Atlantean At Liberty Island


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Scene Title Atlantean at Liberty Island
Synopsis People Melt! OH MAI GAWD!

Ellis Island

Leandra is playing tourist, snapping pictures with her phone as she moves around the edge of the park getting different angles on the status looming above, looking generally upbeat about things as she does so and moving lightly.

Rain is playing tourist too! Kinda. She's drifting along, trying snacks, checking out shops and dodging small children. She has a snow cone in hand and looks pretty cheery all things considered. There's even a few stars in her eyes. Happy times! But who knows why she's so dang happy? Who knows? She is drifting, unwittingly towards Leandra.

Aric sits at a bench, looking out over the park and passers-by with a semi-detached watchfulness. Dark eyes look over each person as they move past him, briefly settling on Leandra as she stops to snap a picture.

Leandra is fairly used to people watching her, a brief glance in Aric's direction, then she grins as she watches Rain a moment before raising her free hand in a vague kind of greeting. "Hey, I could almost think you are following me from how we keep running into each other."

Marius has decided to head out and visit his favorite french woman, since he has had a long hard day after the run in at the met, he whistles a little to himself and is headed toward the Torch for a Freedom eye view of the city.

Rain pauses. Spotted! Flail! Wait, she's got a snowcone! More flailing to keep balancing it. "Eeeeh? Maybe. Not really. I wanted to try these snow cones and pick up a lighter or something," She shakes her head. The woman smiles, "But it's all so weird how I keep running into certain people," She considers and taps the side of her head.

With Leandra's comment to Rain, Aric looks to the latter, just within range to hear the words that pass between them. Shifting on the bench, his hand unconsciously drops to a satchel he carries with him, fingers tapping lightly against the sturdy fabric.
Marius makes it to the top of the torch, looking out over the city, and the figures below, he takes a deep breadth, smelling the air, and closing his eyes.

Not too far away from the group, a crowd starts to gather. There's another crystalline coffin with the strange markings and runes on it, just like Caelis'. It's quite pretty fashioned out of pure sapphire with bits of obsidian here and there. IT's floated to the edge and it seems to have attracted a crowd of sorts..

Leandra quirks her head a little to the right at the flailing as her lips curl into a small smile. "I did not mean to startle you, and.. Yeah, that is probable it." She then frowns as she bounces back a half step whilst turning to look toward the crowd and whatever it is they are clustered about. In a matter of fact tone. "Ahh. Again."

Eh heh. Rain smiles and shakes her head, "It's - it's alright. I've just had my head in the clouds a bit I guess." Then she turns just to see the crowd. "That looks like the last naked lady -" Wait. MORE pod people? Rain totally saw this on the Sci Fi channel once. She peeeeeeeeers over and starts inching along. "We should be careful, there's um…" Well, Rain wants to say there's normal people, "A crowd."

Marius opens his eyes, and what does he see several stories below him, but ….another pod like Caelis's. He sighs softly, looking toward the symbol of his father above and saying a small prayer of "why is it always me" He then waits to see what will happen immediately.

Aric's attention shifts to the crowd as well, and the coffin that seems to have transfixed it, studying the coffin from his seated position. The reaction of the two women, however, tugs his gaze away from it as he focuses on them, rising from his place at the bench.

"Well it might be a naked man this time, you never know." Observes Leandra, though she sounds not entirely happy despite the flippant words, a nod to Rain at her last comment before she rolls her weight forward onto the balls of her feet and heads forward toward the crowd and the pod.

The pod just continues to float there before landing on the shore. There's a slight gasp from the crowd. It's still shut…

"… this is going to be heck to cover up," Rain points out and rubs the back of her head. She giggles at Leandra. Hehe, naked people. A deep breath and she follows Leandra, peering curiously.

While the pod certainly interests him, Aric follows the two women instead, a reasonable distance placed between him and them as he does so.

"We are being followed." Notes Leandra to Rain, contemplative. "And I doubt we can, unless you can pull the weight there anyway. We can try to minimise the damage and stop any bleeding hearts complicating things at least." She moves now to try to get through the press, through the simple expedient of smiling and moving forward as if she expects people to get out of her way and does not plan to slow down.

Marius knows what is coming up, and as such he knows that he needs to do something quickly to keep the crowd from noticing the naked person about to step out of the 15000 year old pod, he leans over the railing of the torch as if he is trying to get a better look, and then in a campy over the top performance, screams like a little girl as he swings over the edge, catching himself on the railing and hanging from lady liberty's torch.

"…" Rain looks over her shoulder. She blinks a few times. The snowcone is clung to, as if it were made of gold. She makes sure to keep it from dripping, slurping around the edges fast. She forgets it after a moment. "Pardon me, thank you, 'cuse me, thank you," Chirp and waves. "I hope we can… I'd rather people not get all eaten or pod assimilated or tentacled or I don't know what."

"He probably just wants to get into my pants, or yours." Leandra notes to Rain, "and we can deal with that as it happens, or not." She grins in anticipation a moment before instead stopping to peer up at the figure hanging from the torch as alarm starts to spread. "Now -that- is a neat distraction."

There's soft gasps and ooohs and ahh and of course high pitched screams. The crowd looks up towards the man hanging off the edge of Lady Liberty, momentarily distracted from the floating coffin.

Aric grins slightly at Leandra's comment, watching the woman as she slips through the crowd with Rain. Marius' excellent impersonation of a terrified little girl distracts Aric as well, until he notes the distinct lack of worry from Leandra. Curious, he continues to follow, making no effort to mask his presence.

"I don't think so, not mine at least," Rain waves a hand as if dismissing the idea. "Besides, travelling for thousands of years in a pod for women?" She boggles. "That sounds like a bad college movie," An eyebrow furrows. Then a pause. "Oh … is that the weather guy?" She considers. "Do you think he'll bounce?" She comments wryly. She looks between the pod and Marius. Bounce. Pod. Hmmmm.

Marius looks like he is slipping, one of his hands comes free completely and he is only holding on by a couple fingers now, he yells for help flailing around on the ledge of the railing, hamming it up.

"I meant the guy stalking us." Leandra answers with a laugh. "Atlantian pod people coming to steal women is really out of it, and wether he bounces or not.." She moves more purposefully for the pod now people are distracted, slipping rapidly through what remains of the crowd as she hurries to the riverbank.

The grin widens into a smile and Aric gains a certain bounce to his step, though it is nothing like Marius would likely experience. Dark eyes close a second as he raises his hand, a finger tip touching each eyelid as quickly whispered word slips past his lips. His eyes flutter open in the space between moments as he looks to the two women and the pod.

"Hmmm…" Rain just nods at that. "Should we catch him? I think - did we bring a trampoline? A tarp?" Ponder. "… a spatula?" Helpful! No really. Poor Marius. She seems concerned, jokes aside. But that pod - naked people could do some serious bashing damage to America's health levels or so the evening news tries to tell one. But she's curious about both and looks almost comical, her attention torn.

And there's a news crew starting to focus on Marius' idiocy. It's a rival weatherman, letting out a soft chuckle as he looks towards the camera. "As you can see, we have what appears to be our beloved Marius dangling in the air with nhis hand? Will he survive? Who knows?"

"He can fly." Asserts Leandra, regarding Marius, her attention obviously elsewhere as she then lithely pounces down onto the top of the pod, landing crouched on all fours before she rises to stand and looks down to examine the decorated surface for anything like the sigil that was pressed to open Caelis' pod, by Marius as it happens.

"I normally hate to be cruel to people, but WHY does this guy ALWAYS have to bring the news along? I swear he either loves cameras or-" Or something. Rain just can't figure it out. "News vans make so many problems," She frowns and taps the side of her face. "Hey, if anyone asks, the pod person and us are a modern art project thesis, okay?" Rain comes up with something fast and moves towards Leandra and the pod, peering at the sides.

Marius is down to a couple of fingers, reaching out wildly to try to catch hold on smething, he continues to yell for help. He looks like he is almost slipping off…..

Aric approaches the riverbank, looking to the Atlantean coffin with increasing interest as Leandra leaps atop it. He moves to stand a short distance from Rain before saying, "Sure she should be doing that? Never know that a widget that proves harmless before is going to prove harmless again." His voice is low, tone unconcerned as he watches Leandra proceed in her examination.

And as soon as Leandra pounces and starts pressing on the various sigils on the coffin, something strange happens. There's a soft woosh as if air is being let in or the first time, and it starts to open ever so slowly…and if they peer inside? There's nothing. It's empty..

Meanwhile, the news man snickers a little, though he tries to hide his pleasure with a bright grin. "Oh look! He's going to fall! It looks like we're going to need another weatherman, NBC.."

It just took a little bit of fast-talking from the journalist to convince the man to load the van onto his barge and head across the bay towards Liberty Island. Of course, it helps when you're the son of Eris and one of the most persuasive people in the world.

Which makes for a rather interesting scene as a river barge barrels at maximum speed across towards the island and the crystalline coffin heading for shore. There's a van airbrushed in Grecian mythological themes, a whole gang of bandana-wearing thugs, and standing at the prow of the vessel is Gene - fedora shadowing his face, the wind fluttering at the edges of his leather jacket. Beside him is a woman dressed in librarian chic, at the moment. Erika, if anyone's met her.

"Well, what else can she do? I don't think we can pull it away," Rain replies almost reflexively. She pauses and looks at Aric, blinking a few times. Heywaitaminute. A sheepish look spreads across her face. She looks back to Leandra and the pod. "Empty?" She blurts out. "Huh. Maybe that one was a dud," Rain considers. "Or they already left…" That might be worrisome. "I don't see any naked people though," She checks around just in case.

"Shit." States Leandra as she peers down at the empty coffin, frowning as she eases a hand back away from the grip of the (entirely mundane) pistol under her jacket. "Either it started this way, or somebody dumped out of their pod in the water and is swimming around out there."

Suddenly there are screams from the crowd once more. They..start melting. All mortals that originally gathered to find look at the pod starts melting into a black and thick goo, crying out in pain from whatever is happening to them…even the news crew starts to have boils on their skin, as the news man looks worried.

"Fuck..what..what's happening!" The camera melts into a pool of black goo and soon even the newsman is gone. People scream, but for entirely different reasons now.

"It certainly looks heavy. Amazing that crystal like that would float, eh?" Aric responds glibly to

Rain before looking at her, "That one? So there's been a rash of crystalline coffins washing up on shore? Shocking that this sort of thing isn't in the news, really."

"Huh," Gene mutters under his breath as he sees the crowd beginning to dissolve, "That doesn't look good…"

A pause, and then he turns 'round, lifting one hand as he barks out, "Into the van, boys! Close the doors, windows up, close the ventilation! Grab the boat's captain while you're at it…"

As the barge thumps onto the shore, two of the bandana-equipped thugs grab hold of the captain, hauling him from the wheel as they head for the van. "On it, boss!"

"Oh, that is *not* good," Rain looks horrified. People melting into goo!? Boils!? There's a look of abject horror on her face. She pulls her pen from behind her ear, looking around. "We shouldn't stay here - do you see anyone?" She looks out towards the water, hoping and not hoping all at once. She is beginning to have doubts about just how friendly these pod people are.

Leandra has her pistol in her hand and… People are melting. She stares, horrified, then quickly jumps up from atop the pod to the riverbank again. Then a shake of her head as she scans the surroundings, focused. "We cannot run, we need to stop whatever it is." Aric, snapped. "Why are you not melting?"

There's people melting. Erika stands there frozen next to Gene as she chews on her bottom lip and looks around with sheer horror. "My..gods.."

Marius looks down and watches in horror as people start to melt, he lets go of the rail and falls landing in the book in Lady L:iberties hand, he moves to the edge to try to see where the melting is coming from.

As people begin melting, however, the glib and uncaring facade fades into disgust as he studies what remains of the unfortunate people. His eyes flicker and then he grimaces, snapping at Leandra in turn, "Fool," he says, his concentration narrowing. "It is an evil magic released from the opening of the coffin, a cloud of… death. It will kill everyone unless it is returned to the coffin."

Leandra pales at that, hesitating for a split second as she studies Aric, then. "Any suggestions for how? Is it a gas? A malevolent magic force? What?" She sounds increasingly urgent, gun shoved back into her jacket and tries to look for any visible sign of whatever it is
"Some sort of darkly empowered organisms, bacteria or something like it… it is spreading like a gas, however." Aric lifts a finger to trace an outline in the sky of the approximate diffusion of the malevolent magic, showing Leandra as best he can where it.

"Erika, stay back here with the boys…" A hop off the prow of the ship to the shore, and then Gene's heading for the direction of the other scions, the crystalline coffin, and the… slowly spreading pools of black necrosis that used to be people. Ew.

Marius crawls up to the edge of the book, he is currently assuming someone came out of that pod and is killing people, that someone is obviously invisible, and since there are no noncombatants left he pulls out his gun and fires off a couple of shots, activating Divine Radiance to make the bullets become inflamatory rounds that explode with bright light and catch flamables on fire, he avoids shooting near the 5 people he can see.

"We need a vacuum or something of that nature. Just something that can hold it long enough to get it back into the coffin." And with that, Aric begins searching from where he stands, eyes looking first to any boats for pumps or anything that may work in a pinch.

Leandra nods urgently, listening tensely, then thinks for a few moments. "Shout if this does anything to slow the spread or draw them back or nothing, whatever, try to think of some way to mass sterilize them maybe?" She concentrates as she tries to bend the gravity around her via Tidal Interferance, trying to draw the whatever they are in the air around her against her as she runs for the edge of the spreading infection and then along it. Obviously she will have -no- idea if this is working or not.

Erika does as she's told, chewing on her bottom lip as she looks towards the scene, frozen with..fear.

Rain is looking around, helping pinpoint where the bacteria might go. Icky.

While gravity is bent, it is not bent all the way to attract all the tymphonian bacteria around her. She's also fighting against the ocean breeze which starts to continue to spread the miasma of death around the island. More and more people continue to die, and it seems at this point that nearly a quarter of the island is covered in the Atlantean deathcloud.

Leandra for her part concentrates, setting her jaw as she feels for the tremors of the shifting gravitational fields around her and works to exert an inward pressure. She feels it working, knows there is a force pulling in, and looks questioningly to Aric after she winces audibly at the still spreading death. "Is it -doing- anything? I do not even know if it affects stuff that small."

"Shit." As the cloud spreads - men and woman panicking and fleeing - Gene skids to a halt near to Aric, his jaw tensing as he watches the tell-tale signs of the deathcloud, "We need to create a wind, somehow…"

"Working?" Aric looks to Leandra and then, noting the look of concentration, nods, "It seems to be having some effect on the cloud, but it's spreading still." As Gene falls in near him, Aric shakes his head, "A wind yes, but it has to be more like suction, the coffin was the only thing keeping that magic sealed up and we have to get it back into there."

Flail! Rain doesn't know WHAT she can do besides keep pinpointing where it might go. "Someone make some wind or fly around or blow really hard. I mean like REALLY HARD." Helpfully, she's flailing a little but it's likely not doing too much.

"Damn," Gene swears under his breath, looking skywards through his shades at the cloud of spreading death, "It figures that none've the speed-runners are here… could make a tornado or something, maybe… or a storm godling…"

"Somebody who can see this shit, see if water kills it?" Suggests Leandra now, still concentrating as she stands there, measuring her breathing or trying to. "We are not going to catch all of it but if we can try to drown it?" To Gene. "I can run damn fast but it is.. Accumulating around me. I want to know if I can go jump in the river and wipe out a bunch or if that will just spread it further."

Marius sees he is getting no response from the ground, so he steps off the book and floats to the ground, the wind whipping at his suit, he touches down to where he can hear the others.

"Ummm. Can't someone run around really fast? Like in the Flash movies?" Rain offers. "Or fly around towards the fast person or I don't knoooooooow," Rain keeps flapping although she frowns. "The winds…" She looks out towards the water. "I hope it doesn't float. Do you think it floats?" Flail! She goes to get a handful of water and splash as Leandra asks.

Glancing at Gene, Aric says, "You'd think with all this concentration of divinity in a single place, we could manage some wind." As Marius floats toward the ground and lands, he looks to the laserbeam man and says, "Can you control the winds too?"

"There's a miasma of dark magic that is spreading, we need to blow it back toward the coffin," Aric tells Marius. Dark eyes shift towards Leandra, "Either through pure power over the winds or, as this gentleman pointed out," pointing to Gene, "with some speedy movement."

"He can fly anyway." Adds Leandra as she continues to try to concentrate on the tidal interference thing, likely causing weird feeling quivers for those nearby while she concentrates. "And I -can- run fast as I said before, if that would do more than whatever my current actions are doing then lets try it." A pause. "Wind… Andy ideas how to create more of it as we run or fly?" She is avoiding looking toward where people continue to melt, focusing on the problem as best she can.

"It's going this way," Rain points. "Won't running and flying itself create wind? I can't run very fast," She admits quietly, "But I remember in PE how the wind would go by when I ran…" Jogged. Very slowly.

Marius nods and rises into the air, he starts trying to figure out which way to fly to begin to draw anything air born back toward the isle, circling to begin to pick up speed.

And Marius' wind is not fast enough…not much happens at this point..
Leandra's eyes snap to the nearest banner, a bright 'Welcome To Liberty Island!' affair, then she turns and bounds over before tearing it down from where it hangs, shouting up to the circling
Marius she throws up one end. "Hold onto this! Move above me and it will be like a sail!" Presuming he cooperates she then -RUNS- with the banner extended between them to push the air far more than just their bodies would.

"There we go," Gene exhales, "That could work."

Woo! Rain is just helping still. And she's no speedster but she's trying to keep up with triangulation.

Aric occasionally calls out a direction as Leandra and Marius begin working together to produce enough wind to direct the gaseous spell and move it toward the coffin.

Leandra's running speed is actually about the same as Marius' flying speed, more freakishly abnormal speed than outright 'super', especially as she does not show any signs of slowing down. A scowl as she feels the pull before she shouts upward. "You can see the directions better from up there! Stop just hanging on and try to move with me!"

Leandra does her best to follow the instructions, now showing any signs of slowing though she is certainly not able to get to top speed with the added drag, though it certainly boosts the ammount of air shifted. She glances up to Marius, shouting. "You have a better view from up there, relay the directions down to me!?"

As Marius and Leandra coordinate with Gene and Rain, Aric watches and, with a quick grin, his fingers move forward and he tugs at… something. "I will man the coffin," he says before starting an unhurried meander toward it.

Man the coffin? Rain just gives Aric a confused look and nods, going back to her work.

Marius calls down what directions he can see, based on the directions from the spotters, keeping his part of the banner in place.

As Marius and Leandra finally manage to round up all of the miasma in a quick, efficient manner, Aric has almost reached the coffin. Just as they twirl the last of the wind toward the crystalline remnant of the Atlanteans, the scion of Hecate trips, elbow landing on the lid and forcing it to snap shut just as the last of the dark magic enters. Grumbling, he looks toward the sky, "Was that last really necessary, mother?"

Blink. "Mother?" Rain peers at Aric curiously. She just nods and backs off. She does cheer for the group though.

Leandra concentrates on the immediate task rather than its implications or the remains of the dead as she runs, running is a good thing to concentrate on, pounding across the grass or paths with her focus only interrupted by the relayed instructions and changes of direction. She clings to her end of the banner rather ferociously as the miasma is slowly herded in and gathered up, expression tight. Once the thing is sealed shut she immediately drops the banner before giving a shudder. "How many?"

"Your brashness killed enough." Aric rises and straightens out his vest, glance toward the remains of all of those that died before saying, "This is a mess."

Marius looks at Rain as it is sealed away "Is there any more? Did we get it all, you want me to fly you around the lady to make sure none got on the other side?

Rain confirms it after a long moment of consider it. "Yeah! You got it," A little thumbsup from below. "That should be all of it… people won't be melting now."

"Unless somebody opens it again, and too many died already. There is going to be a -serious- response as well. The government will think this was a terrorist attack using chemical weapons."

Leandra's eyes snap to Aric. "The… Coffin, whatever, is Atlantian, a stasis pod. One washed up a few days ago and had a naked girl in it, now the gods of multiple pantheons want her dead because she is apparently a threat to the world. Another one turns up? I was going to do the job properly rather than let whoever was in it run loose. I can cry about fucking up and killing all these people later. Now we need to get that thing away to to somebody who can study it then seal it."

"Yeah, that's really bad," Rain agrees. She looks to the pod warily. "Do you think it was originally empty or that whoever was in there is gone?" She asks quietly. She mumbles a quiet prayer for the poor mortal bastards what got ate by the roving microorganisms. She looks around, "Do you - think we have much time to get it away?"

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