Atlantean Awakening Pt 2


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Scene Title Atlantean awakening pt 2
Synopsis Alekos is found! Caryl and Cedric receive royal pardons.

It's late afternoon, during that time of twilight. The dusking sun has set over the newly crowned nation of New Atlantis. It has been a week or so since the world basically got fucked up and his life was thrown for a loop. Security had a new meaning. Alex takes another swig of his beer and knocks the cigarette out in the ash tray. It's nearly all ash. "Figures, can't even fucking smoke.." He says to himself and nods toward the bartender for another beer. His phone buzzes on his side and picks it up and taps the screen. The name listed is 'Paula'. "Fuckin' christ." He answers the phone, "Hey girl." He nods to the conversation. "Listen.. I am not interested and no you aren't carrying my kid. Condoms.. Damn girl." He pulls the phone away and taps the screen.

He sweeps the bar, even with a bit of a buzz going on, his 'security' mind is at work. He gulps down the last of his beer and then sets the empty bottle on the bar. "Can I get two more after the next.." He says to bartender, giving the guy a casual glance over and a slight smirk forms on his lips. It really does give one the impression of someone hunting someone.

Ewww. Dive bars. This is not the place a princess would be ever. Melanope has standards. At minimum she'd be at some ritzy bar with the rich and elite, but she will suffer for the sake of Atlantis. Weep New Atlantis for your princess suffers the common drudgery for the sake of finding one of the lost chosen. There are royal guards with her as she steps into the bar, her eyes glancingaround the room.

"He is here, but which one of these low lifes holds the reincarnation of Alekos?" she muses toherself. This is the coordinates Demosia has given her and as the others are still busy getting reacquainted with their memories and their powers she headsintothe bar with a purpose. Her eyes glance about the room, hrmming for a few moments.

Among the guards, a less imposing figure strides into the bar to stand next to Melanope, drawing back the hood of his coat to look over the assembled patrons of the bar. He manages something close to a regal bearing, suggesting a trace of family resemblance to the princess despite the lack of other cosmetic similarities. Despite his apparent youth the doorman hasn't carded him. Despite her muttering being primarily for her own ears he looks to her for a moment before taking a step forward, seeming to take in a deep breath. After a moment he looks directly at Alex. "Him," he says confidently,

Seated back quietly in a corner is none other than one of NYC's most wanted. The policeman Scion turned apparent killer, Cedric. He's sipping at a beer as he eyes the newcomers from under a ballcap. "… great." He mutters to himself as he eyes the Atlanteans with a wary glare. He knows of Caryl's ability to sniff out Scions, and hopes this doesn't happen with others. But well… he's wary. The new order and all is a bit weird. Still, his hand reaches to near his belt as he watches from under the brim of his cap slowly.

There is a certain sense one in the line of security gains from experience. He lifts his head at the word 'Him'; He's not quite lucky enough for it be someone else. Any of these poor saps could do, honestly. He takes a sip of his beer and taps the bottle on the bar. "What the fuck do you want?" Alex says without even bothering to look as to whom it is. The bartender pales significantly at the comment from him and stutters out… "Dude.. Royals.." Alex offers him a shrug and he offers a glance back. He sizes them up and shrugs again before turning back around to take another swig of his beer. "You got the fucking city. Let us poor saps have the bar, your royal highness…" The last bit said with a sarcastic quip that intends mockery.

"You sure?"

Melanope raises her brows at Luchareth as she hrmms and looks towards the man curiously. She cants her head to the side as she starts speaking in Atlantean in clear and crisp tones, asking a few things. «I did not think one of us would be reborn to such a pathetic existence.» she opines before she heads towards him either way.

"You are coming with me." she says firmly and resolutely. "Your people have need of you once more." It doesn't sound like a request.

"He sleeps, like we did," Luchareth affirms in soft tones, tilting his face toward Melanope so that the conference may well go unheard. "I can see the flows of his power slack about him like cords waiting to be drawn taut." As to her take on the slumbering Scion's current existence, he offers no opinion one way or the other. Rather, he keeps his features warily neutral and moves when she does to stand before Alex.

"Hey, at least keep it to English for the mortals." Cedric comments off-hand. "And… you do realize trying to force anyone, no matter how much power you have, isn't a good idea?" Cedric takes a sip of his beer again, idly eyeing the two royals he just commented to from nearby. Cedric's ball cap is kept to hide his face for the moment as he turns to look at the three. "Not all people are understanding, nor do they trend lightly around authority."

He swivels around on the barstool and spins the bottle with his index finger as his eyes glance over Melanope. "Baby, you couldn't get me in bed if I was using his dick, which would be kind of a miracle of your divinity cuz he doesn't have much of one." He looks over to the bartender and lays down a couple hundred bucks. "This is for what's about to happen and the tab. I'll see you next week." He says with his almost cheshire grin. He stands up and grabs the neck of the bottle in his hand. With a quick flick of his wrist the bottle cracks and the beer spills upon the floor. "You and what army, honey.. Cause the way I see it.. There are about…" He blinks a couple of times as something is about him or them.. He glances back at the bar, "Damn to many beers to count.." He turns to look at Melanope and then… Well he takes a swing at her. "Bitch back up. I don't want none of that twat."

Mortals versus Scions is always a bad idea. Even when she's preggers, she easily side steps the punch as she lets out a hearty laugh. She looks towards the gathered crowd and hrmms for afew moments before giving a dismissive wave. "Beat him until he's close to death then bring him to me." she says matter of factly before she takes a seat over by the booth. She wants to watch afterall.

She looks at Luchareth expectantly, along with the rest of her guard and the gathered mortals, bartender included. This should be fun.

For his part, Luchareth seems less than enthused about the prospect of joining in, cutting a sidelong glance to Melanope that conveys with an eloquent silence that /surely/ she must be kidding. He does look back to make sure the guards are obeying though, since that's kind of their forte. He'll just keep an eye out and see who else is not jumping at the princess's command. Even the insult delivered to him didn't seem to provoke much more than a weary rolling of his eyes. A guy like him probably gets that a lot, looking rather less imposing than the brute squad he and Melanope came in with.

"… eh?" Cedric, for his part, just watches, then blinks, and shrugs. "Actually, before that happens… one question." Cedric raises his head a bit and moves his cap up. "Can you clear me of all charges?" Cedric sips at the beer, obviously looking a bit thoughtful. Sighing, he finally pulls off his ball cap. "I'm something like what you are, just a different pantheon. I figure ask that before you trouble all the people around. I can probably do the job a lot better in shorter amounts of time."

"Fuck.." He says quite blatantly. He glances back and at the bartender and sighs, "It's always the pretty ones.." He shrugs a bit and takes off his sweat shirt and tosses it over the bar. Alex squares his stance and eyes the group a bit. "Alright, let's dance.." A pair of half-drunk men are the first to reach Alex, he eyes them quickly offering a quick strike to the chest and a sweep of the leg dropping them with a rather brutal stomp to the chest. "Down boys.. Daddy has to share with the others." He quips just as the bartender grabs him from behind. "Sorry hun.. I'm the top." He slings the bartender over and his left shoulder of his shirt gets ripped revealing skin below.. I TOLD YOU! He grunts as the guy hits the floor and he resquares his stance. He glances toward the stuck up bitch and her puss.. posse… He growls deep and gutteral, like a player of some sport. "Let's do this bitch."

Ouch. Oooh! Wince! There's a soft chuckle of amusement at the chaos and violence as she looks towards Alex, raising her brows. Melanope smiles towards Luchareth, "I believe you are correct. Do come join me.. and bring over a diet coke, please?" she sys, motioning for him to hop overthe bar should he wish to.

Then her gaze turns to Cedric as her brows furrow. "Bloody the fool and you will get your pardon. Some people need to be broken before they can reach their full potential." she says in clear crisp tones.

Luchareth deflates with a soft murmur and then makes his way around to the other side of the bar to see to beverages, since the bartender just dove on Alex and achieved oneness with the floorboards. He looks over to Alex, of all people, and calmly asks, "What will you have? When we're done here, I mean. This fight was over before we walked in." As he looks over the selection, with Mel's diet Coke in his hand, he pulls a straw out of a bin near the register and holds it up demonstratively. "You'll probably be needing this."

That seems to get a thought from Cedric as he looks harder at Melanope. Did his eyes just turn some sort of brighter color? Possibly. He's still furrowing his brow a bit at Melanope, though, then sighs and turns to walk over towards Alekos. Shrugging, Cedric looks at the literal dogpile on Alekos, then waits for a moment and reaches down to give a simple finger-flick to Alekos's head. That feels like a ton of bricks, perhaps. Or more. If there was any doubt as to Cedric's claims, the fact that he probably just did more bloody-ing than the mob could in one hit is probably the most apparent. Standing up, he eyes Melanope. "There." Walking around said dogpile, he heads over towards the royalty types.

A blink is given as Cedric moves to close to him, but that's soon covered up by a mass of nameless drunks. Alex manages to pull his head free and mutters, "Oh fuck me.. This is not my day…" Just in time to see a finger come down and flick his head. The literal force applied to the poor man's body floors him and causes the wood floor to dent a bit. He coughs a bit and then just sort of 'blanks' out.

"And now you shall do it again. I want him /broken/."

There's emphasis in that last bit as she eases on up and chuckles softly as she leans in and runs her fingers over Alex's muscular chest. Yes, she's coping a feel even as he's bloodied and bruised. There's a warm glow of her hands as her headband glows as well before she brings him back to the land of the living.

"Feel free to take the screw drivers from the bar and dig them into his thumbs. Cut him up a bit." she says devoid of any compassion in her tone as the malice within her heart takes over. "He's to be made an example of. No one, and I mean no one attacks me and gets away with it." She's still probably bitter at the assassination attempt.

"Hmm… one question… there's another like me. Don't know if you've watched the news, but any way to get her cleared as well from this? If so… well… easy way." Cedric pulls out a simple switchblade, then flicks it to open it whereupon it changes to a sword. An old style western sword at that. "It's up to you, though… otherwise, I'm curious here as to why you want this man bloodied more than anything." Regardless, he just idly gives small kicks at Alex's exposed body parts that hit like a ton of bricks. He doesn't exactly have to do as much as dogpile on him. Just literally kick him lightly (well, what would normally be lightly) and make sure he doesn't hit any of the dog pile. At one point, he even seemingly 'pokes' the sword at Alex, only to stab him without the sword even touching the poor guy.

Luchareth's jaw hangs open in a flash of disbelief as Melanope delivers her edict. It hinges shut as he shrugs and discards the straw. "Okay, an IV then," he muses, sliding the princess her beverage. He takes the liberty of mixing himself something a bit more potent and comes back around to stand next to the princess again. As he reaches her though, he advises, "«Wouldn't his reawakening put to right all the flaws in him now? He doesn't know himself.»" He stirs the ice cubes in his rum and Coke with a finger and then opines, "«I think the lesson's already been taught, honestly. We should get him back as soon as possible.»"

There is a gasp as the life flows back into him. The world is hazy like one to many strong drinks — then there is that lingering hangover pain, no rather it's something more.. He blinks a couple of times as he looks up to see Cedric kicking him. The force causes him to bruise instantly and scuttle a few feet along the floor, taking the tables with him. Luckily the crumpled bartender's body stops him just in time to see his body get cut by a sword. He coughs up a mouthful of blood and spits it out. He's weezing pretty hard and it almost sounds like he's whistling as he slurrs out. "That all you got cunt… My momma beat me worse, fucking pussy.." He coughs up more. He's on that unhappy cusp of death and near death, with two feet, one arm, and an ear already in the grave. He gives another cough as the other arm and ear fall in.. He goes out again…

Her brows furrow as she looks towards Luchareth with the flash of disbelief. She lets out a happy little squeal at the stabbing as she watches with clear awe as the blood starts to flow. There's a predatory grin curling onto her lips as she looks towards Alex with a hearty laugh while peering back towards the royal architect.

«He has not learned his lesson. His mother beat him worse. Besides, this is for insubordination. He is to be made example of.»

Melanope eases on up as she starts healing his wounds once more before she takes his chin and looks into his eyes for a few moments. "We are purifying you of your weakness. You will be stronger in the future for this." she hisses as she brings him back once morebefore looking towards Cedric. "Again." is said in a clipped and curt tone before she eases on down to sip at her diet coke.

Frowning, Cedric looks at Melanope. He seems to hestitate briefly, then reaches down to literally pick Alex up by the neck. "Keep the mortals back, please. I'd rather not harm one, no matter how much they can misunderstand." Cedric eyes the man, then just tosses him upwards hard enough to hit the ceiling and lets him fall right on the divine relic of a sword in hand. "… although the other language is a bit freaky. And you didn't answer me as far as my girlfriend is concerned." Cedric might be beating himself up over doing this. Or might not. Who knows? Still, he bothers to kick Alex again. This time really kicking him. Hard. All of his divine strength going into the kick meant to just finish the job by coming close to caving in the man's chest. Sure he's getting blood on himself, but that's what bathrooms and showers are for.

Another gasp as he lifts off the ground this time and drops back with a soft cough. "Fuck.. That hurts." Alex moans a bit and then suddenly the kick is felt; he and the bartender fly into the wall and then /into/ the wall. Alex's body is pretty much a putty or playdough. He manages to raise his head and smirk right before he drops his head in a limp hang. It's pretty much a done deal, there is no quip, nothing but a quick smirk and then darkness..

"At the rate he's going, " Luchareth observes blandly, "we'll be carrying him home in a bucket." He averts his gaze as much as possible, choosing instead to watch the rest of the bar while the majority of the patrons lie on the floor and groan following their failed attempt to accommodate the princess. Fortunately Cedric seems to be handling the matter by himself.


Caryl is barhopping, trying to find Cedric. Something in her, maybe Mom-blessed, is telling her that her current fling is getting into chaos. "Cedric?" Caryl asks, scared. Kiss her vengence 1 virtue.

With that, Melanope seems satisfied. a soft chuckle escapes from her lips before it turns intoa maniacal laugh as she's totally channeling Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. "Enough." she says in another clipped tone as she looks towards the newcomer and puts her on ignore for now. Another soft touch and Alekos is healed. Barely. She wants him near death.

"I believe now we have killed Alex." she says before she motions towards Cedric and Luchareth. "Bring him to the limo. We bring him to the palace. Versak will breathe new life into his lost son." she says as she starts heading out.

"And the pardons?" Cedric frowns, then pauses as he looks over at Caryl. "… hey, honey… one moment." He looks back at Melanope for an answer as he reaches to just pick up Alex and drag him along like it was nothing. "Can this guy at least ride in the trunk? I don't fancy sitting with him in a limo." Yep. Cedric's either gone nuts, going nuts, or he just went to the Darkside for the hell of it considering he wouldn't do this normally. He pauses long enough by Caryl to mention, "She's the new queen, getting our pardons since she's got control of the records and the police. Want to come along?" All of this with a mostly perfectly clean sword.

"If that doesn't do it I don't know what will," Luchareth muses, downing the contents of his glass and setting it on the bar. Presently the place is a shambles, with lots of unconscious bar patrons littering the floor around a scene in which Alex has just been pummeled into the floor by Cedric, repeatedly. The architect stands next to Melanope, looking visibly relieved now that she's seen fit to call off the beatings. As the new arrival steps in, there's a momentary rustle of alarm among the guardsmen until he holds up a hand to issue a wordless order to stand down. Everything seems to be under control.


Her dark, strikingly gray eyes focus not on the queen, or architect, or even on the pile of small goo that is Alekos on the floor. Instead it's on her blood covered boyfriend. At the red of his hair that blends in well. At the destroyed clothing that marks what he's just done. The shock is evident in her mostly-pretty face. There is a paleness to her that offsets her good looks. She opens and closes her mouth.

"… Ce…cedric?" She stammers.

"The girl can come if she wants. For someone who wants a royal pardon you two sure are weak of stomach."

Melanope quips as she motions for alekos to be picked up. "And no, he is part of the royal cabinet. He is one of my advisors. He will be in the front with us." So waittaminute, did Cedric just beat up on Atlantean royalty? Uhoh.

"I've never done the beating to death of someone. Walked in on the scene of it back when I was a cop. Give me a break." Even as he speaks to Melanope, Cedric looks away from Caryl, frowning more than a little. "We were framed… probably by other Scions using some sort of trick. We're not sure. What I really want is a bit of revenge on who did it and I can't do that from the shadows as I've been doing with Caryl. Enough's enough and I'm tired of hiding. Besides, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and in this case, I've got no beef with you. My father might at some point, but me? Not at the moment."

Looking down at the bloody Alekos, then at Melanope, Cedric frowns a bit, "I see… so I'm guessing he's going to want revenge, more than likely, and you're probably the only one that can stop him and you aren't?" Cedric gives a shrug, "Ah well… come on, Caryl…"

"That sounds reasonable," Luchareth observes, nodding to Cedric. "Your pardon will carry the full backing of the law, and you'll be doing the right thing." He concedes with a look to the pulpy ruin of Alex, "Even if it doesn't seem that way." In the interest of solidarity he's keeping his own take on violence as hush-hush as he's able, but he's demonstrated a clear lack of taste for it. "He may be more inclined to forgive when he awakens properly," he offers, vaguely aware that he might've just told a fib.

Caryl says, faintly, "You also never walked in on your significant other beating the shit out of someone." She leans against the wall, placing her head in her hands. She really does look disturbed, and kind of … ignores Cedric.

Not kind of. Really does.

"I have. Just the other day Bardelys, my husband and crown prince of New Atlantis was beating and torturing Gene Horkos, my lover and royal consort for a slight. I let it slide. Don't be such a prude."

Melanope sighs and rolls her eyes as she waits for everyone to be placed in the car. And woosh the limo goes tothe royal palace, which is just a magicked up Ritz Hotel. It's swank though and she leads them towardsthe roof top where the assorted Atlantean gods await. There are seven all waiting as the old man Versak waits while Alekos' bloody body is placed on the altar.

Melanope gets a stern look from said god and she shrugs her shoulders, not intimidated by the others. "He did it. Not me." she says pointing towards Cedric. Always good to place the blame elsewhere as she seems satisfied and looks towards the two.

"I will order him to not harm you when he awakens." she tells Cedric and Caryl. "As for the royal pardon, if he truly is my advisor reborn, he will do it under my orders. He was the head lawgiver back in the times of Atlantis, and he will be head lawgiver and chief of the royal police if it is him. If he isn't, then we go back and find the true lawgiver and he will grant your pardon."

Cedric looks at the Atlantean gods, then at Melanope, then at the Atlantean gods. "Don't even start. I asked about the pardon, she said bloody him." Turning, he heads back over to Caryl. "Caryl?" He frowns as he reaches to touch Caryl's shoulder. He may have turned his back on the Atlantean gods, but he's still careful about it. Crisp and clean on the walk and everything. The fact is, he needs to talk with Caryl and sort it out more than watch them resurrect one of their own.

Of them all, Luchareth seems the one most inclined to afford the assembled divinities anything close to the respect they warrant, but even then his obeisances consist of a slight bow and a longer look to one of their number (his own father, Skaft). "If this goes anything like it did last time," he advises the two distraught outsiders, "You'd do well to stay vigilant. When the sky shattered two nights ago, it was because of an attack on this very spot." He leaves them to mull that over and steps closer to the altar to oversee the proceedings, reaching into his coat as he looks about warily.

Her shoulders twitch when she feels the familiar touch of his hand on her shoulder. Caryl moves away from Cedric, her gray eyes dark with a mess of emotions, most of them doing with Cedric. She is very careful to never turn her back on anyone apart from Cedric, well aware she's in a very … unsecure, odd place. "Don't touch me." She whispers softly. Yeah, she spent most of a limo ride next to him. She is /very/ much trying to not do anything stupid at this point. She drops her eyes to the floor. Maybe only Melanope and the rest will hear the soft sigh that comes from her. Is Caryl crying?

"Weakness is not tolerated. I pushed someone off this building a few nights ago for being weak." That's Melanope hissing towards Caryl as she raises her brows before she watches the ritual take place.

demosia slinks across the rooftop muttering the Atlantean magics. There's power coursing through her asshe soon presses her palmstothe backof old man Versak.

There's a flash of light as Versak touches Alekos' temples, letting the divine ichor seep into the man's bloodied form. The wounds heal almostinstantly as the mind is warped andthe memories are changed. Alex is truly dead at this point, instead replaced by Alekos, Son of Versak.

In his mind's eye, the memories from several millenia ago wash into his head. Passionate nights with lovers from various pantheons. The height of Atlantis in all it's glory. The celebrations from defeating the Greater Titan of Death, Avernus. The slow corruption from the child of Demosia and the eventual fall of Atlantis.

Friends and lovers become enemies. The last moments on the island as he's fighting for his people. For his civilization. For his father. Suddenly there is darkness as the last memory has him killed by a red headed daughter of Ares. There's sudden dark inky blackness in his mind's eye, and all ti takes is for him to wake up to realize where he is. Alekos is reborn.

The energy from his father sweeps through him. Skin ablazen with energy as his eyes open and shift several hues of pure power for a moment and then he sits up, placing his hand on his head and he blinks. "What is the meaning of this?" He says looking toward Luc and then Melanope. He glances across the area and his eyes rest on Cedric. It only takes a moment for his attention to turn toward his father. "It has been a long time father…" He stands from the table and takes a deep breath.

Cedric steps around to shield Caryl from Melanope's view, then leans over to whisper to her, "Caryl? Please, not now." He's keeping his voice as low as possible as he keeps his attentions divided more or less. "… Caryl, it's important you pull yourself together. Now. If not, we're both going to die here. As I said, I'll explain it all later." He turns back to look briefly, still keeping Caryl shielded for the moment. Turning back to look at the gods as he leans his sword on his shoulder, the man's doing his best to keep Caryl out of view for the moment. Out of sight, out of mind for the moment. His eyes do narrow a bit as he looks at Melanope, then look back to the scene before him as if a bit worried, and maybe a bit fascinated with it.

"A necessity," Luchareth declares, stepping forward to address the newly returned Judge. "Your disorientation should pass soon, and you'll find your possessions assembled and waiting." These were things he'd've liked to have been told when he got his turn on the slab. "And you're in luck, we don't seem to be under attack at the moment." He offers a slight smile and says, "Welcome back, Alexos. Not only do you have your life and your relics, but two recruits as well." He gestures past himself but opts to stand in the way so the emotional turmoil playing out behind him has more time to button itself up before the Lawgiver can see it.

Caryl gulps, clearing her throat. Melanope's hiss at her makes some of the pride appear, but then Cedric - taller and bigger than she - steps in front of her, shielding the Scion from the sight of the other group. Melanope can't push her off here - thank Pegasus. Caryl does silently peek out around from behind Cedric at the scene.

"Two new recruits indeed. I don't know if they're worth it. One leaks at theeyes easily." Melanope says matter of factly as she heads towards Alekos with a soft smile on her features. It's freaky really that she can flash a charming smile like that after ordering him beaten to near death earlier.

"You have been missed." and there's a gentle kiss on his cheek before she points towards Cedric and Caryl. "They have been framed of wrongdoing and wish a pardon. As head of the lawgivers andchief of the royal police, I defer to your decision whether to grant them their wish. I would not want to step on your toes."

"Thank you brother." His tone is very… stoic, it has a certain finality to his tone. It's like the law was laid down and set in stone. "Wrong doing?" He moves his hand toward Luc and gives the man a slight nudge to the side. "Speak." His tone is very 'commanding' and very well you just don't want to ask questions. His eyes glance briefly toward Melanope and his expression softens just a tad, but then like a hunter on the kill his eyes locks on both of the two 'recruits'..

Cedric pauses, then police training kicks in. He's a bit more at attention than anything, even with the sword across his shoulder, "Do you want the whole story, or just our parts in it, sir?" The man's eyes are on Alekos now, narrowing a bit.

"Far as… the… culprits of whatever happened, Kuroko Industries, are out hunting other Scions. I really don't care what you do to them, sir, I just want our lives back from what they took. They setup a situation where myself, Caryl, and two others that have since disappeared near as I can tell, to actively murder mortals we thought were Titanspawn at the time. The setup was pretty thorough and, at a guess, using some form of technological or mystic trickery to fool us into thinking such." Cedric says evenly.

"It was after we went on the run and into hiding that we met a few other Scions. We have lost touch with them since then, but they enlightened us as to Kuroko Industries' true intentions, which seems to be the case." Cedric finishes. He seems to consider as he looks at Alekos evenly still, "Caryl was a fashion model and clothing maker before hand. I was an officer of the law. Both of our assets are still in place. All we wish for is our lives back as they were and the charges against us cleared. Nothing more than that."
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Luchareth steps aside when nudged, easing back to settle his hands into his pockets as he watches the proceedings. "It's good to have you back with us," he offers to the passing Alexos. Not long after this, around the time the divine presences gathered around the altar deem the resurrection satisfactory and disperse their manifestations, the architect excuses himself quietly. He descends the altar, taking the steps two at a time, and heads over to the elevator with a more relaxed bearing than he's affected so far.

Caryl adds on, "The mortals in question were actors and actresses shooting a film at that location." Kristen freakin' Stewart. The scion of Aphrodite steps slightly to the side. "I do not have training like Cedric does." She explains with a bow. "But as the head of the Goddess of Love Modeling Agency, and the lingere and Fashion line, I have skills in knowing many professional buisness contacts." Caryl adds on, again, "To this day we have not figured out how it was shielded from us."

"An officer of the law?" Alekos looks at Melanope and shakes his head. "Kill them. They were fooled by such childish things. I have no use for them. They are weak and pathetic." He turns his back to both of them and walks toward the elevators. "It is a pleasure to be of service to the crown again." His eyes trace over to Cedric once more and he narrows his eyes just a moment then he turns to continue his way down.

"It's simple. You are weak." Melanope says rather bluntly shrugging her shoulders as she rolls her eyes andlets out a soft chuckle under her breath. "I know Aphrodite has helped us in the past, but really, she's an annoying goddess who is only worth her salt due to her vagina." Pot. Kettle. Black. "And Kuroko Industries. They are in the Amnis district I believe." she muses for a few moments as she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath at the order.

"Mmm, you sure you don't want some cannon fodder? The girl can be useful to us. And the male well, he's not unattractive." she says eyeing him up and down. "They are Scions like us. Pathetically weak to be fooled so easily, but we not need to burn bridges so easily. The girl can serve as my handmaiden. The male.. well.. I will place him as a member of the royal guard. I will consult with Carel." she says matter of factly. "And the crown is most definitely pleased tohave you in service once more."

She then looks back towards Caryl and Cedric. "Go to the major domo and get your uniforms."

There is a moment pause and he nods, "As you wish my lady." Alekos looks over at Cedric and bares his teeth a moment. It doesn't sit well with him.

Caryl's eyes flash black then go back to gray. "Handmaiden? A delight, my lady." Caryl says with the deepest bow she can manage. "I thank you for allowing us this chance to overcome our weak abilities and giving us a second chance." She slides next to Cedric, snuggling up to him briefly. "As I'm sure Cedric will see that as a Royal Guard, he is once again doing law enforcement, something he loves." Her voice drips with honey for Cedric, her fingers lightly twining in his ear, then running down his side and caressing that oh so sensitive outside of his ear.

"Come, Cedric. I wish to see what you look like trussed up … with your leave, my lady…"
Her fingers twining in his /hair/ not his ear.

Anger rising, anger rising… Cedric for a moment flashes eyes of defiance towards Alekos. Then Caryl speaks and well… undoubtedly Alekos might see a kindred spirit in Cedric after seeing him get played by Caryl considering he probably gets the same from Melanope regularly or some such. "…" Cedric does the wise thing and keeps quiet to look to Melanope. She's the new boss, after all. And who's to say being a royal guard doesn't mean he can't still go out and kick Titanspawn butt a few times?

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