Back At The Suite


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Scene Title Back at the Suite
Synopsis Harpies! (Combat Tutorial for Haldor)

Maia's Big Ass Suite in Manhattan

The pair are still in her car and it's a rather quick drive up to the Upper East Side where her suite is. She parks in one of the high rise apartments and sighs as she starts heading out of her car, yawning and stretching her arms into the air while looking towards him. " you normally have a place to crash or do you want to start bringing stuff here? I mean..I have six empty bedrooms..I think my mom might've overdone pulling the strings.." she admits ruefully.

It takes Maia a few moments to notice the expression on Haldor's face, in part because he's busy looking in every direction but at her, but once she can see it it's pretty unmistakeable. Awe. Sheer, unadulterated /AWE/ is plastered across the Viking's face. Several moments pass before Haldor jerks, as if jabbed in the rear end by a cattle prod. He looks toward Maia and blinks.

"Come again?"

"Do you have a place to stay or do you want to take one of the rooms?" she asks curiously, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath as she starts motioning for him to follow along in the parking garage.

"The elevator is over there.." she chirps brightly, beaming the entire time.

"Uh. Well, I do have a place out in the Bronx… But, uh…"

Haldor trails off, rubbing the back of his neck again. There's a good chance he's staring off into comparatively opulent Upper East Side space. For a few moments Haldor doesn't speak. Again he seems almost to jerk out of his reverie, in mid-step this time no less, and looks at Maia as he hits the button for the elevator.

"I guess I could move in… For, y'know, for the time being. Until the Titanspawn shits get tired of trying to stab me in places they really shouldn't be trying to stab me in."

"I'd like you to stay. I think we'd be safe..together.." she admits ruefully, her cheeks burning a bright tinge of red as she starts glancing around shiftily, her nose wrinkling before she lets out an impish giggle.

"Besides, you're tough, I'm sure you can handle any so much..I deal with ghosts, that's about it.." she says while waiting for the elevator to come on down. And then to the back, there's a certain stench in the air, once that should be familiar to the young Japanese woman as she starts gagging just a bit.



Haldor says the word as if testing it out. He's really not accustomed to this sort of thing in the least and really doesn't have the education for it either. On the other hand, he is apparently some kind of Viking War Scion Badass… So far.

"Aren't harpy eagles big ass birds? Why would they be in a parking garage? And what's the stink?"

At least he's getting the idea that 'harpies' and the stink in the air and Maia's gagging are all related. Both of his hands are already moving toward the pockets of his hoody, no doubt intending to grab his drumsticks. Of DEATH.

Maia scans the area and there enough is a harpy coming out with vicious teeth, razor sharp claws and well, the disgusting smell of..harpy. She reaches into her purse and swallows a little as she pulls out a few of her prayer strips once more and mutters something softly under her breath. "Mother, share your divine protection!" and soon, more pieces of paper come up out of her purse until it forms a solid shield which she hands to Haldor. "You're the upclose and personal type of this.." And she's given him a large, origami, paper shield. What the hell will this do?

Haldor eyes the harpy as it rises from its hiding place, both hands emerging from his pockets. Rather impossibly he is drawing a pair of long swords from within his pockets without having carved open his hoody. And then a paper shield is shoved into his not quite open arms.

The Viking blinks a few times and studies the shield before shrugging. He arranges it over his right forearm, bringing his swords together. They meld together into a mid-sized war hammer as he starts charging across the parking garage.


Haldor starts to scream as he charges the flying creature, starting to make small hops as he moves. The hopping quickly turns to leaping as he bounds from car to car with as much speed as he can retain. As he hurtles through the air toward the harpy, Haldor rears back with his hammer, swinging and screaming at the same time.


The harpy is struck by the rather large hammer. The force of the hit sends her flying until she crashed into one of the pillars with a sickening crunch which sets off the nearby car alarms. It starts to get up and snarls, coughing up a little blood. "Mmm, you'll make a delicious mate!" she screeches as she starts flying and lunging towards Haldor.

The Harpy's impact with the pillar is tremendous. It rattles the ceiling and the floor in addition to setting off nearby car alarms. Haldor's impact comes a moment later, his boots crashing into the ground with tremendous force that has him skipping and skidding across the concrete flooring.

As the harpy lunges toward him, Haldor spins his still slowing body to the side, ducking behind the paper shield. The spin, of course, sends him flying clear of the harpy, her claws neatly missing the center mass of the shield as Haldor sails away. When the Viking comes to a stop, he has his hammer behind him, the shaft and weight melting and flowing into a short sword's blade.

Haldor surges forward, launching into the air and whirling his sword in hand for a downward blow. His plan? Pike the harpy with a sword.

"Sorry, lady. Sword aside, I'm just not that into you."

And the sword is impaled through the harpy, her eyes widening as she does her death spasms.

From the distance over at the elevator, Maia just watches incredibly awed by the whole thing. "Wow.." she whispers softly, her jaw open as she runs her fingers through her hair. She covers her nose as she starts rushing towards Haldor as she tries to motion him on over to where she is.

"So..what is your type?" she asks with a wink, still covering her nose and lips with her hand to not throw up from the smell of harpy.

Haldor rides the harpy's corpse to the parking garage floor. Both bodies hit the ground with a second thunderous impact, the Titanspawn's bones cracking and snapping under the weight of Haldor's body pressing it down into the concrete. When he's sure it's dead, Haldor jerks his sword upward.

Somewhere between the initial jerk and when the blade is withdrawn from the ichor and meat, the sword has shifted into something not unlike a katana. Haldor inspects the blade for a moment, watching Maia rush over in the reflection before he twists to the side and flicks his wrist. Blood and assorted other… Unpleasantness flies from the blade and splatters against a white Escalade's side before he twists the katana around as if to sheathe it like a samurai.

Apparently Haldor has no clue about other mythologies, but he has seen a lot of Kurasawa films. The blade splits apart into his drumsticks, which he promptly shoves into his pockets as he looks at Maia over the shield.

"Not a force of super-powered evil?"

"Good answer.."

Maia lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as she grins wryly and shakes her head a bit. She runs her fingers through her hair as she looks towards the paper origami shield and it soon becomes just regular pieces of paper with different markings on it which she shoves into her purse.

At the blood and gore, she ewws a bit under her breath and starts heading back towards the elevator. "I'm glad I found you before the others did..I'd hate to think of what firepower they would have if they got to you first.." she says with a bright smile while motioning for him to follow. "So um..I know my other friends get hungry after they slay Titanspawn..want me to order some food?" she asks.

Once he's relieved of the paper shield, Haldor rights his drum sticks in his pockets. He follows Maia toward the elevator, wrinkling his nose a bit as he meanders along. For the moment, the Viking seems sated in his desire for violence. At least he seems less on edge than before.

"Food? Sure. Sounds like a plan. What kind you thinking?"

Idly Haldor jabs the elevator call button again, watching Maia curiously.

And now he's relaxed. The girl can appreciate that and soon they're in the elevator. She pulls out a key to access her floor, the thirty-third as it starts to go up. These are high rise apartments afterall.

"Um, I could make something if you want. Or we could always order in? I mean you're my roommate now!" she chirps brightly as she cants her head to the side while looking over towards him intently.

"Gotta know what you're in the mood for," replies Haldor.

The Viking watches Maia out of the corner of his eye. Idly he shifts position in the elevator, apparently not entirely comfortable under scrutiny. It's hard to say if it's all scrutiny that makes him uncomfortable or if it's just being under Maia's microscope that makes him nervous.

Idly, Haldor attempts a cheerful, if expectant, smile in Maia's direction.

"Um..I could always order a pizza?"

Maia looks away realizing that he might be uncomfortable with her staring. yes, she is staring for he is hunky and delicious. She chews on her bottom lip a bit, letting out a nervous chuckle before there's the ding and it opens up to her suite.

When she said suite, she wasnt kidding. She has the whole floor. It's simple yet sophisticated. Nothing too extravagant or over the top. It's a large suite and she kicks off her shoes as she steps in and looks around, hrmming for a few moments. "I guess you can have that room, or that one, or that one, or that one, or that one.." she says, pointing out various empty rooms that lead away from the large living room and kitchen and dining room area.

"Um..and this is my place. It's not exactly tour's just here and the other rooms, but most bathrooms are shared. We could afford something big, but not /that/ big."

"Pizza's good," remarks Haldor in the moment before the elevator doors open. Then the Awe returns to his face and Haldor just sort of shambles out of the elevator after Maia. His gaze slowly sweeps from point to point to point, following her gestures this way and that.

"… Wow."

XP Awarded.

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