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Scene Title Back To Olympus
Synopsis Jason heads to Olympus to make an ultimatum to the Dodekatheon

Mount Olympus, clone to Mount Orthys which Jason more recently visited. He's dressed up for the occasional, the golden fleece hangs heavy around his shoulders brilliantly catching the light while beneath it tucked around his person are his various relics and weapons. He cuts a formidable looking figure, strengthened by his time and experiences in Terra and his frame and form have almost shed the last lingering vestiges of humanity. He knows the way here, but the way up those slopes is never easy, Terra forever looms close and the defenses of the Mountain are formidable. Still, perhaps he is expected. If not it looks like he gets to climb.

Wooosh. The winds become stronger as he continues making his way up. The winds are what's so difficult really. They start to strengthen. Why are the winds becoming stronger. It's hard to keep a grip, and he just might fall…

Jason digs his hands into the stones of the mountain, trying to find adequate purchase and simply not managing it in the face of those winds. His right hand slips free having to quickly clutch again for the stone, a series of pebbles tumbling down to the ground below as he dangles for a moment by one hand. A fiery resolve burns in his gaze for a moment, that determination quickly shifting into real flames and it ripples outwards from his gaze until suddenly there is not a man on the mountain but a fire burning white hot and brilliant. Stone crackles beneath it, shattering from heat as a line of fire begins to race it's way up the surface of Olympus once more, roaring all the brighter for the winds which feed it.

Jason is hot. This is something everyone has always known, but it seems that the flames of his body continue to flicker, getting stronger as the winds around him get stronger. There's something here, something looking at him. He can feel the piercing gaze of the creature, but he can't see it. Is it illusioned?

Hot hot hot. The fire brilliantly burning on the side of the mountain pauses for a moment, blistering the air and stone around it and finally it speaks in tones of roaring fire, voice a heated crackle, "I know you are there. I can feel you watching. Do you intend to aid or inhibit my progress, or are you simply curious who has come to scale Olympus and reach it's peak this day?"

"You are tainted by the Titans. Yet your ichor is still that of the Dodekatheon. Something is creeping inside you, growing, pulsing.."

Don't you just love disembodied voices? This is one of those, strong and low, a rumble like thunder rolling in the clouds.

The fire that is now Jason laughs so much as fire can, a flickering of brilliant flames scintillating with light to the accompaniment of crackling pops. The Scion of Aphrodite answers, "However can you tell the difference between the two. Blood is blood, and I know the source of mine. You have not answered me, voice. What is your intent?"

The winds start to blow once more. This time, they aren't directed at him, as clouds are gathering. There's another rumble of thunder and there's even a bit of lightning. Someone seems to like to make dramatic entrances. It's quite apropos for Mount Olympus afterall.

Features are soon developing in the clouds. It's a rather handsome man in his fourties, or at least that's what the clouds are looking like at any rate. If anything, the man that is forming looks like.. well, Charleton Heston. Odd, I know. But still, there's a hearty laugh as the voice is no longer disembodied.

"You have balls. I like that. Even though I can crush you easily, you still act defiant. That is good."

"The meek never reach Olympus" Jason says in that continued flickering fiery voice as he resumes upward motion, because really, why not. "Nor do they deserve a place atop it. Whoever you are, you must know that. Speaking of which, who are you? While you shape the clouds well, it's still damned hard to recognize someone in them."

"I'll answer only if you tell me why you are trying to reach Olympus. You are tainted by the Titans. They will be able to notice." the man says rather firmly and resolutely as he lets out a soft chuckle of amusement as he peers towards Jason a bit more, studying the 'little man'

"Do you think so?" Jason asks not backing down an inch on the point, "I don't. For all the talk I've learned to see through the bullshit and lies. If you truly deserve a place on Olympus at all, you have been tainted by the Titans. Spawned of their blood. Born of patricide and betrayal. Born of treason. Every child of Olympus bears the taint of their parents crimes." He continues to make his way up the very huge mountain, crackling and sputtering and cracking stone in his wake, "What is my little bit of taint in such surroundings? I do not serve the Titans. I saved Olympus once before from the damage nearly inflicted by the collapse of my mothers home. I saved Eris from sheer mortality, at least partly. My mother may no longer dwell within those halls but I go to Olympus because I choose to. I go there to deliver my fallen sister to the confining walls of Tartarus. I go there to answer accusations of my taint. I go there to demand the place that is mine by blood and deed as a God of Olympus. So will you try to stop me, voice?"

"You have balls. Big ones I imagine."

The cloud man himself is very deadpan as he ahhhs and nods. "You assume much to think that I cannot destroy you right then and hear. I was before your mother's time. I have felt their betrayal and my winds would ruin all those that would wish to climb up the mount to fulfill their parents' wishes. But you,you bring something new. You wish to change the establishment. You wish for dynamism. That I can appreciate." he says with a sage nod.

"And if you truly want to know who I am. I don't have what you've got." Oooh, riddle time!

"Uranus" Jason says in answer as he continues to move up the mountain, flickering his away along still. "I did not know you lived still, after what was done to you. When many speak of you it is in the past tense, one dead and gone. If Gaea spoke true, I should perhaps be calling you Grandfather instead, in a sense. Did she speak true?"

"Ouranos." he correct as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath while peering towards the little man once more. "But to the mortals I do not know if they differentiate much." he says with his lips pursed for a few moments. "And what do you mean by what Gaia said?" Is he playing innocent? Who knows.

"Gaia claimed you the reason for my mothers betrayal of Olympus" Jason says, not bothering to conceal that bit of information as he continues to make his way upwards. "That she found out Zeus was not truly her father and never had been, that all her efforts and loyalty to Olympus over the years was built upon a lie and for that lie.. she sought her righteous vengeance. Was Aphrodite truly the last of your children?"

There's a soft sigh. Even though it's soft, the wind that escapes from his lips blows Jason's hair out of place, unless he has some awesome appearance knack to keep it in place. Girls would so get that knack.

"She was the last of my children. That is correct, yes. So technically you are my grandchild, and that is one of the reasons you have not been destroyed. What is your true intention in climbing Olympus. THe other Avatars are attacking and going this way will only get you involved in the fray. Unless that is your intention."
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Jason is currently a roaring flame and has no hair! His flames get blown in place. Whoosh whoosh. "Grandfather. You should be able to guess at that. Those who are purely the Olympians are trapped by fate, I told no untruths there. A cycle of patricide, repeating, for all they might struggle against them the weight of their blood grips them. Traps them. As they are they have no choice but to repeat the Titanomachy, again and again and again." He pauses once more upon the side of the mountain, "But their blood is not mine. Grandfather. I am of your blood, not that of Cronus. I can do the things they are incapable of. I can break the chains they cannot. My true intention is to climb Olympus, to claim my Godhood, to use it for the good of my family. All my family."

"You would have us be at peace with the Dodekatheon? That is hardly possible. Not with me. I am not even the dominant avatar." he says matter of factly, blinking for a few moments. It's really odd seeing a man made of clouds blink. It's puffy nimbuses waggling about. It's just odd. And wrong.

"At best you would be able to seek peace with Terra by becoming a consort of Gaia. But even then, you'd have to deal with the agendas of Coatlicue, Gran Bois, Kamimusuhi and Jord." he says as a warning. "The war has been going on longer than you can imagine. All this has happened before and it will all happen again. If you claim godhood at Olympus and dethrone Zeus, be wary of your own spawn. We are tied to fate in that regard. You will be as well when you reach your apotheosis."

"Peace might be difficult" Jason allows as that fiery gaze looks over to the face of clouds, can a fire look disconcerted at wiggling clouds? Maybe! "But you do not have to be at open war. There are positions between those two extremes that can be a lot more.. comfortable.. than either. You may not be the dominant avatar, but think about that. Consider it." Up and up he goes, "You think I wish to dethrone Zeus? I am not at all sure I could, he is fated to be overthrown by one of his own sons is he not? Not his cousin."

"Peace is not always the answer either." he says firmly and resolutely, pursing his lips once more as he lets out a soft chuckle under his breath. "A child of Aphrodite does not think he can dethrone Zeus. You were just talking earlier about how you would like to break the cycle of fate and start a new. You confuse me so, little one." Ouranos says with a hearty laugh, chuckling at the same time, his bellows stirring up the winds and lightning and thunder once more.

"Dethroning Zeus is not breaking the cycle of fate" Jason points out with a tsk to his voice, "You yourself said as much. Why confuse yourself over a possibility that would have made no sense to believe in the first place? No.. Zeus will be dethroned in due time by one of his children, and that child in time will be dethroned by one of his. But Zeus does not need to lose his throne for Olympus to change, his throne rather needs to become part of a new order."

"And what would your new world order be? Olympus is stagnating. Things are how they have been for millenia. Why do you think one of your sisters became the incarnation of ennui. It is a sign of the times. Olympus is in stasis. There needs to be change." Ouranos says firmly and resolutely.

Once more Jason pauses upon the side of the mountain and says towards his grandfather, "And that is why overthrowing Zeus would not be enough. Stagnation. In attempting to do the new it would simply be repeating the old. What would my new world order be? Coming off the damned mountain. Look at Olympus up there, a proud world unto itself, impossible to reach, convinced of it's own glory, hiding it's old skeletons and trapped in a place of it's own making. Zeus may be ruler of Olympus, but the Olympians themselves must come down off that mountain. Our blood cries out for excellence and yet what challenge is there to be had sitting atop those peaks indulging in the same plots and schemes and gossip that have gripped us for a thousand years. Countless other pantheons struggle, struggling to survive in their own traps and lairs and forgotten memories. We shall become their heroes. We shall save them. Mortals lack anything to truly believe in, they shall have their gods again guiding them and inspiring them. And our enemies? Fear for our enemies and do not count yourself among their number for no more must the Olympians be on the defense. Those who would bring war to us will find it raged upon them, remember why the rage of the Dodekatheon was once such a thing to be feared. Let Zeus keep his throne, let Zeus keep Olympus, we shall have the world."

"You want the world?!?"

Another hearty boom of the Titan's voice can be heard. There's mighty bellows of amusement escaping from his lips to where even those on top of Olympus can hear him. He snickers, wiping what seems to be raindrops, or rather tears from his cloudy features.

"Oh goodness me. You sound like a Titan instead of a god. You want the world, take it. There is nothing stopping you." and he starts to fade once more. "I will be watching you closely, Jason Xanthis. Claim your place amongst the gods if you can."

Jason bothers with no parting response to the vanishing grandfather. He's said his piece and he seems content to stick by it. Once the wind and the raindrops and the general overwhelming presence of a sky titan are done he is once more roaring up the side of the mountain at an inhuman pace. A blur of flames that does not need to grapple for every hand or foothold, a brilliant burst of color and energy scorching it's way along. Up. Up. Up. All the way to the top.

Up, up, up he goes into the midst of chaos! There's clearly attacks going on, but it seems the gods themselves, and even their children are busy. The 'other' Jason stands at the forefront with his 'band' of do-gooders. They're fighting off Stymphalian birds, struggling against the mighty beasts as they rain down doom in the form of razor sharp feathres that slice through demigod flesh.

Up the slopes of Olympus the fiery figure goes, racing flames sucking the air around him and at least he reaches the top. The fire goes up and over, racing a madly zig zag path along the ground as it grows closer to those stalwart defenders of Olympus and the attacking birds. Motion is hard to detect in the flames, but motion there is, a shifting flickering motion that precedes two flaming projectiles quickly escaping, aimed at the backs of two engaged birds. Hoping to catch them by surprise while the Olympians hold them forward. The fire does not stop however, zooming a bit further before suddenly seeming to make an about face and flicker brilliantly. Engagingly. Powerfully calling to all that see it that this is the new center of the battlefield.

Jason had just crested the summit of Olympus, still within the fiery form that he had used to make such quick progress up along it's side. Joshua and his intrepid little band are battling off an attack, giant scary birds sweeping down upon them and the skies generally a mess of conflict. There is a pause for just a moment at the sight of the battle and the Scion of Aphrodite says into the air, "Grandfather. You said you'd be keeping an eye and ear on things. If you'd like to see a little chaos, perhaps you could let Gaia know what is going on her and let her know I wonder if the griffons could come lend a hand to fend off this attack. Gaia saving Olympus is just the sort of thing she needs to spread a little chaos, and it would be just a little more glory taking from Zeus's son." Not that Jason waits for it exactly, flames flicker forward in a zig zag form along the battlefield. One fiery shot fired, then another, attacks of opportunity against those birds that have their attention focused elsewhere.

No one responds to Jason. Whether or not his request will be heeded is up in the air, no pun intended. Still, fiery bullets shoot from the muzzle of Jason's gun, going far up in the air. Suddenly, there's a loud screech. Stymphalian birds are large. They're the size of commercial jets really and when one of the shots hit, and not just one, but two, the creature lets out a screech of pain and stares down looking for the source. It's hard to find the source considering just how many fighters there are, and so for now, Jason is safe from the wrath of the birds of prey.

Still, he is noticed by someone else. Jason Xanatos. He's strong, powerful and muscley. He's a Greek Haldor for the most part as he starts to rush towards his rival of sorts, and of course the presence of the golden fleece makes him grit his teeth. "What are you doing here, traitor?!?" he yells, holding up a giant warhammer as he stares towards the child of Aphrodite.

Joshua has good eyes really, given Jason is still in his fiery form. Features a blur of white hot flames and flickering images. Zig zag, zig zag. He really does not want any bird finding him before ready. When -JOSHUA- calls out to him he zooms over in that direction, "I came to visit my family, failure, and found them under attack by the time I made it up Olympus. If they've felt the need to pull even you out to fend to their defenses things are in worse shape than I thought. So do you actually have any sort of plan or you do just intend to swing that thing around and hope you hit something?"

Jason is keeping his eyes alert to the battlefield, waiting and watching for one Stymphalian bird to turn and fly towards the mountains surface. Tick. Tock. As it swoops in guns again come up and this time shots go out for both eyes, fiery explosive rounds intended to blind the bird and send it crashing into the mountains side.

"I'm hardly a failure. I'm not the one who succumbed to Gaia's wiles nor Terra's. You reek of Terra's stink." he replies rather accusatory as his muscles flex in his annoyance. He glares towards his Titan corrupted counterpart and proclaims proudly. "I am a defender of Olympus. A champion of Nike herself. She will bring me victory this day." he says loud and proud. He looks up towards the various Stymphalian birds and it seems he got an upgrade.

There's a quiver slung over his back. Inside, various lightning bolts, probably made for his father shines brightly. He reaches for one and throws it at one of the birds with his mighty fury. Fate itself twists and guides his hand, striking the bird head on before it starts crashing towards Olympus itself. While the one of the birds is defeated, it's heading straight towards them. That's like a 747 going to crash on you. Jason and Joshua….

"Borrowed weapons. Stolen kills. You're an empty shell Xanatos, a symptom of the malaise that has fallen upon our home." Jason says in clear disgust as his fires continue to roar. Eyes flicker elsewhere on the battlefield out of the line of descent of the crashing bird and suddenly a bonfire bursts into being there. "Still, it is not entirely your fault, failure. You've had a poor upbringing and entirely the wrong sort of role models. Still, I won't let you die today. However little it might be, at least you are trying your best." He steps forward, using his own flaming body as a portal to the fire created elsewhere. Traveling between the flames, transporting himself and Joshua out of the crash zone.

The battlefield itself is the entire top of the mountain. It's not a sharp mointy peak like one might expect, but instead it's more like a flat plateau, with the parthenon-esque palace in the middle. There's plenty of room totravel about and soon, the flames rise up on the other side of the palace, saving both Jason and Joshua from being impaled by crispy fried Stymphalian bird.

Upon his arriva though, Xanatos is not happy. "Get your hands off me. You are te weak one, not able to bring down one of those creatures in one blow." It seems he's been stealing kills all day, building up his own glory and legend while kissing ass to tht Dodekatheon in hopes of being uplifted to godhood himself.

Jason is getting good at being dismissive to his rival/heroic counterpart, a laugh greeting those words. "You're welcome Joshua. You know we've already had the fight for who was the better Jason and you took second place. Just be the best Joshua you can be, and don't think too hard about things you'll never be. For now, hold the line, I'm headed inside. If this attack were serious the big names would be out for the fun. If you get overwhelmed don't be afraid to call in the troops with some skill." With that the fiery figure slips away from his rival, moving to enter the palace itself.

Once inside, the sounds and rage of the battle outside can no longer be heard. It's Zeus' palace, and it seems all the gods are gathered. They are concerned about the attack itself as there can be heard lots of arguing.

"Never have they done anything like this before." cries out Ares in his full armor. He's rather the handsome and muscular figure whom no doubt would cause many women to swoon over.

"There are more attacks and they will be coming from all sides. I have already brought as many of my own Scions as I could, but there are losses. Terrible losses." And that's Hermes, his handsome and youthful features looking marred from the loss of his children.

"Well we must press on." There's a fist on the table as it's Zeus in his royal majesty. It's then that he looks up towards Jason, his brows furrowed. In fact all the gods and goddesses gathered looks towards him. It's surreal really as they're surrounding the table. Like an Olympian Last Supper.

Jason does stroll through those front doors, a mass of solid fiery burning brilliantly white. His footsteps leave scorch marks upon the stone, the heat of his form causes the air to shimmer around him. Striding forward those flames flicker away to reveal the man beneath, Jason returning to his rather more physical form. Still he seems to glow in a way, the golden fleece catching the light and creating almost a golden nimbus of light around the Scion. Beneath the fleece spider silk and nemean leather are at play, the guns holstered at either hip by this time so often used and so familiar that they seem natural extensions to the man.

Long strides carry him to the table, his gaze looking around those others gathered with tremendous presence. He may have only gotten a smattering of his mothers looks, but potent levels of her charm and her ability to manipulate people swirl about him giving him a presence well beyond his normal stature. "I came to deliver a Titan Avatar for confinement in Tartarus, and I find Olympus under siege when I arrive with Xanatos out there in over his head and his band looking rather ragged. I've more resources than you probably know, and contacts you probably question. Both might be of aid here."

Ares sniffs a little. He is rather perceptive fora war god,having to find snipers and ambushes and the likes. He sniffs at the air and then his eyes go all squinty as he peers towards Jason. "You reek of Terra." he says firmly and resolutely.

There's a gasp from the rest of those at the table, but at least Zeus raises his hands to calm the others down. He is a genial man as he stands proudly next to his wife he looks towards Jason. "He would not have come here of his own accord, risking his very existence if he were a spy for Gaia." he says firmly and resolutely. "Add that he came to bring a Titan Avatar for confinement is another plus on his side." he says firmly and resolutely, as if that ends the discussion of the loyalty right then and there.

"Tartarus is demolished. It was the original prison of the Titans, as you may know, and they have escaped. If the Avatar you contained is to be remained contained, then you must find a New Tartarus that will be impregnable."

Jason gives Zeus a speculative sort of look, of all the potential allies he'd expected to find at this table it was not in that direction. Not after the shame he caused his child. Still, perhaps one does not remain the ruler of Olympus for so very long without having some savvy on how to read a situation. Leaning forward onto the table Jason stares intently at Ares and offers up, "And you should be outside where they need you. However important the formation of strategy, is it any wonder we suffer on the field when our God of War is not on it? Xanatos is strong, but he's no leader of men. They need you."

Jason shifts his gaze around the rest of the table, settling his gaze upon each person one after the other, "But I do reek of Terra. That much is true. Captured and held there for some time, father to many of it's latest children." There is no effort to hide those particular truths, words spilling out as finally that hard gaze comes to center on Zeus, "I can find a New Tartarus. I even have the resources and contacts to win this day. Will you hear my plan, and hear what is needed to make it work?"

"My daughter, she is out there. She rides the Stymphalian birds. She leads the attack. She believes that Olympus has stagnated and that there needs to be change. I cannot bring myself to harm her." Ares is ashamed. He is a softie on the inside afterall, especially when it comes to daddy's little girl. "She's the only child I have that is a girl, I.. I cannot." he says, looking down in shame.

There's a soft pat on his shoulder from Hera, seeming to understand the situation as her lips remain pursed, just remaining quiet for now, offering motherly support as needed to the rest of the Olympian mafia.

Zeus meanwhile coughs as he looks back towards Jason the entire time. "We know. Gaia has sent an emissary telling us of two other children of the gods who now owe her favors. I believe a son of Thor and a daughter of Amaterasu who required her ichor to save Yggdrasil. It seems she is trying to get favors from the next generation, all in abet to get her monstrosities accepted amongst our kind." he says with another slam of his fist on the table, shaking it once more. Hehrmms, still staring at Jason the entire time. "Speak."

Jason looks towards Ares. Listening. Thinking. Processing all this together before he presents his plan. Hera owes him a favor already. Can he get Ares on his side in this debate as well? Plans plans plans, and the Scion of Aphrodite is not brilliant but again that manipulation inherent in his blood boils in turns. "Then we save her" he states, those words directed towards Ares, "She must be turned from her side by being given what she most wants. Many of the children of Olympus feel this stagnation, myself included. You need them to fight the Titans, but you do not need them /here/ waiting to overthrow you as our family has a history of doing." Back then his look goes to Zeus, "Olympus shall grant me my Divinity, I already control those lands once owned by my mother and they shall be expanded upon as the site of New Tartarus. I'll build a new place to imprison those enemies too dangerous to remain free, there will be a new home for those disenchanted Olypians to form a new society without losing contact with their home, or bringing rebellion to these halls. Gaia's children will be welcome there, provided they prove good citizens and do their part in defending it from harm."

Jason once more lets his gaze look around, "A daughter saved. An enemy turned towards more neutral pursuits. Future rebellions averted. I can quickly bring three goddess of protection and healing into this fray that owe me their loyalty, between them they can do much to save those Scions still on the field or whom have been injured. They can bring with them my personal forces, small but of varied abilities, one time prisoners upon the drowned road. And of course, if Gaia knows a future home for her children is on the line she will likely bring her forces into the fray to hit the enemy from the rear, sparing Olympus further harm. What say you?"

There's shocked murmurings amongst the crowd. Jason,you are officially a Judas at this Last SUpper. The other gods and goddesses stare at him for a few moments with shock and a bit of admiration at just how ballsy he is.

"You're demanding your godhood to sit with us? And in the end you say that Aphrodite's realm be turned into the New Tartarus. Impossible." Zeus says, the sound of thunder in the distance being heard as he bellows back towards the gutsy demigod. "Her realm is a part of Olympus. I will not be housing the Titans in Olympus, as a subrealm or not. Find an abadoned godrealm or create your own. I do not care, but find us a New Tartarus that will be suitable to bring the Titans there. These are powerful forces, amongst the most powerful in all of existence. So find something and we will grant you your godhood." he says firmly and resolutely.

So Zeus says, so his will be done. A crack of lightning can be seen and thunder booms in the palace. Zeus has officially made up his mind.

Jason is an excellent actor, his expression one of perfect calm and composure even throughout the shocked murmuring and the staring that results. The sheer legend around him is almost a palpable force, of course he is shaken by it, he must be, but that does not mean he needs to show it. Instead Jason is totally wrapped around the fire within, the passion of his position and that internal emotional flame makes his eyes a brilliant gleam.

Even as Zeus is being a dick, Jason is being smooth about it. There are powerful people watching. "A suitable place will be found, a place /separate/ and /distinct/ from Olympus. The agreement is made. Ares, I will go have a word with your daughter and see if this does not change her mind. If I succeed in changing her mind I will send word so that you might join our forces on the field." With that he turns, moving from the table and towards the exit once again. They like to talk, and he's got shit to do.

Providing he is not smited with lightning bolts that is just what he does, walking back outside. Along the way the Vanir goddess trio is given a call, Aphrodite's realm retains it's connection to Olympus and so they and Jason's slaves should be able to make quick transit here. From within a pocket of his coat he pulls out the shimmer ball of water he picked up in Terra, gateway to those realms. Into it he sends his voice. Detailing his plans for New Tartarus. Zeus's agreement. The offer for Gaia's children extended. Whether or not Gaia responds it's now in her hands. Housekeeping done in calling up the allies and potential ally, it's off to find the daughter of war.

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