Bad Religion


Corgan, Elin, Zach, Erasma

Scene Title Bad Religion!
Synopsis The first time Zach, Elin, Corgan and Erasma are all together; Erasma gets drunk, hits on /everyone/ and Corgan puts her to bed along with Elin to have a serious chat with Zach while flying and heading to a nearby punk club.


The room is sligthly messy but thats to be expected. She has posters up of Star Wars and millenium falcon covers. She has a large computing station with her laptop there hooked up to a monitor. On the wall she has several weapons, a sword, an axe and what looks like a bullet proof vest with a red hammer drawn on it. Finaly admist her clothing and soda around there room there is also a HUGE bookshelf. Its stuffed full of books, Anime, Manga, comics and DVD's. Most of them are your typical nerdy stuff but some of it towards the bottom is a bit risque. FInaly across from the bed is a TV with several gaming systems.

From afar, Elin answers the phone, "Heeeeylo?"

Long distance to Elin: Corgan's voice comes through the phone, "'ey. Elin. I jus' killed a big fuckin' monster an' it was awesome. Where th'hell you at? I got some dude who's barely clothed that I'm bringin' over, an' on account'a us not havin' a real house or nothin', it'd be better if I brought 'im t'yer location."

From afar, Elin has another voice speaking in the background, another girl. "I'm hanging out with a chick named Erasma, she says she knows you. We're in her dorm room, but her roommates are bitchy. Do you want me to go get us a room somewhere or something, so we can hide out? I can keep people distracted."

You paged Elin with 'Naw, naw." Corgan says, "Actually, 'e's havin' me drop 'im off somewhere. S'it'll jus' be me an' all that shit. Be there in a flash!"'

Erasma frowns lightly. "I… he ok? What happend?" she asks suddenly worried as she walks over to the window. "Did Corgan get hurt?" she asks, that dazed dopey look gone from her as she walks over to the bullet proof vest on the wall and the girl yanks her shirt off revealing a white undershirt underneath. She turns to Elin as she begins to put on the vest, she will explain later but the girl sounds serious enough that….

"Sit your ass down, he's fine. He was just asking me about something," Elin takes the phone away from her ear and flips it closed, once the call's ended. It's tucked back away into her now highly rumpled blazer. She's laying on Erasma's bed, having been visiting for a while. The pizza's outside, now, and tempting the ebul roommates. "He's coming here."

Erasma blinks lightly….then she takes off the vest and hangs it up again. "A boy? In here… I.. and him? I guess alright. " she says before she peeks out the door. "The girls were planing on going clubing so they should be gone by now… we have the place to ourselves." she quips before blushing. "Not… in a weird way."

With a few quick words and a wink, maybe a slight grin and some bullshitting about the weather, he convinces a liquor store clerk to sell him some liquor on the way over. A case of beer and a bottle of whiskey sits in his motorcycle basket. Well. The bottle of whiskey sits more in Corgan's hand, and he slugs at it as he heads on over towards the apartment, following the Vigil Brand he placed on Elin. Parking and locking up his motorcycle, he heads into Erasma's apartment complex, carrying the booze. He's covered in ichor and torn clothing, and probably waking up the neighbors. Mostly because he's racously singing a Rancid song in a loud voice down the hallway, "Matty came from far away! from New Orleans into the east bay! He said this is a mecca; I said this ain't no mecca man, this place's fucked~ 3 months go by, he had no home, he had no food, he's all alone Matty said, 'Fool me once, shame on you, didn't fool me twice.' He went back to New Orleans." He kicks at the door with a booted foot.

"From the god awful singing at the door, I would assume that's m'boy," Elin says in good humor to Erasma, who is now wearing a white undershirt after having stripped off her Gank-ster one in order to rush off and save Corgan. A little swing of her hips, and the redhead sashays off through the dormroom to get the door. Since, the ebul roommates and everything are gone. Opening the one to the hallway, she reaches out a hand in order to grab Corgan by the collar and drag him into the room; but he doesn't get a kiss on the cheek or lips or anything. Maybe because he's covered in blood and generally looking like he crawled up out of Hel's domain. "You look like shit."

Erasma scatters over to him but her eyes widden as she spots the boy. "SHIT… whose is that? I.. come in…quick quick. We will wash you up. Find you something to wear while we get the blood out." she comments softly. "Are you hurt? I can get you to a doctor if you are." she says her mind going miles per second.

"Oi!" Corgan headbutts Elin's shoulder. He's a little drunk. And he's affecting a terrible Irish brogue. "'ey there, lass! 'ow's m'favorite girl, eh?!" Passing through the doorway, he sets the case of beer down on the floor and starts unstrapping his sword from his hip. His leather jacket is pulled off and he hands that to Elin, along with a desert eagle. "I'm not hurt a'tall," he says. Despite the drinking, there's a gleam in his eyes like he's got some hidden, wonderful secret. His eyes drop down to Erasma's legs, eyeing them thoughtfully. "Y'know, Ras, yer pretty hot when y'don't wear your hoodie." There are a few slashes and tears in his shirt. "Aaaanyway, whatcha girls doin', eh?"

Elin rocks a small amount when her shoulder is headbutted, and she rises up onto the balls of her feet. Corgan gets a warm kiss pressed against his cheek before the redhead settles back down, looking at the beer and then back up to Corgan with a wide grin coming over her features. "Nothing really, just trying to talk Erasma here into living a little. You want to take her virginity?" Of course she would ask that, if nothing else but for the shock factor. "At least Pig's Anus isn't here." Awww, Zachie's getting nicknames! Snatching up the case of beer, she carries it into the other room to put it in the fridge. "Oh Corgan, there's pizza in here from earlier while I've been trying to corrupt Erasma!" Now Erasma has Corgan and Elin taking over her dorm room.

Erasma turns bright red as she sputters a bit before…scion reactions kick in. "Holy shit…is that a gun? Ok… look. I dont know whose blood that is but we can work through this. You need to wash off now. Take off the clothing and I will wash them with viniger and hydrogen peroxide which will take out the blood. Please tell me whatever you killed was weird and evil looking." she says as she closes the door and locks it. Ras is much easier to corrupt when there is not blood. Later that comment will hit full force.

"Yeah, it was like, this.. uh.. Oh! You'll catch it onna news." Corgan strips out of his shirt; he's got a couple tattoos on his chest, mostly Celtic knotwork. There's a trailing bit of ivy that rings down along his stomach. He unbuckles his belt and drops his pants, then kicks them away, nodding slightly. "Damn news chopper caught me after I helped down this big bad fucker. Was like a war zone," he stands over the pile of bloody clothing and turns back towards Elin, "Gods, El. Y'shoulda seen it. I was weavin' this way, that way, slashin' here an' there, flyin' 'round the sky like a motherfuckin' bullet," he sighs softly and looks back to Erasma, "Shorts, too? I don't think any blood got on 'em."

"You have a massive fucking yap, Corgan. Good thing at least I already checked out the girly earlier. Maybe she won't turn into something big and nasty and bite our heads off. Or whatever. By the way, Zach's developing an unhealthy fascination with Rudy's peepee," and so the snark from the past evening comes full circle, as Elin turns it back against Zach. She comes back, spinning the desert eagle around on her finger (with the safety on). Corgan gets a whistling cat call from the pretty redhead, and she grins fiendishly. "Take it oooooff Corgie!" Her fingertips reach up in order to stroke the torque that's around her neck.

Erasma blinks lightly. "Flying….monster….shit." she says as she sighs and shakes her head. "Your godchildren…aren't you." she says in a defeated tone before she chuckles, as if bitterly amused by something or other. "I should have known." She calms then…blushes bright red. "NOO no… leave the shorts off. I um…here." she says taking the clothing to the washing machine and putting them in, setting it to wash. "Please please keep the shorts on."

"Off? On? Well," Corgan looks down at his boxers and clears his throat. "Ah'right. I'll leave 'em on, but only fer you, lil' lady - oh.. neat!" The punk drunkenly reaches towards his jacket in Elin's hand, gives her a bright smile and pulls out his phone. He peers down at the screen for a long moment, then nods. "I'm invitin' m'friend Zach over. Elin'll love that, ha!" He winks at Erasma. "Hope y'don't mind. Also, have a beer. An' yes. Corgan Tilley-O'Connor, son of Lugh, warrior-bard, uh.. punk.. singer. Sorta. Guitarist, nevermind. I'm done with my introduction." He sends a text back, then nods at Elin. "I do have a few massive things, yes."

"Not as massive as you'd like to think, darling," Elin pooches her lips up to imitate a fish, and puts her hand out on Corgan's shoulder. The one not holding the gun and various other things in it, currently. Some movement is at her neck, and a beautiful burnished gold, salmon, and fiery red colored serpent slithers from her shoulder, across her arm onto Corgan's. He's probably familiar with the sensation and the serpent herself, at least. Which… while looking somewhat like a viper has a delicate fin going down her back from neck to tail, ear fins, and two other pairs of delicate looking fins along her body. "Here, hold Jorge." If anyone looks, the torque that was around her neck is now gone. Something Corgan says gets a curl of Elin's nose, and she responds with, "I'll leave him tied up once he's drunk. In with her roommates. They should all have fun. Erasma, do you have a webcam?"

Erasma blinks at the snake and smiles. "Oohhe is pretty… and of course I have a webcam… I just, we are giving them Corgan?" she says sounding slightly disapoiunted before. "Oh right..TAL!" she calls out. 'Engage….print up and orginize all data you can find about the mythological God Lugh. Thank you sweetie." she says into her room before she looks back. "I um… Erasma you know… Hephestus is my dad. He made me stuff." she says softly. "And no taking massive things out please."

"Hephaestus? Oh, th'crippled dude from Greek myth. That's cool. I actually didn't figger, thought you were some mortal bimbo wanderin' 'round, playin' games an' shit." Corgan nods and begins wrapping that snake around his neck, "Not, uh.. Well," he clears his throat and wanders over towards the nearest window and opens it up. "Zach'll need t'get in somehow," he explains cryptically, then comes back towards Elin's side, drinking out of the whiskey bottle. "Please don't tie me up and leave me for the webcam, Elin. Also, Jorge's bein' weird. Doin' that thing where he slithers down m'chest like I'm some sorta painted whore." He pulls the snake off of his neck and hands him in Erasma's direction.

And, not too long after Corgan has finished speaking, there's a whooshing sound, as something flies by the window.. and a dog's bark. Then another whoosh, as Zach dives through the window, landing with a firm thud, holding a rather overexcited dog, that quickly squiggles away and rushes over to Corgan. Zach reaches a hand up to run through his hair, "Damn, dude. I almost took out that wall with my sh—" pausing, and looking at Erasma, "Hey, chick from last night. How's it going? Your name was.." pausing, and then stating, "Erasma. Sorry, takes me a second." a look to Elin, and a faint nod, before he looks over at Corgan. "Corgie man, you've got to teach that dog to hold still when I'm flying. He's so damn excited."

"She. Jorge is a she. I've told you that before," Elin sounds exasperated when everyone keeps calling her Creature a he. The snake is actually slithering around Corgan all wierdly, and flickering her tongue out against his skin. She's about two feet long, and maybe two inches in circumference. Not including the ornate looking fins. Really, Jorge is a very patient looking snake, and doesn't seem to mind being manhandled back off to Erasma. The slender creature stares at her with deep golden, slitted eyes, and flicks its tongue at Erasma… before trying to crawl onto her. Elin, meanwhile, is setting Corgan's things in order and kind of doing a little dance around. It looks really silly. "Hello, Pigfeet," it's called out to Zach while Elin twirls herself around… and goes to get the pizza.

Erasma watches the snake and lets him slither on to her, she dosn't seem to mind the creature very much even if she isn't quite sure how to deal with him. "She is very pretty then an…" then she cocks her head as Corgan makes the commet and the girl blushes bright red before she lunges foward, grabing Corgan by his arms…and promptly lifting him as high as her arms will go. "Bimbo? You thought I was a BIMBO?" she says angrily before she turns to Zach. "Hey pigfeet." she comments off hand as she holds Corgan there against the wall, sort of just glaring at him until her nerd rage passes…which might take some cajoling.

"Well, it's hard t'train Rudy t'do mu-" Corgan's cut off with Erasma's lifting of his body. He blinks at her and looks down towards the girl as he's lifted and pressed against the wall. "T'was a compliment, Ras." And with a deft manuever, he moves to wrap his legs around the girl's midsection, tugging her in towards him. "Only certain chicks can pull off the bimbo angle." He gives her a wink and a secret-like smile, which comes out to a slight curve of the left side of his mouth, charmingly lopsided. Rudy, meanwhile, is jumping up and down like he wants to be picked up as well.

Zach squints at Erasma, "Hey now. I take it from Elin because she's banging Corgan. I've not done anything to you, and you don't know me at all. So relax with that, 'kay?" He actually seemed a touch hurt when it came from Erasma, then he looks back over to Corgan.. "Tell that chick she can't get all pissy at me because she's got some crush on you, 'kay?" brushing himself off, and moving over past Elin, sniffing, "Enough pizza for me?" Zach seems.. off.. tonight. He hasn't even sniped back at Elin yet.. then he blinks, and looks back over at Corgan and Erasma, "Oh, Godborn too.. well fuck me in the ass. Why does Fate keep throwing bitchy GodChicks at me, Corgie?" setting his jaw, and looking back to the pizza.

"Hey! No fucking right in the middle of the room, Corgan! Or, if you want to fuck him and make love with him madly, Erasma, gimme my damn snake back!" The snake, who is rather happily curled around Erasma's neck and investigating the girl nosily. The spawn of Hephaestus is getting a flickering tongue and a serpentine snout pushed behind her ear, and then into it. Maybe Jorge eats brains. Elin comes back with the pizza, and holds it out to Zach, raising an eyebrow at him. "You look a little out of it, Wingfoot," it's actually not a complete mockery. "What's the matter, some girl decide to dump you and follow around a skinny, pallid goth freak?"

Erasma has alot of things happening at once. First she hurt someone's fealings in a temper tantrum. Then she has a snake going into her ear….and is being accused of trying to do things….and some guy wearing almost nothing has his legs wraped around her waist. She squeeks and panics, quickly setting Corgan down, or letting him go if he isnsists on clinging, "Snake.. ear… get snake out of ear." she says not wanting to move on it and provoke it to strike her. "And… im sorry Zach. Temper got the best of me and…SNAKE really…out of my ear please."

Untwining his legs from around Erasma's waist as he's let down, Corgan just grins happily and heads over towards the pizza; he's still holding that bottle of whiskey. He grabs up a slice of pizza and takes a bite out of it, pulling it away so the cheese makes a trailing string back to the piece. Chewing it up and swallowing, he washes down the pizza with a liberal amount of whiskey. It's about half-full now. He rocks unsteadily on his feet, grins again and says, "Ras! Jorge is harmless. He -" he looks over towards Elin, "She's like this.. uh.. wonderful .. rainbow of.. love." He blinks. "Not like a gay dude." He takes another bite out of the pizza and then hands the rest towards the baby barghest jumping around at Corgan's feet. "Here, Rudy, y'crazy bastard. Mebbe if y'eat more, ya'll grow into yer legs." Clad only in his boxers, he reaches over and claps Zach on the shoulder, "Man! There was quite th'battle tah'night. Y'shoulda seen it. Oh, man." He sighs.

Zach reaches up and snags Corgan's whiskey from him, jerking it up and taking a swig, holding it over away from Corgan now, as he snags a piece of pizza with his other hand, "Yeah? Me too. Not epic and huge, just some Titanspawn stomping down this apartment building. Killed a few cops, a family. Started killing another family, and I wasn't /quite/ fast enough to save them all." a glance to Elin, "I'm getting over it, don't worry. I just need the alcohol." flashing a grin down at Corgan. Then he looks to Erasma, "No sweat. I wasn't exactly Mr. Personality last night either." offering a smirk, before he chugs down more of Corgan's whiskey.. handing over the nearly-empty remainder to the smaller man.

Jorge gets out of Erasma's ear, before starting to slide down the back of the girl's shirt. Those gossamer fins flatten out along the serpent's body while she wends her way around. Little 'pectoral' fins waving happily as she goes. There she goes! Seeing Erasma's freak out as the finny snake explores, Elin at first just watches the show, before she steps closer. The back of the girl's shirt is lifted up, and Elin offers out a hand to the creature, to allow Jorge to wend her way over the fabric of the blazer like a particularly ornate bracelet. "Jorge is harmless. To you, anyway," still, Elin hasn't offered just who her parent is, at least. With the serpent now twined around her arm, she states cheerfully to the others. "Eat your pizza, I'll be back with some beer." That said, she goes to duck back into the kitchen, coming out with uncapped drinks for both Corgan and Zach.

Erasma blinks lightly. "Im sure he is harmless but, my ear. I dont like things in there." she says before suddenly she goes bright red….and looks down at Corgen in shorts who was just all over her before. "Fuck this…" she says before she storms over to her room. "Tal…get me a list of anything interesting that may have come up on the news." and a dry older male voice with a british accent just says, "Oh goodie…at least you aren't giving me any of that filth you usualy put on me." Ras comes back seconds later chugging from what looks like a bottle of Sake. "Shit is way too weird for me to be schowber right now." she says as she drinks down what looks like half the bottle in one go..her face now permenatly red. "I…. I gotch to pee." she mubles as she heads towards the bathroom and closes the door.

With some degree of horror as Zach drinks the majority of his whiskey, Corgan accepts the bottle back. The grim reality of the titanspawn crashing through an apartment building strike Corgan afterwards and he shakes his head slightly. Clucking his tongue, he says, "Ach.. Those poor people. I'm glad y'were there, regardless of whether y'were fast enough t'save 'em or not." Lowering his eyes, he pauses for a long moment, staying silent. His lips part and move like he's murmuring something to himself, then he takes down the rest of his whiskey quickly and sets the empty bottle on Erasma's bed. With a slight sigh, he heads over towards the case of beer and … is interrupted by Elin grabbing that beer for him. "Ah, well, 'kay." He glances down at his body and asks, "Why'm I not wearin' any clothing?" His hands slip over his stomach and he shrugs a little, looking over to Erasma. "That shit'll getcha fuuuuu-uuucked up," he grins wide. When the girl heads off to the bathroom, he trundles around the apartment, singing, "Is it you?! Is it you who's been orchestrated!? Is it you?!? Is it you who's born frustrated!? HEY! HEY! HEY! Is it you?!"

Zach shrugs himself out of his hoodie, while the beer is being obtained.. tugging it down onto Corgan, without waiting for him to get his arms in the sleeves. "Get some pants, and you're clothed." the shirt oversized on Corgan, hanging down to about halfway down his thighs, like a short dress. He lifts his hand up to grab the beer from Elin once its offered, "Thanks, kid." taking a swig and looking to the retreating Erasma, "Weird kid. She'd be cute if she wasn't pretending to be a chameleon sitting on an apple all the time." another swig, before he grabbed a piece of pizza. He was now wearing a tight shirt, with a Rangers team logo on it. Go New York hockey!

"I think that she doesn't want to put out the effort, but she is cute," which, actually Erasma's got her hair all nicely brushed out and french braided right now! Elin's doing. She's also wearing makeup… which Elin isn't. The redhead looks between her two bandmates and then nuzzles her face against Jorge once the finny serpent has curled back around her neck. Turning, she starts to follow around Corgan instead of snarking at Zach or anything like that. Giving him a break from her wrath. Corgan, on the other hand? Gets a hand to the butt and a firm groping. "I think I want to borrow Erasma's bed for a while. Feeling under the weather. If you guys sex up any of her roommates make sure to get pictures."

Erasma staggers out of the bathroom smiling brightly. "Ok then.. I am back! You hear that. And hey! My roomates dont deserve sex. Unless its sex with ugly rat men. And you two are cute so no." she says as she staggers over. Yeah… more then half a bottle of alchohol on someone who never drinks is rough. The girl looks over towards Elin. "OOh.. she is sleeping in my bed? Good…she is very soft and comfy to put your head against. And very pretty too." she says as she plops into a chair and takes another swig of sake. Goooone.

"Good lord, girl," Corgan jumps a bit whenever Elin does her ass-grabbing. He glances back at her and grins, "Get yerself some sleep, sick'n." He leans over and kisses her on the forehead, then lightly shoves her towards Erasma's bed with his shoulder. "Crazy trickster." He tugs his arms through the hoodie and shakes his head at Zach sadly, lowering his eyes. "Now I look like some skanky smut princess, wit' my shorts an' this hoodie. If I could find some pants, I'd wear 'em, but I'm sadly in a man-pants free zone, unless I wanna be like one'o them.. emo boys." He tugs the hoodie down a little more and turns when Erasma exits the bathroom. He watches her drink down the rest of the sake with a raised brow. "Ah.. yeah. Elin's actually not that soft. Yah'd be surprised. She's pretty.. uh, rigid an' bony. But, y'know. Zach an' I're soft." He gives a little shift of his eyes and looks back towards his friend. "That was oversteppin' m'boundaries, I wager."

Zach nods, "Night, Elin." back to Corgan, listening to the man rambling, before laughing a bit and nodding, "Yeah man, a bit. But, we are soft." a glance to Erasma, smirking, and swigging his beer. "Corgan'll probably be soft all night, with as much as he's had now. So you don't even have to worry about him getting frisky with you." moving over to plop down on a couch, settling in and relaxing back, eyeing Erasma for a moment or two, then back to Corgan, "Who's her mom or dad? I don't think I've gotten told yet." his hand moving down to scratch at his wingy shoes for a minute.

"Ha! You're right, Corgan. That's what her roommates look like, and the bitches said I look like a prostitute!" It's overly cheery. Passing by Corgan, she kisses his cheek. Zach gets pinched, and Erasma gets a kiss same as Corgan before the godling gets ready to sleep. Elin takes off her pin before keeping it enclosed in one hand. The boots come off as well, and also the pants… So they end up with a Lokiling as naked as Corgan is, curled up in the bed, with the snake twined around her head and neck loosely. Keeping watch, looks like. Also, she's pretty much gone even if they get loud.

Erasma sighs at the kiss then she smiles. "She sure is pretty…. very pretty." she says softly before she giggles. "Liar… he is all rigid and bony too." she says pointing towards Corgan's pants then cackling loudly before she finishes the last drops of the sake. "And my dad is HEPHESTUS! God of the Forge! Fucker of Aphrodite!. The Lame Smith.." she says as she stands and raises the glass, which causes her to sway as if she was going to fall.

Corgan rushes to catch Erasma as she starts to topple over. He rings his arms around her waist and says, "C'mon, maid. Yer gettin' a little topsy turvy, now. Here, come sit down on th'bed'r th'couch an' take a load off. Since yer drunk, I'll stop m'hittin' on you, as that wouldn't be right, y'know." He nods slightly and looks over towards Elin passed out on the bed. "She is pretty, I agree. Loki knows how t'raise 'em right, I guess." Then over to Zach, his eyes widen a bit and he gives a deep frown, looking towards Erasma. A bit of concern passes over his features, and he shakes his head. Of course, anyone born of the Tuatha have a natural inclination towards whiskey. It's like Irish bread.

Zach gestures for Corgan to bring Erasma over to the couch, "Plop her down, you know I won't do anything, Corgie." leaning back and looking up at the ceiling, "And I was joking, sorry if I upset you." tossing him a smile, then looking back to Erasma, nodding, "Hephaestus, cool. My dad invented the fire he uses in that forge, so.. you're welcome." dusting his shirt off, and looking across at Corgan, "Come sit on the couch too, Corgie." shifting to scoot more to the side, to make room for the two of them.

Erasma gives a small nod. "Ahh! That makes us.. us… I dont know but it makes us something. Thats ok though." she says before she allows herself to be moved over to the couch. "But NO! Aren't I pretty enough to be hit on? Elin made me pretty!" she says with a wide smile. "Ooh Loki…thats why the snake! I need to tell tal to find me about him too!" she slurs before she leans over to peek through her doorway…before she lurches to her feet. "She looks pretty….im going to kiiish her! Then maybe both of you too! Because she is veeery worried about getting me cack. She told me…Erasma she told me. Stop being afraid of living." she says before she tries to walk over towards Elin and the room.

"You're Erasma, dahling," Corgan says quietly to the drunk nerd as he leads her over to the couch, "so, yer talkin' 'bout yerself givin' yerself advice," he explains, setting her down on the couch. "No, no. An' y'do look real pretty. But, y'shouldn't kiss Elin. Like her snake, she's got a snake tongue, made of fire an' evil. Jus' ask poor Zach here, forced t'listen t'her complaints day in, day out. The only way t'shut 'er up is t'give 'er somethin' else t'complain 'bout." He nods sadly. "Or somethin' more interestin', like takin' 'er out somewheres. Besides, she's into guys. At least.. Well, I mean, she's not in my darkest fantasies. But, nominally, I think in reality she's into guys," he nods fitfully, like he's got sagelike authority on the subject of Elin's sexuality. Sitting down on the couch, he gestures towards Erasma, "You are pretty enough t'be hit on, I jus' get worried 'bout that when yer drunk, maid. There's no honor in stabbin' a blind man in th'back."

Zach's hand goes up to pull Erasma down onto the couch, "Hey now. Take a seat, don't mess with Elin when she's sleeping. I just got the Dragon to stop interjecting, don't wake the fucker up." his hand still on Erasma's wrist, "And you are, definitely, pretty enough to hit on. But you're drunker than Corgan, and.. well, even Grandpa Zeus would kick my ass if I did what I want to do right now." smirking, and looking over at Corgan, "C'mon then, go curl up next to Corgan, you're into prettyboys, right? Just curl up there, and talk to him, while I play catch up." lifting his beer bottle at her idly… looking back over to the window he'd come in by.

Erasma shakes her head. "He would not…I mean…Ares did Aphrodite…and they are related!" she says with a nod before she leans foward and grins. 'And I dont want you to stab a blind man in anything… just maybe do things." she says as she moves to rope her arm around both of them. Using her full streangth to keep them both next to her. She leans foward towards Zach. "Soo…what do you want to do right now…Teeeel me." she says as she leans foward so far she is practicaly talking into his chest.

He's not exactly uncomfortable; Corgan is reared from a group of gods that are known primarily for drinking and fucking. It's like a whole pantheon of Dionysus. But, he is a little concerned at Erasma's behavior. "Girl, I'm just concerned. There's a .. fine line between, ah.. well. Whatever. I'd fuck the hell out of yah, but I think it's better if y'sleep, because once th'mornin' comes an' yah've gotta get t'yer classes an' shit, you'll be achin' with the clatterin' drums of the dead in yer head," he allows the arm to rope around him and doesn't move it away, just glancing over towards Erasma talking to Zach's chest. His eyes narrow and he gives a slightly confused look towards Zach, sort of a 'what the hell do we do?' kind of look. "Yeah.. I wouldn't mess with Elin while she's sleepin'. She gets pretty wicked whenever she's woken up. Vicious and horrible. Jorge will bite yer ass."

Zach looks at Corgan over Erasma's head, shrugging, leaning down to whisper at her anyway.. "What do I /want/ to do? Drag you out of here, back to my place, leave Corgan and Elin here, and fuck you stupid. You're ridiculously cute, and just nerdy enough to be unobtainable for a meathead like me, which makes you about ten times hotter." shrugging again at Corgan. "But, like he said. You'd absolutely murder me in the morning. Especially since I'm pretty much just buzzed right now, and know exactly how easy it would be to get you to do whatever it was I wanted. So.. yeah.." trailing off, and looking back over at Corgan.

Erasma growls slightly. "Im not Supid…im just intoxicated!" she says cheeruflly before she smiles. "That sounds nice… lets do some of that." she says softly before she begins to flutter her eyes closed a second….and then she wakes up a bit and smiles at Zach. "Well then…yer gonna have teh buy meh dinner first and kiss meh…and do it quickly so we kin do things." she says as she gets up onto her knees on the couch… putting her bottom right in Corgan's face…quite litteraly as she leans over to try to kiss Zach….and then begins to tumble off the couch as the dizzyness of the sudden movment gets to her.

Of course Zach gets all the chicks. Corgan blinks a little and wraps his arms around Erasma's waist, pulling her down and tugging her into his lap, "Hey there. None'a that now." He stands up and tries to pull Erasma with her. Godling strength or not, he's still strong enough to pull a skinny nerd chick up along with him. "Yer drunk, Ras. Lemme take you to bed. You can snuggle with Elin an' wonder at the horror that is Elin while asleep, which is sorta like Cthulhu, that is, unwakeable unless the stars're right." He sighs a little and looks back to Zach. "We should head out soon, let'er get 'er sleep. I know this great club that I found. They'll even let me drink."

Corgan, Lord of irony. Zach had been about to wrap an arm up around Erasma, to keep her from falling, when Corgan pulled her back into hi slap, leaving Zach empty handed, looking up at his buddy, with a faint smile. "Yeah. Let's go get absolutely smashed, and just let today fade away. I'm really not liking today." standing up and straightening, watching Corgan and Erasma head toward the bed full of Satan.. I mean Elin. "Watch the snake. She didn't like it in her ear, remember?" pointing at Jorge, "You be a good snake, or I'm withholding rats. Got it?" looking back over to the window for a moment or two, then over to Erasma again. "Make sure she's on her side, ok? Even we can choke."

Erasma groans as she is lifted but too gone to make too much protest. "But but…dont you want me? OOh her! Did I tell you she was very pretty!" she commetns in a mumble before the girl is set down she pouts. "I want a kiss goodnight. And goodnight penis." she says with a cute petulant voice made cuter by her squeeky hoarse voice. The Computer screen turns to the face of a generic featured man which just rolls its eyes. "Oh heavens….she puts me to all this work and then decideds to become a lush. Well little miss… if you dont shape up or at least get me some upgrades. Next time you do this the webcam will be on and your father will find out about it."

"Here, look. I'm not vaguely related to you, so I'll give you a goodnight kiss," Corgan notes. His voice is comforting, like he's just trying to get the girl to calm down and get some sleep. "No goodnight penis, though. Maybe sometime when yer not so drunk, right?" He presses his lips hard against Erasma's and kisses her, letting it linger for a moment, then pulls away. "Y'needn't drink s'much. An', I'm sorry if we caused y't'drink like y'did t'night, girl," he says softly. "So. Y'get some sleep, an' we'll be outta yer hair, t'let yer roommates think you're a crazy dyke wit' a girl in yer bed." The computer voice finally catches his attention. "What th'hell is that?" He looks up towards the ceiling and frowns deeply, shakes his head and ushers Erasma into bed if she'll allow it. "Zach." He says with a sigh. "Let's go get shit-faced."

Zach is already out the window, apparently having taken off out the window when Corgan was putting her to bed. He had Rudy too, apparently not trusting Corgan to fly with him, drunk.

Erasma kisses back with a small moan before she smiles. "That was nice…real nice." she says with a nod before….the girl drifts off to sleep.

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<OOC> Corgan says, "Actually, spending two and a willpower."
<OOC> Corgan says, "Flight and Vigil Brand."
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After placing Erasma in the bed, Corgan kisses her on the mouth again, then brushes his hand over her eyes to help close them, pulling the bedding up around her and tucking her in. He glances back at Elin and Erasma and shakes his head, brushing a hand back through his hair. "Well, they should be all right." He reaches a hand forward and draws a Celtic knot over Erasma's forehead, touching his necklace with his other hand and concentrating; the knot comes to life and glows bright, and he whispers, "May I always know where you are and how you are, maid. By the blood of the fallen, may you be in my thoughts," his voice speaking the ancient Gaelic of his father. As the boon comes to life, he nods and turns away from the bed, leaping up into the air and jets out the window, moving to catch up with Zach. He flies alongside him and leans close to ruffle Rudy's head. "Hey, man. All right.." As they pass up through the clouds and above the city, Corgan looks down at everything, his eyes growing a bit soft. "I like New York, Zachary."

Zach nods, "I knew you would, Corgie." rising up.. up.. up.. and staring down at the city. "It's a great place." looking back toward Erasma's apartment. "I like that girl way more than I should, she just hit me hard tonight. Keep her away from me." Zach was serious, and he was still holding his beer, downing the rest of it and then chucking it.. hard.. out over the bay, looking back down at the city. "So where's this club? I'm going to grab about a dozen shots, and some mortal chick, to just make this day go away."
"Ah, fuck. I forgot t'get somethin' t'drink before I left," Corgan says with a frown, looking back down at Erasma's apartment. As they hover in the air, he shakes his head, "I'm thinkin'.. It might be a good idea t'bring 'er around a lot more, y'know. Like.. maybe let 'er in on some of our other stuff. She's new t'the city, doesn't have a lot of friends. I think we could really help 'er, be good for 'er. Maybe we could help 'er grow a bit," he reasons, then looks down at the glittering lights of New York, standing in mid-air. "Tell me about th'day. Is it the family what was killed?"

Zach nods faintly, "Yeah, that works too. Keep her around." smirking and shaking his head. "Huh? Yeah. They had this kid, laying there crying - back was obviously broken. I was going as fast as I could, but the fucker.. every time he fucking stepped, or moved? More shit came tumbling down, and the place was on fire. And.. just. I just couldn't do it. And I fucking hate that. This isn't the first time I've seen people die. I guess I just woke up a pussy today." reaching over to clap Corgan on the shoulder, "So. You're going to bring the chick I had a mad crush on around more often, and from the sounds of it, likely invite her into the Band.. where you will proceed to fuck her brains out." grinning widely, "At least I won't have the crush anymore, 'eh?" it wasn't unfriendly, it wasn't even annoyed, Zach was laughing at it. "They never talk about the days like this on the news, you know?" hovering there, arms folding over his chest.

As they speak, a plane begins its final descent towards JFK airport. The bewildered passengers that stare out their windows towards the hovering men get a double thumbs-up from Corgan as they pass by. He looks back to Zach and nods slightly. "Y'didn't wake up a pussy, man. Y'woke up a warrior. A real warrior understands th'pain of war. He understands that what we do, what a warrior does, is fight so that others he sees in peril don't have t'face that sorta thing. We fight because we're strong, an' the weak need protectin'. Because they're weak don't make them any worse off than us, it jus' means we've got an imperative to make sure they're guarded from the enemies of creation. Titanspawn'll fall." He reaches over and grips Zach's shoulder, looking down at the city. "We'll win this war an' all the dead an' th'livin' will sing our praises until the sky falls down an' we're takin' up t'the summer lands t'sleep aside th'fire haired virgins of the Dagda's harem." He squeezes Zach's shoulder and wets his lips. "I don't think I'll be fuckin' Ras any time soon. She's innocent. That'd be wrong."

Zach gives a friendly wave at the plane as it descends, in contrast to Corgan's thumbs down. He just smirks at the man, turning to face him slowly. "You're right. And I know that. I really do. I mean, if I hadn't been there, more people would be dead. He'd already gotten a few cops, and the firefighters were able to get the rest of the people out, but.. man.. Watching that kid. It was just fucking /wrong/. We can't win fast enough. I don't give a fuck about the praise, and the glory, and the women today. Today? I just want it to stop, to be over, to be done. For the world to be able to move on, like its supposed to." lowering slightly, to look at something, then raising back up, "Gonna rain soonish I think." looking back down at the city, toward Greenwich Village. "Yeah. Would be wrong." shaking his head, "I fucking hate crushes, Corgan. Like you wouldn't believe. Let's go get blasted."

If there's anything that any of his Bandmates know about Corgan, it's that he's often prone to severe bouts of seriousness, even while drunk. His expression turns slightly dour and he looks down at the city, floating slightly away from Zach. "Today is jus' another day, Zachary-son-of-Hermes. Y'have th'strength of the gods on yer side. Your arms an' yer fists bear the power of yer father an' his father." Those blue eyes slightly darkened, the black Irish youth looks back to Zach, expression incredibly serious. He speaks clearly, through his accent. "It is your /goal/ to ensure that this never happens again. Should a child be in peril, you will crush stars and bring the night to day to save the child." Taking a slight breath, he looks back down to the city and nods quietly. "Blasted. I know a club. C'mon. We'll get ourselves some mortal girls an' drink like heroes." He looks back to Zach with a smile, "Because that's what we are."

Zach's grim attitude meshes well with Corgan's words, earning Corgan a firm nod, "You're goddamned right. This is /never/ going to happen again. I was playing too conservative. I will stop at /nothing/ to do what I am meant to do, from now on." puffing up a bit, "Because I'm a fucking Hero." gesturing, "Then let's head to the cl—- Let's go back, and get you some pants. then head down to a club." nodding sagely at that one, and starting to rocket away.. Corgan can easily catch up, but Zach's still going pretty fast. "Because, while we'll get them back off in a few hours, you need pants to get into the club."

"Fuckin' A right, man. An' Heroes don't let up. We fight because no one else can. We're the fuckin' sons of the gods. We've got a /destiny/, an' that destiny is to make the World a better place." It doesn't take much for Corgan to catch up to Zach. The kid's preternaturally fast — he was before his Visitation, even — and nods slightly. "I do need some pants," he notes sadly. "I'm stayin' at this halfway house thing, for other godlings. S'weird, I guess, but there's a lot of us in New York City. Kinda makes sense, with all th'weird shit that happens here. Sometimes I wonder if weird shit happens 'round us, or if we're jus' drawn t'it." He leads Zach over towards SoHo, diving down through the cloud cover and hurtling towards the ground.

Zach comes in with Rudy.. landing firmly on the ground - not quite hard enough to crack the pavement. Though, the passersby freak out a little, as two men (one pantsless) land in the middle of a SoHo sidewalk, and chat like it's no big deal. "I think it's a little bit of both. To keep up with that freewill thing. If we do go out, we're drawn to trouble, because.. as you said.. we're meant to deal with it. But, if we're just sitting there? Trouble still finds us. We're like maglights, in a world full of candles. And all those Titanfucks are moths, trying to snuff out the flame." heading to the door, and jerking it open for Corgan. "Let's get you pantsed."

"Oi!" Shouts Corgan at some passersby as he comes down to land lightly on his feet. Well, whatever. People already know about the gods and the Titans due to a newscast. He winks at a girl and turns back towards the door of the old firehouse, heading inside past Zach. Back to his best friend, he says, "That's a good point. No one else's equipped t'deal with this shit. So, we're here, wit' our blades an' our guns an' our fists an' we're set up to deal wit' all of it." Seems like he's sobered up a bit in the journey back to SoHo. He heads inside and quickly finds his bunk and his duffle. He pulls out a pair of cargo pants, shoves his legs into them, strips out of the hoodie and puts on a Dead Kennedys shirt, then heads back in Zach's direction, throwing him the hoodie. "It's not CBGB's, th'club, but it's still cool. Met this chick there with legs s'long yah'd think she was the promised land. An'," he sighs, "they didn't card me. The booze, m'friend, it flowed like water."

Zach reaches out to catch his hoodie, tugging it back on, and nodding as he stuffed his hands into the pockets, walking out the door and back to the sidewalk. "Walk or fly?" smiling a bit, and shaking his head at Corgan, "Man, you and chicks. I really wish I was Tuatha' born. The Greeks love to fuck, but.. hey.. you guys make an artform out of it. And we've got that pesky consequences thing always happening when we screw around. Grandpa especially." wetting his lips and looking up to the sky. "I'm glad you found a club, though. Fucking twenty one to drink. It's ridiculous. I've seen you stab a goddamned Chimera, to protect someone. You've earned your right to drink."

"Naw, naw. The Tuatha De believe in the fundamental elements of life. That's t'drink, t'fuck, t'understand that this day may be your last. Y'drink like yer never gonna see another glass again. Y'fight like this battle's gonna be the end of you. Y'dance like the girl yer with is your betrothed, an' y'fuck like the next day is yer dyin' day an' you'll never get th'chance t'touch another girl again." He nods a bit. "If y'live yer life otherwise, yer livin' it wrong." Out of the firehouse, he starts ambling down the street, "It's not far, sorta on the north end'a SoHo, near the edge of the Village, so we'll jus' walk. 'Sides, th'night's nice t'night. Anyway, yeah. Explain that t'the government. 'My friend cut off th'head of a dragon/gryphon/ram hybrid t'save a woman in distress. Y'should lower th'drinkin' age fer 'im." He pauses, then notes, "Maybe wit' all the publicity lately.."

Zach nods, "Sounds great. I just can't live like that. The consequences get to me, the weigh me down, and that's the last thing I need. You're already faster than me." ambling along next to the man with a faint smile. "Hey, with all this publicity, who knows what's going to happen. I remember when I first hit my stride with this Heroic stuff.. I thought - hey, why don't we go tell everyone, then the Titanspawn would have to fight on an open battleground! But.. then I realized it'd be like.. people would realize they had these super powered, god like figures running around, and we'd either get dumbshit fanclubs, or the Titanspawn would know exactly who we were, where we were at all times, our weaknesses.. we'd get Reality T.V. shows.. it'd end up hurting us in the end. It's a slippery slope from here, so we need to be careful."

Corgan nods a bit as they walk along, "I was wonderin' 'bout that m'self. These news 'copters were flyin' 'round us whenever we finished off the Titanspawn, an' what did my dumb ass do? I waved at th'fuckers. So.. Stupid mistake. But! Yer right. We needta make sure that we're not right out in th'open so that the 'spawn can learn our weaknesses. Y'know how mortals are with hero worship. Think of how it'd be with /real/ heroes." He clucks his tongue and reaches into his pocket for his cigarettes, pulling out the pack. One is greedily taken to his lips. It's probably been a while since he's had one. He lights it up and looks back up at the taller, more statuesque man. "Sorta like how we were in Bawhston. We usedta keep a low profile. Sure, we'd fight shit, but we'd make sure that nobody'd know 'bout what we did an' all."

Zach nods, "Exactly. There were cops all over, and my dumb ass.. full of piss and vinegar.. goes leaping into the flames, showing off how I could fly, yeah I was trying to do some good.. but, it cost me time.. showing off. Getting seen." shaking his head, "Never again. I'm going back to being as far from the spotlight as I can be. You can have it, if you want. I'll even let you take credit for all the shit I do." grinning faintly, and reaching up to scratch his cheek lightly. "Or we can pawn it off on someone else. Whatever. I'm just not wasting my time flaunting, and showing. I'm going to help people, every damn day." his fingers coming down to tap on his leg idly as they walked. "Damn I'm a Debbie fucking Downer today."

Corgan laughs and shakes his head, reaching over and clapping Zach on the shoulder as the come towards the club. For the two scions, walking a few blocks is like nothing, especially with how fast they are and their normal walking speed (which is similar to a regular mortal's jog, no less). "Yer gonna help people, an' people are gonna notice. It's why they still tell stories 'bout Zeus an' Hermes in high school an' teach old 'mythology,'" he makes the quotes in the air. "So," he winks at the bouncer and bypasses the line with Zach, heading into the club. "Don't worry 'bout that. Y'were excited 'bout doin' yer duty. Nothin' wrong in that."

Zach grins as he's clapped on the back, ducking into the club with a shake of his head, "Yeah, yeah. I know. But I can try. Tonight, at least, I want to do good for the good I'll do. If that makes any fucking sense. I'll be back to normal tomorrow, or a couple of days, or whatever." shrugging and continuing into the club, heading /directly/ for the bar. "And don't make light of it. I learned a lesson. Ass kicking first, flaunting your cosmically awesome power second. It's not a bad thing to admit it when you make a mistake." nudging Corgan a bit, "What do you want to drink? I'll buy tonight."
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Looking up towards the band on stage, Corgan purses his lips as he heads towards the bar, "Whiskey sour," he says, then clears his throat. "That guitarist's murderin' th'song. I'll be right back." He heads past a group of people, picks up a shot in front of one of the guys, downs it, slams it down and throws down a ten dollar bill on the table to pay for another round, weaving through the crowd and jumping up on the stage. He snatches the guitar out of the guy's hand and places his hand over the strings to silence them. He begins to play a song by Flogging Molly, despite the fact that not all the instruments are available. Playing the guitar, he begins singing into the microphone, "Her breath began to speak, as she stood right in front of me - the colour of her eyes were the colour of insanity - crushed beneath her wave, like a ship, I could not reach her shore. We're all just dancers on the devil's dance floor." The crowd, first bewildered, begins jumping up and down at the performance in front of the stage at the sheer charisma of Corgan.

Zach blinks as Corgan moves away, sinking down into his seat to watch the man with a smirk, shaking his head. "And he wonders why I never get laid." muttered under his breath, as he purchased a beer for himself, and started to knock it back. His arm moves up so that his elbow rests on the bar, tilted just enough to watch Corgan, and stay in the background.

"Well! Swing a little more, a little more o'er the merry'o! Swing a little more, little more next to me! Swing a little more, a little more o'er the merry'o! Swing a little more on the devil's dance floor!" The crowd surges and begins to start a pit beneath the stage, as the rest of the band begins to make up for the lack of traditional Irish instruments with their own pieces. Corgan grins a little as he sings, "Pressed against her face, I could feel her insecurity — her mudder'd been a drunk, and her fadder was obscurity. Nothin' ever came from a life that was a simple one, so pull yourself together girl and have a little fun. Well, she took me by the hand, I could see she was a fiery one — her legs ran all the way up to heaven and past Avalon, tell me somethin' girl, what it is you have in store? She said come with me now — on the devil's dance floor." Like he's singing to his new band-mate, despite her absence. He continues to keep the crowd going throughout the rest of the set, then fades back to Zach to collect his drink amidst the people that flood around him to talk.

Erasma has joined Bad Religion.

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