Qing Baihe
Portrayed By: Gu Hara
Status: Single
Age: 18
Calling: Psychologist
Pantheon: The Celestial Bureaucracy
Divine Parent: Guanyin
Significant Other(s): None as of the moment.


Qing Baihe had been raised in a distinctly middle-class Chinese environment - after all, she came from the mainland. Her father had been relatively normal (and cold) for most of his life, his aunts and uncles would tell her - until her father met Baihe's mother. She was the kindest and sweetest woman alive; able to bring down a bully with the tenderness of her words. Unable to hurt even a fly, her mother taught her father how it was to love others. It wasn't until Baihe had been born and her mother suddenly disappeared one day that her father had grown to become cold and distant once more.

Baihe had been the splitting image of her mother. Beautiful and kind, always looking out for others than herself. Girls and boys alike from school would always pick on Baihe due to her incredibly understanding and positive look in life. Even when she was defending those who were sick and who were teased (and she had been beaten up for it,) Baihe always had a smile on her face. She fought for bullies who were wrongly accused by her teachers, by sickly children who were attacked by bullies, and she helped everyone constantly.

While she had the love and approval of everyone, her father grew more and more distant to the young Baihe. It was then that he had disappeared, just like Baihe's mother - leaving the young girl to her aunts and uncles. One day, out of the blue: it just seemed like he didn't want to see that image that Baihe had keenly resembled anymore.

Baihe didn't understand. She was still a child after all, but everyone keenly loved her. She was an artist, charismatic and always filled with life and love for everything. She always keenly understood everyone, like she had a deeper understanding of the world, of people, and how they acted. She was an observant little girl through and through. She was beautiful, but she had a good head on her shoulders.

It was here when she began to suffer. Her aunts and uncles loved her dearly, but they too sided with her brother. They had migrated to America only a year prior to the present, her whole life spent wondering and searching and keenly thinking of every possibility. She had become sullen, unable to accept things as they were.

One day however, it seemed that her life took a complete 180. It was on this day that she met her mother… and then it was like a lightbulb began to flash in her head. Fate had brought her here, and allowed her to suffer so that she would one day be saved. And as her mother spoke and bore her gifts, she finally understood the purpose of her suffering. She would use her experience to help the world in the little ways… but also in that one way her mother had given her the duty to do.

Someone has to keep the peace and harmony of the world. It might as well be her, after all.


Baihe is quirky. She is inherently kind and generous, giving her time to soup kitchens and other charity events throughout New York City while keeping a steady stream of attendance in classes. On the other hand, she is insanely naive and unassuming - always giving others the benefit of the doubt. It seems as if she has no hidden agenda, no true need to do whatsoever except help those in need.

It's in her nature to be so helpful. Baihe takes pride in being able to help others. She has that essential sense of service that others seem to have lost - and in that way, she is completely unafraid to lend a helping hand to those in need. Rejection, however, doesn't bode very well for Baihe. When her help is rejected, it usually makes her feel useless. Lending a helping hand is something that's inherent in her nature, after all.

Even though she is helpful, she is also ditzy. She is prone to knocking things over, accidentally hitting people and tumbling over. MOST ESPECIALLY when the mood is already awkward. Sometimes it helps cut the tension, but sometimes it's just strange, since she's supposed to be quick on her feet. Well, she does recover quickly from said falls.

Besides that, she seems to be pretty normal, if not a little ditzy, aside from the inability to cope with rejection. Stemmed from her messed up childhood. Aside from being helpful, she is also book-smart. Although she lacks in the street-smarts, she is completely immersed in philosophy and psychology like a good student should be.

If only she were native to English. Then again, at least she's trying.


Richard - A kind guy who offered to walk her out of Central Park. He's interesting, if he stopped staring at her legs.
Dhatri - A nice guy she met in Central Park. At least, that's what she thinks as of the moment. He's smart, though, that much is noticeable!
Lin Mu Kun - Another Scion! She's fond of him, even though he tricked her. Also, he treated her with some coffee, and is generally a nice guy.

Events Thus Far

Meeting Richard, Dhatri and Lin. All with their own special little circumstances. Mostly with Baihe doing something rather silly.

Character Sheet

Strength 1 Charisma 3 Perception 5
Dexterity 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 Appearance 4 Wits 3
Presence 1 Command 1 Medicine 3
Politics 1 Art (Calligraphy) 1 Awareness 3
Marksmanship 4 Stealth 3 Science 1
Empathy 3 Academics 3 Occult 1
Athletics 2 Investigation 2 Integrity 2
Lotus of Eternal Mercy Mantra Necklace Hand of Salvation
Relic Weapon Relic Relic
Unlimited Ammo Grants Access to Health Mimics Sky's Grace (Sky Level 1)
+Legend to Dexterity/Marksmanship Rolls Grants Access to Psychopomp Mimics Vigil Brand (Guardian Level 1)
+1 to Accuracy Grants Access to Death
Shapeshifts into Necklace
Assess Health Five-Cycle Augmentation Unerring Orientation
Blessing of Health/Curse of Frailty Yin-Yang Destruction Death Senses
Subliminal Warning Game Face Cat's Grace
Blinding Visage Trick Shooter
Epic Attributes
Perception 1 Appearance 2 Dexterity 2
Loyalty 2 Intellect 2 Valor 1
Harmony 4
Legend 3 Legend Points 9
Wounds 0 0 0 Willpower 6
Health -0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 I D Total XP: Available XP:
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