure. "I should -" Should she take him to the hospital or home? Either way she has to think on that a moment. "He should be okay, he's stable. But I dunno if I should take him to the hospital or home."

Arpita is busy emptying her last several meals in the gutter to quite notice much of anything at the moment. After a few more heaves she looks up, wiping her mouth with one hand then blinking as she spots the blood streaks on her hand "Christ, gods I am a fucking -vegetarian-" she says as she looks back to the carnage behind her then turns for another dry heave.

Alice merely stares at Jolie for a long moment. She finally takes her hands from Leonard's chest as Rain approaches, thoroughly drenched in kitty blood. It makes her look more than a little feral. And yet? It somehow looks /right/ on her. She looks to Leonard with great worry before she looks towards the giant housecat. "That nasty bastard… anyone have a smaller knife? I could use the kontos but I'm afraid I'd cut off more than I need…" Alice stands up and puts her hands on her hips, walking over to the cat purposefully.

Leonard is bleeding less now, but not too responsive. That look of surprise has smoothed into something more half-awake, hands pressed to the street below. Thanks to the efforts of a Rain he's not about to kick the bucket, but he's certainly going to be chilling out for awhile.

Arpita swallows heavily, not noticing the horrible taste as with a metallic clatter she drops her boodstained blade to the pavement "I..I..have never killed -anything- before" she murmers softly whilst drawing her knees up to her chest and hugging them

"Thanks…" Alice says, with a bit of disorientation. She catches the knife, amazingly, and begins to saw off the cat's ears with a look of almost eerie glee on her face. "I'm gonna make me a leather pouch when I get home!" She says quite cheerfully.

Jolie sits down next to Arpita. "Oh wow. Sorry you had to go through this. You looked pretty excited about it at first, and you got a really nice blade there. It's never good the first time, you know. Rest assured, you did the right thing. He was gunnin for us, and he might have killed not just us, but innocent people. And it looks like Stop In The Name Of Love over there will be okay," she says, referring to Leonard's gesture.

Rain is pondering just how she's going to get Leonard to a hospital or his home. She settles on the hospital. She has to think of some sort of good story. A wince at that. "I guess he should go to a hospital," She finally comments quietly. Patiently, Rain waits for her knife back although she looks between Jason and Arpita. Poor poor Arpita.

"I did" Arpita mutters, her voice muffled as she bows her head over her knees, dreadlocks falling down around her face "..I really, really did" she adds, shivering just a little her tattooed hand reaches instinctivly for her own blade.

Alice holds up the kitty ears as a morbid trophy. She moves over to her gym bag and shoves them in, gently pushing Rain her knife across the pavement. Her kontos is collected and wiped on the edge of her dress as she packs it up. It's only now that she notices Arpita's obvious turmoil. Alice moves over, putting a bloodied hand on the girl's shoulder. "Hey, don't cry, kid. Everyone's first time hurts. You did the right thing. If we hadn't cut it to pieces, we would have had to poison his food. Much easier this way," Alice tries to reassure.

Jolie smiles at Alice and Arpita. "Yup. Now I gotta go. Rain, call me once you get him settled!" she stands up and heads over to the corpse. After contemplation, she pulls out a dinky little pair of nail clippers to remove some fur and a couple of whiskers. She puts them in a napkin, shoves them into a pocket, and walks away, humming that Rehab song again.

A little wince as the knife goes across the pavement. She'll clean that later. Rain offers a faint smile to Arpita, "You were brave. He was out for blood," She points out. With that assurance, Rain will move Leonard to a better place to call a cab and get him into a hospital. Or an ambulance. Whichever really. "Will do!" She smiles at Jolie and moves off after that.
Rain doesn't forget to get her knife either!

"Get him to hospital, I will be allright" Arpita says to the others without looking up, her voice is rather shaky. Looking around she blinks as if surprised by the blade in her hand and sheaths it, blood and all. She keeps her eyes away from the kitten corpse as she slowly gets up to her feet, letting her mass of dreadlocks shield her face.

"Right." Seeing as how Leonard is in Rain's much more capable hands, she straps her slightly bloody gym bag to her back. "I'm sure we'll all be seeing each other again, so… uh. Bye." She says a touch awkwardly as she sets off in her own direction.

"Sorry I.." Arpita says to Alice as she looks around and then decides standing around bloodstained would not be a good idea and starts to trail oof "..not trying to get rid of you, looks like the other woman has him" she says with a faint smile, face still sticky with blood.

Alice just waves her hand dismissively. "No problem, kid." She produces a crumpled, somewhat bloody business card from the pocket of her dress. She turns to offer it to Arpita. "I'm a good listener. Not much of a conversationalist, but I can be quiet sometimes. Call me if you need anything."

"I am also twenty-six" Arpita says with a faint frown that looks rather gruesom on her blood-stained and pierced features. She takes the card and pulls out one of her own, rather intricately decorated with 'Tattoo and Performance Artist' printed under her name. she nods once then starts to head off herself, moving a little faster than usual before the authorities arrive.

"Yeah, well, I'm still older than you," Alice calls out, just having to get that last word in. She starts to jog off in the other direction, clutching Arpita's card between two fingers. Time to go make that leather pouch!

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